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Basketball Bully written by Jimmy


Basketball Bully

by Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting and underaged characters.

“You’re the worst on the team,” Declan said with a laugh. “The way you throw a ball, ha!” The black haired boy had been hassling the new kid since he joined last week. Declan was spry, short and always seemed to have the ball.

Chris was taller, stalker and with brown hair. Chris was not as popular or as good looking as Declan, and was finding it difficult to make friends. Declan hassling him about his lousy free throws, sure did not help things.

 “You always get this weird face when you try to take a shot, it’s a mix of like taking a shit and oh fuck I’m the worst player!” Declan said, laughing meanly along with the other boys around them.

Gino a tall seventeen year old was picking up the wet towels from around the locker room muttering, “Logan is the worst coach ever. Putting me on duty as the freaking toy bitch boy.” Gino mumbles coming up to their bench and taking their towels.

“Don’t worry Chris, you won’t be the worst player for long. Coach is bound to take pity on you and cut you from the team!” Declan said with a grin, turning away from him and laughing with the rest of the team.

Chris’s face turned bright red, and he felt his eyes starting to tear up. Gino overheard that one, and stepped forward getting down to one knee and smirking up at Chris. “This is how I deal with assholes,” he whispers and reaches forward as Declan pulls his shirt overhead and grabs the pouch in front of his shorts. Declan’s yellow boxer briefs offer zero protection as Gino grabs the contents and gives a mighty crushing squeeze.

Declan freezes mid laugh, shirt still pulled off overhead and groans, “My balls!” His big blue eyes going wide.

The teammates surrounding Declan stop laughing and turn towards Declan and jaws start dropping it’s Gino, one of Logan’s wrestlers and he’s got their captains balls in his fist.

“You see, Chris” Gino said loudly his voice rising above the shocked boys gasps, and he gives his hand crushing Declan’s balls a shake. “When you go for the ball on the court make sure to really grab it, like I am doing with Declan here. He’s such a good sport letting me make an example out of him for your benefit. But honestly, just dig in and grab those suckers when they come to you and don’t be afraid of really digging your fingers in. Right Declan, that’s how one grabs balls on the court? Am I right?” Gino said, with a grin giving his ball crushing claw a wicked twist.

“Oh!” Declan gasps, biting his bottom lip. “You…fucker.” He swore in a whispered voice. The shirt falls from his arms as Declan moves to extricate his nuts from Gino’s gasp.

Gino laughed and stands up, and with strength pulls Declan up to, the freshman hangs precariously in the air only supported by Gino’s hand clutching his fat nuggets. Declan grabs onto Gino’s arm trying to alleviate some of the building pressure in his ballsack and keens, “Oh my fucking nuts!”

“Now, I want to apologize to Chris here for being a dick.”

“Nnn no,” Declan whined, his pride getting in the way as his blue eyes cross, and he leans back against Gino’s frame groaning.

“That’s fine, you can always stay here with me until you’re ready. I enjoy busting balls, even tiny ones like yours,” Gino laughed meanly. “My little brother Jayden’s balls are bigger than these sad pathetic testes. Maybe they haven’t even dropped yet…huh, maybe that’s why they don’t hurt. Can you even shoot sperm? Or…” and Gino runs his other hand up Declan’s thigh reaching up to encircle the boys cock, “Do you still shoot dry?”

The locker room goes extra quiet, only Chris seemed to be enjoying the show and he smiles up at Gino and the spectacle playing out before him.

“Fuck! Okay…okay…I’m fucking sorry! Alright!”

“Good boy,” Gino said dropping him.

Declan landed on all fours, and goes to grab his balls but Gino grabs his arms lifting them up over head, before tucking them behind his back, securing them in place. “Chris, give Declan here a good kick. Declan I have to work this shift today and tomorrow and all next week because of Logan. Every day that I am here, Chris is going to take a free shot on your fruity pebbles. Every day. That’s seven kicks, after the one he is going to do now. By the end of this if you aren’t nicer, I’ll be the one that takes over the kicking duty and I’ll do it until the end of the year. Got it?” Gino said yanking Declan’s arms further up his back. Declan gasps and nods, “Fuck, okay!”

“Good! Chris, show Declan that your free throws might still suck, but your kicks, they are pretty damn deadly.”

Chris laughs easily and comes to stand in front of Declan.

Declan gives him a mean look, but Chris ignores him and focuses on the task in front of him and takes careful aim before he launched his bare foot up and straight into Declan’s crotch.

Declan’s blue eyes go wide, and he closes them tight groaning.

“I don’t think I did that right,” Chris said.

Gino grinned.

“What!?” Declan said shocked. “You hit both of my nuts!”

“Can I go again?” Chris asked, staring at Gino.

“By all means.”

Chris smiled, and then said. “You know how terrible my aim is.” Without further ado, Chris launched a second kick deep into Declan’s pouch, the balls gave a soft smacking sound as they hit Declan’s pubic bone and he groaned, whimpering.

“Hey Gino,” another basketball player comes up and puts a hand on his shoulder and looks at him. “I think I could benefit from some extra practice, Declan always said my free throws sucked too.”

A few other boys chime in the same things and Declan starts shaking his head, but Gino only chuckles. “I would hate for anyone of you to not get in some extra practice, and neither would your captain here.

Declan gulps as the whole team lines up behind Chris.

“Chris were you successful with that last kick?” Gino asked, with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Naw, but practice makes perfect, hold him still for me Gino.”

“You got it, kid.”

Declan starts to protest but Chris’s third kick stops him flat as his balls bounce against his lower abs, with a sick sad splat.

“Got them finally!” Chris said with a laugh, coming up to stand next to Declan and Gino to watch the show every basketball player takes one step closer, to take a turn.

Afterwards Gino hears the door close to the locker room, the team has left their captain behind and Chris seemed to have gained some popularity as the team surrounds him heading out of the gym laughing and high fiving each other.

Declan is curled into a ball on the floor, feeling his bloated balls and trying not to cry.

Gino finally finished with the towels moves to leave Declan behind as well, but stops at the door and comes back to issue one last final warning. “I don’t like assholes,” Gino bends down to look at Declan in the eye. “You’re going to be nice to that kid until he graduates or else today will repeat until I graduate next year.” Gino smiles, and then puts one hand on the kid’s bare shoulder grasping it hard. “Then my brother Jayden will take over, and he hates assholes worse than I do. Better start learning hot not to be a dick…if you ever intend to use the one you’ve got.”

Gino stands up, and thinks about hurting the kid’s balls some more but really Declan’s balls are far too immature, he’s going to go home and toy with a better set.

“Lock up for me, when you’re done whining about your puny nuts,” Gino said turning on his heel and leaving the locker room.





Y1ddo said...

Another great story, my friend! You've got to love it when a bully gets put back in his place... Gino really gets to show his good side in these kind of situations!

I lost access to my e-mail account again, so I sent you a mail from my new account. Hopefully I won't have any more trouble with this one... If you didn't get it, my new address is

Sincerely, Y1ddo

Anonymous said...

Excellent story! Poor Declan, being grabbed by the nuts by Gino is bad enough without being told they're smaller than Gino's fourteen year old kid brother.
Loved it!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Y1ddo!

Happy to see that you can post again, I know that it was not working for a while. Are you getting my emails back? Just checking!

And yeah, Gino as the "nice guy" can be fun to write. He can be kind sometimes. LOL!

~ Jimmy

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Reg,

You know that Gino loves to point that out to anyone that he gets his hands on! Poor Declan better be careful around Gino... or really any guy. Gino loves to bust everyone!