Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Leo's idea

Featured in this story: Chad and Leo (click for pictures)

Today Leo came over to the studio. My cameraman Chad was editing some video footage from our "Take one for the team" shooting: He was cursing and swearing constantly, apparently because the software didn't do the things it wanted it to.

I was busy doing all the book-keeping stuff that comes with running a website: Writing checks for our models, updating their online profiles, etc. It is a fulltime job...

Anyway, the doorbell rang and I opened the door. Leo was wearing his low-hanging jeans, boxer shorts underneath but with the waistband in plain sight, two t-shirts and sneakers. He looked like he had a hang-over, his curly black hair standing on ends and dark circles around his eyes.

"Hi", he said with a raspy voice.

"Hi, Leo", I replied and threw him an amused look.

He sighed with a wave of the hand. "I am still drunk from the New Year's party with my buddies at the skate park. Ughh, it was a rough night..."

I grinned and let him in. "That was two nights ago. Sounds like a very rough night... Wanna sit down?"

"Yeah..." He walked over to the couch and sat with another deep sigh. He looked at me and belched. He flushed and smiled apologetically.

I chuckled.

"Stupid fucker!" Chad shouted from behind the computer.

"Sorry", Leo looked over to Chad.

"Oh no", I quickly said, "he's not shouting at you, he's shouting at the computer..."

Leo nodded and rubbed his eyes. I brought him a big glass of water and sat down next to him.

He quaffed it off.

I didn't know why he was here and looked at him expectantly.

He burped again and smiled uncomfortably. "How are you?"

"Fine, thanks", I replied.

"You know, I need money", he confessed.

"Oh, I'm just writing out the checks for the last shooting. I can give it to you now", I said and walked over to my desk. I returned with the check and gave it to him.

He looked at it and then at me again. "Hmm", he said, "I had hoped it would be more... There were all the christmas presents and the party and--- I'm broke..."

"Sorry", I said, "the bonus for winning is already included…"

Leo sighed. He stood up, ran his hand through his black hair and walked over to the weight bench that was placed in one corner of the studio. He grinned at me uneasily and took off his t-shirts and his jeans. Then he grabbed his balls through his boxers and lay down on the bench.

He began to lift the bar with the weights, apparently trying to impress me. He wasn’t very muscular but he tried his best to flex his arm muscles. His skinny legs were spread wide apart and beads of sweat were beginning to form on his lean, smooth chest.

I grinned at his efforts and noticed Chad doing the same. He looked at me with a big questionmark on his face. I shrugged and walked over to Leo.

Chad turned back to the computer screen and continued swearing.

"Erm, Leo, it's great that you are here - but..." I started.

"I know, this isn't a gym", he stopped lifting the weights and sat up.

I chuckled. I doubted Leo had ever been to a gym.

"Well, perhaps we could do another video?" he suggested.

"Yeah, of course", I paused. "What do you have in mind?"

"I don't know... Perhaps we could do something with bonus payments again..." He smiled insecurely. "Something competitive... It doesn’t have anything to do with busting balls…”

“Erm, Leo, you know that we are a ballbusting website after all”, I reminded him.

He wasn’t listening. "I could do a skit", he suggested. Suddenly his face lightened up and he came up with an idea: "Oh, do you remember the twins cumming into Danny’s mouth in that first video?”

I grinned. Of course I remembered.

"What about we do something like that? A cumshot competition. This time the object is not not bust someone’s balls but to make him cum! Two guys against each other and the rest of the boys have to make them cum."

I thought about it. We’d have to include the busting, of course – but I decided not to tell Leo right now… Instead I said: "Doesn't sound bad. I'll think about it."

"Yeah, that'd be awesome! I could stop wanking right now. I can shoot buckets if I'm in the right mood!" Leo was all excited and grinned from ear to ear.

"So you want to be one of the two guys to shoot their loads?” I asked him.

He considered that.

“We’d pay the winner a bonus…” I smiled.

He nodded. “Okay. I’ll do it.”

“But we'd need an opponent", I said. Then I remembered a wild casting that had ended in a shower of cum spurting across the room.

"What about Simon?" I suggested, thinking back to the little geek's cum spurts on his glasses.

"Great! It'd be Simon against me! The bigger load wins!" Leo clapped his hands.

"I don't know if Simon is game for it", I objected.

"Give me his phone number, I'll convince him", Leo said eagerly.

"Okay, tell him to phone me if he's okay with it. Perhaps we could schedule the shooting for the middle of the month?" I suggested.

"Oh, that'd be great! I'll tell him", Leo smiled and started to put his t-shirts back on.

I smiled, too. I was sure Leo was not aware of what the competition would really be about.

"Fuck!" Chad yelled and jumped op from his chair, hammering his fist down on the monitor of our computer.

Leo and I looked over to him.

"We need a new computer! The files are too fucking big to handle for this fucking thing", Chad snapped. He walked over to us, visibly angry. He looked at Leo, who had his t-shirts in his hands and was still wearing just his colourful boxers with his big nuts bulging inside.

Chad reached for his wallet and took out a bill.

"Wanna earn 10 bucks?" he asked Leo.

Leo shrugged and grabbed the bill.

"Okay, spread em", Chad ordered Leo, barely keeping his anger under control.

Leo looked nervous. “You want to---”

“Yeah”, Chad answered grimly.

Leo did as he was told and spread his legs.

Chad looked Leo into the eyes. "Take those nuggets out of the boxers. Man, I need to break something..."

Leo gulped and complied, pulled down his boxers and let his big balls hang out into the open.

They hung low in their sac and dangled between Leo's legs, the size of small hen's eggs and clean shaven. I wondered if all of his skater buddies took care of their equipment the same way.

Chad kneeled down between Leo's legs and grabbed the bulging balls with his left hand, letting them rest very vulnerable on his palm.

"Okay", Chad said and clenched his right fist.

Leo closed his eyes and braced himself for the impact.

Chad threw a viscious punch at Leo's naked nuts, grinding the two juicy orbs into the palm of his left hand and squelching both testicles between his fist and his palm.

Leo yowled.

"Yesss", Chad hissed, drew his fist back a bit and brought it back into Leo's poor balls.

Leo shrieked and sank to the ground, grabbing his abused manhood. He looked like he was about to puke, his hang-over and this attack on his precious pearls adding up to a stomach-churning combination.

Chad stood up, looking relieved.

"Wow", he breathed a sigh of relief. He took another ten-dollar-bill out of his wallet and threw it down onto Leo, who lay moaning on the ground. "Thanks."

Leo just groaned and massaged his damaged balls.

I chuckled. It'd be hard for Leo to make a living from this.

But his idea about the new video was a good one. I hoped Simon agreed.

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