Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One on one: Zach vs. Will

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story:  the twins and Zach (click for pictures)

Michael was sitting on the couch, looking bored. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and looked around the studio. He spotted a book that was lying on the table in front of him and grabbed it.

His twin brother Will was sitting on the weight bench. He looked at his sneakers and tapped his fingers on his thighs. He was dressed just like his brother, but his blond hair was a bit longer.

Other than that, the 22 year old twins looked exactly alike.

Michael stared at the cover of the book and read the title out loud. “’Silent partner’. Yours?”

I nodded. “A thriller. Quite a good one, actually.”

Michael shrugged. He put the book back onto the table and sighed. “Let’s go to the pool.”

Will chuckled. “Wanna see your little sweetheart again?”

Michael ignored him.

“What’s his name? Billy? Benny?”

Michael rolled his eyes. “Bobby. And he’s not my sweetheart. Just a… friend…”

“Ooooh”, Will grinned. “Bobby.” He closed his eyes, puckered his lips and made kissing noises. “Bobbybobbybobbybobby…”

Michael frowned at him.

Will laughed. “Come on, Mikey, it’s okay.”

Michael sighed and looked at his watch.

Zach entered the studio. He was slightly out of breath. “Traffic”, he mumbled and shook my hand.

Will stood and smiled at Zach. “Hi”, he said. “I’m Will.”

Zach nodded. “We met at the Olympics.”

“Oh, yeah”, Will grinned. “I beat you in Squash.” He looked at his hand and repeatedly opened and closed his fist. “I squeezed your balls pretty bad.”

Zach blushed.

“Okay, why don’t we begin?” I asked. “Chad?”

“Yup!” My cameraman put out his cigarette in the kitchen and walked across the studio. “Hi, guys.”

I looked at him. He stood behind the camera and nodded.

“Okay. A few words for the camera?” I said.

Will shrugged. He took off his sneakers, his t-shirt and his jeans, revealing his tight blue boxer briefs that contained his impressive equipment. He was a professional gymnast just like his brother, and his muscular body bore witness to that. He had a lean chest and defined abs, and was not the least bit shy about showing them off.

He faced the camera and smiled. “Hi, I’m Will. I’m gonna stomp Zach’s nuts like they’ve never been stomped before…” He grabbed his crotch and grinned. His cock was semi-hard and clearly outlined in the tight fabric. He pulled the front side of his briefs down a bit, revealing the tip of his dick. Then he raised his eyebrows innocently. “I’m sorry, Zach, I don’t want to intimidate you with my monster cock…” He chuckled.

Zach and Michael rolled their eyes.

Michael was sitting on the couch, flipping through the pages of a magazine.

Zach bit his lower lip and looked at me.

“Your turn”, I said.

Zach nodded and took off his clothes until he was wearing nothing but his tight briefs that seemed to be a tad too small to hold his manhood. His neatly trimmed pubic hair was showing above the waistband and his right nut was on the verge of slipping out of the leg opening.

I looked at the twins.

Both of them were staring at Zach’s crotch.

Will inhaled sharply and looked at his brother.

Michael gritted his teeth.

Zach grinned. “I’m bigger than you. I’m sure you remember…”

The twins didn’t look like they did, actually. Both of them were staring with envy at Zach’s crotch as he lovingly patted his package.

“Okay”, Zach smiled into the camera. “I’ve nothing much to say except: I’m bigger. And I’m better.”

Will smirked.

Michael tried his best to look bored, but he didn’t succeed. He looked at his brother and said in a low voice. “He’s bigger than us.”

Will shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe when---“

“He’s bigger”, Michael interrupted him and turned his attention to the huge dick and the fat plums that were outlined in Zach’s briefs.

Will nodded.

“Tie him into knots”, Michael mumbled.

Will nodded.

Zach didn’t notice the twins’ talking as he was posing for the camera, showing off his equipment and even taking out his long hard dick. He jerked it slowly and caressed his big eggs with his other hand, obviously very proud of his oversized genitals. He smiled and stroked his fat cock with both of his hands, flirting with the camera.

Michael put the magazine on the table.

Will cleared his throat.

Zach looked at him, irritated.

“Let’s compare”, Will suggested and took off his boxer briefs. He was stark naked now, his big cock half hard and his juicy balls hanging low in their sac.

Zach looked at Will’s junk and raised his left eyebrow. “We don’t have to compare them. I’m bigger. It’s plain to see…”

Will took a step towards Zach.

Both blond boys were standing side by side now, looking down at their crotches.

Zach chuckled. He grabbed his left testicle and held it in his hand. “Left nut?”

Will nodded and held his left ball between his fingers.

“Bigger”, Zach grinned and grabbed his right nut. “Right nut?”

Will did likewise and sighed.

“Bigger”, Zach’s grin widened. And he grabbed his cock with both of his hands, stroking it. “Cock?”

Will bit his lower lip and jerked his cock until it was fully hard.

“Bigger”, Zach smiled. He turned to the camera again. “That’s what I’m saying.”

Will frowned at him and looked at Michael.

Michael rolled his eyes and gave a quick nod at Will.

Will winked at his brother and sneaked up on Zach from behind.

Catching Zach by surprise, he brought his naked foot up into his nuts from behind. His instep collided with Zach’s full babymakers and flattened them into his crotch.

Zach’s eyes bulged and he blinked. His hands stopped stroking his hard meat and his eyebrows twitched.

Will looked at Michael and grinned.

Michael smiled appreciatively.

Will chuckled and drew back his foot. He brought his leg up again and let his toes crash into Zach’s meaty balls.

Zach shrieked and grabbed his agonized gonads. He doubled over and brought his knees together, cupping his meatballs and groaning in pain.

Will looked at his twin brother.

Michael shrugged and turned his attention to the magazine again.

Will raised his eyebrows and looked at Zach who was kneeling on front of him. “Feeling good?” he smirked.

Zach moaned in pain. “Fuck”, he whimpered. “We didn’t even start, yet!”

Will shrugged. “I don’t know about you, but I did.”

“Your just jealous because---“

Will gave an angry grunt and sneaked his hands between Zach’s thighs from behind, grabbing his oversized balls in his hand and squeezing hard.

Zach screamed in pain.

Michael looked up from his magazine and grinned. Then he continued reading.

Will yanked Zach’s nuts backwards and pulled them out below his asscheeks.

Zach groaned and tried to pry Will’s hand away from his nuts, but Will squeezed down hard and kneaded Zach’s precious plums between his fingers.

Realizing that he had to change his tactics quickly, Zach’s hand searched for Will’s nuts that were dangling below his rock hard cock. With a pained grunt, he took hold of Will’s valuables and clamped his hand around them.

Will gasped and let go of Zach’s nuts.

Zach quickly turned around, getting his own genitals out of Will’s reach and grabbing the blond gymnast’s thick cock with his other hand.

Will’s eyes widened as Zach viciously yanked his balls and his dick into opposite directions.

Michael raised his eyebrows and put the magazine on the table. He looked at his watch, sighed, and walked over to Zach.

He stood behind the blond frat guy and watched him mangle his twin brother’s genitals for a couple of seconds. A slight smile crossed his face when Will let out a blood curdling scream, but apparently he was on his brother’s side this time, so he kicked Zach’s naked nuts from behind.

His sneaker-clad right foot connected with Zach’s dangling balls and rammed them into Zach’s pelvis.

Zach’s eyes filled with tears and he screamed from the top of his lungs. He let go of Will’s balls and collapsed on the ground.

Will doubled over and collapsed next to him, massaging his aching nuts and cock, and grimacing in pain.

Michael nodded at him and sat down on the couch again, grabbing the magazine and continuing to read in it.

The two opponents were writhing on the ground, moaning in pain and nursing their battered balls.

Will recovered pretty quickly, though. He grimaced and shot an angry glance at Zach who continued rolling on the ground. Will sat up straight and grabbed Zach’s ankles, spreading his legs slightly apart.

“No”, Zach moaned.

Will ignored him and placed his right foot between Zach’s thighs, squashing Zach’s nuts into his body with the sole of his foot.

Zach winced and his eyes bulged.

Will grimaced and pulled on Zach’s ankles, stretching his leg and flattening Zach’s balls further.

Michael looked up from the magazine and rolled his eyes. “What are you doing?”

Zach was panting heavily.

“Driving”, Will smirked. “I’m picking up speed right now…” He leaned back, pulling on Zach’s ankles and grinding his hapless balls between his foot and Zach’s pelvis.

Zach let out a high-pitched squeal and tried to pull Will’s foot away.

Will chuckled and moved his foot, making Zach’s eyes open wide and fill with tears.

Zach was sweating heavily, his muscular body glistening and his short blond hair dripping wet. His cock was pointing at the ceiling and leaking precum as his oversized testicles were wedged between his body and the sole of Will’s naked foot.

“Slowing down”, Will said with a malicious grin on his face.

Zach’s body relaxed a bit.

“And picking up speed again”, Will said cheerfully and pulled on Zach’s ankles.

Zach screamed from the top of his lungs. His dick twitched uncrontrollably.

Michael rolled his eyes and flipped through the pages of the magazine.

“Slowing down”, Will grinned, closely observing the reaction of Zach’s body and particularly his long, fat cock. “And picking up speed again…”

Zach gagged. His eyes lost focus and his mouth opened slightly. Drops of sweat were running down his nose.
His dick continued twitching, the thick veins sticking out and the fat red head pulsating.

“Slowing down”, Will repeated, chuckling. “And picking up speed again.”

Zach let out a long, miserable groan, and his cock started shooting heavy globs of thick, white cream that landed all over his body, covering his chest, his abs and his legs. One jet even landed on his chin with a audible splat.

Will grinned. “You’ve reached your destination”, he said in a robotic voice. He moved his toes, squishing Zach’s spent nuts.

Zach’s cock had stopped shooting, but a steady stream of jizz was oozing out of its tip, running down the shaft, coating Will’s foot, his toes and the soft places between his toes.

Michael sighed, closed the magazine and put it on the table.

Will brought his leg back and stomped Zach’s spent nuts hard with a wet slurping sound.

Zach shrieked.

Michael stood and walked to his brother. He looked at his watch, then at Will.

Will shrugged and let go of Zach’s ankles, allowing the poor frat guy to curl up in a ball and grab his agonized manhood. One of his nuts was wedged beneath his asscheeks, sticking out between his thighs.

“I’m bigger”, Zach whispered, curled up and cupping his groin.

Michael raised his eyebrows and glared at Zach. He brought his leg back and kicked at Zach’s ass, catching his poor wedged nut dead on and making Zach scream from the top of his voice.

Will winced in sympathy. He got up, stark naked, and looked around, searching for his clothes.

Zach rolled to his other side and grabbed his possessions, making sure to cup his softening dick and both of his swollen balls in his hands.

Michael looked at Will. He cleared his throat and tapped his foot. “Come on!” he said impatiently.

“Take it easy”, Will said, bending down to grab his sneakers. “Billybennybobby isn’t gonna---“

He was interrupted by a hard, well-placed kick to his naked nuts from behind.

Michael’s sneaker-clad foot connected with Will’s big orbs and smashed them into his body.

Will coughed and fell to his knees, clutching his aching gonads.

Michael sighed and turned to leave. “See you at the pool, Will.”

Will groaned and rolled to his side, nursing his manhood and panting heavily. “Give me half an hour”, he groaned.

Michael chuckled and closed the door behind him, leaving both Will and Zach squirming on the floor.


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Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! lol, when i saw the title, i was afraid you'd break-up the twins, BUT I'M GLAD YOU DIDN'T! That would suck, but loved the story, Zach's cockiness seemed a bit out-of-chracter, but still love it. SO HOT!

Alex said...

Thanks! Yeah, I didn't want to break them up, either... Zach can be quite a cocky bastard, by the way... :-)

Anonymous said...

Loved it! I liked the torture idea, and the fact that, even when Zach had spent his worth, Will still decideed to squeeze out the last oozings of cum with his toes.

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Very nice very hot story. I loved Michael and Will being jealous of Zach and seeing Zach actually start to take some action was nice to! Michael coming over to help Will was awesome. Maybe you should have a double team story one time. That would be really hot as well. :)

Alex said...

Thanks! The double team idea is nice, I'm gonna think about it... Do you have any preferences as to who vs. who?

Anonymous said...

Well i think brothers make a great tag team. I'm not sure David would ever agree but Danny & David versus the Will & Michael would be awesome. Any chance of future peace between D & D?

Anonymous said...

well, the "speed up-slow down" was hella corny, but I liked the rest.

Anonymous said...

As much as Zach cums everytime he gets busted, he should soon realize he likes it and wants it more and more...

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments! They are always appreciated!

@ anonymous (1):
I put Danny & David vs. the twins on the "One on one" wish list. I guess they'll be able to team up for that. I don't think their relationship will be entirely peaceful, though...

@ anonymous (2):
You're right, it's corny. Sometimes I really enjoy embracing the corniness... :-)

@ anonymous (3):
I don't know about that. I think he'll continue to overestimate his oversized balls and end up getting his nuts cracked involuntarily...

Ballbuster said...

I loved it! And I think that would be great a fight with dad and son vs dad and son, like Glenn and Leo vs Bradley and Logan or Lester and Jimmy vs Colin and Kenneth. Or something about brothers that aren't brothers like Zach and Logan vs Phil and Parker or Erik and you vs Cal and Ben.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Oscarmau! I‘ll think about your ideas! :-))