Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Snapshot: Teen Wolf On Set Accidents Continued... written by Jimmy


Snapshot: Teen Wolf On Set Accidents Continued... 
by Jimmy


On the set of Teen Wolf Tyler Posley portraying Scott McCall had a terrible day on set yesterday and his nuts are still a little sore.

Tyler this time is wearing his lacrosse uniform, and dodging balls thrown by Stiles Stilinski played by Dylan O’Brien. Off set Dylan and he have great chemistry, and it works out well that the two get to be best friends in the TV show Teen Wolf as well.

Tyler takes a few balls to the chest, and one to the helmet. The last ball spirals, and curves at the last moment and Tyler spots the turn and gulps knowing where it’s going to land but he is unable to avoid it.

“Oh no.” Tyler whimpers.

The ball hits him. Hard.

The lacrosse ball is heavy. The molded rubber ball hits Tyler hard in the skin tight lacrosse shorts pouch. Tyler gasps upon impact and briefly makes eye contact with Dylan who laughs uncontrollably as the lacrosse ball hits Tyler’s nuts so hard that his pair flatten.

Tyler reaches down as the lacrosse ball bounces off his nutsack and he claims his nuts with both hands, bending at the waist gasping.

“Not again…uh…ohhhhh…ummmm!”

Dylan runs up to him, and looks at the cameras “Please tell me you got that!”

Laughing Dylan rubs Tyler’s shoulders. “I got you so good!”

Tyler moans in agreement, squeezing his eyes tightly shut.

“Wait…that’s twice in a row huh? First Ian and now me! You are on a streak friend!”

Dylan pulls out his phone and takes some quick photos of Tyler moaning, with his eyes shut. “I’m going to post these on my twitter account! I’ll be back in five…Tyler might need longer than that!”

Tyler quietly, moves off set and sinks into his chair. Pulling off his helmet his dark sweaty hair falls into his forehead and he gazes up at the lights above.


Moaning Tyler rolls his nads around in his tight lacrosse shorts, his fingers gently proving at the contents as his meaty balls throb with the now familiar nut pain.

“Maybe tomorrow…things will go better.”

Tyler hopes.



Anonymous said...

hey good story as most of the time your writing is great I do have a question about the blog and I mean this in the best way I can like I said before this stuff but it has been a little bit since the last permanent damage story I know that is not something this blog dose a lot of and just wanted to know if there were any plans to post another if not I understand and don't get me wrong I like your work and thank you for doing it

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for taking the time to write in. I am happy that you are enjoying my stories, and writing. Permanent damage stories are not usually my jam, but I know that a lot of readers do enjoy them. Alex posts them every once and a while and so do other guest writers. I have not ventured down that path yet. It was suggested to me a year or so ago and I have not thought of a good story to do that with. I always encourage anyone to always write in, I will post your stuff on the blog. Alex likes guest writers, and so do I! If you are intersted in having stuff posted that you write, please let me know!



Русский Парень said...

I'd like to see Tyler get kicked in the balls with a foot or a bat