Sunday, November 4, 2018

Paul's video links: Socked

This collection of clips has been curated and edited by our reader Paul. Thank you so much, Paul!

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Now it's time for Paul's video clips of guys getting hit in the nuts while wearing white socks.


Here's a guy at the park wanting some fun, however his friend realizes there is more fun to be had with his foot kicked hard between his legs smashing his dangling balls. At the end you see him wave, maybe that's for the camera or more likely its a bye bye to his sex life for the next two months!

Here is a guy nailed in the nuts. He felt it, his friend felt it, even his future children felt that one. Watch him squirm round and round trying to get rid of the burning pain in his pants.

Here's a guy happy in dreamland leaving his buddies to deal with the offensive smell coming from those sweaty socks.  It's easily solved though, wake him up with a heavy object thrown at his man sack and then ask him to leave. However, from his wincing face i imagine he will be crawling very slowly through the front door!

A guy sleeping soundly in bed until his friend decides to wake him up with a knuckle duster to his gonads! He supplies the nuts and his friend supplies the knuckle duster. It's so good to see team work and true friendship!!

Here is another guy with little respect. He's at his friend's house in filthy white socks. His friend punches his sack which makes his friend squirm in agony showing us even closer his dirty socks.  His friend truly did sock it to him!

Lovely! a guy on the bed with pissed up trousers and manky socks. His friend wasn't accepting this and rewarded this with a good hard crack to his man bits! Watch how his feet tense and squirm trying to register the pain. Maybe he should keep that pain in his plums until he's washed and ironed his stinking clothes. I'm sure that would make him work faster than he's ever worked before!

Hey, did nobody explain to this guy that today was about white socks? He's there in black socks, don't you just hate it when guys don't pay attention to detail!

Don't worry - this will teach him a lesson he won't forget in a hurry!

Here is a guy that failed a challenge and so had to take a kick to the balls. His man meat was kicked so hard he was lifted into the air. But with every high there is always a low and he was soon on the floor grabbing his plums just hoping the pain would go. Even the cat left the room to get away from his whining and moaning.


Again, thank you so much, Paul! You are amazing!

If you want to share your videos like this just send me an email with the links and your texts (



Anonymous said...

What a great collection! Awesome videos, especially the first, the second and the fourth. Thank you, Paul. :-)

Paul said...

Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you like them. Yes, I think no.4 will have needed a long recovery!