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One on one: Ben vs. Kev

Special thanks to various readers for their inspiration for this story. You are awesome!

Featured in this story: Ben, Kev and Alex (click for pictures)

“How has this never happened?” Kev chuckled, unbuttoning his shirt.

The muscular 20 year old smiled at his buddy as he took of his shirt, casually but pointedly showing off his muscular upper body, his perfect eight-pack abs, his chiseled chest and his strong arms with their pronounced biceps. He was tall and handsome, with brown hair and brown eyes, the textbook example of a jock, virile and cocky and sexy, with a very impressive bulge in his jeans that left no doubt about his decidedly-above-average equipment.

His friend Ben’s body was in no way inferior. Ben was 20 years old, just like Kev. And just like Kev, Ben loved to spend time at the gym, working out and shaping his body. The result was very close to perfect. Ben’s legs and arms, his abs and his chest, everything about him was fit and trained and muscular. There was not an ounce of fat on his body, and the package in his jeans looked like it rivalled Kev’s in size.

Ben knew he was hot, and he liked to compare himself to his friends, so Kev’s ostentatious behavior, his shameless showing-off, didn’t go unnoticed.

Ben had a grin on his face as he pulled down his pants, revealing his navy blue briefs, and struck a pose, trying to hold his ground.

“I dunno”, he said with a cocky grin. “Maybe you’re afraid of losing?”

Kev let out a laugh and answered Ben’s pose with one of his one, flexing his muscles as he shot him a confident grin. “Dream on, buddy.”

For a while, they stood opposite each other, wordlessly striking poses and showing off their muscles.

It was an amusing spectacle, bordering on absurd.

Finally, I intervened. “Okay, guys, let’s do this”, I said.

Kev and Ben stripped to their underwear. Both of them looked gorgeous in their briefs, and I couldn’t help but stare at their crotches. Nature had been very good to them. Those overstuffed breadbaskets looked absolutely delicious.

“Eyes up here, Alex”, Kev chuckled. “Eyes up here.”

I blushed and cleared my throat, trying to steer the conversation into an area that felt a little less embarrassing. “This is where you’ll fight.” We had put a few mats on the ground so that there would be no broken bones. The only body parts that we wanted to see injured were the contestants’ testicles. “You know the rules: There are none.”

Ben and Kev chuckled dutifully at my little joke. I knew both of them well enough to know that they would go for the nuts. That’s what our audience wanted to see, and it was what came naturally to guys like Ben and Kev, men’s men, who took a special gratification from hitting other men where it hurt and putting their sex lives on hold.

“Before we start”, I continued, “I want each of you to introduce yourself to the audience. Most of them probably know you, but maybe some of them don’t.” I pointed at the camera and moved behind it.

My cameraman Chad nodded.

“Hey there”, Kev started, putting his arm around his friend. “My name’s Kev. Maybe you remember me from the Ballbusting Olympics.” He winked into the camera. “I know a thing or two about breaking balls, as my buddy Ben here…” He patted Ben’s chest in a sign of brotherly affection. “…will know soon enough that…” He let out a laugh. “I’m going to hit his nuts so hard his grandkids are gonna feel it…” His hand moved south and he grabbed Ben’s package, squeezing it playfully. “Ooooohhh, those nuts are gonna crack!”

Ben pulled Kev’s hand away from his nuts, a crooked grin on his face. “Fuck off, man. These nuts are made of steel!” He smiled into the camera. “I’m Ben, and I’ve got the biggest balls in the room!”

Kev chuckled. “Yeah, I was wondering when you were gonna say that…”

Ben laughed and pulled down the waistband of his briefs, giving our audience a very good look at his fat, juicy eggs and the thick and meaty snake that was guarding them.

“Biggest balls in the room”, Ben repeated proudly, weighing his nuts in his hand and looking down on them with a loving expression on his face. “Biggest balls in the roo---”

It didn’t surprise me that Kev seized the chance to interfere with his friend’s presentation by sending his fist down on Ben’s exposed genitalia, making him gasp in pain and shock, his eyes widening and losing focus.

“---ooooomph!” Ben grunted, finishing his sentence on a slightly higher note than intended.

Never one to take a ball beating without hitting back, Ben brought his foot back and sent it up between Kev’s muscular thighs. It connected with the bulging package in Kev’s red briefs with a resounding thwack, causing Kev to let out a surprised grunt.

“How does that feel, huh?” Ben laughed. “How are your fucking n---“

Kev lunged at his buddy, throwing him to the ground and landing on top of him, driving his knee into Ben’s nuts.

Form where I was standing it looked like a picture-perfect nutcrusher, designed to extinguish the flame in Ben’s loins, and Ben’s anguished howl confirmed my suspicions.

“Actually, my nuts are fine”, Kev grunted as he slipped his hand into Ben’s briefs, wrapping his fingers around Ben’s balls before squeezing them with all the force he could muster. “It’s your nuts that I am worried about.”

Ben’s face scrunched up in pain. “Fuck you”, he grunted through his gritted teeth, grabbing Kev’s arm, trying to pull him away from his nuts – but it seemed like he was only making matters worse. “I got balls of steel”, Ben insisted despite the fact that his face was contorted in agony. “Balls of steel!”

“They feel like balls of clay”, Kev laughed. “Little balls of clay…”

Ben howled in pain, his fingers digging into Kev’s muscular arm as Kev’s fingers dug into the tender flesh of his meaty testicles.

“Maybe I can make something nice out of your clay balls”, Kev quipped with a cruel grin as he squished and squashed Ben’s balls. “An ashtray perhaps?”

Ben threw his head back, letting go of Kev’s arms and yodeling in pain.

“Yeah, an ashtray sounds good”, Kev mused while kneading Ben’s balls with his bare hand, his muscles flexing as he ground Ben’s balls. “I like that.”

“Fuck you”, Ben yelled, his eyes watering as his nuts were crushed. He was desperately looking for a way out of his painful predicament, and he found it right in front of him: Kev’s bulge was within reach, its contents bouncing and shifting as Kev was entirely focused on his opponent’s groin.

“Fuck you!” Ben repeated, anguish mixing with triumph as he grabbed Kev’s fruit basket with both of his hands, shredding Kev’s briefs and exposing his ample meat and two veg. Kev’s sausage was semi-hard, a natural reaction of a stud in the process of emasculating another stud, and his fat spuds looked ripe and juicy.

Kev’s facial expression changed in a heartbeat. It went from confident and cocky to alarmed, and then instantly on to horrified, as Ben started working his manhood with both hands, taking each nut in one hand, driving his thumb into the meaty core of his testicles.

“Aughoughoughghough!” Kev squealed like a wounded werewolf.

The two studs were in a 69 position, both of them screaming in pain, squishing and squashing their opponent’s testicles with their bare hands, kneading them and twisting them and eliciting all kinds of funny noises from each other.

“Fuck you!” Kev shrieked, one hand buried inside Ben’s briefs, the other one placed on top of it outside of Ben’s briefs, assisting by adding force and strength, a very effective double-handed nut-crush.

Ben was performing a double-handed nut-crush of his own. In this version, Ben was crushing each nut individually, pressing his thumbs into the meaty orbs, grunting and groaning as if he was trying to push the pit out of poor Kev’s precious plums.

“Fuck you!” Ben retorted, his face contorted in pain.

They cursed and cussed, coughed and cried, yelled at each other and cried out in pain.

I couldn’t help but smile. It was one of the most intense fights I had ever seen, and yet there was very, very little movement. Those tender little things that the two studs were crushing with their bare hands wielded so much power over them that they were crying like babies and roaring like animals, unable to break free.

“I’m going to crush your fucking nuts!” Ben wailed in a high-pitched voice.

“When I’m done with you there’ll be nothing but stud puree left inside your sack!” Kev howled in agony.

Both of them were squeezing each other’s nuts as if their lives depended on it – and who could blame them: their sex lives probably did…

“I got balls of steel!” Ben whimpered. “Balls of steel!”

“Fuck you!” Kev wailed.

I looked at my watch. They had been going at it for more than ten minutes. I cleared my throat. “Listen, guys, I don’t want to be a spoilsport but I think this is going nowhere.” I smiled, stepping forward. “On the count of three you’ll both let go, alright?”

“Fuck you!!!” they screamed at me in unison.

I raised my eyebrows.

“I’m so fucking close to defeating him!” Kev yelled, his face a mask of pain.

“Look at how swollen his nuts are! He won’t last much longer!” Ben chimed in, grunting through his gritted teeth.

I let out an incredulous laugh. “Guys, I---”

Kev’s foot hit me square in the nuts, an upward stomp hard enough to flatten my nuts like pancakes.

For a moment, the earth stood still.

Then it started moving again – and it felt like its whole weight was grinding my poor balls under it. The pain was familiar. It was the pain that every male in every part of world knew and detested, the paralyzing, all-consuming, mind-numbing, deafening, vision-blurring, completely overwhelming, very specific and unique pain that only came from a pair of crushed nuts.

I must have looked like an idiot because Kev and Ben stopped fighting for a moment and roared with laughter.

“That was a zinger right in the dinger!” Ben quipped.

“I hope you like peanut butter”, Kev chimed in.

“Fuck you”, I croaked.

I limped to my desk and sat down on my chair, careful not to sit on my throbbing nuts.

When I was able to see straight again, Kev and Ben had gotten up from the floor. They were facing each other, looking each other in the eyes while they were both plotting their next moves.

They were both naked - Kev’s briefs were torn, and Ben had stripped of his underwear in an act of bro code solidarity or just to show off his junk – and their nuts were severely bruised and flaming red. They looked like Greek athletes in a ballbusting fantasy version of the ancient Olympics.

Their battered balls made them walk a little gingerly but their ability to ignore the pain in their nuts was admirable. I clutched my own nuts in sympathy as I watched them circle each other.

“It looks like you finally have the biggest balls in the room”, Kev said with a cheeky grin, pointing at Ben’s severely swollen sack of spuds.

Ben opened his mouth but before he could say something, Kev sent his knee up between Ben’s thighs, crunching his nuts hard and making him let out a surprised, anguished grunt.

Ben’s answer to his buddy’s sneak attack was a powerful kick to Kev’s nuts. His instep collided with Kev’s bloated, bruised balls, making Kev cry out in pain.

He doubled over, clutching his crotch, howling as he snap-kicked Ben’s nuts in return, causing his friend to scream in agony.

They went back and forth, kicking and kneeing each other in the gonads.

It was a fierce, hard battle between two muscular, athletic studs, and I couldn’t help but cover my own crotch in sympathy as I watched them wreck each others’ manhood.

The sound of nutsacks getting whacked and nuts getting crunched echoed through the studio, accompanied by the grunts and groans and screams and moans that you’d expect to hear when two sets of manhood take a beating.

“Just surrender and admit that your little nuts are weaker than mine”, Kev grunted as he landed a nut-crunching blow on his buddy.

“Never!” Ben howled as he retaliated with a kick to Kev’s spuds. “I told you I got balls of steel!”

After some nasty back and forth with either fighter taking the lead and busting their buddy’s balls, only to have the tables turned at some point and taking a vicious ball beating themselves, Ben finally managed to gain the upper hand. He managed to throw Kev to the ground and sit on him, his knees pinning Kev’s arms to the ground, his bare ass muffling Kev’s screams, one hand holding Kev’s junk in place as he pounded Kev’s balls with his fist, eliciting screams and wails and howls from poor Kev.

“Give up!” Ben yelled as he punched Kev’s nuts, sending his fist down on Kev’s manhood again and again, harder and harder. “Give up!”

“Fughghgkgk yoomphough!” Kev yelled, his speech slightly slurred, probably due to the fact that his buddy was sitting on his face.

“Give up!” Ben repeated, sending his fist down on Kev’s nuts, mercilessly crunching his friend’s nuts. “Just give up and it will all be over!”

“Fucghghcgk yuumphoogh!” Kev repeated, a little more insistent but just as muffled.

“Just say it”, Ben yelled, bringing his fist down on Kev’s nuts with every word. “My. Balls. Are. Weak. My. Balls. Are. Small. Ben. Is. A. Man. I’m. Just. A. Boy.”

I had to admit that Ben’s impromptu poetry had a nice ring to it, and he seemed to realize it, too. Without waiting for Kev’s compulsory objection, Ben repeated the words, punching Kev’s nuts as he chanted, “My. Balls. Are. Weak. My. Balls. Are. Small. Ben. Is. A. Man. I’m. Just. A. Boy. My. Balls. Are. Weak. My. Balls. Are. Small. Ben. Is. A. Man. I’m. Just. A. Boy. My. Balls. Are. Weak. My. Balls. Are. Small. Ben. Is---” Suddenly Ben’s eyes widened and he screamed hysterically. “Get your fucking tongue out of my hole!!!” He let go off Kev’s nuts and climbed off of his buddy, frantically trying to get out of harm’s way.

This was exactly the reaction that Kev had hoped to get, and naturally, he used it to his advantage.

He grabbed Ben’s hips and pulled him back, ramming his knee into Ben’s junk.

Ben screamed

“You know, buddy, your ass tastes like ass!” Kev grimaced as he threw Ben onto his back, placing his knee on Ben’s nuts and shifting his weight so that it was resting on poor Ben’s self-declared balls of steel.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” Ben yelled.

“Just give up”, Kev grunted, twisting his knee, grinding Ben’s balls, flattening them against his body.


Mercilessly, Kev twisted his knee, his own balls badly bruised and beaten up. Ben had done quite a number on his nuts, and the look on Kev’s face said that he wouldn’t let him get off easily.


Kev brought his leg back and rammed his knee into Ben’s groin, crunching his nuts with a sickening sound that sent shivers down my spine.

Ben’s eyes rolled back into his head and his body went limp.

“Okay, fine”, Kev mumbled, leaning back. “That’s even better than a surrender.” He chuckled and got up, grimacing as he examined his own testicles. They were bruised and red and quite swollen – but they looked nowhere near as bad as Ben’s ridiculously bloated organs. “One… two… three – everything’s fine”, Kev quipped, winking into the camera. He did a couple of victory poses, showing off his muscles, making sure that his passed-out buddy was in the frame as well.

Finally, he knelt down next to Ben. “Alright, loser”, he chuckled, grabbing Ben’s bloated balls and forming a ring around the neck of his sack with his thumb and forefinger. “Time to wake up…” With that, Kev balled his fist and punched Ben’s swollen, bruised, battered balls as hard as he could. “Time to wake up, loser!” Kev repeated in a sing song baby talk voice that stood in stark contrast to the merciless attack on Ben’s babymakers.

Finally, after about a dozen hard punches to his testicles, Ben opened his eyes, groaning in pain.

Kev let go of his sack and grinned. “Bad news, buddy: I won, you lost.” He got up, showing a victory sign to the camera before turning to Ben again. “If I were you I’d clear my calendar for a week or two. Your fun factory will be out of operation for a while…” With that, he delivered a playful kick to Ben’s bloated sack. It was just a harmless little kick that paled in comparison to what Kev had done to Ben’s balls before. But it made Ben scream in agony, double over and curl up in a ball.

Kev laughed and winked into the camera. “Call me Demolition Man!”

“Thanks”, I said. “That’s a wrap.”

Kev got up, his own nuts swollen and sore, limping to get his clothes. Slowly, very slowly, he got dressed.

Ben was on the ground, whimpering in pain.

When Kev was dressed, Ben was still lying on the ground.

“Hey man, are you crying?” Kev chuckled. “Crying for your unborn children, huh?”

Ben let out a low moan.

“Come on, buddy, get over it”, Kev grinned, kneeling down next to Ben, patting his shoulder. “Maybe you’ll win next time.”

Ben mumbled something unintelligible.

“What was that?” Kev asked.

Ben repeated what he had said a little louder this time, but not loud enough for me to understand.

It seemed like Kev had understood, though. He raised his eyebrows. “What?!”

“I let you win”, Ben said, a weak but slightly cocky smile on his pain-contorted face. “I could have won but I didn’t want you to feel bad.” He got up with a deep sigh, grimacing. His balls looked horrible, black and blue and ridiculously swollen.

Kev’s eyes narrowed. “Buddy”, he said. “You were passed out. I made you pass out. I---” He let out an incredulous laugh. “You didn’t let me win.”

“Of course I did”, Ben insisted casually. “I could have destroyed your fucking nuts if I wanted.”

Kev looked at him for a moment.

Then he brought his leg back and kicked Ben in the nuts with all the force he could muster.

Ben let out an anguished wail and collapsed on the ground.

Kev jumped on him.

I turned to my cameraman Chad. “I think the fight is not over yet”, I said. “Come on, turn the camera back on!”

Chad mumbled something about overtime compensation but he quickly complied.

In was an uneven fight – Kev, the winner, fully dressed; Ben, the loser, bare naked – and it showed. Within seconds, Kev had overpowered his cocky buddy, and this time he wouldn’t accept anything but  a verbal submission.

“Say it”, Kev grunted. He had a strong hold on Ben, holding his naked nuts in position as he delivered punch after nut-crunching punch. “Say it now!”

Ben was grunting and groaning, whimpering and moaning but Kev was merciless.

The punches weren’t all that hard. They weren’t designed to make Ben pass out. They were designed to wear him out.

“Just say it”, Kev said patiently. “What were those words you used? ‘My balls are weak, my balls are small. Kev is a man, I’m just a boy.’ That’s what I want to hear from you.” Again and again he sent his fist down on Ben’s nuts. “That’s what I want to hear from you, and we’ll stay here until I hear those words from your mouth.”

He continued punching Kev’s nuts.

I looked at my watch,

Half an hour later, my cameraman had gone home but the camera was still running, and Kev was still punching Ben’s balls, patiently pounding them with his fist.

“I won’t stop until you say it”, Kev repeated for the umpteenth time. “Just say it, buddy.”

Ben whimpered hoarsely.

Another twenty minutes later, Ben gave up.

His battered balls were black and blue, swollen, bloated, bruised, and guaranteed to be useless for the foreseeable future.

“Please, stop”, Ben whispered in a toneless voice.

“Say it”, Kev said with a smile, raising his fist. When Ben didn’t talk, he punched his nuts again.

Ben let out a howl. “You--- you are a man, and I’m just a boy.”

“That’s a good start”, Kev said. “Now, whose balls are bigger?”

Ben bit his lower lip.

“Whose balls are bigger?” Kev repeated before sending his fist down on Ben’s balls again.

“Yours!” Ben shrieked. “Your balls are bigger. My balls are weak and small.”

“There you go”, Kev said with a grin. “Now who’s the winner?”

“You are the winner”, Ben whispered.

“Say it to the camera. Loud and clear”, Kev grinned, twisting Ben’s nuts.

“You are the winner!” Ben yelled. “You are the winner and I am a loser.”

Kev let go of Ben’s nuts, smacking them playfully with the palm of his hand. “See? It wasn’t that hard, was it?”


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Anonymous said...

I've been waiting so long for this and i f*cking loved it. Although i would love to see Ben humiliated again in a ball-size contest i'm actually glad you kept it out. Ben will remain convinced (delusional as ever) that his balls are still biggest in the room, and the video evidence of his huge swollen nuts will be proof enough for him! And he will accuse Kev of making using an illegal, dirty tactic just as Ben was about to win. Desecrating Ben's sacred hole is a crime he will not easily forgive haha!
Great work Alex. I love K & B andhope to see more of these 2 soon.

Anonymous said...

Awsome story. Poor Ben, so close to an epic victory i bet Kev's tongue gave him quite a shock haha

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! I know some of you waited a long, long time for it... :-))

Anonymous said...

Great story! I guessed that Kev would win, but not that Ben would get so totally wrecked. Even his delusional ego won't be able to forget about from that. Very hot.

Anonymous said...

Dear Alex,

You posted such a darling little tale, I loved it! In addition I’m so glad that so many people that wanted this story to happen are enjoying a dream come true! Great writing as always Alex, congratulations on another winner!



Gino and Jayden Writer

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! Your words mean alot ot me! :-))

Anonymous said...

Nice try Ben you nearly had him! Next time you'll dsstroy him. Balls of steel,dude! Biggest balls in the room! Hell yeah!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I‘ll pass it on to Ben... :-))