Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break diary 3

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

Previous parts:
Spring Break diary 1 
Spring Break diary 2

Last week Kev and his dorm buddies Colin and Ben were celebrating Spring Break somewhere at the beach, and they kept a video diary that they have divided into five parts, one for each day of their vacation.

Today Kev mailed me the third one.

In the last two instalments of the guys’ diary Ben’s nuts had been the center of attention: Kev, Colin and the guys they met in the hotel and at the beach are playing a funny little game where they try to hit Ben’s valuables. If they succeed they get a point. The tally is noted on a large flip chart in the boy’s room – in plain view for everyone including Ben who doesn’t have a clue about the game…

On a black screen the headline SPRING BREAK 2008 – DAY 3 appears.
The camera shows Colin inside the hotel room. He is tying a rope to the neck of a large plastic bottle that used to contain 2 l of Pepsi Cola, judging from the label. Now it’s filled with clear water.

Colin grins at the camera. “We are planning a little surprise for Ben…” He climbs a chair and fastens the other end of the rope to some clamp in the ceiling, directly in front of the doorframe. He lets go of the bottle and it falls down, stopped mid-fall by the rope. But apparently the clamp in the ceiling isn’t strong enough – or the bottle is too heavy. Anyway, the clamp rips out of the ceiling and the bottle crashes to the ground.

“Oops…” Colin grins sheepishly. He looks up at the little hole in the ceiling. “Charge that to my account…”

“Hurry up, man”, Kev says impatiently from behind the camera. “He’ll be here any minute…”

Colin fastens the clamp in the ceiling with a hammer and a few nails and attaches the rope with the bottle again, more careful this time. The bottle is hanging at crotch level now. Colin puts away the chair and stands behind the large bottle. He grabs it and takes a few steps back so he stands with his back touching the door. He is holding the bottle in front of his crotch.

“Perfect”, he grins.

When he hears footsteps approaching, he pulls the bottle toward him and waits for the door to open.
Suddenly the door opens and Colin lets go of the bottle. It swings toward the guy in the doorframe.

But it’s not Ben.

An attractive black haired jock boy wearing shorts and a dark t-shirt stands in the doorframe and says with a mischievous smile on his face: “He’ll be here any---“

He can’t finish his sentence as the heavy bottle crushes into his crotch, interrupting his announcement and causing body to jump from the impact. He raises eyebrows and forms a silent O with his mouth. The bottle swings back and the guy grabs his jewels before the bottle can swing into his groin once more and do more damage.

“Fuck”, he whimpers in a high-pitched voice.

“It works”, Colin grins.

“Yeah”, the poor guy whimpers. “It works great…”

Colin grabs him and pushes him into the bathroom. The guy limps away, moaning and nursing his balls, while Colin closes the door again.

Kev chuckles behind the camera.

Colin grabs the bottle again and pulls it back.

A few moments later the door opens again, and Colin pushes the bottle at the guy in the doorframe.

This time it’s Ben. He is shirtless and wearing a pair of skimpy bathing trunks that showcase his nice, plump balls and his large, limp dick that is pointing to the side. He is holding a bag in one hand, and his sunglasses in the other.

He sees the bottle swinging towards him and opens his mouth to say something. Before he does, however, the heavy bottle connects with his nuts. His trunks offer no support and – judging from the shrill, shrieking sound he emits – it connects perfectly.

The force of the blow lifts Ben up and when he comes down again, he barely manages to stay on his feet. As his hands are busy holding the sunglasses and the bag, the bottle hits his precious balls again, swinging into Ben’s unprotected crotch and smashing his nuts once again.

Ben gurgles and doubles over. The bottle swings towards him once again, hitting his head and sending him down to the ground.

Now he is writhing on the ground, clutching his groin and muttering obscenities.

His buddies are laughing their asses off and even the guy from the bathroom chuckles while nursing his own package.

Kev moves closer with the camera and films Ben’s pain-contorted face.
“Congratulations, Colin, that’s a two-pointer for you…” Kev grins and zooms in on Ben who doesn’t seem to hear what Kev is saying.

“Fuck”, he moans and reaches inside his trunks to massage his battered balls.

The hallway fills with people, all of them hot guys in their early twenties, who seem to be in on the joke and having a great time on Ben’s expense…

Colin’s face appears in front of the camera. “That’s entertainment”, he grins. Then he turns to Ben and laughs: “It sucks to be you, doesn’t it?”

The screen goes black and the third day’s final tally appears.

Now Colin is in the lead with 8 points, followed by Kev and a guy named ‘Stiffler’ with 7 points each.

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