Monday, August 22, 2022

Best of the Busts 2


Best of the Busts April-August

Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,

It was my intention to do a Best of the Bests every month... that did not happen. It looks moe quarterly. Which is fine, but I am going to try to do this every month. We will see how this goes!

The five(eleven) top rated stories from mid April 2022-mid August 2022 (to earn this category's recoginition the story must be liked with five stars) I put the five star stories in order of when they released to the blog: 

1).  King of the Ring: Part 1 of 13 the Set-Up written by Jimmy (7 votes, 10 comments)

2).  Pete's Last Year at Adventure Camp- part 2 written by MosHadron  (8 votes, 3 comments)

3).  King of the Ring: Part 3 of 13 Shane VS Adam written by Jimmy (5 votes, 1 comments)

4).  The Betrayal by One-off Story Writer (Kramtoad Story)  (3 votes, 3 comments)

5).  A Chain Reaction part 2 written by foot_in_crotch (A Kramtoad Story) (4 votes, 4 comments)

6).  King of the Ring Part 8 (of 12) written by Jimmy (9 votes, 5 comments)
7).  King of the Ring Part 9 (of 12) Chase VS Adam written by Jimmy (7 votes, 3 comments)

8).  Snapshot: Jayden's New Move written by Jimmy (11 votes, 2 comments)

9).  King of the Ring Part 10 (of 12) written by Jimmy (9 votes, 3 comments)

10).  King of the Ring Part 12 (of 12) written by Jimmy (4 votes, 3 comments)

11).  ...A Very Happy Birthday to Me written by Jimmy (6 votes, 7 comments)

Out of the 11 of the top rated stories on the blog, 6 of them were the King of the Ring miniseries. I find it intersting that all of the stories that featured Adam as a lead were top rated. I am so fortuante to have some guest writers on this blog and I am so happy that all of you liked the story that X collaborated with me and 
MosHadron created. Hopefully we will see more of X and MosHadron in the future! Clearly, you all enjoyed having them. The biggest suprise for me was ....A Very Happy Birthday to Me. I could have sworn that would have gotten low ratings, but clearly I was wrong!

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The three top rated "Video links" posts April-August all these are five star video votes:

1). Jimmy's Found Video's #19: Rightintheballs  (7 votes, 0 comments)

2). Jimmy's Found Video's #20: bbtbb123123 (3 votes, 2 comments)

3). Jimmy's Found Video's #23 (2 votes, 3 comments) 

------------------ -------------------- ------------------ -------------- ----------------------------------My personal picks:

This was really hard for so many reasons. I decided to choose stories that really still resonate with me that I have written, and that I am really proud of.





Русский Парень said...

I want something cruel. For example, to have someone's eggs pierced or drilled, crushed or current passed through them, pumped with boiling oil or nailed

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Русский Парень,

Oooof! That would certainly leave a mark!

I have not yet done any permanent damage stories yet. But a lot of our readers do enjoy them. You can always write one and I can post it on here!



Русский Парень said...

I will be glad to read it