Thursday, July 24, 2008


Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Zach (click for pictures)

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Phone calls

At ten o’clock in the morning, Zach arrived.

“Hi”, I said.

The 20 year old guy smiled. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. His blond hair was cut short and his blue eyes looked at me expectantly. “You wanted to show me something?”

I nodded, reached into the drawer of my desk and found the photos of Cal that I had taken at his casting. I spread them on the desk and motioned for Zach to step closer and have a look at them.

Zach looked at the pictures.

They showed Cal, the young black swimmer, in various poses, showing off his muscular body and the ample equipment that was bulging in his briefs.

“I don’t understand”, Zach said. “Do you want to set me up with him? I have a girl that I’m seeing, so---“

“Don’t worry”, I grinned. “Look here.”

I showed him a screenshot of Cal’s naked nuts and his huge dick.

“Wow”, Zach said, and unconsciously grabbed his own crotch.

“Yeah, he is a big boy like you”, I said.

“I’m bigger”, Zach grinned.

“You probably are”, I said. “But your balls are pathetically weak.”

Zach stared at me.

“Come on, admit it. Every time your grapefruits get busted, you lose your juice”, I grinned.

Zach’s face reddened with embarrassment and hurt pride.

I had landed a direct blow to his ego that seemed to be as ridiculously oversized as his testicles.

“Bullshit”, Zach muttered.

I laughed. „How many times have you spilled your spunk by now?“

“Bullshit”, Zach repeated.

“They are just plain weak.”

“Bullshit!” Zach shouted and patted his clothed crotch.

“Come on”, I teased him. “You know your nuts. They are huge, but they are wimpy.”

Zach’s face was beet red now. He frowned at me and opened his zipper. He reached inside and pulled out his impressive genitalia. His huge dong was standing semi-erect above his two extra large eggs inside their shaven sac.

I shrugged, unimpressed.

Zach stared at me. His hands were at his loins, framing his huge possessions. “I’m more of a man than you’ll ever---“

I interrupted him by throwing my foot up into his exposed nutsac. The toes of my sneaker dug into those massive orbs and crushed them into Zach’s pelvis.

Zach let out a shocked groan. His eyes bulged and he looked at me, surprised and hurt. He coughed. His hands were still framing his nuts, unable to move.

I grinned and kicked his oversized testicles once more. This time, I hit his balls dead-on with my instep. My foot collided with the two huge orbs, making Zach whimper and his dick twitch.

“See?” I said and launched a third kick at Zach’s poor equipment. My sneaker-clad foot landed right on target, catching both of his meaty nuggets and hitting them dead-on.

Zach’s babymakers flattened like pancakes.

His eyebrows rose and his eyes lost focus. He let out another whimper before I crunched his balls one final time with another full-force kick.

That did it.

Zach’s enormous cock twitched and erupted with spurt after spurt of white, creamy cum that landed all over the desk, coating bills and receipts and everything that was lying on it. A few spurts landed on the computer screen, running down in a slow, thick stream. The telephone got its fair share of spunk, too, and I looked at Zach with a compassionate expression on my face.

I sighed and kicked his naked testicles again, making Zach scream from the top of his lungs and collapse on the ground. His dick continued to ooze cum that landed in a creamy puddle on the ground.

Zach was sobbing in pain.

“You see”, I said softly, kneeling down next to him. “Your balls are pretty weak, huh?”

Zach moaned.

“Don’t you think that a bit of training could do them good?”

Zach moaned again.

“Fine”, I smiled and stood. “Are we agreed?”

“Okay”, Zach whispered.

“Good. Then I suggest you clean up this mess and I’ll tell you as soon as we have a date for the training camp, alright?”

Zach moaned and nodded.

“Take your time”, I smiled and patted his ass.

Zach groaned, his hands covering his aching testicles, his huge dick glistening with cum and sweat.

I walked over to the kitchen and made myself some coffee.

When I returned to the studio, Zach had gone. The computer screen and the telephone were cleaned, but the receipts and the bills were still wet and sticky.

I grinned and shook my head. I doubted that the training camp could do something against the lack of 
fortitude in Zach’s nuts – or Cal’s, for that matter – but I expected it to be a highly entertaining session...


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the training camp story ! It seems clear which guys have the weakest balls...Zach, Cal and David (but I really hope he'll toughen up). So which guys have the toughest nuts? It seems the Olympics were inconclusive.

Anonymous said...

And I should add that you (Alex) and your cameraman, Chad, seem pretty weak down there too. Maybe you should join the training camp :-)

Alex said...

Yeah, maybe you're right about Chad and me... But for the time being, the training camp is for the big balled studs with weakest nuts.
Who has the toughest nuts? Mmmh, I really don't know. Most of the guys have godd days, then they have bad days...

Anonymous said...

Personally I would prefer to see more consistency...or maybe your next character can have balls of steel? But you're the boss. I really like the interactive side of this site.

Anonymous said...

Balls of steel are boring. It makes the busting less... erotic...

In my opinion, that is. I mean, why kick someone in the balls if you aren't aiming to hurt them? If they don't get hurt... then wasn't it all in vain?

I'd like to see a swimmer type character, with long limbs, big feet, and no fear of constantly being barefoot. However, this is Alex's site, so try and take the characters as they come. Then again, if he listens to your requests, then... well...

Super! ^_^

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!
I try to have each character have some unique trait. David is mean, Danny is nice but often unlucky, Michael is grumpy and his brother Will is adventurous. And Zach happens to have the tendency to cum when his balls get busted... :-)
I know that sometimes the characters are pretty much indistinguishable, but I try to make each of them unique...
The new character of Xander (see comments on "One on one: Phil vs. Kev" for more details) will have tougher nuts, and it will take more than a few kicks to crack them...
Regarding the swimmer type: Cal and his buddy Brandon (who'll get introduced on 28/07, and who'll have more memorable appearances coming up) are both on the swimmer team.
I hope you'll like both of the new characters...

Carter said...

Man, poor guy, going down so easily. Not that I'm any better. I still remember the first time I got kicked in the raisins.
My cousin was mad at me for absolutely no reason so she swung her foot right into my goods and bam! I was down for the count.

Alex said...

Thanks for yor feedback! Yeah, Zach doesn't have it easy with those fragile plums between his legs - and it sounds like you're a little bit like him... :-))