Friday, March 14, 2008

Skaterboys derailed

Featured in this story: LeoSammy and Tristan (click for pictures)

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Tristan fixes a date

When my cameraman Chad and I came to the skate park, we immediately saw two familiar faces: skinny black-haired Leo and his blond friend Tristan were sitting on a bench inside a small, weather-beaten pavilion, that consisted mainly of said bench and a roof. Both of them were wearing their usual outfits, sagging jeans with the waistband of their boxers showing above, t-shirts and sneakers. Tristan once again displayed great taste in t-shirt fashion: I had seen his cartoon ballbusting shirt the last time we had met, now the front of his shirt featured a stylized, drawn nutcracker with two walnuts next to it, one cracked in half. The caption read “skate – don’t think about tomorrow”. I grinned.

The two skaterboys had invited us to come to their favourite hang out place and bring the camera with us so we could film them doing their thing with the boards and without much doubt crunching a few nuts in the process…

We walked over the skate park toward the pavilion, passing a big half-pipe, a few stairs and handrails, some ramps and an area with a wild lunar landscape created out of concrete. There wasn’t much action going on, two BMX riders working their magic on the stairs, and a group of skaters lying lazy in the sun in the middle of the moonscape.

“Hi”, Leo grinned when we reached the pavilion.

Tristan smiled.

After some small talk – “nice weather” – “nice skate park” – “nice t-shirt” – we put down the camera and tripod on one side of the pavilion and sat down.

“Where’s the rest of the gang?” I asked.

“They will be here any minute”, Tristan said.

“Great”, I smiled.

Chad unpacked his camera and I told Leo and Tristan about the vicious attack Danny unleashed upon Chad’s testicles a week ago. Chad tried to smile it off but he was clearly uncomfortable as Leo and Tristan laughed their asses off when I told them about the spicy finale…

“So”, Leo grinned and looked at Chad’s crotch. “How are your boys doing?”

Chad raised his eyebrows. “Fine, thanks very much. They are as active as ever…”

Tristan laughed, prompting Chad to smile as well.

Chad shrugged. “As long as the ladies don’t complain…”

A few minutes later the guys’ friends arrived on their skateboards. They were good looking guys, 18 or 19 years old, all three of them rather tall and lean, wearing the clothes that seemed to be mandatory for skaters: sagging jeans, t-shirts, sneakers. One of them showed a great deal of individuality: He wore a baseball cap.
The three boys laughed and joked while they skated across the premises towards us. When they came closer we noticed the reason for their high spirits: The one with the baseball cap had his smooth, meaty ballsack hanging out of the fly of his jeans. Now that’s individuality…

Leo introduced us to the boys. “That’s Gus”, he pointed to the tallest one of the bunch, a skinny boy with neck long, slightly curly hair and an oval face with a big smile.

“That’s Sammy”, Leo nodded in the direction of an impish redhead with freckles all over his cute face.

“And that’s---“

Before Leo could introduce us to the last one of the trio, the one with the intriguingly lacking sense of shame, Sammy interrupted him.

“That’s disgusting”, the red haired boy laughed and pointed at the exposed set of testicles.

“I’m Jonah”, the boy smiled, obviously proud of his stunt, swinging his hips from side to side and jiggling his ripe, bouncy balls. He almost as tall as Gus, not that skinny, tough, and below his baseball cap he had blond hair, cut very short, looking almost military.

He turned to Sammy. “Look at them”, he pointed at the two naked nuts on display, “I don’t think---“

He was cut short by a mean, precise, backhand slap to his genitals, courtesy of Sammy, that brought a fit of laughter from all of us as Jonah crossed his eyes, crossed his legs and fell to the ground in an exaggeratedly comic fashion – although judging from the sound of the impact and the motion of the balls when Sammy’s hand shoved them into his crotch the reaction didn’t seem too exaggerated…

Jonah was writhing on the ground, cupping his balls with his hands and squeaking in a highly amusing soprano voice: “I’ll never have kids…”

Sammy laughed. “God, Jonah, I’ve seen you get racked thousands of times – I don’t think the chances of you becoming a dad were to high to begin with…”


“Let me see”, Sammy grinned and got down on his knees next to his buddy. “Perhaps I can revive them…” He pried Jonah’s hand away from his nude balls and grabbed them roughly with his right hand.

Jonah whimpered, playing along with the joke. “Please, doctor, be careful, you’ll--- Aaaah!”

With a bold move Sammy’s hand tightened around Jonah’s ample equipment that was a bit too ample to fit into Sammy’s hand. Sammy shrugged and took his left hand too, squeezing Jonah’s poor nuts between the palms of his hands.

“Better?” Sammy grinned at Jonah.

Jonah squealed.

Sammy tightened his grip even more.

“Better?” Sammy asked again.

Jonah coughed. “Y---“

Sammy squeezed down harder, flattening Jonah’s juicy plums mercilessly.

“Yes”, Jonah spat, “Yesyesyes.”

Sammy let go and watched his buddy curl up in a ball.

“Good, another patient cured”, he grinned.

“Thanks, doctor”, Jonah whispered, grimacing in pain, but obviously not too upset by his buddy's idea of therapy.

Sammy looked at Chad. “Got that on film?”

Chad grinned and nodded.

“Great”, Sammy smiled. “We could make that a series… ‘Sammy the ball doctor’…”
All of us, including Jonah who was still writhing on the ground, laughed.

“You look more like a nurse”, Leo smirked, causing us to laugh even louder, especially when we saw Sammy’s less than amused reaction.

“Wait till I nurse your nuts”, Sammy muttered.

Leo laughed.

I made a mental note to think about Sammy’s idea. A new feature, especially one with someone as bright and cute as Sammy, could surely increase the appeal of our website. A cheesy series of skits with Sammy as a doctor applying his own, very special treatment on various patients? Why not…

Jonah slowly got up and stuffed his slightly reddened nuts back into his jeans.

“Ohhhh…” Sammy, Leo, Gus and Tristan gave a regretful sigh.

“Show’s over”, Jonah said and buttoned his fly. His balls were still aching – despite Dr. Sammy’s treatment… - and Jonah continued rubbing them with a pained expression on his face.

“Okay”, Tristan took the initiative, “let’s go over to the rails. We can show our guests some of our moves…”
Tristan, Leo, Gus, and Jonah jumped on their boards and skated across the skate park towards the rails while Sammy, Chad and I walked.

I turned to Sammy: “What you said about a series with you as ‘The ball doctor’ – I think I like it…”

Sammy grinned. “I’ll give you my phone number and we can talk about it, okay?”

I gave him my notepad and he wrote his number down. When he was finished, he looked up. “You will pay me, right?”

I nodded. “Of course.”

Sammy’s grin went wider. “Great.” He handed me his number. “Call me.”

“I will”, I replied.

Sammy jumped on his skateboard and joined his friends, presumably telling him about his new job opportunity.

Chad grinned.

“What do you think?” I asked him.

“Sounds fun”, he nodded.

When Chad and I arrived at the rails Jonah was in the middle of taking their t-shirts off.

I raised my eyebrows.

Jonah smiled and fondled his naked chest that was smooth with just a hint of dark hair. “We thought we’d give the viewers something to drool about”, he explained, tweaked his left nipple and made an exaggerated grimace of pleasure and pain.

His friends laughed.

Chad affixed the camera to the tripod.

“Why don’t we show them what we’ve got?” Tristan suggested, jumped on his board and did a few tricks, skating back and forth in front of us and showing us a few flips to the cheers of his mates. Before he ended, he grinned into the camera – “This is for you…” – and somehow managed to flip the board forcefully into his own crotch. The board lifted his sagging jeans up and made direct contact with his nuts. Tristan screamed and grabbed his balls.

I wasn’t sure how exactly he’d done it but he had beautifully succeeded in smashing his balls.

“Fuck”, Tristan muttered under the cheers of his mates, nursing his nuts and grabbing his skateboard with the other hand. He walked over to his friends again.

“Oh come on”, Leo laughed, “that wasn’t too bad.”

“You have no idea”, Tristan moaned grimacing in pain.

Leo walked over to his friend and grabbed Tristan’s board.

“You know how it’s done properly?” he grinned.

Tristan gulped. “I think I know where this is heading”, he mumbled.

Leo chuckled.

“Okay”, Tristan sighed, putting his hand behind his back and leaving his groin open for Leo’s attack.

“This is how”, Leo grinned and rammed the skateboard into Tristan’s crotch, twisting it and grinding it into his nuts.

Tristan coughed. He slowly grabbed his throbbing balls and doubled over.


Gus, Sammy and Jonah laughed and cheered.

“Now”, Leo bent down next to his best friend, “tell me, which of those two nutshots was the better one?”

“Yours”, Tristan whispered hoarsely.

“I thought so”, Leo grinned and pointed to the nutcracker that was displayed on Tristan’s t-shirt. “Did it crack your nuts?”

Tristan didn’t answer right away.

Leo waited, then he repeated: “Tristan, did it crack your nuts?”

“No, thank god”, Tristan smiled weakly, “they are still safe and sound, I think…”

“Oh”, Leo was vexed. He thought for a moment. Then he said: “Then we’ll have to repeat the move!”

Tristan coughed.

“I’ll help you”, Gus said quickly before Tristan had a chance to protest.

The tall, lanky guy walked behind Tristan and grabbed the skateboard that was lying between Tristan’s feet now. He took one end in his hand while Leo took the other end.

“One, two”, Leo counted, “three.”

With a powerful motion Leo and Gus yanked the board up, bringing it crashing into Tristan’s tender nuts.

The rest of us grimaced in sympathy as we watched Tristan’s eyes lose focus. His mouth opened slightly and he let out a short, high pitched “Fuck.”

Leo and Gus seemed pretty satisfied with the results. I suspected that the edge of the board had caught one of Tristan’s two jewels dead on. Judging from the reaction time – Tristan was still in the state of frozen realization – my suspicion was correct.

Tristan – whose opinion on the topic was expressed through another quiet, soprano “Fuck.” – was able to grab his crotch now, tentatively opening the fly of his jeans, letting them drop down and exposing his boxers.


He reached inside his boxers, his face a pitiful mixture of shock and mourning, and searched for his poor, battered balls.

Leo grinned at his buddy: “They still there?”

“Yes”, Tristan whispered.

“Cracked now?”

“I don’t know.”

Leo stepped closer to Tristan, looked him in the eyes and jerked his knee up, his bony kneecap smashing into Tristan’s boxer-clad genitals and the hands that were holding them.

“Fuck!!!” Tristan screamed. “My--- Fuck!!!”

He fell to the ground in pain, rolling around and cursing, his hand deep inside his boxers, trying to ease the pain.

“I guess they’re cracked now”, Leo deadpanned.

Gus nodded. “I think I heard them go ‘crunch’…”

The others chuckled and Tristan was moaning loudly and writhing on the floor.

“I think it’s time for the rails now”, Jonah suggested, pointing to the rails.

Tristan moaned.

Leo patted his back. “You stay here, your nuts have suffered enough…”

”Thanks”, Tristan whispered.

The others started to show off some moves on the rails, nose grinds and board slides, throwing in some freestyle tricks in between.

Chad and I sat on the stairs, both of us pretty impressed with the guys’ abilities.

Tristan lay on the ground and didn’t show any interest in his buddies’ performances. His hands were still buried deep his boxers, nursing his battered balls and desperately – but apparently not very successfully – trying to rub the pain out of them.

I watched Tristan with sympathy and almost missed Gus’ mishap. I heard him yell and turned to look at the rails just in time to see him come down crotch first on the hard steel railing. His feet dangled in the air, his toes trying to reach safe ground. The wind was knocked out of his lungs as his lanky body balanced on the rail, his poor nuts bearing the brunt of his weight.

His mouth formed a small “o” and his eyebrows rose while his eyes had that pitiful look of pain and dismay.

His buddies cheered and even Tristan turned to look.

Slowly Gus grabbed the rail between his thighs and tried to lift himself up, to free his smashed testicles from the weight of his own body. In the process he lost balance and crashed to the ground, immediately grabbing his injured nuts and comforting them in his hands.

He lay next to Tristan, both of the boys’ balls radiating excruciating pain through their bodies.

Leo grinned at Sammy and Jonah. “Seems we are the only ones left standing…”

The three boys grinned and high-fived each other.

With an evil grin and surprising force Sammy kicked hard at Leo’s crotch, smashing his meaty balls into his bony crotch, lifting his body up and bringing Leo down immediately.

“Not anymore”, Sammy chuckled and looked down at Leo who joined Tristan and Gus on the ground, cradling his poor nuts.

“Bastard”, Leo hissed while he took a page from Tristan’s book and reached inside his jeans to offer his balls a more direct helping hand. He moaned loudly and swore at Sammy who smiled innocently.

Jonah laughed. “God, Sammy, that was mean!”

Sammy shrugged.

Jonah took a step towards Sammy and grabbed his clothed crotch hard, making Sammy wince.

Jonah grinned at him. “Why don’t we up the stakes a bit?” He tightened his grip on Sammy’s balls and looked about the skate park. The BMX guys had left, as well as the lazy skaters, so we had the area to ourselves.

Jonah smiled and twisted his hand a bit, causing Sammy to moan softly.

Jonah raised his eyebrows. “Oh, Sammy, getting a boner?”

Sammy blushed.

His friend chuckled. “No need to feel embarrassed… Why don’t we take off our jeans and have a round of naked skating?” He let go of Sammy’s nuts.

Sammy grabbed his aching groin immediately and rubbed his sore bulge. He looked at Chad whose camera was catching every move.

Then he shrugged and said matter-of-factly: “Why not…”

He unbuttoned his jeans while Jonah did the same. Both of them stripped and revealed their ample equipment.

We had already seen Jonah’s nuts and we knew that the blond boy had fairly big nuts. His cock was of equally impressive size.

The surprise came when Sammy took off his boxers, showing off his plump, ripe nuts and a massive extra-large dick that was half hard and pointing right at us.

Jonah was baffled when he compared his own junk with his buddy’s. “You… Wow… Sammy… I didn’t know you were this big… You have grown since the last time I saw you…”

Sammy grinned, grabbed his stiff dick and wiggled it at his buddy. He took a step towards Jonah and slapped Jonah’s limp cock with his own massive weapon.

Jonah winced. “Yeah, I got the message, Sammy…”

Sammy laughed.

He grabbed his skateboard. “Naked skating, huh?”

Jonah nodded. He was stark naked now wearing only his socks and shoes.

“You’re on”, Sammy grinned and skated towards the rail. He looked bizarre, wearing his t-shirt, naked from the waist down, his stiff cock showing him the direction of travel…

Jonah got on his skateboard, too, and followed his red haired mate.

Tristan, Leo and Gus were beginning to recover – at least they were able to sit up and watch their friends flash across the skate park and enjoy the fresh breeze caress their naked genitals.

Both of them did a few tricks, showing us some more grinds and slides, and secretly all of were waiting for one of them to rack himself on the railing and smash his naked nuts.

We didn’t have to wait long.

The timing was perfect.

Jonah and Sammy were doing some parallel tricks, using two parallel rails, jumping and sliding synchronously towards us. Ironically, their respective falls happened synchronously, too.

Both Jonah and Sammy lost their grip on their boards, straddling the rail and crashing down hard. Both of their faces showed the same expression of anxious anticipation in mid-flight before their sacs hit the cold, hard steel and their bodies crunched the four nuts further.

The sound of the double impact was accompanied by a collective wince from us, the audience. We watched the two skaters writhing on the rail, their feet in the air, their four delicate balls viciously crunched and visibly flattened on the rail.

The only difference between the two poor skaters – apart from their body height and the fact that Jonah was completely naked while Sammy was still wearing his t-shirt – was the condition of their dicks. While Sammy’s hard member was resting – comfortably? – on the steel rail, thick and long and quite impressive, Jonah’s limp dick had to be filed under ‘collateral damage’. It was wedged between his pelvis and the rail along with his family jewels.

“Ow”, Jonah managed to whisper.

“Yes”, Sammy moaned hoarsely.

“Bad idea…”




With two long, miserable moans, the two guys slowly fell down, both of them on the left side, in perfect

When their bodies hit the ground, both of them grabbed their injured genitals and groaned in agony.

“That was beautiful”, Tristan commented.

“Like a ballet”, Leo chuckled.

“Did you see their balls flatten?” Tristan grinned.

“Like pancakes”, Leo laughed.

“There you have a title for the ballet: ‘Les omelettes’…” Gus chimed in.

Tristan, Leo and Gus laughed loudly and even though Jonah and Sammy were on the ground in pain, holding their respective junks, they had to grin.

Tristan got up. “What about one last trick?”

Leo looked at him. “What do you have in mind?”

Tristan smiled and helped his buddy up.

Leo was reluctant. “Come on, tell me.”

“You invited them” – Tristan pointed at Chad and me – “so perhaps you should be the star of the grand finale of ‘Les omelettes”…”

Leo raised his eyebrows.

“Come on, guys”, Tristan addressed the rest of his buddies. “Just like we have planned…”

Gus walked over to Tristan, but Jonah and Sammy had difficulties getting up, their naked – and slightly reddened – genitals flopped around as they moved. Surprisingly Sammy’s boner hadn’t disappeared. It was protruding, red and hot, above his equally red and hot nuts.

Eventually all three skaters stood next to Tristan.

Leo looked at them with fear in his eyes.

His friends smiled at him.

On Tristan’s sign Gus and Jonah grabbed Leo’s shoulders and Sammy and Tristan grabbed his legs at the knees.

Leo tried to struggle – to no avail.

Leo paled. “No.”

“Yes”, Tristan grinned. “To the pole!”

Chad grabbed his camera and followed the guys. The four boys ran towards a large steel pole, carrying their mate with his legs spread and increasing their spread as they were about to rack Leo’s nuts.

They came to an sudden halt when Leo’s crotch crashed full speed into the pole, his two sensitive apples absorbing all of the momentum.

The boys cheered and let Leo fall to the ground.

Leo was screaming loudly and grabbing his newly injured genitals.


The rest of the gang high-fived each other.

Jonah was still naked, Sammy partially so - it was a quite absurd sight…

Leo was writhing on the ground, with good reason. His nuts had been crushed good by the cold, hard steel pole.


Tristan grinned. He wasn’t finished, yet.

In quick succession he brought the rest of his team mates down.

It didn’t take much to cripple Jonah and Sammy. Their naked nuts were on full display and two simultaneous backhand slaps that connected perfectly did the trick.

Jonah and Sammy yelped and grabbed their newly agonized balls, sinking to the ground in pain.

Before Gus had a chance to guard his own balls Tristan kicked his buddy’s crotch with full force, bringing a muffled cough from Gus and wiping the smile from his face. Gus collapsed, joining his mates on the ground.

Tristan turned to us and smiled into the camera. “What a beautiful day!”

Chad grinned behind the camera and said to him: “You know what would make the day perfect?”

Tristan looked at him.

“This”, I chuckled, standing behind him and throwing a perfectly aimed kick at Tristan’s poor balls.

Chad had Tristan’s face in close up as his eyes crossed slightly, his eyebrows rose and his lips started to tremble.

The cute blond skaterboy coughed.

Chad and I laughed.

“I guess I deserved that”, Tristan whispered, slowly grabbed his nuts and fell to the ground moaning.

Chad put the camera into his bag.

When he was finished we looked at the five boys on the floor, all of them in pain, moaning and cradling their injured balls.

“Thanks for the invitation, guys!” I chuckled.

Chad grinned and we left the skate park, leaving the boys and their collective groaning and moaning behind.


Carter said...

That was super hot. Poor skateboarders alway seem to get their nuts crunched, but they keep at it anyway. Gotta love the dedication.

I tried skateboarding when I was little, but I had zero talent, couldn't even get the board to move.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like the story!

As for your skateboarding skills: Maybe it's good that you're bad at it. Your babymakers probably thank you for that... ;-)