Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Paul's video clips: Sweet sucker punches

This collection of clips has been curated and edited by our reader Paul. Thank you so much, Paul!

If you want to share your videos like this just send me an email with the links and your texts (alex@ballbustingboys.org)!

Now it's time for Paul's video clips of guys getting suckerpunched in the nuts.


Have you ever noticed how bad mannered some guys are. The guy on the right has just taken the time and effort to connect his fist into the ball sack of his friend. Not once has his friend said thank you, not once! All he can think about is crouching down with a screwed up whimpering expression on his face. Maybe the pain should remain in his sack until he remembers to say thank you!

Okay, technically this isn't a punch, however, a flip flopdirect to his flippy floppy bits is always going to work a treat. He has the perfect position for his friend to give a direct full force hit. This guy looks like he could be a hit with the ladies, too bad he will have to rest his wedding tackle for the next few weeks!

Well here we go again, a guy at his friends house in dirty white socks, and to make matters worse he is cockily singing like he has done nothing wrong. Well, a well placed punch to his delicate juicy bits will teach him a lesson, and i guess from now on he will be singing soprano!

What could be better than seeing a cute guy wearing tight jeans with his hands in his pockets? 

Answer, a cute guy wearing tight jeans with hands in his pockets that has just felt a full force punch in his bollocks!

Payback is painful!  Especially when your accuser decides the best revenge will be to connect his heavy fist with your nuts! Short sharp and effective. A difficult angle to hit from though, he needs to keep practising this shot. Anyone got any spare balls he can practise with??

Here this soldier gets a tight grab right where it will hurt him most, and so he should. Soldiers do a fantastic job and it's nice to see them rewarded with a nice present they will remember for a long time to come.  As he's lifted up his foot nearly connects with the nuts of his grabber, so near yet so far away!


Again, thank you so much, Paul! You are amazing!

If you want to share your videos like this just send me an email with the links and your texts (alex@ballbustingboys.org).



Anonymous said...

The flip flop video is unavailable, is there a another copy of it somewhere?

Paul said...

None that I have seen, but if I find one I will post it here for you!