Monday, March 6, 2023

Supersons: Robin VS Superboy written by Jimmy


The Supersons Robin VS Superboy

By Jimmy

 Warning: I do not own any Batman or DC related properties, this is an act of fiction. Also, this is not my artist work in the comic. It was sent by a good friend that wants MORE ballbusting and Robin stories. 

Damian Wayne might have bitten off more than he can chew…this time.

Superboy is in the batcave. The batcave…his home. This is unacceptable.

"Yaaagh!" Superboy and Robin scream upon seeing each other.

"Rrrraw!" Robin growls hurtling Superboy, aka Jon Kent over one shoulder so that thr teen slams against a pillar with a crunching WHAMMMM!


"Intruder alert!" Robin yells hurtling batarangs, spinning at Superboy.

"It's me you idiot!"


The batarangs connect, hitting Jon Kent easily as Robin rushes forward yellow and black cape flying behind him.

"We. Are. Not. Friends!" screams Damian Wayne in Jon Kent's face.

"Never said that we were!" Jon fires back, just as angry now.

Robin is steaming with anger over Jon Kent coming to his cave, and he growls deep in the back of his throat as he plans his next move of attack.

"Then what the hell are you doing here?" challenegs Damian slamming his open palm into Superboy's chest.



Robin finds himself across the room a sSuperboy strikes him hard.


"Ggg..gnnnfff!" Robin croaks out as he falls on his back.

Superboy soars across the room, and just as Robin is getting up to stand Jon Kent slams a punch deep into Robin's guts causing him to gag and retch.


Robin's tongue sticks out, and before he goes limp Jon Kent punches him again...this time lower. Robin's bulge crunches hard and he feels his testicles instantly flatten as Superboy hits him perfectly in his twins.

Robin goes down hard, a moan escaping his parted lips.

But as he falls, Superboy gets in one more shot. An uppercut clips him in the chin with a horrid bone crunching WHAM!

"You..." Damian Wayne gasps grimacing in the muddy area of the cavern floor, as his balls throb in his singlet pouch. He does not move to grab himself, to give Superboy the satisfication of knowing that he hurt him.


The mud sinks in as his body crashes back down before he pulls himself up on his wobbly knees. Superboy glides over not moving until he comes face to face with the boy wonder.

Then the two do the unthinkable and kick out, Robin's foot and Superboys sneaker making a dent in each other's packages.

Both freeze for an instant feeing the pain throbbing between their legs as Alfred calls out:

"Master Damian! What is going on down there?"


Damain grimaces, his cape hiding his lower body as his trembling legs threaten to give out on him.

"This ain't over yet... no one has ever dared... you will regret this Robin." Superboy groans, holding his jean glad bulge and in a burst of speed he is gone.


"Master Damian!" Alfred calls down the stairs from the hidden clock. "What was that?"

"Training..." croaks Robin dropping to his knees and holding his throbbing testes. 

"Need anything, Master Damian?"

"Ice," he whispers to himself before Damian yells up "I'm fine, Alfred!"

"Very good, sir. Happy training then."

Alfred departs as Damian closes his eyes, planning on how to best Superboy when they next meet up.



Anonymous said...


So good seeing Damian finally getting crunched! I've always wanted to see some supersons ballbusting so this story was pretty great (wished it was a bit longer, but I guess I can't expect much for a Monday story)

My favorite part has to absolutely be the scene where the two of them kicked each other in the balls at the same time, that kind of mutual ballbusting is always SO GOOD! Especially when the two are bitter rivals! (Also, I guess Jon's weakness isn't only Kryptonite)

I cannot wait to see their rematch! Wonder who will win

Bat Boy Nuts or Superboy Nuts!

Anonymous said...

(I know Monday stories are usually short, but I really hope this one is a bit longer to see them have a truly nut-shattering fight)

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'm hapy that you enjoyed it!

Next Monday's is five pages (minus the photos). So it's a bit longer! I always wanted the pair to bust each other they have!

Hope that you will like the finale!


Русский Парень said...

Хочется чтоб суперсыновьям больше хрустели орехами. Гораздо больше

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Русский Парень,

More to come with these two! They are in a story together tomorrow! Hope that you enjoy that one too!


Privet Russkiy Paren',

Bol'she, chtoby priyti s etimi dvumya! Zavtra oni vmeste v istorii! Nadeyus', vam eto tozhe ponravitsya!

~ Dzhimmi