Sunday, November 25, 2018

Paul's video links: Gymnastic balls

This collection of clips has been curated and edited by our reader Paul. Thank you so much, Paul!

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Now it's time for Paul's video clips of guys getting hit in the nuts while working out in the gym.


Here is a gym hunk whose nuts are bigger than his biceps. If you were there would you rush over to help him? Nah - me neither, wouldn't want to risk missing out on his whimpering and breathless cries as he cradles his swollen melons looking for the nearest ice bucket!

Heres a gym hunk finding out how tender his swinging prunes really are. As he hobbles away with his walk of shame we imagine his friend laughing in the distance as it was him that removed the safety catch. His girlfriend won't be seeing any action tonight but as he cradles his precious jewels at least his muscles received a good work-out!

A guy doing the benchpress with his legs spread wide,  his friend saw the opportunity and thought - why not? A good swift hand attack brought the lifter from his back and onto his knees! Listen to him cough as he tries to catch his breath.  He really has learnt the expression "no pain - no gain".

The bench press position with legs so wide is the perfect opportunity for this guys friend to wack him full force right in the baby makers! This guy does the hobbling walk ritual trying to shake off the pain, then he tries to laugh, but his friends and we all know that it will be quite a while until he's brave enough to spread his legs apart!

Another guy learning the hard lesson that no matter how tough and big your muscles are a swift kick to your dangling precious bits will soon bring you to your knees.  His girlfriend definitely knows the way to a man's heart is through his plums. Watch his face screw up in pain trying so hard not to start crying.  Anyway, I think if she were to give him a swift foot in the nads once a week his nuts should soon toughen up like the rest of his muscly body!

Our servicemen reciving shots and wacks to their nads! What a tremendous service they give to us.  But no matter what weaponry you have protecting you in conflict the conflict of a hard strike to your vulnerable region at the top of your legs will always feel like a bomb going  off in your stomach.  Next time you are wacked we will of course give your nads a one minute silence!


Again, thank you so much, Paul! You are amazing!

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great videos! :-)
It's a kind of Pavlovian reflex, I think. When a guy sees another male with his legs spread apart in a vulnerable position, then he can't help but hit him in the balls, or at least fake the hit just to scare him. I've seen it happens hundreds of times and it's always funny to watch. :-)))

Paul said...

Hey Alex, I'm glad you enjoyed the videos. Yes I agree, i've seen it happen many times, and each time it always makes my day!