Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Richard and Paul 3

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

A couple of months ago, I received some emails from a guy named Richard. He is a 21 year old DJ, quite small at 5’3”, with brown hair and brown eyes – and a notable sadistic attitude.

He sent me video clips that showed him frequently humiliating another guy, Paul. Paul is two years older, 8 inches taller, and a surfer type. He has a smooth, lean body, blue eyes and sun-bleached hair.

The last video clip that Richard had sent me hadn’t been complete. It showed Richard fucking Paul with his thick 6 inch cock and kneading his nuts at the same time.

Today, after more than five months, I decided to send an email to Richard.

This is the reply he sent me.
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 12:18:27
From: "Richard ******" [
To: "Alex"
Subject: Re: Clips

2 clips
thats it

Attached to the email were two video clips titles “fuck2.mpg” and “balls36.mpg”. I opened the first one. Like the title suggested, it was the second part of the video he sent me in February.

Richard was lying on the bed while Paul was riding his thick cock, facing the camera.

Paul was moaning and stroking his slender 8 inch cock feverishly while Richard’s hand was visible squeezing Paul’s big, juicy balls.

“Come on”, Richard moaned and continued to slam his thick dick into Richard’s hole.

Paul was panting heavily. “I’m cumming… Fuck…”

“Yeah”, Richard moaned, balled his fist and slammed it into Paul’s ballbag.

Paul shrieked.

“Yeah”, Richard chuckled and powerfucked Paul’s ass.

Suddenly, Paul’s cock erupted with long jets of creamy white cum that flew threw the air and landed on the bed.

Richard threw another punch at Paul’s nuts.

Paul whimpered in pain. “Stop”, he moaned, bouncing up and down on Richard’s cock.

Richard began moaning loudly and pulled Richard toward him, making all of his 6 inches disappear in Paul’s hole.

Paul screamed.

Richard screamed, too.

Richard’s balls contracted and a few moments later, he brutally pushed Paul off his cock.

Richard fell off the bed and landed on the ground, curling up in a ball and cupping his balls and his violated hole.

“Phew”, Richard sat up. His dick was smeared with cum. “That was a wild ride…”

He looked at his glistening cock. The he reached for Paul and pulled him up again by his sun-bleached hair.

Paul whimpered.

“Lick it”, Richard grinned.

Paul looked at the fat, spermy cock with disgust.

“Lick it!”

Paul whimpered and complied, getting the 6 inches into his mouth up to the balls and noisily sucking on Richard’s softening tool.

Richard leaned back on the bed, enjoying the postorgasmic treatment and moaning with pleasure.

“That’s enough”, he suddenly said and pulled Paul’s head up by the hair.

Paul’s mouth hung open and a fine line of cum was hanging down from his lower lip.

Richard slapped his dick against Paul’s face and laughed. “That was great, bitch. Now stand up.”

Both boys got up and stood in front of the camera.

“Since you have been such a nice little bitch, I’ve got a little treat for you”, Richard grinned.

Paul smiled weakly, facing the camera.

Richard walked behind him and took a step back.

The smile vanished from Paul’s face as he anticipated what was about to happen.

Paul’s cum-smeared cock was half-hard and pointing at the camera while his drained nuts were dangling low between his thighs.

“No”, Paul whispered.

Richard chuckled and brought his bare foot up into Paul’s nuts from behind, crunching his precious jewels full force and ramming them into his pelvis.

Paul’s cock slapped against his abs and his eyes watered.

He collapsed on the ground, grabbing his balls and whimpering in pain.

Richard looked down at him, stroking his dick, with a mean smile on his face. Then he walked towards the camera, looked into the lens and winked, before switching it off.

I opened the second clip.

The picture showed the same room, Richard’s bed room. Someone – most probably Richard – positioned the camera so that it was directed towards the doorframe.

Then Richard took a step back and addressed the camera. “That’s the last clip I’m gonna send you. Consider this a little farewell present…”

He turned around and walked to the door. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. His feet were bare.

“Come here”, he shouted.

Within seconds, Paul entered the room. He was stark naked except for a brown leather belt around his hips. His cock was pointing up and the tip of it was held by the belt, making his pendulous balls dangle vulnerably below.

His body was tanned all over and he looked hot.

He smiled at Richard. “What’s up, Richie?”

Richard lifted his foot and rubbed his instep against Paul’s naked nuts.

Paul grinned.

“On your knees, bitch”, Richard said.

Paul winked at him and got down.

Richard held his foot in front of Paul’s face.

Paul looked up at him and kissed his instep.

“The toes”, Richard said.

Paul chuckled and kissed each of the five toes one after the other.

“Suck them.”

Paul nodded and took Richard’s big toe into his mouth.

“Do you like it?” Richard said.

Paul let Richard’s toe slip out of his mouth and grinned. “Yeah, I sure---“

“Did I say you could stop?” Richard interrupted him.

Paul smiled and sucked on the big toe again.

“Do I get an answer? Do you like it?” Richard said sharply.

Paul continued sucking on Richard’s toe and moaned affirmatively.

“That’s a good bitch”, Richard grinned.

He let Paul suck on his toe for another minute, then he pulled his foot away.

Paul looked disappointed for a brief moment, then he got up and stood in front of Richard.

“How are your balls?” Richard smirked.

Paul bit his lower lip and said something inaudible.

“Speak up”, Richard said.

“Hurting”, Paul said in a low voice.

“Why’s that?”

Paul said something that was inaudible again.

“Speak up, bitch”, Richard demanded.

Paul raised his eyebrow and remained silent.

Richard hand shot forward and took hold of Paul’s exposed nuts, squeezing them hard.

Paul yelped.

“Why is that?” Richard repeated.

“You kicked them”, Paul whimpered.

Richard let go of his nuts.

Paul leaned forward but didn’t double over. His hands were resting flat on his thighs.

“I kicked them”, Richard grinned. “Oh, yes, I remember now. When was that?”

“This morning”, Paul groaned.

“Exact time?”

“2 a.m.”

Richard nodded and pinched Paul’s left nipple.

Paul inhaled sharply.

“What happened at 1 a.m.?” Richard said gently.

“You fucked me.”

Richard chuckled. “Midnight?”

“Your friends fucked me.”

Richard nodded. “How many people fucked you last night?”

Paul hesitated. “Including you?”

Richard pinched Paul’s nipple again. “Of course!”

Paul bit his lower lip.

“Come on”, Richard said impatiently and ran his hand down Paul’s chest and his defined abs.

Before he reached Paul’s nuts, Paul said quickly. “Eleven.”

Richard paused. “You sure?”

Paul looked at him. “Or maybe twelve?”

“Well”, Richard grinned. “Eleven or twelve?”

Paul stared at him.

“Eleben or twelve?” Richard repeated in a childlike singsong.

“Eleven”, Paul said slowly.

Richard smiled and playfully slapped Paul’s face. “No”, he said softly. “Wrong answer.”

Paul blinked.

“Twenty-two”, Richard grinned.

Paul’s eyes widened. “Twenty-two?”

Richard nodded and walked around Paul.

Paul stayed still and tried to follow him with his eyes without moving his head.

Richard stood behind Paul and grabbed his ass, sneaking his hands in between his thighs and grabbing his dangling nuts.

Paul winced.

“You know what that means”, Richard whispered into Paul’s ear.

Paul nodded.

“Speak up, bitch”, Richard whispered.

“Yes, I do”, Paul said with fear in his voice.

“Yes, you do”, Richard said and fondled Paul’s nutsack. He ran his finger up through between Paul’s asscheeks and poked at his hole, slipping his finger into it easily.

Paul grimaced.

Richard chuckled and pulled his finger out of Paul’s hole again.

“What does it mean, bitch”, he said casually and walked around Paul again until he stood in front of him.

“You’re gonna kick my nuts again”, Paul said in a toneless voice.

Richard nodded and grinned. “How many times?”

Paul hesitated. “Twenty-two times?”

Richard nodded. “Twenty-two times…”

Paul gulped.

“Do you want me to kick your nuts?” Richard said with a bright smile.

Paul blinked.

“Do you want me to kick your nuts?” Richard repeated in a soothing voice.

Paul slowly shook his head.

“Oh”, Richard sounded disappointed. “Wrong answer again, bitch.”

Paul gulped.

“I’m gonna ask you again. And if you give the wrong answer again, I’m gonna kick your nuts forty-four times”, Richard grinned and ran his finger up and down Paul’s cock that began to harden instantly. “Do you want me to kick your nuts?”

Paul gulped. “Yes, please.”

“Speak up, bitch”, Richard said sharply.

“Yes, please”, Paul repeated.

“Ask for it”, Richard said, stroking Paul’s cock with two fingers.

Paul’s dick was rock hard now, firmly fastened by the belt, its head trying to break free.

Paul began to breathe heavily. “Will you kick my nuts? Please?”

“That’s what you want me to do?” Richard said.

“Yes, please”, Paul said, closing his eyes.

“That’s so nice of you”, Richard smiled and gave Paul’s balls a quick squeeze.

Paul gasped and opened his eyes.

“Come on, bitch, stand in the middle of the room”, Richard said. He walked to the camera and turned it around a bit so that Paul was in the middle of the frame.

Paul followed him with his eyes. “You’re filming this?” he said, sounding hurt.

“Sure”, Richard said. “I’m gonna sell the video on the internet. Everyone is gonna see what a happy little bitch boy you are…”

Paul bit his lower lip.

“Sharon is gonna love it”, Richard continued.

Paul frowned at him.

“Maybe”, Richard said slowly, walking towards Paul. “Maybe I’m even gonna send her a copy for free…”

Paul was silent.

Richard laughed. “No, I’m just kidding.”

Paul looked at him with a dubious expression.

Richard walked behind him and brought his leg up and playfully lifted Paul’s dangling fruits with his toes.

Paul bit his lips in anticipation.

“If I’m gonna send her a video”, Richard grinned. “I’m gonna use last night’s tape. The look on your face when all the guys had dumped their loads on it – priceless…”

Paul’s eyes widened.

With a swift motion, Richard brought his leg up into Paul’s nuts, crunching the two delicate orbs and flattening them against his pelvis, lifting Paul off the ground in the process.

Paul screamed from the top of his lungs. He doubled over, but he didn’t grab his nuts. He balled his fists and held them tight against his thighs, panting heavily and grimacing in pain.

“Good bitch”, Richard smirked and powered another kick into Paul’s crotch with his bare foot.

His instep connected perfectly, slamming Paul’s plums into his body and making the poor boy shriek in pain.

“And number three”, Richard said cheerfully and kicked Paul’s nuts again.

Paul whimpered but he remained standing.

“Four”, Richard smiled and slammed his foot into Paul’s crotch.

Paul gagged and his face turned pale.

Again and again Richard kicked poor Paul’s balls, making the poor boy scream louder and louder each time.

Finally, Richard said, “And now, the last one.”

Paul blinked. His eyes were filled with tears. His dangling gonads were bright red, but his cock was still rock-hard and straining against the leather belt.

Richard took a few steps back. Then, with a running start, he powered his bare foot into Paul’s vulnerable, swollen nuts like a football player.

Paul’s eyes rolled back into his head and he let out a long, pitiful, hoarse moan before he collapsed on the ground.

Richard stood behind him and adjusted his crotch.

“Yeah”, he said and gently caressed Paul’s ass.

Paul coughed and whimpered.

“Now I’m gonna fuck you”, Richard said tenderly.

Paul groaned.

“I love you”, Richard whispered and kissed Paul on the lips.

Paul whimpered in pain, but he returned the kiss.

Richard walked over to the camera, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his rock hard dick out of his pants, proudly presenting his thick 6 inches to the camera.

“That’s it”, he said smiling. “Thanks for watching.”

Then he turned the camera off.


Anonymous said...

Whoooo! Very sexy. Nice idea. It'd be interesting to see this Richard guy meet David. Seeing who's will came out on top would be interesting...

Then again having Danny meet up with Paul would also be interesting. The poor, abused guys... one who obviously loves it, the other who hates it... it'd be funny to see which one took the top role...

Keep up the excellent work!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I don't know if Richard and/or Paul will be back for another story, especially with new guy Xander (see comments on "One on one: Phil vs. Kev" for details) coming up, who'll be quite a mean guy himself...
But who knows? Maybe Richard or Paul will pop up in another story...

Anonymous said...

i always hated the Richard a nd Paul stories, that domination thing is a turn off.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback. I know that domination isn't everybody's cup of tea... I hope you enjoy the rest of the stories, though. :-)

Anonymous said...

didn't like this story; too much like porn, the bitch appellation was too much also. Other stories are great.

Alex said...

Thanks! The "Richard and Paul" stories seem to be a bit polarizing. Some people love them, some people hate them. I'm happy that you like some of other stories, though. And thanks for taking your time to leave feeback! It's always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Richard and Paul stories are by far my favorite. Since it looks like these aren't going to get any continuation I hope someone comes in to replace them. Would be great to see a heavy dom show at least part of the time -- especially in a One on One story.

Alex said...

Hmmm, okay. I'll think about it. Do you have any favourites that you might want to see in an domination centered "One on one" story?

Anonymous said...

I saw the new guy you mentioned in an earlier comment -- Xander. What would you think about facing him off against Danny? That could be interesting -- seeing two very dominant figures trying to get the upper hand against one another.

Alex said...

Are your sure you mean Danny? I guess you are thinking of David, his asshole brother, right? I was thinking about that, too. When Xander has been introduced to the site (which will be next month) I'm very curious to see him meet David. I suppose they won't like each other because they have a similar attitude. It will be interesting to watch those battle it out... :-))