Monday, December 13, 2021

Snapshot: Why I Did Nothing Wrong?

Snapshot: Why, I did Nothing Wrong This Time?

By Jimmy



My brother was walking down the hallway. He’s my younger brother. He’s got a mop of brown hair, mud brown eyes, large brown caterpillar eyebrows, and is always cracking jokes at my expense.

I figured twelve was old enough.

Walking down the hallway, he smirks at me that big old grin, and sticks out his pink tongue at me making a raspberry sound in his throat and I could not help it. I waited until he was close enough and I grabbed his thin shoulders, feeling the hard bones in his shoulders as I match his grin, and plow my knee right in between his stick legs feeling my knee hit his full basket.

He looks up at me, his eyes glazing over in absolute shock, and I grin wider twisting my knee and feeling his round eggs squish in his athletic shorts, the material giving him no protection just like I planned.

“Oops, did I get your balsies?” I laugh letting him go.

He looks at me with a wounded expression and his legs lock together and like the movies as he drops to the ground.

“Gotcha I say,” skipping down the hallway hearing his sad little moans feeling my ears.

I wait at the end of the hallway, until he finally gets up.

He was on all fours for quite sometime, but I wait patiently using my hand mirror to time this just right. Just as he moves to his bedroom door, his back to me I kick up and straight in between his legs aiming for the center. I feel one of his balls, but not the other so I kick him again before he can get to his balls.

He drops to his knees this time and I say, “Jeeze, kicking your balls always makes me so exhausted…”

“Why sis?” he croaks. “I did nothing this time…”

He moans, and I sit down on the flow feigning exhaustion.

He’s grabbing his crotch, his eyes closed and he looks stupid.

“Because dummy, I can. Now you know that if you piss me off I can ruin your day anytime I want.” I stand up in victory, watching as his shoulders shake, his eyes still squeezed shut, whimpering.

Laughing I turn back to my room but not before I throw one more barb at my younger twelve year old brother, “Your nuts are the size of grapes. You must be the saddest kid when you change for gym!”

He opens his eyes then, his muddy brown things staring at me with pure hatred mixed in with the pain.

“Maybe you’ll hit a growth spurt soon, otherwise…” I trail off making my thumb and finger as small as possible. “You won’t be getting much action.”


Anonymous said...

I'm never sure if I should be grateful my sister wasn't like that or jealous ;)

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Morning Anonymous,

Yeah, I am happy that my sister did not. But, it is interesting to think about.