Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Soccer balls: Jimmy's training

Featured in this story: Phil (click for pictures)

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Phone call from Europe
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Yet another phone call from Europe
Today Jimmy’s training video was in the mail.

Jimmy is the twins’ older brother. He lives in England and is the captain of a soccer team, a rather successful one at that (I have searched the internet for him and his team and I have to say that I’m quite impressed by the titles they have won.)

It was his idea to come to do a video with us. In a few weeks he’ll be here in the States, visiting his family and his friends. He is bringing a team mate of his, a German guy called Frank, and they both are going to do a skit – I called it “Soccer balls” – in which they both will compete for the title of “Best Ballkicker”. I’ve told our boys – the twins, Danny, Leo, Simon and Kev – and they were very intrigued by the idea.

Anyway, Jimmy had told me on the phone that he had gotten some of the junior players from his English soccer team to agree to provide the balls for the training. He and Frank were both quite eager to win the competition, mainly because the loser – i.e. the one with the weaker kicks – would be punished afterwards by our models.

I opened the envelope and found a short letter, some pictures and an unmarked DVD. The letter read: “Hi Alex, here’s the video. I’ve send you some of the promotional photographs for Frank and me, too. Looking forward to the see you in January! Jimmy.”

There were four pictures: two of Jimmy, two of Frank.

Jimmy is a very attractive 29 year old guy, blonde like his brothers, beard stubbles on his face, and a killer smile for the camera. He has strong soccer player’s legs and although the bright green, shiny soccer shorts didn’t reveal much of his package, it looks quite promising.

Frank is a bit younger, 26 years old, has dark brown hair and equally muscular legs. He isn’t as attractive as Jimmy, but he has a certain raw and brutal – and quite intriguing – quality to his looks, with a rather chiseled face, broad chin, and a quite menacing look in his eyes. It says on the back of the foto (where name, age, and position are noted) that he plays in a center forward position. That fits…

I popped the DVD into the player.

It revealed the inside of a huge soccer stadium, green grass on the ground, empty seats in the auditorium. 

Seven guys, all dressed in bright green soccer shorts and matching shirts, with cleats and soccer shoes, were standing in a row as if awaiting the beginning of a match. They all were in their late teens. Some seemed to be rather uncomfortable and nervous about the proceedings, while others grinned and joked to their neighbours, grabbing their junks and laughing.

Jimmy came into the frame from behind the camera – he was wearing an identical outfit with green shirts and shorts, soccer cleats and shoes – and addressed the guys: “Okay guys. I’ve done my part of the deal. Now it’s your turn. I told you I was going to do this promotional video over in America. It’s a competition and I need to practice my ballkicking. So spread your legs and let me have a go at it…”

All of the junior players were silent now.

“Who wants to go first?” Jimmy asked.

Nobody volunteered.

“Come on, the first one to go down is the first one to go home”, Jimmy said.

“Oh bugger”, a cute guy with red hair said with a thick English accent, “it’s always me to be the first one, eh? You pussies…”

He grinned at his team mates and took a step forward, spreading his legs and putting his hands on his hips.

Jimmy went over to him and eyed his target. “Okay.”

He brought his right leg back and kicked the young red-haired guy’s balls hard.

“Umph”, he mouthed and fell to the ground. “Me bollocks…”

His friends looked at him with nervous looks on their faces.

Jimmy kneeled down next to the busted boy. “How was it?”

“Yeah”, he groaned, “good one, mate.” He coughed a few times and added with a mean grin towards his friends: “You know, you could go a little harder…”

The nervous looks on his team mates faces intensified, with one of them moaning “Oh, Phil, you stupid prick”, while Phil rubbed his balls and groaned. He looked at the guys and addressed a rather cocky looking tall black haired boy: “Come on, Mick, your turn.”

Mick took a step forward and spread his legs. His shorts bagged with his presumably rather big genitals.

Jimmy stood up and took aim. He extended his leg and brought it crashing in between the cute guy’s legs, mashing Mick’s nuts and sending his loose shorts swinging up toward his belly with a loud slapping sound.

Mick shrieked and grabbed his manhood, folding at his knees and sinking down to the ground.

Phil laughed out loud and clapped his hands: “Mate, that was perfect! Right on target!”

A few of the fiveboys left standing grinned, too.

“Pretty strong kick, hmm?” Jimmy said.

Mick groaned and nodded, nursing his battered balls, and Phil grinned: “Yeah, me bollocks are still achin’…”

“Good”, Jimmy said with a satisfied smile. “Next one!”

With a mortified look on his face a dark skinned boy stepped forward and spread his legs.

“Yeah”, Phil cheered, “Punt Raoul’s bollocks, now!”

Jimmy threw a hard kick into Raoul’s loose hanging ballsack. The other guys looked at him in anticipation of an appropriate reaction. But Raoul just rubbed his package, shrugged and went over to the other Phil and Mick who were sitting on the grass. Phil was only occasionally fondled his balls, Jimmy apparently hadn’t done much damage to them. Mick on the other hand was still grimacing his pain and both of his hands cupped his groin.

Jimmy was stunned. He looked at Raoul: “Erm, what’s up, Raoul? Didn’t I get them?”

“No”, was Raoul’s simple response.

That got Jimmy thinking. “Well, I can’t take my chances with this competition. If Frank wins my nuts will get a good cracking!” he said with the other boys nodding. “Raoul, get up here again and hold out your nuts so I can see them.”

Raoul reluctantly got up and positioned himself again. He grabbed his rather large bulge and framed it with his hands, his balls and cock now clearly outlined in his shiny green shorts.

Jimmy looked at Raoul’s package and smiled. “That’s better.”

He brought his leg back and kicked into the well-presented package, the tip of his foot crashing into both of his egg-sized balls. This time the reaction was far more appropriate. Raoul shrieked from the top of his lungs, eliciting moans of sympathy as well as happy cheers from his friends. He fell down into the green grass and curled up in the foetal position, his hands comforting his aching balls, his face showing a mixture of pain and embarrassment.

“Yikes”, Phil laughed, “you split his bollocks!”

The – as of yet – unharmed guys that were still standing in line to get their nuts smashed chuckled.
Raoul was down on the ground, moaning and cursing and cradling his nuts.

“Next one”, Jimmy said cheerfully.

The next guy to spread his legs was a rather short boy who looked rather rough and brutal. He assumed the position – feet at shoulderwidth apart, hands on his hips – and looked at Jimmy expectantly. Then his brutal face changed into an equally brutal grin and he grabbed the bulge in his green soccer shorts and lifted it up. He fumbled around and said to Jimmy: “I’m going to grab just my balls so that you don’t break my dick. I need it tonight”, causing some of his teammates to chuckle.

“To wank!” Phil shouted. Jimmy grinned and the others laughed, while the brutal looking hottie shot Phil a menacing look. Phil shrugged and grinned at him.

The boy framed his big balls – they seemed to be equally impressive as Raoul’s – and held them out for Jimmy to kick. Jimmy didn’t hesitate for a second. He kicked at the package, sinking his instep into the soft ballflesh and grinding it in after the kick, pushing the beaten boy back so that he fell onto his ass and grabbed his throbbing nuts.

“Yeah!” Phil shouted. “Let’s see if you’ll be able to wank tonight!”

The others laughed.

Now there were four guys down – Mick and Raoul were still nursing their balls, the newest member of their pain club was moaning loudly and breathing heavily, while Phil was clearly having a good time.

Three guys were still waiting.

Jimmy looked at them and pointed to the position on the grass that the last boy had recently vacated.

The three remaining guys looked uneasy. Neither one wanted to volunteer. The boy on the right, a slim dark haired cutie, and the boy on the left, an equally cute blonde with a cheerful smile on his face, exchanged glances and pushed the one standing in the middle forward.

It was a tall Scandinavian looking boy who turned around and held out his fist to punch one of his mates in the face.

“Hey”, Jimmy shouted. The Scandinavian turned to look at him. The two other boys grinned at each other and simultaneously brought their feet in between the Scandinavian’s legs, each catching one ball dead on and smashing both into the poor guy’s pelvis. The Skandinavian yowled and shrieked, sinking to the ground in pain, holding his balls and whining in agony.

The two naughty boys laughed at each other and pointed at their fallen team mate.

“Broken köttbullar”, the blonde one screamed, a comment which his mate found hilarious and slapped his thighs laughing.

The others were silent. Even Phil who had taken great delight in seeing his friends getting kicked had a sober look on his face.

“Hey”, Jimmy shouted again, this time directed at the two boys who were the only ones to remain standing.

The two guys could hardly stop laughing and looked not at all serious.

“That’s enough”, Jimmy shouted. He walked towards the two guys, the Scandinavian still lying on the ground, nursing his broken balls.

“That was completely uncalled for!” Jimmy addressed the two boys. “I’m the only one to kick some balls here!”

The two boys stopped laughing and looked at the team captain with fear in their eyes.

Jimmy raised his eyebrows. “Luke, present your package!”

The dark-haired boy started to protest but his team mates interrupted him.

“Grab your fuckin’ bollocks!” Phil shouted and started to get up and come towards him. 

Luke sighed and complied, grabbing his nuts with both of his hands just like the other guys had done earlier. 

Phil sat down again.

Jimmy looked down at Luke’s package and said matter-of-factly: “They are a lot smaller than Raoul’s or Davy’s…”

Luke’s pale face changed to a bright red colour. His team mates laughed and pointed at him, with the notably exception of the blond guy who was waiting for his punishment.

“That means you have to kick extra hard to crack them!” Phil shouted cheerfully, causing the others to laugh even louder. They began clapping rhythmically, getting faster and faster, cheering Jimmy to punt Luke’s sack. 

Jimmy took two steps back to get a running start and – with a loud cheer of Luke’s team mates – brought the tip of his right shoe forcefully into Luke’s tightly gripped genitals. The loud slapping sound of the impact brought even louder cheers from the guys who went wild now, high-fiving each other and laughing their asses off. Even the poor Scandinavian managed to put a grin on his face – while continuing to nurse his nuts, of course.

Luke dry-retched and coughed and his hands found the aching bulge in his shorts. He fell down to his knees and let out a miserable moan.

“Okay, now it’s your turn, Bailey”, Jimmy said to the remaining guy.

Bailey gulped hard and tried to talk himself out of the situation: “I’m sorry, it was just a joke, I didn’t want to hurt Søren, it was Luke who---“

“Bailey, come over here”, Jimmy s

aid in a low voice.

Bailey looked like he was about to cry.

“Oh come on, take it like a man!” Phil shouted. “Don’t be a baby!”

The other guys agreed, even Luke who was still nursing his balls nodded.

Bailey cupped his balls with his hands and he looked for the exits of the arena.

“Don’t even think about it!” Jimmy said.

Suddenly, Phil, Mick and Raoul sprang up. Phil held Bailey’s hands behind his back while Mick and Raoul each grabbed one of Bailey’s legs, spreading them apart. Bailey kicked and screamed, his cute blond hair wet with sweat and his face red with anger and fear.

“Wait!” Søren shouted and got up, too, still nursing his beaten balls, but more than motivated to let Bailey have his share of the ballkicking. He walked over and took hold of the back of the waistband in Bailey’s soccer shorts. He yanked them up, crushing Bailey’s balls in the process and giving him a major wedgie.

“Oooh”, Phil snickered, “that’s gotta hurt…”

But Søren didn’t stop at that. He yanked the shorts up, again and again, Bailey screamed and screamed until the fabric ripped off and Bailey’s pink, shaven balls swang wildly and stark naked between his legs, coming to rest low in his sack.

The others – even Luke – cheered, while Jimmy grinned and prepared for a running start.

“Nooo!” Bailey screamed as Jimmy let his soccer shoe fly into his dangling naked gonads, kicking them hard and nearly knocking them out of their clean shaven sack.

Mick, Raoul, Phil and Søren let go of Bailey’s legs, hands and shorts and cheered loudly. Bailey fell down to the ground crying.

“Man, that one was the best of all!” Phil patted Jimmy’s back and shook his hand.

Bailey was whining and wailing, tears streaming down his face.

“Thanks”, Jimmy said and grinned at Phil, “thanks to all of you for helping me today. I’m pretty optimistic about that competition…”

The video stopped. I was pretty optimistic about that competition, too.


Carter said...

Loving this, you sure know how to build up the suspense.
Sadly it's late. I can't finish reading these tonight.

Alex said...

Thank you! There will be some great action waiting for you when you get up tomorrow morning... :-))

Thanks for checking out the archive. I'm glad you enjoy the stories!