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The Incredible Spider-Man: Spidey’s plight

Every superhero story gets a reboot, right? So after the quite divisive Bumpy flight and Nasty fight we wrap up Spider-Man’s ballbusting adventures with a story focusing on Tom Holland. Special thanks to Andrew and several other readers who convinced me to give this another go. I hope you like this story!

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Kev, Logan, Parker and Zach (click for pictures)

Tom Holland’s smile looked a little too bright to pass as genuine. I had expected him to be less than enthusiastic – but his obvious superficiality was a little too much for my taste.

His management had contacted me a couple of months ago, wanting to do a photoshoot that was a little different from Tom’s usual promotional work. They had figured that a hot and daring session with a company that was known for its risqué projects and niche audience.

Apparently they had done some intensive marketing research that had unearthed the stunning conclusion that 81% of the target audience wanted to see Tom Holland in a sexy photoshoot, 79% wanted to see him naked, and 96% percent wanted to see him get kicked in the nuts.

I could have told them for free.

“Welcome to the studio”, I said with a smile. “I’m Alex, the manager and director.”

“Tom”, he replied. “Let’s get this over with.”

“Sure”, I smiled. “These are some of my models. They’ll do the shoot with you.”

I introduced the four hot young men standing in front of us.

Kev was 20 years old, a muscular hunk with brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing sweat pants and a tank top that made him look effortlessly sexy.

Parker was one year his senior, an adventurous and exuberant gymnast and acrobat with flaming red hair and a knack for flamboyant clothing. Today his garment of choice was a tight-fitting shirt with rainbow colored zebra stripes and a yellow skinny jeans that made his bulge look almost obscene.

At 18, blond and blue eyed high school wrestler Logan was the youngest of the bunch. He was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, and it was obvious that he hadn’t given any thoughts about his clothes.

Zach looked like his older brother. He was 20 years old, just as blond and blue-eyed as Logan but taller and more muscular than him. Coincidentally, Zach was wearing the same outfit as Logan, jeans and a white t-shirt, which reinforced the sibling impression.

After they had exchanged pleasantries, I turned away and talked to the head of Tom’s entourage. In charge of operations was a smug, bespectacled guy in a designer suit who didn’t look much older than his client and introduced himself as Tom’s “guardian angel”.

I smiled at him. “Maybe we should go over the details so there are no---”

“Do whatever you want with him, I don’t care”, he interrupted me.

The three young men who were with him snickered.

“Make it sexy, make it hot”, Tom’s guardian angel continued with a sneer. Apparently he was off-duty. “Just do what you do and make Tom look awesome.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Okay, I guess we’ll---”

The guardian angel lifted his finger, silencing me. “Just. Do. It. Don’t talk about it. Do it.” He rolled his eyes and turned away, saying something to his companions that made them laugh out loud.

When I joined my models and Tom again, there seemed to be an awkward silence.

“How are we doing, guys? Everything alright?” I asked cheerfully.

“Mr. Hollywood thinks he’s better than us”, Kev said with a shrug.

“That’s not what I said”, Tom sighed.

“You said, ‘I think I’m better than that’”, Zach said. “Sounds to me like you think that you’re better than us.”

“That’s not what I meant”, Tom rolled his eyes. “God, guys like you are so complicated!”

Everybody looked at him.

“Guys like us?” Parker asked. “What do you mean, ‘guys like us’?”

Tom shook his head. “Never mind.”

“No”, Kev said. “We want to know. What do you mean?”

“Nothing”, Tom said, an annoyed tone in his voice. “Nothing, okay?”

For a moment, it looked like Kev was going to punch Tom in the face.

“Okay, guys, okay”, I said, laughing nervously. “Why don’t we start shooting, huh? Your costumes are over there.”

They returned a little while later.

Tom looked absolutely awesome in his Spidey costume, and it looked like he knew why he was here: It was very obvious that he had the omitted the standard codpiece that usually gave his package a very unnatural but PG-rated contour in his skintight Spider-Man suit. Without it, the outline of Tom’s impressive dick and his fat, plump balls instantly made his wardrobe earn an X-rating.

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I noticed Tom’s noisy entourage turn silent all of a sudden. It looked like even they were surprised by Tom’s lewd and sexy look.

My models were dressed as villains from the Spider-Man universe, and each of their costumes had a naughty twist that made them just as X-rated as Tom’s.

Parker was Green Goblin, wearing a green suit that clung to his body like a second skin. Apparently, his superpower was centered in his loins. That was the only reason for the chastity cage that his dick was locked in. I knew that it was a particularly nasty one – Parker had chosen it himself – with a sound that went inside Parker’s urethra, and a sack splitting chain that kept the balls under constant pressure.

Kev was Kraven the Hunter, and his muscular physique was perfect for the role. He was wearing nothing put a pair of leather boots and a fur vest, his fat dick and heavy balls on proud display.

Logan was Electro, and his special powers were two electric taser that he held in his hands. His costume was made of some semi-transparent fabric with a metallic shimmer that made him look naked and not naked at the same time, like an other-worldly, angelic, devilish beauty.

Zach was Doc Ock and his suit looked stunning. It was a skintight costume with eight dildo-like tentacles. Actually, it was just seven dildo-like tentacles, because Zach’s humongous monster of a cock was the eighth one, or maybe the first one, because it was the prototype that the other tentacles were modeled after. The muscular blond stud looked very, very proud of his eight dicks, and I was looking forward to seeing Zach’s Doctor Octopus use his tools on Tom’s Spider-Man.

“You look awesome, all of you!” I said with a grin. “I can’t wait to see you take on Sexy Spidey!”

The guys laughed, and Tom looked a little nervous all of a sudden.

His superstar status had allowed us to build an elaborate, expensive set for the photo shoot. It was the top of a high-rise building. The Manhattan night sky was the backdrop, and on the there were several chimneys, an emergency exit, and various pieces of junk on the rooftop.

My cameraman Chad and my assistant Erik had it all planned out: First we were going to shoot a simulated fight scene pitting Spidey against Green Goblin and Kraven, then we’d move on to an extended torture scene starring Electro and our hapless hero, and we’d finish with a group scene making all the villains team up on poor Spidey.

I looked at my notes and smiled at Tom, Parker and Kev. “We want the fight to be nasty and mean.” I turned to Parker and Kev. “Give it all you got, and make Spidey feel your rage and anger.”

Parker and Kev looked at each other and chuckled.

“Alright, sure”, Kev grinned, flexing his muscles.

I looked at Tom who was bit his lower lip, looking very nervous now. “Your part is easy”, I said. “You fight back using your incredible acrobatic skills. But they overpower you and tie you up.”

“What if I win the fight?” Tom asked weakly.

Everybody laughed.

“Don’t worry”, I smiled. “That’s not going to happen.

We were filming and shooting pictures simultaneously with Chad operating the video camera and Erik taking pictures, allowing for natural, uninterrupted acting that looked far better than the staged, stilted pictures that you usually see in magazines. We were aiming for a raw, brutal look, and our actors did everything in their power to satisfy our expections.

Ironically, it was Spider-Man himself who started the dirty tricks.

The fight started out boring enough with Tom dodging kicks and punches from his opponents and showing off his impressive but not quite spectacular acrobatic skills. The most exciting thing about this phase of the fight was watching Kev’s big, fat dick flop around as he jumped back and forth. It was obvious that Kev was relishing his role as Kraven the Hunter, bellowing and grunting in a low, guttural voice as he went after his foe.

Suddenly, maybe sensing that he needed to do something to spice things up, Tom dropped into the splits and delivered a nut-crunching uppercut to poor Kev’s exposed genitalia. There was a loud SPLAT! as Tom’s fist connected with the fat spuds and the meaty dick that were dangling between Kev’s thighs.

Kev’s face contorted in pain. “Ughgh”, he groaned as his body froze.

“Right in the little hunters”, Tom quipped cheerfully. “That’s gotta hurt!” With that, he powered another hard uppercut up between Kev’s thighs that made the big, bulky stud fold like a deck-chair.

“God!” Kev croaked, clutching his genitals as he doubled over in pain.

Tom didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy his very well executed attack, though, because Parker took advantage of his position and kicked him in the nuts with all the force he could muster.

He let out an evil laugh as Tom’s eyes crossed and he let out a strangled yelp.

But instead of withdrawing and nursing his wounds, Tom launched a counterattack that hit Parker right where it hurt. Repeating the winning maneuver that had taken out Kev, Tom punched Parker in the nuts with his fist.

It was a perfect hit, amplified by the fact that Parker’s dick and balls were locked in the chastity cage. That made the punch even harder to bear, and Parker let out an appropriately high-pitched scream that made me cringe in sympathy.

In a testament to Parker’s masochistic side, the handsome gymnast recovered very quickly, and now the fight was on.

The two costumed hunks pulled no punches, attacking each other’s groins with the vigor and the energy that was appropriate for a superhero and his nemesis.

Parker’s foot connected with Tom’s bulging package, ramming his nuts into his body and flattening them like pancakes.

Tom retaliated with a kick of his own that made Parker’s cheeks puff as his face turned pale.

Punch after punch, kick after kick found its target – until Kev stepped in.

All but forgotten, the muscular supervillain had a score to settle with Spidey, and he did it with a brutal, gruff look in his eyes.

Tom was caught completely off guard as Kev grabbed him and whirled him around just as he was about to land a vicious kick to Parker’s manhood.

He grabbed Tom’s suit and ripped it apart, exposing the handsome actor’s very impressive set of genitals and making it tumble out into the open.

Exposed and vulnerable, Tom’s juicy bits were an appealing sight and a very inviting target.

With the help of Parker’s Green Goblin who was still in pain but strong enough to hold Tom’s arms behind his back, Kraven the Hunter used Tom’s plump, heavy balls like a speedbag, delivering a very effective combination of uppercuts, hooks and straights that he repeated again and again and again and again until Spidey looked like he was about to pass out.

Tom’s big, fat dick was twitching and throbbing as Kev punched the living daylights out of his juicy nuggets.

The handsome Hollywood star was screaming and squealing, grunting and groaning as Kev punched his rapidly swelling ball bag, making its color change into the bright red of his costume.

To keep Tom from throwing up all over the studio, I stepped in after a while. “Thank you”, I said with a smile. “Great work, guys, great work!”

Kev looked at me and grinned. He punched Tom’s nuts one final time, making the handsome hunk cough and groan as he collapsed on the ground. “Thanks”, Kev smiled.

“I think we need a break”, Tom’s manager said with a derisive grin as his client was writhing on the floor. “Do you have some ice?”

Half an hour later, after Tom’s beet red, swollen nuts had been iced sufficiently, we continued with the second scene.

Tom didn’t look very happy after we had tied him up. He was in a spread eagle position, his legs spread wide, his swollen nuts hanging out of his shredded suit and dangling between his thighs.

Now it was time for Logan’s Electro to work his magic on poor Spidey.

Logan made sure to strike a couple of sexy poses next to the bound and beaten superhero.

He played it straight, quite literally, opting against playing Electro like a flamboyant, stereotypically gay supervillain. Frankly, I was surprised how un-gay the scene looked. Somehow, Logan’s posture and his aura screamed heterosexuality while his actions screamed quite the opposite…

Logan ran his hand down Tom’s body, teasing him before tasering him – but the tasering sure packed a punch.

He started with Tom’s nipples, shocking them with a moderate amount of electricity and making Tom grunt and groan in pain. Then he moved south, jerking Tom’s hard dick a couple of times before tasering the tender tip viciously, making Spidey scream from the top of his lungs.

Logan watched Tom writhe and squirm, screaming and panting, for a moment before focusing his attention on the big, swollen plums that were hanging low in his sack.

“Oh God no”, Tom muttered, his face pale and sweaty, his eyes fixed on his fat cock and his battered balls. “Oh please no.”

Logan winked at him. “Spiders get zapped – that’s just the way it goes”, he quipped cheerfully before sending a long jolt of electricity through Tom’s tender testicles.

Tom screamed from the top of his lungs as Logan did his best impression of a mad supervillain, laughing maniacally as he roasted the handsome Hollywood hunk’s precious nuts.

Every muscle in Tom’s body was tense, every fiber was in pain. His face was contorted and he let out anguished wails and high-pitched squeals as Logan fried his nuts with his tasers.

Tom’s fat, hard dick was twitching and throbbing from the overwhelming high-power stimulation, and suddenly a huge spurt of steaming semen shot out of it, hitting Logan right in the chest. It was followed by another spurt, and then another one and another one, until Logan was covered in cum, and his suit was dripping with Tom’s hot, sticky load.

“Aren’t you supposed to make a web with that?” Logan laughed as he continued to fry Tom’s busy balls. “This doesn’t look like a web to me.”

Logan was absolutely right: Tom’s supersperm didn’t seem to be able to form a web. Instead, it seemed like Spidey’s superpower was covering his opponents in hot, sticky, salty slime. I couldn’t help but chuckle, and I noticed the rest of the crew, and even Tom’s management were laughing, too.

“Maybe you’ll make a web if I turn up the power?” Logan suggested with a grin.

“Noooo!” Tom squealed from the top of his lungs, but Logan ignored him, amping up the electricity, causing the actor to writhe and squirm harder.

That wasn’t the only effect, though. The next three or four spurts were even larger than the first one, and one of them hit Logan straight in the face.

The room was filled with laughter as Tom screamed like a banshee.

Logan made sure to coax every last bit of cum out of Tom’s tortured testicles, giving them a couple of additional shocks even after his orgasm had stopped, just to make sure that they were entirely empty.

Finally, with Spidey’s nuts beet red and absolutely empty, and with Electro covered in cum from head to toe, I stopped the recording.

“A round of applause”, I said. “That was amazing!”

Everybody cheered and laughed, clapping their hands.

Tom was a wreck. He was panting heavily, his balls bloated and beet red, his dick spent and sore.

Logan playfully smacked his swollen nuts, inadvertently zapping them again and eliciting a high-pitched squeal from Tom.

“Ooops”, Logan chuckled, not looking sorry at all, as everybody had a good laugh at poor Tom’s expense.

This time, Tom’s ice pack break lasted a little longer, and I overheard a heated discussion between Tom and his manager about whether to go on with the shoot.

Apparently, the manager had Tom by the balls, figuratively and literally, because the discussion ended with Tom conceding in a miserable, pathetic whimper.

When he was ready to continue, I made sure to examine Tom’s nuts to see if they were ready for the final scene.

I massaged them gently, cupping each fat orb in one hand and squeezing them. They were warm, almost hot, the color was halfway between red and blue, and they were considerably swollen.

“Damn”, I mumbled. “I don’t know.”

The manager looked over my shoulder. “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know if we can go on”, I said.

The manager pulled me aside. “Don’t worry about him. He’s learning a valuable lesson about hard work in the movie business. Who cares if his sex life is on hold for a while…”

“Oh, I’m not worried about him”, I said.

The manager shrugged his shoulders. “He signed a waiver. He can’t sue if there’s, you know---” He winked at me. “---a sudden fertility crisis in Holland…”

I chuckled. “That’s not it.”

The manager raised his eyebrows. “If you’re worried about the screams just gag him, he---”

“No, no”, I interrupted him as politely as I could. “We need another batch of sperm for the next scene, and I’m not sure there’s anything left in him.”

“Oh”, the manager said. “Oh, I get it!” He smiled. “Well, don’t worry. He’s a big shooter. We are supplying him with back stage entertainment if you know what I mean. Sometimes he runs through four or five girls and guys a night. Trust me, this guy never runs out of cum…”

I chuckled. “Alright, if you say so…”

Tom’s manager was right. The group scene was a stunning success. Despite the fact that Electro had just shocked a huge batch of sperm from Spidey’s sack, we witnessed the extraction of three more juicy loads over the course of the next few hours.

The primary credit for that went to Zach aka Doc Ock, of course. With the help of his dildo tentacles, he stimulated Tom’s prostate so spectacularly that I wondered whether Doctor Octavius had in fact been an urologist before abandoning his job and becoming a master villain.

At times, Tom had two dildos up his tight ass, and his facial expression told me that he wasn’t entirely comfortable with it. But he didn’t dwell on it, maybe because the pain in his nuts was overshadowing his anal aches.

With Doc Ock focused on Tom’s butt, Electro, Green Goblin and Kraven the hunter were taking turns crushing his nuts.

As is customary for supervillains, they all had their very unique approach to Spidey’s spuds, each of them unique and very effective.

Electro’s electroshocking was familiar by now, but Logan managed to make it look fresh and new by using his powers as reanimation tools whenever Tom was on the verge of passing out, skillfully bringing him back to full consciousness with a hearty zap to the cock of a double-roasting of the nuts whenever he was out cold from a well-placed kick by the Green Goblin or a brutal punch by Kraven the hunter.

When we were done, everybody was doused in sticky cum, Tom’s nuts were ridiculously swollen, severely bruised and utterly empty, and the handsome Hollywood hunk was a sobbing mess.

The pictures and the videos were released a couple of weeks later, and they were a viral hit.

Granted, Tom Holland’s career took a little hit because none of the big studios wanted to be associated with a filthy cum slinger like him – but his internet popularity soared, and I think deep in his heart, he is very grateful…


Mickey said...

This story is lovely and amazing! I really don't understand this dislike you got - my only dislike would be it's too short and not enough :)) it saddens me to see the series end. I love Spidey getting busted and hope that one day you might give Andrew the chance to be busted in his costume as well

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Mickey! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Anonymous said...

Awesome conclusion, Alex! This story is so hot and a great ending to the trilogy. I'm so happy you decided to give the series another chance!

- Andrew

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Andrew! Your words mean a lot to me! :-))

Anonymous said...

Would you kick Ed Sheeran in the balls or let him kick you in the balls?

Tom Holland: I’d let him kick me all night long. I can take it. (From 1:42)


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, ScotLad! The video is awesome! :-))

Anonymous said...

Would you ever consider doing a similar story with Hawkeye? Jeremy Renner could use a nice brutal busting...

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I wouldn't say no to Jeremy Renner as a Special Guest Star - but I guess it depends on whether he'll get the support of a majority of readers. :-))