Sunday, April 12, 2020

Video: shrews12001 got challenged to bust his balls

Oh, poor shrews12001! First he came up with the idea for our little audience participation series What would you do..., then he volunteered his own balls - and then he got challenged by our reader Volpesco.

Here's what shrews12001 told me in an email:
So, apparently Volpesco saw my plums and decided he had a challenge for them.
Why must everyone want to break my poor little ballies? Boo hoo.
(I'm having too much fun)
Anyway, he challenged me to tie up my nuts (already rock hard) then shuffle ten playing cards together and try to guess the color. For every wrong pick one of my poor, defenseless, extremely sensitive and (at the time of filming) full to the absolute brim testicles would get a smack with a mallet or nutcracker.
After emptying my sack at the mere suggestion i planned it out and here it is. Not 100% accurate to the challenge but i did what i could. Also included is the humbler i made for myself and if you've never experienced the way a humbler can just fucking TEAR at your nut meat then fucking god you need to try it. Now i need a towel or a bitch boy to clean this mess and ice my berries.
Here's the video evidence. I feel a little responsible for what happened to shrews12001's poor balls - but I have to admit that I don't feel the least bit sorry... :-))


Very special thanks to shrews12001 for his awesome contribution to this blog! You've got balls, buddy! :-))

Do you want to see your own balls on this blog? Send me an email ( and we'll work something out! :-))


shrews12001 said...

Let me get ahead of this and just say I hate, hate, hate, HATE my voice.

Alex said...

Okay, let me counter that by saying that I love, love, LOVE everything about your awesome video - including your voice! You are amazing! :-))

shrews12001 said...

Aww thanks. I've just always hated the sound of my voice because i don't hear the accent in my head, only on film, so i forget how bad it sounds most of the time. I considered filming it without speaking.

Alex said...

I'm glad you spoke on film! I love verbal guys! So hot! :-))

Orchidometer said...

Glad you spoke too. Its great to hear a running commentary. Good stuff :)

volpesco said...

Excellent! You're the winner of the challenge. And your commentary is very genuine I loved it

shrews12001 said...

Thanks guys! Yeah I've just always had a thing about the voice.
I'm very much new to filming anything so my commentary is just straight stream of consciousness as it's happening but i did kinda try to do it like i was explaining to myself what was happening. Other than the voice i think the verbiage came out well.

bear501 said...

That was fun, thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

is there any possible way the video could be reposted? sadly it doesn't seem to be working, the video seems unavailable in the US?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately I didn't upload the vid, and I don't have it on my hard drive.

@shrews12001: Can you help?

shrews12001 said...

Unfortunately I didnt save it. I wasnt aware pornhub would purge damn near everything. Perhaps I can remake it someday and find a better site to post it.