Sunday, April 12, 2020

Art by White Worm: Happy Easter!

This is a little story inspired by the picture below. Make sure to follow @whiteworm10 on twitter and enjoy his amazing art! 

Artwork created by @whiteworm10

“Oooooh!” Biff looked at his crotch. The handsome blond stud was sitting on a platform at the far end of the studio, his hands holding his feet, balancing on his ass.

He had a goofy look on his face, and the bunny ears on his head made him look even goofier.
Biff certainly wasn’t the brightest bunny in the rabbit hutch. Everybody on campus knew that. But his buff body, his adventurous disposition and his total lack of modesty and shame made him one of the college art class’s most popular volunteers.

Claude smiled at his work.

It was a cheeky reference to Warhol and DalĂ­, to Beuys and to other edgy artists who pushed the envelope with their art, redefining the meaning of the word “canvas” and blurring lines whenever possible.

Biff was bare naked, with his dick locked in a clear plastic chastity cage that gave it a surreal, detached quality. His nutsack was held by a metal ring, painted in bright, cheerful colors.

Claude took a step back. “Happy Easter”, he said with a cheeky grin, turning to his class mates.

The art class consisted of two dozen people, but today the professor had divided them into two groups among gender lines. Those who identified as female were in another room, working with a female model. That left Claude with three other hunky guys working on Biff.

DeShawn, Connor and Santiago were muscular and hot just like Claude, wearing white lab coats over their clothes. Claude was holding the palette and the brush, a cheeky smile on his lips.

“I like the color”, DeShawn said with a chuckle. “It’s subtle but poignant. On the nose without being crass.” He paused. “Well, just a little crass maybe…”

“Just say it”, Connor chimed in, “He’s got a big fucking pair of blue balls.”

The other guys, including Biff, laughed.

“Tell us”, Santiago said, scratching his bearded chin. “What does it mean? What are you trying to express?”

“Well”, Claude smiled. “Obviously, sexual frustration is a theme. You know, Easter Eggs. Virility. Power. All that pagan stuff. But this virile, powerful young man’s reproductive organs don’t function – hence the chastity device and the tight little ring around his testicles.” Claude poked at Biff’s nutsack with the sharp end of his brush.

Biff let out a grunt.

The students laughed.

Claude winked at his friends, a cheeky grin on his face. “You’ll notice that his balls are slightly smaller than average.”

“Oh yeah”, Connor laughed.

“Definitely”, Santiago chimed in.

“They’re tiny!” DeShawn chuckled.

“So as the frustration grows, they grow as well”, Claude said. “Stagnation. Helplessness. Uselessness. Powerlessness.”

His friends nodded thoughtfully.

“What a beautiful image”, DeShawn said. “A beautiful image.”

“Yeah, but that’s not all”, Claude said with a smile. “The other theme is evanescence.”

DeShawn, Connor and Santiago raised their eyebrows.

Biff was balancing on the podium, staring at the two colorful Easter Eggs between his muscular thighs.

“Of what?” DeShawn asked, a thoughtful expression on his face.

“His manhood”, Claude said casually.

Connor and Santiago nodded.

DeShawn raised his eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

Claude went into a fifteen minute monologue that was studded with technical terms and artistic concepts, explaining his intention and its artistic execution. When he was done, Claude smiled at DeShawn. “It’s obvious, isn’t it?”

DeShawn let out a sigh. Then he got up and rolled up his sleeves.  “That’s bullshit.” He walked up to Biff and balled his fist.

Biff gulped.

“This”, DeShawn said, “is evanescence.”

With that, DeShawn sent his fist down on Biff’s colored eggs.

Biff let out a surprised gasp, his eyes widening as DeShawn flattened his nuts with his powerful fist.

“My balls!” Biff blurted out, stupefied, staring at his nuggets as they were pummeled by the creative artist.

Again and again, DeShawn brought his fist down, making Biff scream and squeal in utter agony.

Claude, Connor and Santiago watched the spectacle, nodding slowly, scratching their chins as they watched DeShawn’s nutcrunching attack on Biff’s rapidly swelling Easter Eggs.

“Maybe I should have a go as well”, Santiago mused, slowly rolling up his sleeves.

He joined DeShawn, and the two studs punched Biff’s balls in a concerted effort that elicited all kinds of funny noises from the hapless young man.

Not wanting to be left out of this collaborative performance art project, Claude and Connor joined their fellow artists, and the four young, zestful talents joined forces, punching and kicking, smacking and squeezing poor Biff’s rapidly swelling eggs.

Very soon, the richl purple/blue/green/black palette of Biff’s poor testicles showed through the coloring that Claude had applied earlier, adding texture and depth to this beautiful work of art.

Biff was screaming and squealing, crying out in pain as his Easter Eggs were brutally assaulted by the four virile young men.

When they were done, Biff’s nutsack was absolutely wrecked. His balls were swollen and bruised, ridiculously bloated and colored in several shades of pain.

Claude took a step back as the other studs watched him, chuckling.

“Perfect”, Claude said with a smile. “Happy Easter!”


Buster said...

Best Easter ballbusting story ever! :)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Buster! :-))

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to another game show ballbusting compilation, here's a clip I found to help you out

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! The Roadies clip is one of my all- time favorites! Thanks for reminding me of it! I‘ll see if I have enough material for another game show post. :-))