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Snapshot: Breakfast Talk written by Jimmy


Snapshot: Breakfast Talk

By Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters,  underage characters. You have been warned.

“So you have a rival?” Caleb asks.


"What's his name?" Caleb asks


Caleb thoughtfully chews on his toast as he contemplates Junior’s answer. The savory butter fills his mouth with sweetness, while Junior eats mouthfuls of Cheerio’s; the bland kind. He’s so weird.

“And…you want to tryout. For real?”

Junior eyes glued to the television takes a moment or two longer to anwser “Yeah.”

The one word answers start to irate Caleb, and he gnashes his teeth, moving his foot in-between his younger brother’s legs underneath the table. Junior is staring at the television a few feet away, and he’s not even sure if Junior is fully awake yet.

Scratching his chest, Junior yawns lifting his arms over head and stretching, his bare torso on display as he juts his crotch out a bit. The lump in his underwear hangs off the lip of the chair Caleb notices and with a sly grin he lines up a perfect shot.

“Well you better be careful little bro,” Caleb begins as his foot hovers just above his brother’s treasure bag feeling the warmth coming off of him. The heat tickles his bare foot and his toes dance in the air ready to attack.

“You wouldn’t want to get too hurt before you actually turn into a man. Know what I mean?”

“Yeah.” Junior says absentmindedly, yawning again and his blue eyes half-closed.

Grinning like a fox that catches the chicken coup has been unlocked, he pulls back his leg and send his foot straight in aiming for Junior’s unprotected nutbag.

Junior’s eyes widen, as the table bounces and Caleb hollers grabbing his bare foot and hoping around. He accidently kicked the center table pillar missing Junior completely and Junior grins begins to put the pieces together as the cobwebs from sleep leave him.

Sitting back down gingerly in his chair Caleb presses an ice pack to the bottom of his foot, his head thrown back in anguish.

Standing up, Junior pads his way over to Caleb’s side of the table watching his brother’s struggles and eyeing his brothers small protuberance from his sleep shorts. Caleb is smaller than his brother in every way below the navel and as Junior gets closer he eyes his prize with wicked intentions.

Caleb is unaware of how close Junior is, and it’s not until he feels fingertips slipping beneath his shorts and delving between his legs that Caleb knows the danger he is in.

“Whaaa?” Caleb asks, sucking in a breath as Junior tightens his hold squeezing both his testicles and limp dick in his fist. Both sadly fill his brother’s closed fist, the small handful easily fits inside and Junior wastes no time in crushing the contents within.

Junior grins seeing the look of despair on his brother’s face. Caleb’s stomach visibly clenches, showing off his slight abs and he seethes as his nuts shoot out fresh waves of steady unbearable agony through his abdomen.

“You made a mistake going for my balls, Caleb.” Junior squeezes harder and stepping in close taking the icepack from his brothers foot and tapping his brothers cheek with it. “Now you will need to ice something else.”

Increasing the pressure a bit more, Caleb moans low in his throat and gasps. “My nuts….uuugh…come on…let me go!” Caleb pleads.

Junior only laughs.

Groaning, Caleb reaches for his groin, lost in his brothers fist trying to pull his nuggets free of the vice being applied. Caleb just out his bottom lip moaning “Oh god.” The whimper seems to make Junior only snicker.

“Thanks, I needed this warmup before I go to my early morning practice.”

Junior squeezes Caleb one last time before he releases his smothering hold.

Caleb folds over his forehead on the table, while he groans.


Junior is walking past him, heading towards the bathroom.

“I even get to shower first, hope you enjoy the cold water! I think you will need it.”

Closing his eyes, Caleb moves the icepack between his legs. The violation from his younger brother feels unbearable, like the pain that thrums in his twin nuts.

“I hope…ughhh, that Oliver busts your balls tonight.” Caleb says, his voice higher pitch. He hates the sound, and pounds the table, tucking his legs beneath the kitchen chair wishing that he did not miss his opportunity to bust his brother.




Anonymous said...

I'm kinda bummed about this snapshot being so short, but then again snapshots were always meant to be short, so I guess we had to come back to shorter ones one day or another, but even if it was short, the little interaction between the was so cute

I kinda feel bad for Caleb, but he deserved what he got for wanting to bust his little brother's boynuts so early in the morning

But I do agree with Caleb, I also hope Oliver bust his big boynuts tonight, I love seeing Junior dominated, especially after being such a smug brat

I can't wait to see Oliver and Junior get a full story for themselves one of these days, they've become one of my favorite couples in the series (even if calling the two of them a couple would make Junior wanna kick my nuts into peanut butter)

I can't wait to see Oliver dominating that smug little brat again

-anon 1

Anonymous said...

The things I miss not having a brother...

Anonymous said...

can you please go back to stories where everyone is 18+????

Anonymous said...

The age of the characters is disturbing and wrong. I loved the site before now I just keep hoping Alex comes back. That said I can always choose not to come back and that’s what I will be doing.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anon 1,
Hi friend!
Sorry it took me a while to reply, I’ve been setting up my classroom and getting ready for school.
I agree with you, Caleb absolutely deserved what he got. He did start it after all, and we both know if you start the trouble you deserve whatever you get. At least that’s logic for brothers!
Oliver and Junior are a ton of fun to write together, and I promise to deliver on that soon!
Junior would kick you a few times for saying that the two are a couple, better watch what you say around him!

------------- ------------------- --------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------- --------------------- ----------
Dear Anonymous posting 2,
Hahahha, yeah you lucked out not having a brother. From what I understand they do tend to fight a lot!


Anonymous said...

O legal é ele ser menor de idade