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Men of the House Part VIII written by Jimmy


Men of the House Part VIII

The Biggest Bully in School

by Jimmy


 Warning: Includes ballbusting. Contains traces of forced semen. You have been warned.

 Ball Busting Tales: Men of the House (Previous Dylan and Corey stories can be found here).

One of Corey’s favorite things to do is bust his older brother’s balls. He has gotten so good at it, that Dylan sometimes walks funny after encounters with his younger sibling.

After his latest session of beating his brother’s balls black and blue, Corey decided to try his hand at going after some other…more challenging guys. Corey decided to target the biggest bully at school. If he could beat him, then Corey knew he would rule the school and all would fall before him.

One day, after gym class Corey hung around his locker in his t-shirt and gym shorts waiting around until the bully finished picking on one of his classmates ready to take him on.

Corey could hear the toilet flushing and the laughter of the bullies while the torture the poor kid. Corey knows him too, and the kid does not deserve the swirly porcelain bowl.

Frowning, Corey crosses his arms watching the bathroom entrance as the bully dunks his classmate over and over. Water sloshes and runs down the sides of the bowl and seeps out covering their shoes.

“Gross,” Corey mumbles and the bullies seem to hear him and freeze thinking that he might be their gym teacher.

Out of the bathroom, the eyes of his target narrow but Corey only grins cockily staring up at the bully the toughest kid in the school. He wonders if his buts will be as easy to crack as his big brother Dylan.

“Having fun, being an asshole?” Corey asks, his eyes alight with mirth and cunningly eyeing him up and down.

Staring down at Corey, the cocky younger brother of the popular Dylan takes him in. A little on the scrawny side, Corey with dark hair and bright eyes. Corey’s upper arms and shoulders are developing, and his pectorals are just starting to be noticeable in his white t-shirt. None of that seems to add up to a lot concludes the bully as he narrows his eyes seeing red.


The word was a growl and Corey’s eyes brighten.

“You got my name right, want a cookie?”

Corey wiggles his eyebrows, “Maybe you are smarter than the average bear.”

Corey sensing the tension leans forward, bumping his chest against the bully’s hardened torso flank mischief alighting in his bright brown soulful eyes.

“Imagine if…”

The next part of Corey’s sentence is cutoff of as the bully grabs two handfuls of his shirt and lifts him right off the locker room floor, feet dangling in the air his toes nowhere near close enough to scrape the floor.

“Punk, you got a death wish?”

A tightness in Corey’s neck makes him almost wince, but he turns it into a sly grin as he waves in the air, “Oh, hi Mr. Dunphy!”


The bully drops him down to his feet and he spins ready to make some excuse as to why he had Corey in the air…but their gym teacher was not there.

“You’re an idiot, and you left yourself wide open.”

Corey kicks forward and up, right between the bully buttocks nailing him hard from behind. The sneaker squishes the contents in the bully’s jockeys smashing his nuts hard against his pelvis bone with a hard crunch.

“That HAD to hurt,”

Corey laughs, and surprises a slight giggle as the bully stumbles forward into the boy’s bathroom and almost dropping to his knees as he keels over grabbing his thundering spuds.

The guys still giving the kid a swirly stumble out of the bathroom asking “Dude…what happened?” One has a goofy look on his face, the other looks at Corey with narrowed eyes pinning him in place.

“What the fuck?” he challenges.

He charges forward and in a moment Corey recognizes the number one goon squad goon. It’s Taylor.

Corey barely gets a moment to prepare before he is pinned to the wall Taylor growling against his neck.

“I’m going to get you for th——at!”

Corey slams his knee straight up and into the bulge so easily displayed before him and getting a strangled grunt from Taylor as his arms slacken but not before Corey thrusts up two more quick knees rearranging Taylor’s nuts.

Taylor falls to his knees and then keels over kissing the bathroom boys room tiles whining “My balllls!”

The other in the doorway, his twin Thomas shakes his head. “I’m out!” and flees the bathroom like a coward.

Corey was about to call him one but the bathroom door opened and out came the wet boy dunked in the toilet. His head is soaked, and his shirt and shorts are drenched. Even his sneakers squeak as he comes out of the stall.

“What?” he asks.

Corey looks him over and suggests.

“I got things covered here, go take a shower.”

The boy nods and almost runs with sloshing sneakers into the shower room. Corey can hear him disrobing and the fall of wet clothes hitting the floor before the shower turns on.

Then he heads to the main attraction who is standing now in the doorway angry and ready to make mincemeat of the threat that sacked him.

Corey is ready for the bully and he thunders over, anger flashing in his eyes. The swing for his head is predictable and Corey dodges underneath it and nailing him right in between the legs with thunderous uppercut. The blow strikes him hard and Corey curves around him getting behind and kicking straight up just before he is able to get his balls in hand. Corey’s sneaker sinks deep within the folds of the bully’s shorts.

He gasps, the second blow even harder than the first.

“Cow…ards go for the nuts.”

“That’s rich coming from you, weren’t you just toilet diving a kid two grades below you with two of your friends?” Corey shakes his head tisking as he comes around to the front. The bully’s cheeks are puffed up and his eyes are wide he’s on his knees and Corey is almost satisfied.

“One more thing before I go…” Corey says as he shoves the bigger guy over until he falls on his side, his shirt getting drenched from the shower water. The drain is always broken.

“I’m gonna have to make you mess you pants now.”

Corey grabs his ankles forcing him onto his back and shoves his foot deep into the protective hands covering the bully’s balls.


The word comes out rough and with a tinge of fear.

Corey eats it up with a devilish grin… “That’s what they all say…”

Corey kicks aside the kids hands his foot doing the rest after he kicks off his shoe, his bare toes slinking underneath the older boys shorts finding his penis covered in his underwear. His toes grip it, while his heel does the dirty work and presses straight down pinning the guys nads to the floor.

“Now I got you…”

Corey works him over for the next ten minutes. The guys a mess and by the time the shower turns off and the almost naked kid in his own grade appears with only a towel around his waist Corey informs him.

“Grab your phone…you won’t want to miss this!”

“No!” the red faced bully moans but it’s far too late, the kid gets his phone on and hits record just as the fountain of cum rushes up squirting and covering his shorts.

The gooey mess covers his shorts and it makes a loud squelch sound as Corey squishes his toes into the still squirting dick and balls.

“Got it?” Corey asks.

The kid nods.

“Thanks man,” he reaches out for a high five. Corey gives him one and almost sack taps him but he thinks the guy had enough doe to the toilet bowl flushing and makes his way out of the locker room. Corey feels on top of the world as he heads to his next class.

Already the laughter and the pointing fingers make him school famous.

Corey just put a target in himself, and no nads will ever be safe around him.

Corey plans on showing his brother Dylan the video later. He adjusts himself in his shorts as he goes to class and stretches back in his seat. He rules the school now.

Later that day after school is over…



Dylan was eager to burst into his young brother Corey’s room. He saw Corey at his desk studying so he snuck behind him and gave him a wedgie from behind. “Guess what little brother?! Mom and dad are going out of town this weekend so I’m charge. Hope you’re ready to do all my chores.”
He let his brother down. He put his hand down his pants to adjust his balls. He put his fingers under his little bros nose. “You’ll be smelling like this when you grow up don’t worry”

He left his little brothers room laughing, not knowing what was in store for him this weekend.

Corey folds over grabbing his genitals, the abruptness of his older brothers entry into his bedroom surprised him. Taking out his earbuds from his ears the iPods fall into one hand, while his other hand reaches around to pull the underwear out of his ass. In addition, to that humiliation Dylan managed to capture and trap his left smaller right nut in the band around underwear and it cut right into the testicle.

Corey groans, angry at himself for being so unprepared.

“I’m coming for you Dylan,” he mumbles his voice coming out a bit squeakily.

He stretches standing up and heads over to his chest of drawers pulling out his cup and jock. He quickly changes and gives the equipment another quick test making sure that it fits right.

Nodding his head Corey opens his door ready to confront his brother.

‘Paybacks going to be a bitch,’ Corey thinks as he exits his room, the bedroom door closes quietly behind him.

Corey sneaks down the corridor. Now that his mother is out of the house he can really get…creative.

Corey heads to Dylan’s bedroom read to challenge his brother to a little contest. He can’t wait to get things started.

He timidly knocks on the door, as if he is scared or something.

“Dylan? Should we should order some pizza. Mom left money on the table. Want cheese or pepperoni?” Corey’s voice cracks, ‘Man that wedgie must have really changed my vocal cords,’ Corey thinks clearing his throat.

“Dylan? You in there?”

Dylan is doing pull ups in his room in his gym shorts. Clearly he’s commando as his junk flops up and down and he pulls himself up

“Yeah pizza sounds good. Your order it. I’ll shower up.”

He drops to the ground and walks towards the bathroom giving his little bro a little slap on the cheek as to say good boy.

He pulls down his sweaty shorts and throws them on his brother’s head and walks into the shower.

“Oh and grab me a towel after you order the pizza. I’m starving.”

Corey growls, staring at the backside of his brother as he strides away from him.

Narrowing eyes follow his brother and he tosses the gym shorts onto the floor of Dylan’s bedroom with the other discarded items.


He makes sure that he says it loud enough for Dylan to hear.

“Sure bro,” Corey says more loudly. “I’ll get right on it.”

Leaving his brothers bedroom he heads towards the downstairs sink and waits until the shower turns on before he turns the water on as hot as possible so that Dylan gets a freezing surprise.

He grins as he hears the bang upstairs, and he calls up to his brother “Ooops! My bad! Hope you didn’t hit your head!”

“Fuck!” Dylan’s screams as the cold water shocks him into hitting head.

“Corey get me a clean towel!”

Corey makes a quick phone call, ordering the pizza toppings he likes best and makes sure to order it with extra sausages because Dylan hates them.

Corey laughs hearing his brother’s voice and starts to climb the stairs, grabbing the pull-up bar after he tosses a clean towel at the bathroom door.

He’s wearing a sleeveless shirt and as he jumps up grabbing the bar, it seems to lift up showing his bare navel. Corey wants to be bigger, stronger like his brother and as he pulls himself up a few times his arm muscles start to scream in protest. How does Dylan make these look so easy…

Corey rubs his bare arms, looking up at the pull-up bar a determined look on his face. ‘When Dylan opens that bathroom door I’m going to do at least ten!’ Corey thinks determinedly. ‘Then when Dylan tries to outdoor me BAM I’ll get him right in the nuts.’

Corey smiles at his plan, a sly grin on his face.

Corey can hear as the water in the shower turns off a few minutes later he hears footsteps coming. Dylan enters his room in just a towel and shouting downstairs, “is the pizza here yet!?”

“Not yet!”

Corey says, already on his third pull-up trying to show off for Dylan. He knows that his arm muscles are getting bigger, but more importantly he thinks that Dylan will want to show him up.

“Look at me, bro!” Corey says through as he grunts. “I’m getting stronger…soon…” grunt, “I’ll be stronger than you!”

Finish his last pull-up Corey lands on both feel, looking smugly at Dylan.

“Haha you’ve got a long ways to go, you could barely finish 10 without trembling.”

Dylan pushes his brother aside and starts doing push-ups.

“It’s all about your mindset.”

“Pfft!” Corey laughs. “Let’s see you try. I’m bigger than you were at my age!” Corey kisses one of his arms after he flexes to really dig it in.

Corey waits until he gets to ten before he aims a fist right toward Dylan’s swinging balls and throws up a mean upward swing that clips Dylan right in the spuds. The shower made Dylan’s genitals hang low and fat and Corey’s fist 👊 slams hard deep between his big brothers legs striking right into Dylan’s nuts with an audible crunch.

“Oops! I was going for a fist bump…must have miscalculated…big growing muscles and all.”

Corey’s shit-eating grin spreads across his face as he gives his shoulders a little shake.

“My baaaad.”

Dylan falls the ground takes an extra thud from the added distance he fell. He punches Corey hard in the upper thigh.

“Fuck you bro, isn’t anything sacred?”

Dylan can feel his wet warm balls dangling in his towel. He can’t get a good angle to hold them so he just stays on his knees. His balls are still tingly from the hit.

“It’s not my fault that I need to work on my fist bumps!” Corey jokes, laughing as he turns towards the outer doorway and seeing the opening kicks his socked foot into Dylan’s wet package sinking deep between the folds of the towel and nailing his brother’s bare balls with the top of his foot. Corey loves busting his brother’s nuts, and this hit is particularly sweet as he struck his brothers bare balls so squarely.

“Your right…I should go check on that pizza! Don’t ‘hang around’ all day, okay? I guess that you’re better than me at pull-ups for now.”

Corey looks once more at his brothers pain filled face, before he turns on his heels and heading down the stairs whistling as he listens to his brothers groans from above.

Dylan rips off his towel so he can grab his pounding balls. It feels as if they have their own heartbeat. “You’re dead. You’re dead. You’re dead.”
He keeps muttering to himself.

Dylan lays on the floor naked clutching his balls. “At least pizza will be here soon”

“Pizza!” Corey yells from downstairs.

“If you can manage to walk down and get it!”

Corey giggles setting up the dubbing room table, and starting in on the sausage filled slice. “Dylan is going to hate me,” Corey says laughing to himself.


Dylan comes down the stairs with a small limp in his step. He threw on a new pair of gym shorts but didn’t throw a shirt on. The top of his pubes show from the waistband.

Dylan walks up behind Corey and grabs his underwear from behind yanking it up. It pulls on Corey’s cup. Pinching his cock and balls

“You got sausage? I hate sausage!” He gives an extra yank lifting Corey up from his seat

“Pick the sausages off or your next meal will be my sausage”

Dylan releases Corey’s waistband and gives him a bunch on the arm

“Uuugh!” Corey moans, his cup proves useless as Dylan snags his underwear again. Corey hisses putting both hands down his pants.

“What’s with…the wedgies? You got my smaller nut again….” Corey complains as he readjusts himself and making sure to tuck everything carefully back into position in his cup.

“You started this, this time!”

Corey takes a big bite of his pizza and turns to frown up at Dylan. “I thought that you loved big sausages!” Corey says with a big laugh and mouth full of food.

“You fucker” Dylan wraps his around Corey and puts him in a headlock. Corey’s face is smushed right against Dylan’s armpit. Dylan’s grabs a piece of pizza and starts to shove it into Corey’s mouth. “You have enough? You ready to behave?”
He was tightens his grip choking Corey a little and making it difficult to swallow the pizza

Corey gags on his already full bite, and Dylan's forceful push of another slice makes him gulp and try to swallow. But Corey can't

Dylan's arm around his neck holds his windpipe from being able to swallow, or breath. Corey flounders and with a last ditch effort from his place in the chair he swings his elbow backwards and up. Corey gets lucky and he strikes one of Dylan's plump nuggets...but just the one. He can't tell if it's Dylan's larger lump or not but he swings his elbow back and out again trying to hit the pair together unsure if he will get that lucky or if Dylan will let go and retreat but he swings with all his might hoping to get a second more powerful blow in.

Dylan felt like he had his brother, until all of a sudden an elbow hit his larger left nut. The pain only makes him grip harder on his brother’s throat. Until a second blow comes at him. This time hitting both of his large plums. He feels the pain start to radiate through his body. He holds on tighter until the pain becomes too much that he lets his brother free from his armpit grip and feels his balls to offer comfort. He tries to catch his breath as he starts to sweat

Coughing and spluttering Corey spits out his pizza standing up and taking a glass of water next to him and gulping it down in three large mouthfuls.

“Trying…to kill me?” Corey asks as he coughs again, his chest heaving to get in more air. His tank top is wet from the water that missed and he pulls it off, his heartbeat thundering in his chest as he watches his brother trying to cope with the latest low blow.

“Maybe we just need to settle this, Roshambo style. You hit my balls, and I hit yours. I get to go first…I’m younger.” Corey says, before he coughs into his hand again moving a bit further out of his brother’s reach just in case he gets any funny ideas.

“Roshambo ain’t fucking fair since you haven’t gone through puberty yet. Plus you’ve already hit my balls four times”

“Now are you gonna pick the sausage off or do I have to hurt you?”

Corey scoffs full of indignation, “I have gone through puberty you dickhead.”

Crossing his arms over his now bare chest looking cross.

“And you gave me two wedgies!” Corey adds after thinking about, “It’s just like a ball grab if you do it right…and you always do.” Corey mumbles rolling his eyes.

Corey pushes the pizza box towards Dylan, “But if you are too chicken pick the sausages off yourself.”

“Fuck you. Look at your nothing chest. Your balls haven’t even dropped yet. But I’m no coward.” Dylan spreads his legs and puts his hands over his head

“Your turn I guess”

Corey tries to hold his in smug smile.

“Bro, you’ve felt my nuts before. You know that they have dropped!”

Corey can’t stand it, so he rushes forward rears back and slams his bare foot forward right into Dylan’s ballsack.

The audible satisfying smack makes Corey smile.

“Got you, bro?” Corey says.

Corey puts his hands behind his head, his smile as wide as anything.

“Whenever you…you know man up…give it a go!”

Corey jostles his hips, and shakes his bottom.

“Unless of course, your nuts are too fucked up to try!”

Dylan feels Corey’s foot align with his balls. More power coming at the left ball. He bends over holding his chest. He then puts his hand down his pants to make sure his balls are still there. This direct kick followed from all the punches and elbows makes his balls feels as though his balls have been flattened.

He walked towards his brother taking his hand of his nuts and up to his bros nose, “see this is what your balls will smell like if they ever drop”
Just as Corey starts to resist the stench of his older bros balls, Dylan raises his knee up with intensity into Corey’s sack. Because he came from below and struck up, the cup pushes straight up slamming Corey’s nuts into his dick. Nearly flattening them.

Corey’s mouth falls open, his arms quivering from the held position behind his head.


Corey slips down to one knee, the cup pressing deeply and incorrectly into his bulge.


Finally done with the stupid cup that has not worked even once, he pulls it out tossing it behind him hoping that Dylan did not notice.

Dylan hardly ever goes for his ballsack, but something clearly has stirred up in his older brother, and his nuts are suffering because of it.

“My god…that was a good hit.”

Admiring it from the floor, Corey turns his face up to Dylan and because Dylan knees him he decides to do the same and he stands up grabbing both of his brother’s bare shoulders and has to admit his muscles are pretty impressive.

Corey’s knee finds its way between Dylan’s thick thighs and he hammers the blow up and high into the bulging basket flattening the ballsack underneath his hard kneecap.

Dylan let’s out a small yelp. Before himself falling on his one knee. Both of his balls have taken a beating today unlike any other. He feels himself sweating trying to regain control of the situation.

“Okay, stand up and spread your legs”

Corey’s knees are shaky. He can’t believe that Dylan is able to stand up.

“Bro…your nuts are made of steel.”

Corey shakes his head in awe and comes to standing, and sucks in his stomach as he puts his hands behind his head again.

“Take easy okay…I’m still hurting from the last knee.” Corey says, hoping that pity might fall on him.

Corey takes in a deep breath preparing himself and says “Okay…just do it.”

Wednesday 10:18pm

Dylan gets a sense of satisfaction that maybe he’ll truly get his revenge now and put his little brother in his place.

He runs forward with a charge and swings his muscular leg into Corey’s plums with the full strength of his muscle.

“They’re such small grapes, I’m not even sure I could hit them without a microscope” Dylan cackles while making muscles

The hit floors Corey, and he drops on all fours his balls seemingly stuck in his throat.

Gasping Corey clutches his nuts, feeling the intense throbbing pain pulsing from both nuts. The hit was direct, and perfect and Corey’s eyes close as he tries to take a breath and finds that he can’t for a moment.

Then the second wave hits him and he gags, sagging further and crumpled at Dylan’s feet. He feels like a dying fish, flopping around after it’s caught. His plan goes up in smoke. He’s never been hit so hard, and by someone that he admires most.

“My…nuts…bro…. ohmygod…” he blurts out laying limp and lifeless on the cool tile floor in just his shorts. That part feels nice on his forehead.



Corey turns over staring up at his brother.

“You got me….so good,” the admittance makes him feel hollow inside as he glances up between his crooked eyes to his big brother laughing in utter delight.

Dylan looks down on his defeated younger brother. He almost feels bad for a second, but then remembers that his little bro almost made him his bitch. He can’t just stop here. He has to learn.

Dylan squats down as if he was bench pressing at the gym and raise ups his shorts, teabagging his little bro with his massive low hangers.

“Sounds like I win roshambo.”

“Ugh! Get those…out of…” Corey grumbles but then it comes to him and he grabs Dylan’s balls with both hands separating his older brother’s nuggets and squeezing the big balls. God his nuts are so much bigger than his own, and this fact only makes him angrier as he bares down hard squeezing Dylan for all he’s worth and making sure that his handholds are strong.

“You have not won yet…” Corey says, voice gruff from the two blows that he has taken between the legs. His own balls are not as tough as Dylan’s.

“Okay whoa, whoa… easy there. Be careful be… ahh” Dylan moans out and kneels down only bringing his balls closer to Corey’s face.

Corey grins at the worried expression crossing his brothers face as he kneads his brothers balls rolling them between his fingers, squeezing here and there. Then Corey focuses in on using his thumbs and driving his thumbs deep into the central cores. The testicles squish under the pressure and buckle spreading like dough balls as Corey flexes his fingers deep into the nut bag.

Dylan’s balls are his, and finally Corey seems to be gaining the upper hand. His muscles in his arms flex, and he squeezes Dylan’s nuts harder. Than an idea happens to come into his head. “I’ll let your balls go…if you make a mess on the floor with your cum.”

Corey wiggles his eyebrows enticing him to make a big splat.

“Show your bro how it works! Ha!” Corey laughs, giggling at his own joke.

“The fuck you… ah.. shit. Yeah I’ll. I’m just let go of my balls for fucks sake”

Dylan bends over feeling his manhood used against him in a cruel way

“Okay, deal!” Corey slowly stops squeezing and moves into a gentle rolling of Dylan’s balls toying with them instead. Sitting up now having a bit of recovery time Dylan watches his big brother loving it every time Dylan winces but he no longer crushes his nuts.

“Go on…rub one out.” Corey says softly putting Dylan’s nuts in one hand, and tickling the bag with the other.

“Show me what you can do, big bro.”

Dylan thought he could take control by saying yes, but he didn’t expect his little to keep holding onto his nuts. He didn’t think he’d have to cum in front of his little bro. He’s humiliated that he actually has to do this.
He pulls out his 7.5 inch cock with a deep vein running through the middle. He starts stroking it. The pressure on his balls helps him along as he starts to tug on the head of his cock. That always makes him cum quicker. He starts he looks down at Corey and the second they make eye contact as almost like a reflex he slams his foot down on Corey’s balls. The second he sees Corey’s face react he can’t help but start to shoot. Five ropes of cum onto Corey’s face. Each one coming out slower than the last with less and less volume.

Corey gasps as Dylan hits his balls, squishing underneath Dylan’s toes hitting him so hard that his mouth falls open. Then Dylan sprays him full in the fall, two of his shots go right into his wide open jaws coating his tongue!


He involuntarily squeezes his fists, as Dylan’s foot holds the pressure on his own trapped nuts squeezing his brother’s busy balls as they empty out the last two volleys hitting his forehead.

“Dylan!” Corey says shuddering. “My…balls…you…my mouth….ugh!”

Corey squeezes once more, causing a bit of cum to spurt out the end of Dylan’s flared cockhead as he drains the rest of his balls in one twisting squeeze.

“I’ll let go of your balls…if you get your foot off of mine…!”

Corey moans, Dylan’s heavy foot closing rank over his ballsack.

Dylan pants for breathe as sweat rolls down his legs and balls from what might’ve been his best cum shot ever.

He tries to keep his balance and in doing so puts all of his weight on his right foot which is keenly placed upon Corey’s grapes

“Ugh bro let go of my balls and I’ll let step off your nuts before I break them.”

He twists his foot a bit.

Corey yodels in pain and throws up his hands.

“Okay…” he croaks… “OK! Now move your fooot!”

Corey moans, his nuts trembling underneath the pressure of Dylan’s big foot.

Corey’s whole body feels electric, and his abs tighten under the strain and his bottom lip quivers.

“Fuck man…you win Roshambo…okay?”

“How about I let my foot go when you cum on yourself?”

Corey hates saying the words, he hates losing but it’s clear that his big brother even after cumming on him is still willing to battle of the nuts has to surrender.

He breathes hard, his body pulsing with energy. Corey can’t believe how much his brother could cum. If he was not in so much pain he would be explaining how impressed he is. Dylan’s hero role if anything just elevated in Corey’s eyes.

He tightens his foot down


“You heard me.”

“If you’re even capable of cumming with this tiny marbles.”

Corey blinks.

“Easy…okay…I…think I can.”

His cheeks burn red. “I…still don’t…know how everything works.” Corey admits biting his lower lip as he moans.

“Can you…show me?”

Corey’s heart thuds harder in his chest as he admits something he didn’t even want to tell anyone ever, he has ejaculated before but always spontaneous, never planned. He’s had night time emissions for a while now. For months…but he has been too put off by the whole thing to really try.

“You don’t have to…touch it…just…show me how?” Corey’s voice is quiet and his heart thuds louder. He thinks that Dylan must be able to hear it.

But then his balls pulse under Dylan’s foot and he wraps his arms around his stomach as a wave of nausea hits him.

“Oh god…”.

Corey can’t believe that he just admitted…that he just said any of that. How did everything go so, so wrong?

Dylan bends down applying more weight with his foot and reaches his hand down Corey’s shorts only to find him raging hard. He begins stroking the tip, knowing that that always makes him cum quickly. He begins tugging on the head and not until long he feels his little bros cock start to tremble. He lets his hand go and watches as the tent in his bros gym shorts starts to gush with cum.

Unbelief clouds over Corey as Dylan milks him, rubbing his raging hardon so quickly and effortlessly and with a few quick strokes it’s all it takes for him to submit his seed. Dylan retracts his hand, and Corey finds his cock pumping out a few bursts of his own cum. Euphoria overwhelms him, and he replaces Dylan’s hand with his own rubbing just his cockhead like Dylan showed him and squirting out the last few volleys into his gym shorts his underwear drenching with sticky thick semen.

Corey breathes so hard as if he ran a marathon and the whole time that his cock throbs and cums Dylan’s foot never leaves his scrotum but keeps the pressure up until every drop is gone.

Finally Corey falls against Dylan, a mask of pain and covered in goo.

“Move…your foot…please bro…I’m so…so sensitive!” Corey says, pleadingly as his big eyes look up into his brothers face.

Corey waits only a second longer before he shoves Dylan with all his might off of his nuts and turns into a ball on the floor clutching his thumping scrotum and still quivering dick. He’s still hard and Corey has no idea why. He can’t even ask as moans words can’t even seem to form on his lips.

Desperate to be alone, he tries to sit-up to crawl away but just as he tries to move pain jerks him back further into himself. It’s as if cumming showed him how much more vulnerable his balls are and it hurts even worse after you cum.

Corey can’t stand being downstairs anymore, and he slowly stands up giving his brother one long distasteful glare as he turns on his heel and limps up the stairs.
Everything went downhill, and he takes three stairs at a time until he reaches the top of the landing but yells down to his brother “This…isn’t over!”

The bathroom door slams, and Corey presses himself against it groaning as he pulls down his wet underwear and gym shorts and heads right for the shower. The quick glance at his groin, showed him his reddened and bruised ballsack and he quickly decides not to touch his balls as the water hits his face. Some of the cum is already drying on his face and Corey wants nothing more than to wash away the memory of this awful event.

He will get Dylan back, and nothing will stop him from doing so. He usually always beats Dylan, but this time Dylan came at him with a fiery intensity and a will not to lose. He is going to have to break that if he plans on coming out on top once again.

Down stairs Dylan picks off the sausages and eats some pizza.

When he’s finished, Dylan heads back up to his room and still turned on from earlier jerks off one more time before going to bed. While in bed he keeps feeling a twinge of pain in his balls all night that prevents him from sleeping well. Dylan almost wants to jerk off again. After all, Dylan finally feels confident he has reclaimed his place as top dog in the house. A title that he lost long ago when Corey had turned thirteen. Corey has a pair of balls too, and Dylan plans on using this advantage from now on. But after tonight Dylan feels rest assured that Corey will not challenge him ever again.




Anonymous said...

Awesome story Jimmy!
I loved the original Men of the house series and it’s wonderful to see the brothers back in action!
It was great seeing 2 plots in one story…the bully revenge and the brother on brother match up.
I particularly like how Corey starts off so cocky…until he takes a couple of shots to his tender boy buds. It’s kinda cool that his brothers bigger nuts are also tougher !
It makes me wonder who would win in Roshambo between Gino and Jayden…those Gomez boys don’t go down easily!

Dagan said...

Jimmy this was fantastic!
Not sure how or when to bring this story back but I am super stoked that you did. Dylan and Corey stories were always fun, and full of explosive endings. Hope to see more from the brothers.


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Reg,

A brother showdown...that could be fun indeed!

Yes, I have always wanted to do a story with Dylan and Corey story and finally a plot hit me. I have another story with the pair of brothers coming up soon, hope that you like that one too!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Dagan,

You must be a long time reader to remember these two characters! Yes, I have another story as I mentioned to Reg coming up with the pair of them. I hope that you enjoy that one!