Thursday, March 6, 2008

Revenge on Chad

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Chad, Danny and Alex (click for pictures)

When I came to the office today I was still sore from the two nutkicks I had received from Danny’s younger brother David. The cute but arrogant 19 year old dancer had had a field day kicking Danny’s and my nuts yesterday. Danny had taken the brunt of the kicks, as he had been nearly knocked out by his brother’s cheerful – and harmful – antics. But David had made a point of humiliating me after kicking my poor balls in, making fun of my allegedly far too sensitive testicles.

Before David had left he had told me that he hadn’t acted just of his own accord (he certainly enjoyed it, though) but that my cameraman Chad had asked him to do sack me to get back at me for a minor incident a few weeks ago.

I surely didn’t want to let the matter rest so after David had left to star in Tchaikovsky’s “The nutcracker” I had talked to Danny and convinced him to help me.

So today I was at the office early. I knew Chad would come at around ten o’clock. I had asked Danny to come at 9.30 so we could overpower Chad together.

Chad is 30 years old – looking younger and quite handsome with his attractive face three-day stubble – and he is quite athletic. He has placed a weight bench in our studio for god know what reason (I don’t think it belongs into this place, but nevermind), and he works out a lot, usually at the gym around the corner, sometimes, very rarely, at the weight bench in our studio. Anyway, I figured that I wouldn’t be able to stand a chance against him, so I asked Danny to help me.

The cute, 21 year old actor arrived on time and we had a coffee.

“How are your nuts?” I asked him.

“Are you kidding? They are sore as hell”, Danny answered, rubbing his pouch and grimacing. “David really worked them over. I won’t be able to fuck for a week…”

I smiled sympathetically.

“Look”, Danny said and unbuttoned his jeans. He showed me his plump, swollen testicles. They were seriously bruised and indeed they didn’t look very functional at the moment…

I changed the subject and directed Danny’s attention from his own testicles to Chad’s. Danny stuffed his equipment back into his jeans and listened with increasing delight.

For once he wasn’t going to be on the receiving end of a nutshot…

Then we waited for Chad to arrive. He was late, almost half an hour, but finally he walked in.

“Hi, Alex”, he said cheerfully.

I nodded at him.

When he saw Danny sitting next to me at the computer, he was surprised. “Hi, Danny.”

“Hi”, Danny smiled.

“So, how was your day yesterday?” Chad grinned.

“Why are you looking at me?” I asked him.

Chad shrugged. “I don’t know, I---“

“Let’s cut the crap, Chad”, I interrupted him, “David told me.”

Chad paled. He managed a weak smile, though. “Did he?”

“Yeah, he told me that you asked him to kick my nuts”, I continued.

Chad grinned. “Yeah, well, you deserved it. I told you I’d get you back, remember?”

I smiled back at him.

“So – did he get you good?” Chad asked.

“Yeah, he did”, I answered, rubbing my crotch.

“Nice”, Chad grinned and addressed Danny: “He’s quite a nice guy, your brother…”

“Well…” Danny stood up and adjusted his crotch with a grimace. “Actually he isn’t.”

I stood up, too, and walked toward the kitchen.

“So, what are you doing here?” Chad asked Danny.

I tiptoed toward Chad who was standing comfortably and with his legs slightly apart.

“I’m just helping Alex with something”, Danny grinned.

“Oh, that’s---“ Chad was interrupted by a powerful kick between his muscular thighs. I had put all my strength into that kick, my shoe diving into Chad’s tightly stuffed crotch with delightful accuracy, crushing poor Chad’s juicy plums into his pelvis.

“I--- O--- You“ Chad stammered hoarsely and clutched his damaged babymakers.

“Strike!” Danny said cheerfully. “I think you hit ‘em out of the park…”

“Yeah”, I grinned proudly and nudged Chad’s shoulder, causing him to fall down to the ground, where he assumed the foetal position.

“Okay”, I said. “Let’s get to work."

Chad coughed and cursed at us while we were undressing him. Danny and I made a good team: Danny undid Chad’s shoes while I unbuttoned his jeans, together we yanked them down and Danny threw them to the side. I took care of his t-shirt while Danny stripped Chad of his boxer shorts. Finally, we both took one foot and yanked down his socks.

It all happened so fast – Chad had no chance. He was moaning and cupping his – now naked – balls, when we stood up and looked down at the naked, handsome stud who was lying on the ground in front of us.

“Fuck”, Chad mumbled and tried to get up. He cupped his manhood with his left hand and steadied himself with his right.

I walked around him and looked at the two large apples inside Chad’s basket. With a resounding slap I kicked them again, bringing Chad down to the ground and causing him to sing a new verse in his shrill elegy.

“Fuck”, Chad spat. “I get the message, okay? Let’s call it a truce.”

I looked at Danny, then at Chad again.

“You know what? Why don’t you let Danny have some kicks at your nuts – after all it was his brother that you used… So let him have a few kicks and then we’ll stop it and we’ll all be friends again, okay?” I suggested.

Chad thought about it while massaging his aching balls. Finally he nodded. “Okay. Two kicks.”

“Four”, Danny grinned.

“Three”, Chad said.

Danny nodded. “Okay, three it is…”

Chad moaned and got up. He looked at Danny’s sneakers, grimaced and fondled his plump, naked nuts with his right hand. With his left he pointed at Danny’s shoes. “You don’t want to take them off, right?”

“Right”, Danny grinned.

“Fuck. Alright. Do it.” Chad sighed. He spread his legs and I admired his physique. He had strong, muscular legs, not an ounce of fat on his whole, tanned body, great abs and a quite impressive set of genitals. I had always wondered how Chad was able to bed so many women. Now that I saw the whole picture I could guess why. And the way he offered his juicy plums up right now was quite hot as well – although I doubted that this belonged to his flirting standards…
I watched Danny’s sneaker fly into Chad’s awaiting package, catching the two precious globes from underneath and lifting them up until they came to a screeching halt at Chad’s pelvis. His nuts were visibly flattened between Danny’s shoe and Chad’s own body, and Chad groaned miserably.

“Fuck”, he whispered when he collapsed on the ground.

Danny grinned at me. “This is fun. I really understand why David loves to kick my nuts…”

I laughed.

„Come on, Chad“, Danny said, „just two more kicks and you are done...“

Chad coughed.

Danny looked at his watch. “Come on, get up”, he said impatiently.

Chad moaned. “God, you can’t wait to ruin my junk, can you?”

Danny grinned. “There’s no time like the present.”

“Okay”, Chad straightened up, “two more…”

He stood in front of Danny again, his legs spread, his juicy, plump nuts waiting for Danny’s sneakers to crash into them.

“What a sight”, Danny smiled.

Chad’s cock twitched.

“Oh”, Danny raised his eyebrows.

Chad blushed. “That’s just–-- You know, standing here in the middle of the room, all naked… I mean – I’m just a man, right?” he mumbled.

Danny and I laughed.

“Hey, nobody’s judging”, Danny grinned.

Chad’s cock was half-hard now, pointing straight at the cute young actor.

Danny grinned and decided to put on a show for Chad. He ran his hand through his strawberry blond hair, licked his lips and adjusted his crotch. Chad – a certified heterosexual if there ever was one – grew uncomfortable. His cock grew, too.

“Fuck”, Chad grimaced. “Will you just kick my balls, please?”

“No problem”, Danny grinned. He lifted his shirt to let Chad catch a glimpse of his smooth, tanned belly. 

Chad’s dick responded favourably by twitching again.

Danny chuckled and smashed his sneaker-clad foot up into Chad’s low-hanging balls. The tip of his shoe caught the two big orbs dead on, creating a nice, dull slap, accompanied by another violent twitch of Chad’s meaty dick and a hoarse, guttural moan.

“Fuck”, Chad coughed. “Fuck!”

He sank to his knees, moaning loudly. His now fully hard cock stuck out above his hands that were clasping his poor, injured eggs.

Danny grinned proudly. “You are really horny, aren’t you?”

Chad moaned.

“Don’t be shy. It’s okay. I guess you haven’t shot your load for quite some time, right?” Danny said softly.

“Fuck”, Chad spat.

“Why don’t you jerk off and I’ll be gentle with my last kick… Deal?” Danny suggested.

Chad was writhing on the ground, his hands tightly gripping his plump babymakers, his cock alive and kicking above.

“Come on, Chad”, Danny said, rubbing his own bulge, “just do it…”

“You’ll be gentle?” Chad asked.

“Of course I will”, Danny grinned.

I chuckled, knowing full well that Danny couldn’t be trusted with that responsibility.

Chad groaned and stood up. He grabbed his rock hard dick and rubbed it, slowly at first, then faster and faster, reaching a fierce pace, sweating and moaning in pleasure, while Danny watched the hunky 30 year old with a generous smile, occasionally rubbing his own clothed crotch and waiting for the perfect moment to strike Chad’s dangling goods.

That moment came, Danny decided, when Chad was close to cumming. His face was beet red, his eyes closed and his mouth wide open, ready to let himself fall into the bliss of orgasm.

Danny grinned at me and quickly walked behind Chad.

With thundering force and admirable timing Danny’s sneaker struck Chad’s nuts right when the first spurt of cum shot out of Chad’s glistening dick. Chad shrieked and his cock continued shooting thick, white gobs of jizz onto the floor. His hands were still frantically jerking his pulsating cock, so Danny decided that one more kick wouldn’t hurt.

He brought his shoe up again, catching both of Chad’s busy balls with his instep, crunching them into his pelvis and lifting Chad up off the ground.

When Chad landed again, a split-second later, he wasn’t able to stay on his feet. His cock was still oozing cum and his mind was clearly overstrained by the rivalling feelings of pain and pleasure and the tough decision whether to grab his two aching testicles that were desperately in need of comforting or to finish jerking his big rod until the last portion of cum had come out.

He crashed to the ground, his left hand nursing his injured marbles, his right stroking his hard member. He rolled into the foetal position, moaning miserably and lying in a pool of his own juice.

A few moments later he started realizing that Danny hadn’t kept his promise.

“Fuck”, he moaned, “you fucker! You kicked me again!”

Danny smiled apologetically. “Sorry…”

“Sorry my ass!” Chad groaned. “You---“

“Alright”, Danny sighed. “I owe you one…”

Chad coughed.

“Okay”, Danny looked at his watch. “Time to go. See you, Chad. Bye, Alex.”

I grinned as he exited the studio.

I turned to Chad. “Would you like coffee with that cream?”

Chad chuckled. “Ow. You bastard…”

I chuckled and walked to the kitchen.

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