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The Thieves in Hell House written by Jimmy



The Thieves in Hell House

by Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting. one underage character, and extreme violence. This story is darker than my usual ones  You have been warned.

Ballbusting Boys: The Thief in Hell House written by Jimmy (Part 1)

In the darkened hallway Bill is starting to hyperventilate as he breathes in and out faster and faster. 


Sam knows that he has to stay focused. A new threat is in the house. Mr. Will Brady is on the floor in the entryway unconscious and not moving, and there is a second thief stronger and more experienced than the first inside the house. Worst of all, Sam does not know where he is. 


Turing to face Bill, Sam speaks quickly and does not waste words “Go out the back door, go to the shed. Stay there. I will take care of this.” 


“I can’t…leave you.” Bill is trying to stay strong, he’s breathing hard and looking scared. His voices quavers and he must know how little and pathetic his voice sounds. Ignoring this Sam presses him. 


“Go. I’ve got this.”


Bill is nodding, Sam Hell the Devilboy can barely see but hears him going back through the kitchen towards the exit. 


Next to Sam, the man still tied in the chair tells him “How sweet. You’re both still going to get it.” 


Sam slugs him in the jaw, taking that grin right off his stupid face. 


“Quiet.” Sam reaches down and grasps the thief’s balls giving him a hard, mean squeeze crushing everything dick and all in one gut wrenching nutclaw. 


“You should be scared of me. After all,” Sam growls coming closer to the thief so that he stares at him directly in the crimson eyes that blaze with the fiery intensity that only he can showcase. “When I am done with him. I am coming back for you.” 


Slipping away into the darkened house, Sam Hell moves out of sight and closes his eyes. He is listening hard, trying to maintain, and quiet his breathing as he backs into a corner and waits. 


This is not the first time that the chips were down on the Devilboy, and Sam knows it won’t be his last. 


From the first thief’s clothing on the floor a secret phone that Sam Hell did not find crackles and a voice ringings out. “I am coming to get you, boy. I have heard of you Sam Hell. You aren’t the hero here so don’t even pretend. You are nothing more than an unloved school bully who got a lucky second shot. I’m here to ruin it.” 


‘I am not the hero,’ thinks Sam. ‘I never was, nor will I ever be…but I am a survivor and I will survive him.’ 


A noise hits Sam’s ears it’s feint but Sam Hell knows this house, the second thief is in the room next door…only a wall separates the two and Sam Hell opens his blazing bright red eyes. The darkness seems not as dark now to Sam as he opens his eyelids flashing around the open and still room. He sees differently now that he has kept his eyes closed. The shapes around him are clearer and most importantly, through the open doorway Sam sees the intruder. 


Locking eyes with him he watches as the masked man creeps silently this time towards Sam Hell and the first thief in the kitchen bound to the chair. Sam Hell won’t let him get to the first thief to free him…if that was his intention. No…he won’t let him get that far at all. 


Quieter than air, Sam Hell slides along the wall and into the dining room just as the second thief turns a corner. Sam’s breathing is slowed, along with his heartbeat. He moves ever slowly towards the doorway constantly vigilant as he meticulously stalks the vacated intruder into the hallway. 


When Sam’s eyes flash towards the right Sam Hell knows that he is made. The second thief wears night vision goggles and the barely visible lime light green of the lens catches him and Sam knows that the second thief is far better prepared than the first. 


So Sam Hell does what he can and attacks. Sprinting towards the second thief Sam Hell bellows out as he charges forward but the stun gun in the second thief’s hand discharges and fires, two prongs jutting forward electrical current surging through the wires towards Sam Hell. The Devilboy drops to the ground on all fours, catlike and hears his knee bones strike the hardwood. 


It’s quick, and he hits the ground hard. Up above him Sam Hell watches the metal wires fired by the stun gun just miss him and he rolls away so that the fallen wires don’t touch his bare skin and gets up before the second thief can reload for another charge and swipes the gun from his hand knocking it to the ground his heart no longer still but thundering in his chest Sam Hell’s eyes blaze with intense red raw rage matching the ferocity of his stare “Nice try.” 


Sam Hell punches him right in the nose. 


Blood comes away from the thief’s face, some of which is his own from his scrapped up knuckles. This matters little to Sam as he moves to punch again but the thief is ready for him and kicks up. The air swooshes in front of Sam Hell and up straight into his underwear slamming his devil coins hard against his tailbone with one mighty snap kick. 


Sam gasps, he is surprised almost stunned by the move as the black boot nestled in between his bare thighs is yanked back the toe of the boot clipping him in the sensitive backs of his balls and he moans low his legs trembling. 


“I thought that they were invisible.” 


“Who dares…” Sam croaks out as his fist is caught and turned and pulled along the back of his spine while the thief’s hand reaches upwards sneaking right up into his undies bulge and grabs his bulbous ballsack in one hand. With deft fingers plunging them deep into the cores of Sam Hell’s manhood. 


“Now that I’ve got you, this is what’s going to happen…I’m going to crush your coins until you beg me not to. Then I am going to have you empty your scrotum onto the floor. After discharging you will be much more docile and I will tell you why I am here.” 


Sam’s heart beats furiously in his chest, sweat glistens rolling down his bare sides as this man violates him squeezing his devil coins harder, his nutclaw every bit as strong as his own and devastating the contents of his devil coins. The grip is firm, and even though Sam Hell struggles he can feel how utterly worthless the effort is. But he refuses to succumb…even if he has no choice. 


Sam Hell moans and he clenches his teeth so that he does not cry out. He would hate himself if he did. He will not beg but suffer in… ‘Oh…oh no…’ Sam Hell can feel his cock buried deep between this man’s grabbing, squeezing fingers start to plump up and forces its way between the webbing of his fingers freeing itself and wetting the skin along the way with clear pre-cum. 


“Should have known that you would like it rough.” 


Sam Hell keens and tries to fight harder but then the second thief no longer having to contend with the coiled devil staff focuses on the bulging scrotum of the devil and crushes his victim’s nutbag completely and easily. 


“Uh!” Sam Hell grunts. And then the clog gates open and he can’t stop himself. “Ugh, ugh, oooo. Awww fuck…you bitch…aaawk! Oooo no…. let go… damn you…! My coins…are mightier than your little hand can content with!” Sam Hell barks, as the second thief plunges fingers in and out of his testicle bag impaling the devil coins with each frenzied jab of a finger or thumb.


“Mightier?! Ha! This I am dying to see…” The thief becomes relentless in crushing Sam Hell’s nutbag, and barely five minutes go by before the Devilboy’s resolve appears to crumble.


A hollering, bellowing scream is torn from him as Sam Hell echoes out “UUUUUUUUUUgggggggghhhhhhhhhh oooooooo fuuuuuuuuuck! My coins…you fucker! Ahhhh fuuuck….ing bitch!” 


“There he is…theirs Sam Hell…the cry baby!” 


Sam Hells cheeks flare red but the thief keeps on squeezing and he hardly notices as the arm behind his back is shackled and that arm is cuffed to up above him to the window rod above. This spot was specifically picked out and as Sam’s other hand is cuffed above the legend, the mean, nasty villain is finally caught. 


The thief slowly turns Sam Hell to face him and pulls off the mask. Sam recognizes him immediately. 


“Silas Dark…” 


Silas grins at him, and the hard glint in his eyes tells Sam He’ll that he is in trouble. 


“Surprise Sam. Happy to see me?” Silas Dark leans forward until he is inches away from the Devilboy.


“You have it pretty good here… I am looking forward to messing it all up. Where’s Jake, your right hand reject?” 


The anger flairs in Sam, and he kicks out but Silas catches the strike and deflects it pinning the leg with his own leg. 


“Touché…touché.” Silas says smiling and with his free hand reaches for Sam’s throat and wrapping each finger around Sam’s windpipe reducing his intake of air to a dull trickle. “Still so sensitive, I see.” 


Sam’s face reddens as Silas Dark’s fingers curve around his thickly corded neck. He can’t breathe and his red eyes bulge.


Silas keeps squeezing for another half minute before releasing him.


Immediately Sam is coughing and spluttering, Silas Dark eats that up for a moment before he starts body blasting Sam’s abdomen with a rain of punches aiming for sinking his fists deep into Sam’s guts.


Sam tries to tighten his abdomen as punches slam into his abs, each one sinking deeper as he coughs, his white skin quickly turning red.


On the twentieth punch, Sam gags Silas Dark seems satisfied as Sam Hell’s head lulls and sweat covers his brow. His breathing is weaker and this brings a smile to Silas Dark’s face.


Silas Dark's grey eyes take in Sam Hell and he nods, his black hair falling forward from the continuous effort of putting Sam Hell back into place in his doghouse. Silas pulls his hair back and smiles his crooked grin, a tooth is chipped in front and as Sam Hell’s eyes lock onto it Silas Dark grin turns darker. A frown replaces his smile and he says “Eyeing the scar you left me?”


Silas Dark runs a finger over the sharpened edge, and moves forward until he is breathing in Sam Hell’s face.


“I will be leaving you with a few scars as well, Hell. The debt will be filled. You stole from me Jake…left my gang. Consequences will be had.”


A sharp knife is pulled from his hip, and it seems to shine in the darkness, the moonlight reflected along its sharpened edge. The knife comes up to Sam Hell’s throat, and bites into his skin there a drop of red running down the edge.


“I forgot how sharp it was…” Silas Dark says, a cruel laugh coming from him.


“You…talk too much.” Sam Hell says and as Silas watches the blade kicks out with both feet nailing him as hard as he can.


Silas Dark stumbles backwards his knife flying from his hand as he hits the wall. The house seems to shudder and Sam Hell yells a ferocious battle cry as he yanks the bar above him and feels it give way.


The Devilboy drops to all fours, the cuffs on his wrists remain and his arms shoot pain through him but he is no longer inert and he grabs the bar. Standing quickly, much too fast his head swims and dark spots flood his vision as Silas Dark strives to him kicking him hard in the gut.


Sam Hell drops his knees, and Silas yanks the bar from his hands and tosses it into the other room.


“When are you going to free me?” shouts Jackson. The first thief still tied to the chair where Sam Hell and Bill left him.


“I was not planning on it,” Silas Dark says. “You need to be punished…now wait your turn!” Silas barks over one shoulder turning slightly.


The distraction is enough and Sam Hell balls up both fists and brings them both straight up into Silas Dark’s groin in a double uppercut.


Silas Dark freezes above him, and lets out a long breath.


“You…will regret that.”


Sam Hell grabs a nut forcefully in each hand and squeezes, driving in his thumbs at the same time a look of concentrated effort between his brows.


“Not as much as you are about to,” Sam says. The double nutclaw divides and conquers Silas Dark’s scrotum and Sam Hell bares down on the isolated balls in each crushing fist. Sam Hell is an expert at the nutclaw and he digs with such ferocity and aggression that he feels Silas’s balls squish into unformed balls as he crushes the scrotum into unrecognizable lumps of dough.


Silas Dark sucks at his teeth, and grunts “Not…bad!”


Then he punts Sam Hell right in his unprotected underwear bulge flattening, and smooshing Sam’s testicles against his pubic bone with a hard slap of his black boot.




Sam’s eyes widen and he barely clings onto Silas Dark’s gonads, as the first wave of nut-crunching pain envelopes his entire being.




The second kick is force than the first, as Silas’s Dark toe-punts Sam’s devil coins up and into the crevice between his asscheeks getting his nuts lodged inside next to his asshole. Sam’s gags and releases his hold on Silas Dark’s testicles and pushes back on his knees so that he is sitting on the floor yanking each nut out from between his butt.


Sam’s red eyes cross and he mewls like a dying calf as he glances up at Silas Dark striving forward and grabbing his ankles pulling his legs apart and eyeing the bulge between the Devilboy’s legs with malignant intent.


“Move your hands.”


“No.” Sam says in a whimper, his devil coins are swelling, and excruciating pain threatens to overwhelm his senses as he clamps his hands onto his thundering devil coin pouch.


“Than we do it…the hard way.”


Silas Dark lifts up his boot high into the air, and slams his foot down. The glint of destruction in Silas’s grey eyes as his foot crashes meanly into Sam Hell’s hands. Sam just manages to catch the boot but Silas yanks on Sam’s legs pulling him up, while at the same time he lowers his boot heel.




But it’s too late.


Silas Dark’s boot sinks into Sam’s Hell’s black underwear with sickening crunch followed by a horrid squelch as the devil coins flatten against the pelvis.


The red eyes from the Devilboy roll back into his head and he groans “Not…my coins…. Uhghuh…. Uh…uh…uh…oooooooouuugh…” Sam is left beating the ground uselessly with his fists as Silas squishes his testicles underneath his boot.


“I remember when your balls were rasinetes…not much difference in size Hell.”




Silas Dark rolls his boot sliding it up and down Sam Hell’s groin crushing both dick and nuts underneath, not caring what end of Sam’s groin is caused the most pain.


The laughter, cruel and malicious comes from Silas Dark as he works on destroying his previous member of his gang. The revenge is sweet, and as Sam Hell’s nuts buckle and flatten out he sees the genuine fear in Sam’s red gaze as he looks up at Silas.


“You’re almost finished, Hell.”


Bile rises in the back of Sam’s throat as his balls squish flatter, the hardened shells of his testicles crunch and squash into flatter smoother rounded piles of dough.


“I remember when your devil coins…stupid name, by-the-way used to be the size of rasinetes…they really are not too much more impressive than they were when you were a preteen, Hell,” scoffs Silas Dark with a mean laugh, flipping a lock f his raven sweaty hair out of his grey eyes that glare at the destruction that he is causing between Sam Hell’s overextended thighs.


“Soon you won’t have any balls left.”


“No…you can’t…my oh fuck….” breathing heavy Sam Hell tries to steady himself to put up more of a fight! but his groin…his proud balls are squishing even further and he can feel the edges of each testicle starting to throb most sharply and his red eyes widen in alarm.


Sam Hell shakes his head as gags, tasting bile at the back of his throat.


“Your balls won’t be the first that I destroy…but I look forward to ending you Devilboy.”


Silas Dark stares meanly down at Sam Hell, his useless red pleading eyes from the defeated warrior only encourage Silas to keep going.


He lifts up his foot, and Sam Hell moves to cover his balls but he is sluggish and too slow. The boot thunders downwards as Silas Dark watches Sam Hell’s squished lump start to reform and he lets of a mocking crack of laughter as his heel starts to connect and slam home when…


A baseball bat swings between his legs hitting him so hard that his nuts CRACK! Deep within the folds of his black slacks.


Silas Dark stops midway down, his foot poised for total destruction as Bill yanks the bat free and swings it again like a golfers swing hitting his gonads with another thunderous SMACK! Of pain that jolts his system and slams his laughing jaw shut.


He stumbles over Sam Hell, who curls into a protective ball as Bill strides into the room hitting Silas once more but this time the THUD hits the back of his head and he falls flat on his face and stops moving all together.


“Sam!” Bill yells dropping the bat, and falling to his knees.


“Are you…are they…?”


Bill …Bill…oh fuck Bill, you…saved me.”


Bill grabs Sam’s face and looks at him in his wounded red eyes, “I’ve got you.”


Sam Hell tries to smile, but he can’t. His body shudders, and his weakened devil coins throb painfully in his scrotum. He almost lost…but he does not dwell on this as he holding his privates. He survived…just like always.


Bill moves over to Silas and starts to frisk him, and finds a small metal key on a loop and moves over uncuffing Sam’s wrist before he turns his cold blue eyes on Silas and applies each cuff to his wrists behind his back.


“I don’t know who that fucker is but… he has to pay.” Bill’s voice is low as he turns him over and slaps him in the face hard.


“I’m going to make you my bitch for what you tried to do to Sam,” growls Bill in his little snarly face. Bill stands over him and pulls him off the floor by his shirt staring hard into his unconscious face. “You messed with the wrong family.”


Bill stands up moving around until he is standing on either side of Silas Dark’s pelvis, bat in hand. The wooden bat, old and well used from his t-ball days hits his palm smartly as he glares down his button nose at Silas below.


“You wanted fucked up balls…well try this!”


Bill slams the bat straight down into Silas’s impressive bulge and seeing it dented in as he crashes the bat all the way to the floor with Silas Dark’s balls beneath brings a grin to his face as Silas Dark’s grey eyes flash open and he moans low.


“Awake I..aacccccck!”


Silas Dark kicks up between Bill’s widely stretched out thighs hitting Bill in his small mound so hard that Bill’s nuts snap up and into his stomach.


Bill stumbles back, holding his empty ballsack and gawking down at the flatter than usual bulge in his underwear. He drops to his knees, a silent scream on his face as stares dumbly at his tiny bulge below his navel. Bill remembers Jayden telling him once that this happened to him, but he barely thinks more on it as he takes his privates in hand and falls onto his back.


“Sam…my nuts….ohhhh fuuck!” Bill moans.


“What the fuck is going on in here?”


Will Brady is standing, his hair looks frazzled and the smell of liquor is in the air and as he looks at the three prone figures on the floor someone yells from the entryway of the front doorway.


“The doors open!” Jake says.


“Yeah…it is that’s cause…” and it all seems to come back to Will Brady and his eyes narrow to slits taking in the cuffed figure on the floor that is trying to slither away. “You did this!”


Will is on him in a flash and slugs him in the face, his shoulders heaving as he takes out his cell.


“Police…I would like to report a robbery and a break-in. I have it contained…send a vehicle for pick-up.”


“Dad…?” croaks Bill.


“You okay…sons?” Will asks picking up the wooden bat that Bill had dropped turning to look at Sam and Bill.


“No…but we are glad to see you.”


Jake’s in the room, trying to flick on the lights.


“It’s dead.”


“Fuck…” spats Silas Black as Sam Hell climbs on top of him.


“You came into my house, and after my family. I will kill you now.”


A gentle hand falls on his trembling shoulder, “Sam…it’s over.”


“Not by a longshot.”


“I’ll press charges. He’s going away for a long time. You are safe now…we all are.”


Sirens in distance begin to wail and Sam Hell climbs off of Silas Black his heart thundering loudly, Jake goes rigid beside him.


“Don’t worry boys…they are coming for him. Not you. Head on upstairs, take Bill with you. I can handle it from here.”


“Our records…” Sam warns.


“Don’t worry son.”


Will Brady pats him on the back. “Go on now.”


Bill reaches for Sam’s hand, and Sam turns to hit him…but then sees Bill’s bright pain filled eyes and lowers his arm and scoops him up. Jake follows behind as he carries Bill upstairs.


Sam uses his foot to open Bill’s bedroom door, and carrying him over to the bed. Jake moves to follow but Sam stops him with a look.


“I’ll explain later…go to bed.”


Jake looks like he wants to argue but relents, turning on his heel and stomping out.


Downstairs Will Brady is heard opening the door to police and speaking in low whispers.


“Sam!” Bill moans pulling down his underwear and turning Sam Hell’s head to see his empty ballsack. “They’re gone!”


“Hmmm…” Sam Hell says taking his big hand and covering Bill’s small cock, and fingers rubbing the empty sack. “I see…let me just…”


Sam Hell uses one long index finger to swoop inside of Bill. Bill’s blue eyes widen in alarm, but Sam hooks the small marble and finger swoops the pair out.


Bill sighs in relief, laughing a little and laying back as Sam examines his ballsack.


“You saved me, Bill.”


“You did the same for me, we are even Sam.”


Sam grins, his red eyes flashing.


“I love you, Sam.”


Bill grabs Sam pulling him down on top of him. Sam is still groping at Bill’s balls and small wiener making sure that he is okay when Bill kisses him. The kiss is brief, short and tender but Bill’s penis becomes fully erect as his fingers twist in Sam’s hair.


Sam pulls back surprise on his face…but also something else…something he never expected to feel.


Bill licks his lips, his eyes half-closed, “Thank you, bro.” Bill turns over, yawning closing his eyes as he lays still exhausted from the battle below as the adrenaline rushes out of his system.


He’s asleep in moments. Sam is still holding his erection, and the tiny acorns in Bill’s walnut sized wrinkly sack. The Devilboy gives the handful a gentle squeeze, which causes Bill to moan and whimper in his sleep.


Stepping back and away Sam Hell leaves the bedroom and heads towards his own, but not before he passes by the central staircase.


Silas Dark’s head is bowed, and the silver cuffs reflect on him as he exits the house.


A moment later Will Brady closes the door.


“Finished…Silas Black has a long rap sheet. He’ll do time. Don’t worry Sam, we won’t be seeing him again.” Will says looking up at his foster son.


“What about the other thief?” Sam Hell asks.


Will Brady looks quizzically up at him and says “What other thief?”


Sam Hell’s mouth goes dry, he grips the banister so hard that his fingers turn white. The blood in his veins turns cold, and he rushes down the stairs and into the kitchen looking into the empty chair where he and Bill tied up the thief. The first thief is long gone, the ropes…his clothes…not a drop of evidence left behind.


Will Brady worriedly follows Sam Hell into the kitchen asking again, repeating himself “What other thief?”


Sam Hell says nothing…the swinging back door and knowing that the thief is long gone.


Gritting his teeth, Sam Hell moves to the door and closes and locks it. His heart is still racing, his mind blank.




Sam Hell turns back to face him looking deep into his eyes, reminding him so much of his son asleep upstairs.


“He’s gone…but I will find him. I promise you that.”





Anonymous said...

Amazing story, Jimmy!
I love reading about these big brutes (Sam and Silas) getting their tough nads cracked...and Sam choosing to endure the punishment rather than admit his weakness by submitting is so admirable haha.
I always find Sam super-hot when he gets coins busted.
I love this "history" between Sam and Silas and really hope we get to find out more about their past and future...they both claim to have unbreakable balls and Silas likes to brag that he was always bigger and better where it counts...intriguing!!!
Any plans for more in this series?
And is Sam becoming a new hero of the G&J series?
With these darker characters emerging Sam Hell is becoming a kind of badass-cutie lol. So adorable!
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

agreed Sam is cute when he gets busted

BBfan said...


One of the thieves escaped?!

The one that got away...the first theif is he going to make a return heist?

This was a great story. Bill and Sam are awesome together and I like the brotherly bond between the two. Jake is left out a bit, but thats okay. Hoping for a third installment in this series...amybe it can be called Thief Returns? Always Stealing? You can think of something better i think. haha


Anonymous said...

hi I got a question three years ago this was a vote about which way your story was going to take called the choice my question is are we going to ever see the other time lines that could have happened from that I personally would like to read about option e I think something like that would take a lot of work from them all but they could make it work anyway yeah

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Reg,

I am so happy that you enjoyed this one Reg! I have thoughts about one last thief did escape after all. The Silas and Sam Hell connection has been fun to write, and I enjoyed Silas's ruthlessness. He almost makes Sam Hell our Devilboy seem tame! He is going to juvie now...and it sounds like that could be a fun story to get into. I have no concrete plans yet, Reg but the threads are there to pick up on this for another installment!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

Yeah, Sam is kinda hot when he is trying to maintain his mystic of "invincible devil coins."


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi BBfan,

Yeah, that is what I am toying with. What to do about that lone thief. Does he go back to the scene of the crime? Try to rescue Silas Dark? Bring in reinforcements? I have not decided but I will let you and Reg know what I decide upon!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous, that is an intriguing idea!

If The Choice went differently we could have seen a lot of different story routes. Why are you interested in the last one in particular. Just curious myself now!


Anonymous said...

oh yeah just that last one is the one I am most interested in though this is basically your site at this point and you are the author I am just no one

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

I am still hopeful for Alex's epic return, and luckily the light will be left one. Although, a few nuts and bolts have been crunched along the way. Just to be clear you were thinking The Choice E: Jayden Chooses everyone (Bill, Chase, and Leroy)? or did you mean The Choice Option F: Devilboy Chooses Jayden? I just wanted to check in on which one you wanted to see.


P.S. This is a request that comes from the past way back in November, 2020!

Anonymous said...

The choice e is the would I like to see played out more though like I said you really don't have to do anything for me at all I am just one unimportant person and yeah I know it is from three years ago hard to believe and if Alex dose return that would be awesome it would be great if the be are guest I think is what it is called made a come back I always wanted to sign up for that but I was too Cowardly and now it seems to be too late

Anonymous said...

Hi same anonymous person again do I have other other idea for the choice though this one was not on the poll this is just a idea and is no way me asking you to write something that is your choice lol accidental pun maybe Jayden chooses gino?

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

You never know?!

I hope to see Alex back just as much as you, and his fun guest series was always such a hit with the readers. I hope to see more of those when he returns as well.

Jayden chooses Gino? I don't know if I am going to go there but if anyone wants to write one I would post it! The brothers relationship is such a core feature of the Gino and Jayden series, and I believe it what makes the stories so powerful.

I like the idea of Jayden chooses all...maybe a Valentines Day Special. I will see what I can do!