Sunday, March 2, 2008

Poll results: Male/male only?

We asked you to vote in a poll about the general direction of this blog.

Now the results are in. 168 people voted in the poll.

Should this site stay male/male only?
Yes, please stick to male/male stories. 66%
No, please throw in some female/male content, too. 30%
I don't mind. 4%

Thanks to everyone who voted!


Anonymous said...

I missed the vote. Used to read this in the hoary past when was male only. Then started to have that other stuff so quit. Recently came back and tried to avoid the icky other. Why on earth would you want to go icky? There are tons of sites and blogs of that and almost NO male/male sites. Why can't you mixed people leave us alone and let there be ONE site in the whole universe of the internet that is not messed up by the icky. A

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm sorry if you don't like a couple of my stories because there are girls in them. But frankly, there's nothing I can do if your fantasies differ from mine. And apart from the fact that I enjoy the company of girls and women even though I'm not sexually attracted to them, I think that it adds a very sexy component to the whole ballbusting thing to include the straight boys' objects of desire in the stories.

So, again, I'm sorry if some of my stories aren't your cup of tea. Maybe you should start your own blog that introduces a girl-free universe full of horny hunks... If you do, I'll be happy to support you in any way that I can.

Nicholas said...

LOL. I love this guy's use of "icky". The Icky. It's great. I fight with myself about my own site, thinking to myself, "Am I serving both communities well by putting up both m/m and f/m stories?" Based on this guy's post, I'm definitely not.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Nicholas! I can assure you that I love your stories - m/m and f/m. :-))
As for the "icky" - I have to admit that I don't get it. But then again I guess everybody has their own turn-ons and turn-offs...