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....A Very Happy Birthday to Me written by Jimmy


….A Very Happy Birthday to Me

By Jimmy


 Hi eveyone,

It was my own birthday this week so this one comes out a little tardy. This one reads different than many of my other stories. It's intence. I wanted to put that out there before anyone read it. Hope you all enjoy!



Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters, and underaged characters.

The morning after with orange daylight streaming through the open windows Jayden helps Esmerelda to clean-up. The festivities last night still bring a smile to Jayden’s face as he remembers the look of joy on his boyfriends face when he surprised him with his birthday gift. Jayden had saved all of his babysitting and newspaper delivering money for weeks. Even after giving half to his parents to pay towards rent for their home he still had enough to buy Chase a memorable gift. Chase more than likely wanted something expensive or glamorous. Jayden being poor could not out buy presents like Adam, Max, or Rex gave him but his gift still gleamed on Chase’s chest. Jayden bought Chase a used pendent that he found a few months prior at a consignment shop. The necklace featured a pendent that was half of a blue glass heart seemingly ripped at the seams. The exposed innards of the heart lay exposed on the pendent and only when the heart is reconnected to the one that Jayden wore on his next, the heart was once again whole.

Jayden still remembers Chase opening the box, and seeing the blue spun glass pendent laying perfectly still on the white pillow. Adam made a joke, but the couple ignored him. Jayden was so happy to see that it matched Chase’s eyes perfectly and the kiss they shared immediately afterward confirmed for him that he made the right choice.

Chase toys with it now as he finishes his breakfast. Esmerelda made him his favorite. Chase is about to help clean-up the leftover birthday mess when the doorbell rings.

“You stay,” Esmerleda says. “It’s your birthday.”

Chase smiles at the woman who takes good care of his home. Esmerelda has been going above and beyond her duties to teach him Spanish. Chase has been learning the language so that he can talk to Jayden in Spanish, but he is still not very good at it.

“Thank you, Esmerelda.”

Chase moves to get up again but Jayden also tells him to stay put. “Don’t even think about it, birthday boy.”

“Not a boy anymore,” Chase corrects him. “I’m sixteen.”

Jayden smiles. “You can even drive legally now.”

Chase has been using a fake ID for over two years. A point that has driven his brother Gino crazy.

“Heh…I guess.” Chase’s Cheshire smile flashes across his face and Jayden can’t help but chuckle.

The pair laugh as Esmerelda walks back in the room and the mood instantly changes.

A smartly dressed woman enters first from behind the housekeeper, her blue suede high heel against the hardwood floors give off distant purposeful clacks as the door to the kitchen is opened for her.

“This place is a disaster… you should be ashamed of yourself.” The clipped tone seems to slap Esmerleda in the face, and her dark brown eyes fall to the woman’s feet as she starts to apologize.

“No excuses…  you are dismissed and take your child with you. You cannot bring your children to work like this. Inexcusable, we don’t offer childcare here. You’re fired.”

Chase’s caretaker for most of his life seems to freeze in the doorway, her hand trembling as she holds the door.

“Ma’am…?” she looks up, thinking that she must not have heard the sharply dressed woman correctly. The woman wears her bright blonde hair extremely short, with a tiny black hat on the side of her black headband giving her a particular look but makes her look slightly off balanced.

“SHE MUST NOT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH VERY WELL!” a man says very loudly coming in from behind the woman. He is dressed in a cream colored suit, the same color as vanilla ice cream pooling at the bottom of a bowl. He strides through the doorway behind the woman and laughs meanly as he uses his hands to try and mime his next sentence and speaks very slowly. “You. Are. Fired. No. More. Job. Go. Home.”

He is younger than the woman by about twenty-or-so years, and Jayden thinks that both have similar features to Chase and it’s then that a memory hits him, the only memory that he has of Chase’s parents at the pool when they were children. Jayden remembers the pair not paying attention to Chase as he won his match as they both were on the phone, and Chase’s expectant face as he stares up at them after winning his first match and neither of them were even looking at him.

Six year old Chase still had run-up to them excitedly showing them his gold medal on his chest.

“I won Mommy!” he had said excitedly.

Both parents had ignored him and kept talking into their cell phones. The older boy sitting next to them had shoved Chase hard in the chest so that he spurned backwards and landed on his ass.

The older boy laughed as Chase’s bottom lip stuck out.

“Swimmers are fags,” he said. “They don’t care about your faggot coin, loser.”

Jayden shakes his head making the memory dissipate in his brain as Esmerelda turns and exits as Chase’s father meanly looks at her as he steps into the room coming in last.

“I think she might be crying.” He rolls his eyes, and his phone chirps. Immediately he grabs it, “Have to take this. Have Charles meet us in the car.”

“His name is Chase, darling. Remember?”

Chase’s father laughs as he turns on his heel. “Oh, yes isn't that what I said?"

Chase’s Dad is gone.

Jayden’s mouth goes dry and he wishes that he and Chase weren’t in their underwear but at least he is wearing a tank top. Chase is not.

“Why are you wearing so little?” Chase’s mother looks at him with disgust, as her lip curls up. She does not wait for an answer as she adds. “Never mind. Get dressed, now that you are eighteen you can join the family in New York. Your father has important work for you to…”

Chase interrupts her. “I’m not, eighteen.”

She stops, clearly not used to people correcting her.

“No. I distinctly remember when you came into this world, today is your birthday. And you are eighteen.”

Chase stands up from the table and tosses his napkin onto the table. “I’m sixteen, and my birthday was yesterday.”

Chase’s mother seems to be calculating but then she catches sight of Jayden. She turns on him instead. “You must leave. You and your mother are not welcome in my home any longer.”

Chase moves closer to stand between Jayden and his mother who snarls her words at him.

“That’s Jayden, and he is welcome in my home. He is not Esmerelda’s son. And he is not going anywhere.”

The blonde male, that Jayden now recognizes as Chase’s older brother steps up to him and slaps him hard across the face.

Chase’s mother looks out the window, but a small smile plays across her face. The slap echoes through the small room and Chase moves to reach for his reddening cheek but refrains from doing so.

“Don’t talk to mother in that fashion.”

He stands taller than Chase by at least two full feet and his broad chest heaves with pent-up rage as he stares his younger brother down.

Chase turns back to face him, not backing down an inch.

“You really are sixteen?” Chase’s mother says. “My secretary must have got the date wrong. Come Christopher…we will come back in two years’ time. She’s clearly fired.”

“I’ll be right there…after I teach Chasey some manners.”

Her smile twitches. “But of course, I’ll be with your father in the car. Don’t be too long.”

She leaves, only her lilac perfume lingers in her wake as she clicks down the corridor heading towards the exit.

Christopher cracks his knuckles on his right hand. “Sixteen…” Christopher grins as steps closer to Chase bumping him back with his chest. “I owe you a birthday gift. Time to get your spanks, little brother.”

“Leave him alone,” Jayden says his voice feels hollow as starts to walk forward. Christopher must be in his twenties. Christopher appears to be roughly two-hundred and fifty pounds and towers over the pair. His chest stretches his suit jacket, and while he certainly has a gut, his tree trunk like legs and heavily muscled arms tell Jayden that Christopher could significantly hurt Chase if he tried. Unlike Chase, Christopher’s blonde hair is gelled straight back and his mean little blue eyes show no warmth as he scowls at his sibling.

“He doesn’t pay you enough to get your ass beaten, you ugly spic.”

Chase’s fist flashes up to hit Christopher in the face, but his older brother is so fast snatching it up in the air and twisting it behind Chase’s back.

Chase screams as Christopher bends his arm back at the awkward angle and the color in Chase’s face leaves him as he cries out in pain.

“What’s the matter you like the little Mexican?” laughs Christopher.

“I said to leave him alone!” Jayden runs at him but just as he gets close Christopher shoves Chase away from him and the two collide and fall to kitchen tile.

“You want him so much, have him!” Christopher says as Chase lands heavily on top of Jayden.

Jayden’s head swims as his head hits the hard tile floor.

Chase seems to be asking him something.

Jayden can barely make out the words as Chase is pulled off of him and slammed onto the kitchen island dishes of pancakes and juice spilling all over the floor. The warm maple syrup pool around the edges of the island like golden puddles of liquid gold.

Jayden’s heart hammers in his chest, and he fears scared for Chase as Christopher leers at him.

His hearing starts to come back as Christopher’s next clipped words fire out of his mouth and they fill Jayden with fear.

“Let’s see if little Chasey’s berries are as big in fortitude as his confidence seems to be!”

Chase tries to block him, but Christopher bats his hands away, like one would a pesky fly as he uses one large paw to dig underneath the strap of Chase’s underwear and shoot beneath the material to the large pouch below. Christopher’s hand stretches the material of the pouch to the limits as his meaty hand encircles Chase’s manhood.

“Get off!” Chase yells, his face reddening as his older brother manhandles his bare and vulnerable goods not being gentle at all as he fishes between his legs. Christopher gets in a good grope before his fingers curl around Chase’s scrotum making Chase freeze in horror on the kitchen island as he takes an audible gulp.

Jayden is on his feet, rushing towards Christopher angrier than he has been in sometime, “I told you to leave my boyfriend alone!”

The shout from Jayden is all the warning that Christopher gets before Jayden launches a spinning heel kick that clips him in the jaw and forces him backwards as his teeth slam together.

Christopher looks venomous as he turns his attention to Jayden and pops him face with a punch that Jayden did not see coming and he drops to the floor again feeling his face growing hot as blood seeps from somewhere. Jayden groans grabbing his nose, and his fingers come away wet and sticky with his own blood. The taste of metal is in his mouth as his blood seeps between his lips, and Jayden spits a glob of it out of his mouth.

“Boyfriend?” Christopher mocks, twisting his jaw and spitting out a glob of his own blood onto Chase’s torso as he turns his full attention back to Chase. “You turn into a little fag on me since we left? I thought I beat the fairy out of you before I left with Mom and Dad, seems like I need to do a better job at it.”

“Fuck you!” Chase yells and takes a swing.

Christopher knocks his fist away. Again, Chase’s strikes seem futile and childlike to the large man standing before him.

“You hit like a girl, Chasey.”

Raising his arm up Christopher cocks his fist taking careful aim and dropping his fist like a sledgehammer.

Chase’s body rocks up and he gags as Christopher’s knuckles crush his abdomen to the tiled island.

Laughing at the look of despair on Chase’s face, Christopher screws up Chase’s nuts next having dealt with abdomen so well his fist has left a circle mark of red where he struck. Christopher re-grabs Chase’s naked scrotum by the roots as he once again shoves his hands beneath Chase’s underwear already the stretched out material easily allows him access to his younger brother's most vulnerable goods.

It takes a moment for Chase to fully register what Christopher is doing to his balls, but once he does his blue eyes widen and he looks up at his older brother with hatred. Chase grits his teeth, and he grabs Christopher’s wrist trying to pull his older brothers fingers off of his balls but the grip that he has is too strong. Chase kicks his feet in frustration his naked heels connecting with the island as he scrambles for a way to get free.

Laughing Christopher pulls Chase back to him and he leans over until the two are eye to eye and he says, “Your fruity pebbles are just as small as when you were six Chase. Looks like you didn’t get any of the good genes.”

Jayden groans, whipping his bloodied hands on his shirt as he sits up to get to Chase, but a foot lands on his chest and pins him to the floor.

“Stay down faggot.”

“Don’t call him that,” Chase squeals as Christopher intensifies his ball crushing claw on his precious nuts.

Ignoring him, Christopher mocks Chase. “You are just as small as I remember. But maybe this kid likes immature thingies like yours.”

“Awwww,” Chase groans. “Stop….ah….ah….fuck….!”

Christopher laughs meanly and squeezes his fist with greater intensity, while he feels Chase’s body shudder and tremble.

“I did not miss much about you little brother, but I did miss making you cry. Cry for me now and I’ll stop. Show me some snot too as you whine about your pathetic tiny nuts.”

Jayden tries in vain to get out from underneath Christopher’s foot, but his weight keeps him from moving anything but his limbs which he uses to bat and strike Christopher’s ankle and calf but nothing he does even seems to warrant Christopher’s attention.

Chase gags, flat on his back Christopher’s hand moves with efficiency as his fingers delve deep into Chase’s scrotum his first managing to capture the entirety of Chase’s pair quite easily. Chase writhes on the counter glaring up at the kitchen lights above and squeezes his eyes shut as waves of torturous pain wracks his swimmers frame. All of a sudden Chase’s mouth opens and widens as his neck muscles strains and he screams out “My big balls! Ahhhhhh….ahhhhhhhh….nooooooooooo!” Chase beats the counter with his fists, which hit weaker than mere moments before the fight draining from him as Christopher crushes his manhood.

“I got you good, now make some tears you big baby! Cry bitch!” Christopher mocks, as he laughs at Chase.

“Let…me….go!” Chase begs, his chest heaving as Christopher pulls up his fist and his scrotum tightens.

“Ack! I feel sick…” Chase groans as his ball sack is stretched up until his ass is forced upwards and off the counter and Chase’s mouth widens open with renewed alarm. “Whaaat…No!” Chase yells.

Christopher only continues to smile as he twists Chase’s balls roughly to the left and bangs them against the corner of the counter, the pointy end digging into Chase’s dense ballsack.

Chase’s eyes cross and he opens his mouth to scream but nothing comes out as he yells in soundless scream.

Jayden stares up helplessly at Chase, and tries again to get freed his legs not long enough to make his kicks really count and he is forced to witness the destruction of Chase’s balls.

“You…win…” Chase manages to utter through his clenched teeth. “Stop…just stop… my balls!” Chase’s voice cracks as Christopher squishes his nuts held tightly in a ball into the corner of the counter and Jayden can visibly see Chase’s balls denting inwards from the pressure.

“Please, leave him alone!” Jayden begs.

Christopher briefly looks down at him. “I told you to shut your faggy mouth.”

Christopher’s foot slides up his chest until his foot is now on Jayden’s neck and mouth smothering him as Christopher leans in and Jayden can’t breathe as he sucks in his last breath which is laced with the smell of the dirty sole of Christopher’s heel and old stale sweaty socks. Jayden’s eyes widen in alarm and he groans unable to call out for help.

Chase unable to see Jayden’s plight is consumed by his own agony as Christopher mercilessly hits his sac onto the corner of the island until his legs turns to jelly, and his arms falls dead against the counter. He feels sick, and the pulsing between his legs cause his torso to spasm as his face screws up in defeated anguish as the scream that has been building rips through him releasing his unedning pure agony within his crippled manhood.

That’s when Jayden hears the front door opening and the boys hear Logan’s terrible whistling as he closes the door with the flick of his foot.

“Expecting company, little brother? Another faggot perhaps?” Christopher jokes as he shoves Chase off of the island so that he lands on the floor with unceremonious jerk. Chase lands hard falling almost five feet from the counter onto his side, and he jolts until he is on his back and groans.

Jayden goes to warn Logan, not sure how he can but Christopher seems to sense his intent and he pulls back his foot and launches a solid kick to his face sends him back to the ground and more blood decorates the tiles around Jayden’s head as Christopher kicks the door open and spots the wrestling stud.

Logan is carrying a tray of ice coffees, and a blue swimming pool shaped cake, tooped with frosting swimmers that Christopher sees through the clear cover.

The two get a full measure of each other as Logan asks, “And you are?”

“Funny, I was going to ask you a similar question. How do you know my brother?”

Logan’s eyes widen and his eyebrows go up a fraction of an inch. “Brother?”

“Apparently, Chasey likes to imagine that I don’t exist. Too bad for him, but I do. Now why are you in my house?”

“That’s a long story, maybe we could sit down and talk.” Logan offer, taking another step closer to him.

Christopher meets his forward motion and steps closer and peers down at the cake, and the swimmer figurines posed above.

“Aw how sweet, a cake. You must like him an awful lot.”

“He’s a good kid,” Logan answers unsure of the situation as hand.

The door to the kitchen creeps open and a bloodied hand hits the white carpet and Logan spots Jayden on the floor and the red that covers his nose and mouth as Jayden gives out a warning too little, too late. “Watch…out!”

In a moment Logan’s good natured demeanor changes and his eyes grow cold and the cobalt blue eyes seem to turn icy as he snarls “What the hell did you do to Jayden?”

Christopher responds with a laugh and hits the coffee holder up sending the drinks upwards into Logan’s chest and face as the liquid hits Logan he drops the cake.

Snatching the birthday cake from the air, Christopher rips off the top off as Logan grabs his face tries to wipe away the coffee from his eyes as Christopher grins holding the cake over Logan’s head.

It’s not until Logan opens his eyes that Christopher drops the cake onto his head, sending sheets of icing and dark chocolate cake raining down all over him and splattering the carpet in a sugary mess.

“Chasey doesn’t need any more cake, he’s soft enough as he is, the little cocksucker.”

Logan splutters, and one hand tries to punch Christopher blindly as Logan tries to get the frosting off of his face.

Christopher uses the situation to his full advantage and catches Logan’s fist and wanting to keep him far away from him kicks him solidly in the stomach sending him careening backwards into an end table. Logan trips and falls to the floor, the tiny spindly legs unable to support him shatter and roll away in all directions.

Logan grunts as he hits the floor hard, and Christopher moves in to attack again but Jayden jumps onto his back, wrapping his arms around Christopher’s neck.

“Leave Logan, alone!” Jayden splutters as a blood bubble pops from his mouth and tiny flecks of it hit the blonde hairs at the nape of Christopher’s head.

“You don’t know when to quit,” Christopher reaches back and grabs Jayden’s shirt ripping him off, but at the last moment Jayden’s legs wrap around Christopher’s waist and he barely is able to hold-on.

Christopher roars and pulls again, but Jayden stays put.

In a feat of rage Christopher backs-up towards the kitchen, but takes a hard left turn at the last moment and crushes Jayden against the wall. Jayden gasps as his body hits the wall, with Christopher pushing against him. Two more slams and Jayden slips off landing on his ass, dazed and grabbing at his head that took two more hard blows against the wall.

Jayden’s wide spread legs give Christopher an inviting target and he takes full advantage to kick Jayden when he’s down with a devastating toe-kick the nails his balls against his tailbone. Jayden’s squishy orbs flatten against Christopher’s wingtip black dress shoes and he grins as Jayden gasps loudly spluttering out another bubble of blood from his red mouth.

“Maybe now you will stay out of my family business,” Christopher warns as he toes flick Jayden’s nuts up and off of his pitch black shoe before they sink back to the floor with Jayden’s nuts beneath. “Or you might get neutered fairy.”

“Oh!” Jayden groans grabbing Christopher’s foot as he looks up with hatred in dark his eyes, his brown curls falling away from his forehead as he looks up.

Christopher is about to say another insult as Chase reappears the door swinging open next to Jayden’s prone body and Chase sees his boyfriend in trouble.

Chase growls as he rushes towards his older brother, spitting with raw rage “That’s my boyfriend, you fucker!”

This time, Chase gets in a lucky shot and he punches Christopher in the face knocking him off of Jayden who curls protectively inwards grabbing both his head and his balls groaning in pain.

Chase does not relent as he comes in with another right hook, however Christopher is prepared again and knocks Chase’s attack away. Then Christopher hits him with a one two punch to the center of Chase’s torso each blow turning the skin on Chase’s body red.

Grabbing his middle Chase balks, his abdomen feeling on fire and that’s when Christopher grabs one of Chase’s shoulders and swings an uppercut up, winding back all the way and sending his punch deep into Chase’s lower abdomen. Chase’s body rises off of the floor from impact, and he caves around Christopher’s fist.

Laughing Christopher brings Chase back down to the floor and he drops to his hands and knees gasping for air, his whole body trembling.

“Ack…ack…” Chase gags one hand wrapped firmly around his pulsing abdomen, his fingers feeling the tingly tenderness beneath his skin.

Christopher wanting to finish him reaches between Chase’s thighs and grabs Chase’s balls, and Chase yells “No…not my big balls!”

Christopher laughs as he yanks him into the air grabbing Chase’s chest with his other hand as he shakes him up and down while squeezing a fist full of Chase’s nut meat.

“Did you just say…big balls? Compared to what… quarter cent vending machine bouncy balls? Ha!”

Hanging in the air, Christopher marches Chase around crushing his manhood in one-hand while taunting him with how tiny his nuts are, and how no woman would ever get a chance to enjoy him.

“No wonder you turned fag, no woman would want such underwhelming equipment such as this!”

Finally Logan can see, and what he sees makes him boil with righteous fury. Jayden is in the fetal position and bleeding heavily from his head having helped save him, while Chase is paraded around by his older brother that crushes his balls his fingers squeezing Chase’s gonads so hard that his fingers turn white with effort.

Gathering himself together, Logan moves towards Christopher who smirks as he gets closer.

“You want to save my brother so bad…then catch!”

Christopher heaves him overhead, his muscles straining as he launches poor Chase skyward and towards Logan.

With mere moments to react, Logan opens up his arms and catches Chase in his arms cradling him into his chest as Chase moans “My big balls Logan….awww my big ones…fuu fuu  fucck!”

Logan barely looks up from Chase’s groans to see Christopher lifting one leg upwards his sleek black slacks tight around his thigh as he kicks Logan perfectly in between the fork in his legs.

Gritting his teeth, Logan manages to hold back a groan as Christopher meanly yanks his foot back and out from between his legs kicking the backs of his sensitive swinging nads so that they shoot up hitting Chase in his lower back.

“Shit!” Logan curses as the pain starts to set in.

Christopher is a big guy and his next instep hits Logan so hard that his teeth clack together and he drops to his knees, as he lowers Chase to the ground presenting the fallen brother before Christopher whose gleaming blue grey eyes reap the devastation in the room as Logan grabs his testicles.

“I’m going to be back in two years…brother. And when I do you better have these losers gone, and start liking your cock being sucked by a woman. Consider this the only warning that you will get.”

Christopher moves to leave but Chase finds his voice somehow and croaks out. “I’m…never going to New York, you sackless asshole.”

Christopher’s ears pinken and he turns back. “What did you dare say to me, Chasey?”

“You heard me…” Chase on the floor spits out. One hand still holding his aching plums. “I’m not going and you’re fucking tiny nuts are smaller than mine were the last time you were here. I remember how small you were back then. Nothing’s changed besides your big fat fucking gut!”

Chase wobbles as he gets onto his knees and slowly climbs to his feet.

“You wouldn’t know anything about a manly pair of…”

Interrupting him Chase growls “As you pointed out us faggots actually see a lot of balls. So yeah, I would know.”

Christopher reaches southward and grabs his crotch, his fingers moving over his bulge. “It will make you cry to see my nuts, little brother. But why don’t I give your winky something to really get a hardon about.”

A loud zip is heard in the hallway, as Christopher’s big fingers slip down the tiny little black zipper hidden within the fold of his slacks and Christopher moves the material aside and Chase is surprised to see that Christopher goes commando as he pulls out his wrinkly, hairy nutbag covered in tiny little blonde squiggly hairs.

Pushing his nuts to the very edge of his sack, Christopher sticks out his tongue as he say “Cry now bitch, I’m bigger than you in every way!”

Chase turns his head slightly to one side, a smile growing on his face as he looks at his brother’s rather average looking pair thinking that Adam might be bigger than him and says. “I guess you didn’t get too good a grip on my big balls after all…I was bigger than that before I turned double digits!”

Before Christopher can rebuke him Chase drops his underwear to his thighs with one tug and his mighty rod, now gathering steam starts to lengthen while his balls slip down between his legs hanging like large plums and it’s clear without him needing to get any closer to everyone that is watching who the biggest brother is where it matters the most.

“You were saying....'big bro'?”

The smirk on Chase’s face as he steps forward gathering his treasures in his palm and lifting them up to Christopher’s fist just to make his point even more obvious. “Maybe mother smoked during your pregnancy because your prickly pair are smaller than most of the swimmers on my team. And they are all fourteen-year-olds. On top of that… in this room you’ve got the smallest sack too. It’s a shame…you being an adult and all. No growing left to do.”

Christopher gulps and hastily puts his nads away, but Chase isn’t finished yet and reaches inside of his brothers slacks and grabs him by the roots as his fingers encircle his brother’s ball bag.

“Where do you think these are going? Nuh uh… it’s my turn brother.”

Chase has his Cheshire cat smile in place as his thumb slides into Christopher’s right ball and he feels the smaller testicle bending against his brother’s will inwards.

“Let go!” Christopher yells rearing back to punch him.

Jayden leaps from the floor then and grabs Christopher’s right arm, “No more hitting Chase today, it’s your turn.” Jayden blubbers his teeth still coated in red. Blood freely drips onto Jayden's shirt covering the material in red.

Christopher swings his other arm towards Jayden’s face but Logan gets that one and together they stretch Christopher’s arms wide and Chase standing between them says “You should never have come home. I’m about to make you wish that you were born female, after all with this tiny sack like this one you probably should have been. Has any woman ever been satisfied with these pitiful raisins?” Chase asks.

A car horn is heard blaring in the early morning and the boys turn towards the sound.

“Who is that?” Logan asks.

“My parents,” Chase says rolling his eyes. “Ignore them, I always do.”

“You little…” Christopher starts to say, but a wicked twist of Chase’s wrist silences him and Chase smile grows.

“You have always been an asshole, I am going to enjoy this.”

Chase goes to work using both hands now to freely take one testicle each in the palms of his hands and slowly rolls the hairy testes in his palms. Chase focusing on only on Christopher’s bare balls that not only is Logan, Jayden, and have a bigger set but so does Aldo, Leroy, Adam, and Max.

“Dang Chris, I can even name four more mates of mine that have more impressive nuts. How sad.”

Christopher says nothing but glowers down at Chase, “You done feeling me up now?” Christopher shoots at him.

Chase knows that he is supposed to feel insulted but instead he feels invigorated. “Not by a long shot.”

Behind Christopher, Logan takes Christopher’s other arm and tell Jayden. “Go put something on that mouth and nose of yours. I’ll take you to get checked out when we are done here. I’m worried about the back of your skull.”

Jayden nods, feeling woozy as he heads to the kitchen.

“Asshole, you hit two minors. I am not going to let you get away with shit.” Logan states into his ear. “You fucked with the wrong family.”

“They aren’t your family.” Christopher states.

Logan’s eyes narrow, “Yeah they are. That’s my little brother you have been fucking with for years. That ends now. You hear me?”

“When my lawyers…” Christopher starts to say.

“My lawyer is better than yours.” Chase says. A mean smile playing on his lips. Chase seems to be glowing after Logan's statement of calling him a brother and is empowered to go on. “I emancipated myself when I was twelve. I also moved plenty of money into my accounts, including this house before then. Logan’s right, you are fucked. But instead of sitting in a jail cell you are going to sign a contract after I am done with you, to stay the fuck away from me and Jayden for the rest of our lives with a court order and…” Chase takes a deep breath before moving on. “You will do everything to convince our parents to leave me alone because if I see them again Jayden and I will file criminal charges against you. Now we have some unfinished business to deal with and you will be contacted by my lawyer, and you better not fuck that up or you are looking at an assault charge on to two minors.”

Christopher stays still through Chase’s speech and says nothing after. “Fine. Let’s get this over with. You hit like a girl anyways. What can you do to me?” Christopher says mockingly.

Chase grins, and sees Jayden moving back into the room sitting heavily on the couch ice on the back of his head, the towel already turning red and the one on his mouth doing the same. The red seems to trigger something in Chase, a rage that he has not felt in a long time. Chase breathes hard and his heartbeat starts increase as adrenaline floods his veins.

Chase rips open the button on Christopher’s slacks and watches them drop to the floor. Christopher not wearing any underwear as he noticed earlier but Christopher's full measure is now on display. Chase takes a good look at his older brothers fat, but blunted cock.

“Ummm…” Chase starts, and both he and Logan start to laugh their asses off.

“What!?” Christopher yells, face turning red.

Chase shakes his head and has to grab the tiny thick bunt dick and gives it a slight tug seeing if this was really it.

“Dang…that’s one fat, tiny, ugly dick!”

Logan whispers into his ear “It looks like you got it stuck into something and you’re left with   this blunted end of a broken pencil.”

“Ha!” Chase laughs, grabbing his bruised abs. “Stop…it hurts when I laugh.”

“Fuck you both!” Christopher yells.

The laughter ends for Chase and his forehead creases as Chase says “No, fuck you!” Chase launches his bare foot up and knocks into his brothers hairy ballsack and is delighted on the squishing sound that hits his ears.

Christopher’s cheeks puff out like a chipmunk and his belly jiggles, unlike his small sack which squishes up to his taint and drops back down with barely any extra movement.

“Shit…that hurt.” Christopher says glancing down at his junk.

“Go figure?” Chase teases “Getting hit in the nuts hurts…well then you will hate this one.”

Chase grabs Christopher’s shoulders and starts to knee him in the balls with quick fast and the furious accuracy. Chase grows tired of Christopher’s face, it’s his birthday weekend and he wants him out of his house.

Christopher’s body jerks with every knee, as Chase repeatedly strikes him holding onto his shoulders as he indents his knee deep into Christopher’s ball bag until the little spuds turn purple.

“Done?” Logan asks. He directs this question to Chase and not Christopher.

Chase’s brow is sweating, but he is nowhere near as sweaty as his older brother. Christopher sways on his feet barely with it. He’s a mess, sweaty and delirious with pain. A thin line of drool drips from his mouth as he stares forward not comprehending what’s happening.

Chase reaches out in answer and grabs his brother’s bloated balls and give them a squeeze.

Christopher screams like a banshee and tears spring from his eyes.

“Now I’m done,” says Chase and he wipes the ball sweat from Christopher on his tie.

Logan drags him from the room and moves to the front of the house, but the door opens again and Chase’s mother blocks his way.

“What have you done to my son!?” She shouts, rushing to his side. “My poor, Chrisy.”

Chase tells Jayden, “Almost through.”

“I’m… o..okay.” says Jayden groggily and his head lulls. He blinks his eyes a few times. He managed to stay awake for the beat down of Christopher but Jayden is not so sure how much more he has in him.

“Jayden,” Chase moves forward at the right time because Jayden can feel his hands drop the icepacks and everything starts to sway as he is looking at Chase until his eyesight goes black.


Jayden can start to feel himself coming back to it.

He is unsure where he is, but his brother Gino is by his side.

Jayden blinks a few times and feels a tube running down his throat and the slow steady beeping of the monitor next to his bed.

He’s in a hospital.

His eyes travel around the room and he sees a window. The window tells him that it’s dark. A brilliant night sky is covers the skyline with barely a visible crescent moon above.

His parents are asleep beneath the window and his brother is looking at his phone.

Jayden tries to raise up a hand and he thinks Gino catches the movement but Jayden closes his eyes again and seems to fall back asleep.


Jayden is aware of waking and falling back several more times but nothing sticks.

Time seems meaningless to him until he opens his eyes once more and finds his hand being held.

“Dad?” Jayden manages to say. Although the word is jumbled and comes out all wrong.

Marco Gomez, Gino and Jayden’s Dad is the only one in the room and relief washes over him as he smiles at his son.

“Papi,” he says. “You are awake.”

Jayden tries to smile, but it hurts. At least the tube is gone.


Marco lets his hand go and feeds him ice chips.

The cool ice feels heavenly, and Jayden moans with pleasure at the sweet taste.

Jayden sucks on the cube for a good minute or two before he asks, “How…long was I out?”

“Three days,” says Marco. “You hit your head pretty damn good.”

Jayden nods his head, and sucks the ice some more. Already he is tired and he closes his eyes.

“Papi,” Marco says kissing his brow. “Sleep. Get better.”

So Jayden does.


Jayden awakes sitting up, his dressing gown open at the back and he calls out “Chase!”

A vivid dream of Christopher hurting him seems so real, and it’s his brother who is at his side. The bright sun pools into the room, and Gino wraps him in a hug whispers in his ear.

“Shhh he’s okay, your safe bro.”

Jayden can’t help it, he cries into Gino’s shoulder his body still wracked with fear and exhaustion.

Jayden cries for some time, feeling like a little kid but finally he pulls himself together and stops. Gino is rubbing his bare back and hushing him.


“He’s fine. His brother can’t hurt him anymore, nor any of his family. The only one that we were all worried about was you.”

“Me?” Jayden asks, not comprehending.

“Your brain Jayden was inflamed, we thought…we thought we lost you.”

Fat wet tears hit Jayden’s bare neck and he realizes that it’s from Gino.

Jayden pulls back “Are you crying?” Still not comprehending what is happening.

“Yes, I can’t lose my little brother.”

Gino stares at him and Jayden’s heart break and the two grab each other again in a hug.

It’s some minutes later that the two pull apart. Gino gives him information that his parents took off all the time that they could, but had to return back to work. Jayden has been in the hospital for almost a week.

“You always have to be the goddamn hero,” Gino says running his hand over his face.

“He was hurting Logan,” Jayden says.

“Christopher is 25 years old, you are 14. You had no business trying to fight a 25 year old.”

“He was hurting Chase!”

Jayden’s heart hammers in his chest, and Gino shakes his head.

“But you almost died, Jayden.”

“I’m still here.” Jayden says his eyes welling up.

“Thank god for that. You stupid kid.”

The door opens, the doctors come in to run some tests and Gino is forced to leave. “I will be right outside.” Gino promises.

“You better be.”


A few days later Jayden leaves the hospital. He’s not allowed to wrestle on the mat for another week, or swim and he is itching to do something physical and his fingers dance over his phone which has blown up with messages since his hospital stay.

Chase is waiting for him at his house, Logan next to him and when his brother’s truck pulls into the driveway Jayden puts his face right up to the glass staring at them.

Chase smiles, but it’s a little weak.

Jayden runs a hand through his chopped off hair. He’s lost his curls when the doctors had to cut open the back of his head. Jayden’s fingers run along the incision at the base of his skull and still can’t get used to his lack of hair. It’s so short.

Gino opens his door for him, and Logan greets him. His parents move in to speak with Logan but his eyes are still on Jayden but Jayden ignore them all and his eyes prickle at seeing Chase.

“Hi” he says weakly.


Chase’s voice is full of emotion and he moves to his side and grabs the back of his head gently his fingers finding the scare, his fingertips are butterfly gentle as the touch the scar.

“I’m so sorry.”

“Not your fault.”

Chase tilts his head and Jayden sees the wetness forming at the corners. “He’s my brother…”

“No he’s not.” Interupts Jayden. “That’s your brother.” Jayden nods to Logan. “Not Christopher.”

Chase nods once, clearing his throat.

“You’re not mad at me?”

In answer Jayden leans forward painfully aware of all eyes on him, and kisses Chase on the lips. The kiss is tender, and not wrapped in desire but a different need. Chase seems to understand it and as Jayden pulls back and Chase finally smiles.

“Let’s go inside,” Jayden says to the group. “I want to sit down, and Mom has pizza.”

His Mom appears by his side, and grins. “Your favorite.”

Chase looks at her with worried anticipation but her friendly demeanor seems to calm him as she says. “We bought three boxes, my oldest told me that we would have company. I want to thank you for saving my son and bringing him to the hospital.”

Chase’s cheeks redden.

Logan answers for him, “I’m his wrestling coach and…”

“I know that, you are a very good coach and wrestler yourself. Now let’s go inside. We can talk more at the table, and you can tell me how heroic my mi’jo is.” She smiles at Jayden as she puts an arm around his back and guides him to the door. “But spare the scary parts, I don’t want to have nightmares. I still don’t like him wrestling. He's my baby afterall.”

“Well heard mam,” Logan says. “But that’s Jayden, he is always the hero.”

“I know that too well,” says Jayden’s Mom with a heavy sigh.

Marco opens the door for them, waving everyone inside.

A banner is stretched across the ceiling with a handmade ‘Welcome Home’ in bright red paint, with black trim and his Mom squeezes his middle she picked the Bartlet colors of course.

“Welcome back.”

Jayden smiles at her and back at his Dad, brother, and Logan. Jayden’s smiles even harder at Chase as he enters last. Jayden’ can’t help it and says “Sit next to me.”

Chase nods, rolling his eyes and his Mom says “Only if you behave.”

Everyone laughs as the Gomez family begin to sit around the dining room table, his Mom rushing off to get plates and utensils. Marco follows her to get glasses and drinks. Gino turns on the lights but is back at Jayden’s other side and before their parents get into the room Gino issues Chase a harsh and quick warning.

“If you ever get my brother in a situation like that again, you will join him in a hospital bed.”

Chase not missing a beat follows up with “If something like that happens to him again, you won’t have to put me in the hospital I will do it myself.”

Logan clears his throat, “It’s no one’s fault.”

“Yes, it is.” Gino glares defiantly at Logan. “You should have stopped him, so much for the big strong captain. Only one of you three went to the hospital and it was my brother as always who took the beating.”

“Gino.” Jayden whispers. Gino ignores him.

“Do better next time Logan.”

Logan says nothing but nods his head in agreement.

Mr. and Mrs. Gomez enter the room and they move to start dinner. Jayden takes Chase’s hand giving him a reassuring squeeze, but the shadow of Gino falls over the pair and they both look at Gino and he does not meet either of their gazes as he takes the pizza cutter and makes quick slashes along the sides of the pizza.

Gino hands the first slice to Jayden, and then his eyes meet Chase’s the blade in hand as he asks pleasantly “One or two?” but his dark brown eyes betray him and Chase gets his meaning as the blade is pointed directly at his chest.


Gino grins handing him the pizza.

The evening goes smoothly after that and nothing else is mentioned on the subject but Gino follows the Logan and Chase, along with Jayden to the door to say goodbye.

No kisses are exchanged and it’s not until Logan and Chase are gone that Jayden finally says to Gino, “What is going on?”

Gino looks over at his parents but they seem to be in the kitchen and out of ear shout. Gino leans down to Jayden and says.

“You and Chase are done. I gave him one chance the last time after that fiasco with Mom. Not anymore, you and Chase are no more.”

Jayden’s mouth falls open. “You…you can’t do that.”

Gino smiles, “Yes. Yes I can. Watch me.”

“Mom, Jayden’s tired I am going to help him to bed.”

“Okay!” She calls from the kitchen and Gino helps move Jayden along to his bedroom and gently, but firmly guides him to the bed and takes his phone from his back pocket.

“Hey! What are you…?”

Gino flashes the screen at him and it opens up allowing Gino access.

“I’m taking this and messaging Chase. You are going to bed.” Gino points to the neatly laid out mattress.

“You can’t do this!” Jayden hisses.

“You’ll get this back,” Gino waves his phone at him "After things cool down. I’m not risking you and Chase together again.”

Gino turns and leaves the bedroom, the door closing before Jayden can even manage to say a retort.

For once in his life, Jayden does not have a plan.

He sits on the bed alone and looks at the wall dumbfounded.

Licking his lips, Jayden feels tired and starts to undress laying on his bed in boxer shorts the cool pillow behind him offering some comfort as he switches the light off by his bed.

“What do I do now?” he asks the room to which he hears no reply.












Mickey said...

Happy Birthday to you Jimmy! Thank you for all the wonderful stories you wrote for us this year. I truly hope you'll have a great Birthday.

And what a wonderful insight you gave about Chase's family situation. With family like these, it's no wonder why he ended up this way.

It turned dramatic real fast. I couldn't help but hope Gino would try and understand Chase's situation.

BBfan said...

Hi Jimmy

Wow... that was a tough story. Poor Chase. What's going to happen when Logan goes to college? What's going to happen to Jayden and Chase? Too many anwsered questions. When is the next story?

Thank god Jayden is okay. Gino was right about one thing, all the bad stuff usually happens to him.


Anonymous said...

First of all... Happy birthday Jimmy! Hope you had lots of fun!

And second... I have no words, I'm actually struggling to process how dark this story was

When I read the title and saw the photo of the story, I expected a sexy story between Chase and Jayden, maybe Jayden giving Chase a sexy surprise for his birthday or something like that, something fun between the two of them, NOT THIS

This story was brutal, but not in a good way brutal, it was just regular brutal, it was so bloody and raw and it was so gut wrenching seeing Jayden take so much punishment, both verbal and especially physical and... And Jayden almost DIED?!? It was so surreal to read how Jayden could have died in the hospital and how he left with his hair cut so short and with the scars on his head

And then there's Chase's family, if there are any characters I NEVER want to see come back, it's THEM, they were disgusting people, and don't even get me started on Christopher, I think he's the worst person in the entire Jayden and Gino universe, and what's worse is that they'll be responsable for making Chase even more miserable... What's going to happen to poor Chase?!

Will Gino really split Jayden and Chase like that?! Logan couldn't have done anything, he just got there when Christopher decided to beat his little brother up and... I really hope Gino reconsider, it was not Chase's fault! He found love with Hayden, he can't just rip him off his hands like that! What about the necklace!

I was seriously not prepared for this story and I'm anxious to see what happens next, hopefully stuff gets better... It has to, right?!

-anon 1

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, as much as i agree with the comments above i also really admire your bravery in making such dramatic plot twists and shaking things up before they get stale. It kind of reminds me of Chase's big secret in the treehouse when he confessed to exploiting Jayden to get revenge on Gino.
I certainly won't miss any of these characters and even Christopher is not the kind of "hot" baddie i like to see busted. However i can't wait to see what happens betweeb Chase and Jay.
Gino and Chase will be enemies forever i feel. I hope Chase gets to avenge Gino for all the humiliation his big balls have suffered😉

Anonymous said...

Anon2 wrote exactly every same words that I have been thinking.

I'll add that you are just a wonderful writer. You manage to turn ballbusting stories into actual literature novel (with a ballbusting side) which is absolutely incredible.
You picture and create each and every characters so precisely, everything makes perfect sense...The deepness of Chase character development over the years is jaw-dropping.

You're that good of a writer that there are a couple of your stories in the Jayden universe that I've (mostly) stopped reading for the ballbusting side of the coin... I'm now only looking forward following your characters through their journey, through their evolution and through those marvelous plot twists, with ballbusting events being the cherries on the cake... Indeed, some of them are more intense, brutal, darker and deeper than others.

In total honesty, ballbusting literature would hardly find any spots in a library, however I do say it again, you have great writing skills. Have you considered or given some thoughts about writing novels (in a more "regular" style) ?
If you're as good and inspired as in writing these ballbusting fantasies story, I'm convinced you would become a successful book writer as well.

I wish you a wonderful belated birthday, and I do hope you had a great one.

Warm regards.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Mickey,

Thank you! My birthday was really sweet. Escape room, good food, friends, a pool, and cake. I ate three cakes last week (with help). A truly fun day/week!

I’ve been sitting on Chase’s backstory for a long time, and waiting to the right moment to bring in his family. It was a hard story to write, as his family are horrible humans. The good guys won, but their victory is tainted because of what happened to Jayden.

Understanding is usually not Gino’s thing, but Jayden is not going to be giving up on their relationship anytime soon so…things might get messy.



--------------------- ------------------- -------------------- -------------------------- ------------------------- ------------ -----------------------
Dear BBfan,

Yeah, it was as you said “A tough story.” All of your questions will be answered as the stories roll out. It’s going to be a big arc for the wrestling team. I do have a lot planned. You will be getting those answers soon!

Poor Jayden, his heart always gets in the way of his own personal safety. Luckily, he’s okay this time.


--------------------- ------------------- -------------------- -------------------------- ------------------------- ------------ -----------------------

Dear Anon 1,

I super did have fun on my birthday, and thanks for writing in!

This was a very dark story, you are not alone in thinking so. This was not a sexy little story between the boyfriends on Chase’s birthday that would have been sweet. All writers, including myself usually have their main characters go through some tough situations, and this is certainly one of them. Out of all of my stories, this was one of the hardest to write because I hated writing it. The series needed this story, but I still disliked huge parts of it.

Chase’s future will be answered soon in a story that I have planned. I have not written the story, my goal is next Friday.

I agree with you, this was not Logan’s or Chase’s fault. Gino is quick to place blame. He’s upset about what happened to Jayden, and that will be explored in the coming story that comes out next.

I don’t want to spoil the next chapter, but Chase’s blood family will not be present. So it will be better for that alone.



GinoJaydenAuthor said...

--------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ ---------------
Dear Anonymous,

Thank you first and foremost for your compliment! As much as the hard parts are tough to read for the readers, and for myself to write. The series benefits from those moments. The Displacement Arc redefined the series. It gave a new boyfriend for Jayden, new relationships were formed, we got new villains, and old enemies put to rest their ongoing rivalries. This story will change everything again. Gino put a line in the sand and told Jayden that he was done with Chase. It’s up to Jayden now to discover what he is going to do about that. Gino and Jayden are the stars of this series, their brotherhood is about to be tested, and this story will redefine their relationship to each other.

Chase does not know yet, what Gino is trying to do…but when he finds out… Chase will not take too kindly to Gino’s command of Jayden. As you can imagine, Chase will go to battle for Jayden.

Hope you enjoy the next one!



--------------------- ------------------- -------------------- -------------------------- ------------------------- ------------ -----------------------
Dear Olivia,
I am so excited to read a new readers comments! Plus it sounds like you have read a lot if not all of the series. I want to say, thank you, thank you so much for your kind words. You have made my day very special. I was not prepared to see all of the positive feedback from this story. I know how tough it was to read, and I appreciate all of the Gino/Jayden fans that continue to read and enjoy the series.

Chase’s character has grown the most in the universe, he has gone on this tremendous journey emotionally, and has really changed from who he used to be. Jayden has gone through a lot, but he is still the same character. He is still kind, loving, and although his skills have gotten better in wrestling he has stayed the same. Even after losing his family, being beaten, and now almost dying in a hospital he’s still himself. You cannot say the same thing about Chase. He’s grown a lot, and while he can still be the ‘bad guy,’ he’s not solely that any longer.

I have considered being a writer, and maybe after I leave the teaching profession, I might write a book. I swear the Jayden Gino series could be a novel leading up to the Displacement Arc and ending with Jayden and Chase together. That could be a book. I don’t think it would be published, but you never know!

My birthday was awesome, Olivia. And I am so glad that you took the time to write in. Please feel free to do so anytime!