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Jayden Just Wanted Some Alone Time


Jayden Just Wanted Some Alone Time

By Jimmy



Jayden is frustrated.

A few minutes ago, he had a phone conversation with his boyfriend that did not bode well. Jayden is still reliving it in his head as he stares at his bedroom ceiling contemplating what he should do next, hands tucked behind his head, his shirt rising up revealing a sliver of creamy light tan skin, that caves in around his navel.

“Hey, I can’t make it tonight.”

Jayden held the phone tightly in one hand, his grip becoming stronger as he tries to process what Chase is trying to tell him. “But I have been waiting for a week!” Jayden complains, trying to keep the whininess from his voice.

Jayden knows that Chase is smiling, even if he cannot see him by what he says next.

Chase says, “We could always do it on Monday, what’s a few more days.”

“Monday is in two more days. I am not waiting until Monday. Waiting a week was bad enough. I’m not waiting any longer,” Jayden says pedaling his bike faster, the wind rushing through his wavy brown hair with the sunlight warming his back through his shirt.

“You mean…?”

“Yup, I’m going to have some much needed alone time,” Jayden says smiling to himself. “Have fun with the boys, you are going to be missing out Chase.”

Chase growls on the other line, “But you were saving that for me.”

“Not anymore,” Jayden answers flicking his phone off.

Jayden has been hard for days. Typically Jayden takes care of business at least twice a day, more if he can get away with it; but he has to be careful around his older brother. Chase had the idea that the two of them should wait a full week and then get back together tonight and it would be even more special when they had their date. It’s been three months since they started dating and the pair are actually doing well together, a fact that still surprises and pleases Jayden. Part of him suspected that Chase might mess things up but in actuality he’s been really good; relatively speaking. Jayden can see how much Chase is trying and knows how much he is valued in his boyfriend’s eyes. But that does not help him with tonight’s problem: he has to cum.

Lying on his bed Jayden slowly pulls his shirt up revealing more of his taut stomach, and growing six-pack. Jayden’s light brown skin is flawlessly smooth, each muscle seems to be highlighted and ready for what is coming next. His body is thrumming with energy and vigor, and Jayden quivers when his fingertips trail up his stomach pulling up his t-shirt, his fingertips are light and exploratory. Jayden is staring at his shorts which are tented, and he seems to have been erected since this morning he believes, he is so achingly hard that it hurts. Biting his lower lip Jayden slowly lowers his gym shorts illuminating his red boxer shorts and his huge outline of his dick. Immediately, he notices that at the tip of his penis has a large wet spot from all the pre-cum he is still producing, a bit is oozing out and the tiny glob rolls down the crown of his mushroom head through his underwear. Jayden can’t help but moan, trying to keep it down and not be overheard by any of his family members; everyone is home. Slowly he reaches down with lithe trembling finger to graze the thick shaft and he coos at his gentle caress.

Jayden’s breathing picks up as he teases the head of his penis, and he arches his back his brown eyes losing focus as he stares up at the ceiling. “Ugh,” he groans feeling his full length from tip to stock and back again, always needing more, his dick demanding his full attention. Jayden’s toes curl into his mattress, as he grips both sides of his underwear and slowly starts to lower his shorts down, kicking them off with his bare feet when they get low enough on his thick thighs.

Jayden’s breathing becomes ragged as he pulls down the top of his underwear and his cock springs free plopping onto his stomach with a thin trail of pre-cum branching from his red underwear to the tip of his penis. Biting his lip Jayden slips his underwear all the way down to his balls which roll around before resting on his left thigh. With both hands Jayden grabs his boy nuts fitting each one nicely inside of his palms, as he enjoys feeling of the full weight of his testicles. Carefully Jayden moves the orbs between his fingers feeling the warm oval shapes in the silky hairless smooth ballsac as he plays with himself imagining other boy’s nuts in his hands instead such as that of his boyfriend Chase’s pair or Max’s.

One hand places his right ball carefully back as Jayden reaches for his pulsing erection his hand wrapping around the stalky, thick shaft; one vein stands out prominently, the stark blue of it reminds Jayden how ready he is. Jayden sighs while he runs his fingertips up and down, adding a few quick feverish pumps from lotion bottle from his nightstand. Jayden’s steady grip makes him shiver as he strokes along the tip to root and almost immediately Jayden feels his heartbeat increase and quicken as his fingers start to glide along rubbing in the smooth lotion. Jayden begins to pick up speed, as he gently squeezes his left ball as he is unable to fit both of his nuts into one hand.

The steady sound of jerking off permeates the room bouncing off the walls around him, and Jayden digs in deep hearing the “Chucka, chucka,” coming from his hand flying up and down his cock. Jayden knows that he won’t last much longer and he hisses out a moan between his teeth trying to keep down the sound. “Oh fuck…” he whimpers squeezing his head, his mud brown eyes losing focus staring blankly at the ceiling above while his hand whirls up and down his shaft, the sensations reverberating throughout his whole body which feels rigid like a drawn bow ready to snap at any moment.

The door to his bedroom bursts open and Jayden sit up moving his hands away from his dick with a groan. Jayden is red faced, but nothing is redder than his pulsating erection and his father’s laughter fills the room as he tosses something to his youngest son, “Jayden want to play…” but Marco Gomez freezes and covers his eyes. “I should have knocked,” he laughs nervously, taking a step backwards as the something that Marco threw flies towards Jayden.

“Privacy!” Jayden says out of breath, completely embarrassed as recognition comes to him and the whirling spinning object registers with him a second before it slams into his bare boy nuts nailing him squarely on top of his very full balls.

Jayden freezes as the football impacts his testicles, slamming them against his thighs before the ball bounces off and rolls back to his father landing at his feet.

“Oh god,” Jayden whimpers, his face growing if possible even redder as he covers himself with his hands and pulls up his shorts groaning, rolling to the side facing the wall opposite of the doorway, hoping that his father would just go away.

Marco grimaces hearing his son’s moans, “Shoot…I didn’t mean…did I get you?” Marco asks with fatherly concern, his uncertainty in his voice is clear and he takes no steps further through his youngest son’s threshold.

Jayden flicks him a thumbs up before he goes back to nursing his gonads. The football managed to pulverize his unsuspecting boy nuts and end his desire and enthusiasm for wanting to ejaculate.

“I’m just going to…” Marco starts, and looks over at his son and finishes with, “Sorry about that.”

The door thankfully closes, and Jayden sighs in relief his fingers still probing his balls rolling the two testicles in his sac, his penis still achingly erect. ‘Shouldn’t that have ended my erection?’ Jayden ponders as he starts to squeeze his cock again imagining that Chase was the one to hit him with a football instead.

Jayden rolls back over onto his back and yanks down his underwear again. ‘Screw it! I’m still going to cum.’

Filling his hand with more lotion that came off in his underwear Jayden resumes his wanking in earnest, slow at first but quickly getting back into the rhythm as his body responds, the sensations of strumming through him once more. Jayden’s heartbeat picks up again, his torso twists this way and that and his toes once again curl biting into his mattress with vigor.

Jayden gets close again, his breathing changing while his hand pumps his cock up and down, the mighty teen erection feels harder than steel in his hand as his fingers grip his shaft hard holding the pulsing boy meat in his hand as he gets ready.

Moaning Jayden eyes widen and his back arches coming off of the mattress, his thighs spreading further apart as he gets into the zone of no return when his bedroom door opens again.

“Jesus!” Gino laughs and Jayden sits up groaning again covering himself with his blanket.

“Gino! Knock!” Jayden angrily spits out being denied his orgasm again, feeling more than frustrated.

Gino’s laughter increases with volume as he enters his younger brother’s room, closing the door behind him a devilish smile creeping over his face. Gino is wearing a faded sky blue tank top from his days when he used to attend Midtown High, and the material is tight across the chest. The schools emblem is mostly faded and a few holes are on one side near the bottom.

“Come spot me, you can play with yourself later.”

“I’m…busy!” Jayden retorts, glaring daggers at his older brother and waving vaguely at his crotch.

“I won’t keep you from…this, for long. Come on I need a spot!”

“You are such a dick,” Jayden grumbles pulling up his underwear and shorts, giving in knowing full well what would happen if he did not.

Still smiling Gino watches his brother adjust himself, trying to hide his glaringly obvious erection in his shorts and failing to do so.

“Teenagers,” Gino laughs putting Jayden in a headlock and dragging him from the room.

“Ugh! You stink!” Jayden complains as Gino drags him down the hallway into the garage that was turned into a gym, his face plunged deep into Gino’s smelly armpit. While smelling Gino’s pungent aroma he enters the workout space with his brother. The equipment is well used, and old. Marco Gomez has collected the pieces over the years and they have seen better days. Jayden still prefers this room, than the high tech one at Bartlet. That might have to do with his familiarity with it, and that he hates to be watched by others.

Gino moves over to the seated weight bench and lays down, spreading his legs on opposite sides of the thin weight bench his weights already racked. Jayden comes behind him getting into position to spot his older brother who has a tendency to put too much weight on. Jayden knows that he wants to get as big as Logan Krueger, their wrestling captain and those are some big shoes to fill; but nothing will stop Gino from trying.

Gino scoffs as Jayden’s erection comes straight in front of his line of vision blocking the bar. “Really bro?” Gino taunts knocking it aside with a whack. Jayden’s dong swings back and forth and Gino sighs kneeling on the bench. “We can’t have that, can we?” Gino asks rhetorically as he leads with a hard right punch that slams Jayden’s balls wildly up and between his butt cheeks ending their streak through the air by hitting his ass.

Jayden’s jaw drops open, and he follows his jaw dropping as he slips down to his knees grabbing his balls a fresh wave of pain blazes in his nuggets and seems to rip him open, the pain spreading from his ballsac up into his guts.

“Gin…o,” Jayden whines, his eyes crisscrossing hearing his brothers chuckles distantly.

“That should fix that problem. Is your willy still standing straight up? If so I can give it another wallop,” Gino grins mischievously watching Jayden as he cradles his boy nuts.

Jayden does not answer but stays on his knees feeling his oats, and wishing not for the first time this evening that Chase did not change plans.

Growing bored, Gino turns away and starts to get into his next set. Enjoying the small moans that hears from his younger brother as he finishes his last set.

“I didn’t hit you that hard,” Gino complains. “Usually you are tougher than this.”

“I have not cum in…” Jayden stops himself, recognizing that it is a very bad idea to tell Gino what predicament that he is in.

Gino seems to have understood him just fine. “Really? Chase not doing his job. Well, don’t you worry! After this, I can take care of you little bro. Get you all cleaned out.”

Jayden gulps, “No that’s okay. I can…”

“Can you?” Gino says coming over to him. Jayden is sitting on the floor now, his balls don’t hurt as bad but concern floods him as Gino stands above him. “Sounds like you are all backed up. That’s not healthy. You can count on me.”

Gino grins reaching down and lifting Jayden up by his armpits and shoving him against the pullup machine. Jayden’s back presses into the back of the blue pad as Gino pins him in place. Jayden’s heart beat hammers in his chest, and a trickle of sweat runs down his brow from his brown curly hairline.

“How should I do this?” Gino ponders out loud grabbing Jayden’s erection, which did not go down from the punch. “A hand job? Oral? Or should I beat it out of these spud makers?”

Jayden shakes his head staring up at Gino gasping out “None of the above. I can…”

But Jayden did not get the chance to finish his statement as Gino knees him in between his legs, his thigh easily slipping in between his brother’s wide-spread open legs. Gino’s thigh nails both of his balls perfectly, with deadly precision clipping him in his full testicles which crash against the blue padding sandwiching them in place.

Gasping, Jayden grabs Gino’s forearms holding him in place “My balls!” He hollers out.

Gino only smiles holding Jayden up as he keeps his thick thigh in place and starts to bounce Jayden on his extended knee, slamming his nuts over and over again his arm muscles tense keeping Jayden in this position, but it is worth it.

“Nnng,” Jayden groans on each drop, his brown eyes glazing over as Gino reaches down and rubs the head of Jayden’s plump penis through his mesh shorts feeling the wetness at the tip.

“Not bad bro, but I think you got more in you,” Gino teases as he bounces him again making Jayden’s body cramp up in agony and his chest falls against Gino’s, his mouth opening and closing in horror.

“Gino…my nuts…” Jayden moans.

Gino grabs the back of Jayden’s head by his thick brown hair and pulls him back so he can stare at him in the eyes, drinking in the pain that he is causing him.

“Ready to cum, yet?” Gino asks.

“No…stop…my nuts…” Jayden pleads, his balls stuck between his own pelvis and Gino’s extended thigh, his bare feet dangling helplessly in the air as he hangs in this air feeling the a ragdoll tossed around.

Gino seems to consider the plea but shakes his head. “Naw…I don’t think so.”

A buzzing in Jayden’s pocket causes Gino to pause and he reaches into Jayden’s mesh lined pocket pulling out the device and flicking it on.

“Hello?” Gino says into the iPhone.


“Nope, it’s his best brother in the world. Who is this?” Gino asks.

“My name is Caleb. I’m Jayden’s friend, I kind of hoping to talk to him. I need his help…”

Gino thinks quickly and then answers, “You are one of Logan’s cousins, the older one.” Gino let’s Jayden go, and immediately he rolls into the fetal position on the cold cement garage floor grabbing himself and feeling stupid and in pain.

“Yeah that’s right,” Caleb answers.

“You need babysitting?” Gino asks playfully.

“No!” Caleb calls out loudly. “I’m thirteen now. I don’t need a babysitter anymore.”

“Uhuh. Then why do you need my brother?” Gino questions his eyes on his younger brother grimacing hard on the floor, clutching his balls protectively.

Caleb pauses and then says. “I screwed up in school, and I have Saturday detention tomorrow. I have to write a paper apologizing for what I did. I need Jayden’s help to make sure it’s good enough. Is he there?”

Gino looks down at Jayden smiling, “In a manner of speaking. I’ll drop him off. He wouldn’t want you to be in anymore trouble.” Gino clicks the phone off and moves over to his younger brother. “We will finish what I started when you get back, be in the truck in five or I will come get you.” Gino jokes, walking out of the garage leaving Jayden to nurse his sore, and swollen ball sac.

Jayden arrives at Logan Krueger’s cousin’s house about a half-hour later.

Gino slides the passenger side window down, his toothy grin spies on him from inside the truck shrouded in darkness, his gleaming white teeth shinning in the dying embers from the sun. “See you soon little brother,” Gino says taking off down the road spitting rocks nicking at Jayden’s bare calves.

Jayden shakes his head, reminding himself that he plans on sneaking in his bedroom window to avoid his older brother when he goes home tonight.

Turning toward Caleb and Junior’s bright house, he sighs trying in vain to tuck his erection in between his underwear and stomach so his obviousness isn’t immediately noticed.

Before heading down the walkway lined with spring daisies, the colorful pinks and yellows open-faced and starring at the almost sunless red orange sky Jayden’s attention is drawn to Chase’s house next-door. All of the lights are on, and music carries across the yard and Jayden hopes to catch a glimpse of Chase in the window but he must be out back maybe in his pool with Adam and the twins by his side or in the dining room snacking on something delicious prepared by his help. Jayden longs to go there, but instead sets his jaw on the task at hand and heads dutifully forward and ringing the doorbell.

Just as Jayden moves to touch the glowing button again, the door opens and Junior smiles at him in surprise. “I thought that was you,” Junior says beaming up at him. The twelve year-old wears a white tank top, his blonde hair damp and dripping onto his bare shoulders a comb in one hand, while he holds the door open welcoming Jayden inside.

“Hey Junior, how are you?” Jayden asks stepping inside the glowing home, grabbing Junior’s left shoulder warmly, his fingers pressing into his skin which is still wet from the shower.

“Awesome, it’s the weekend,” Junior answers sliding his now free hand around Jayden’s waist and giving him a hug a half hug. “What are you doing here?’

“He’s here to help me,” Caleb informs him stepping down the stairs and eyeing Jayden’s apparel and smirking at his shorts noticing right away Jayden’s dilemma. “Happy to see me?” Caleb asks.

Jayden gulps, and crosses his arms in front of his shorts, trying to hide the obvious tent with a notebook he brought for Caleb’s writing.

Shaking his head, Caleb motions Jayden to follow him. “My homework is in my room, follow me.”

Junior turns to follow, but Caleb shakes his head. “He is here for me Junior. Not you.”

Junior’s eyes narrow and he pushes on, “You need all the help that you can get.”

Caleb rolls his eyes, but does not argue the point further. The three of them enter the bedroom, and Junior jumps onto the bed, pulling Jayden down next to him.

“What’s that?” Junior asks poking Jayden in his stiffy.

Jayden groans and pushes his hand away, “Don’t worry about it,” Jayden answers quickly.

“He’s so hard right now,” Caleb explains.

“Yeah, I can SEE that,” Junior laughs reaching over to poke him again.

“Can we focus,” Jayden laughs starting to tussle with Junior who keeps trying to make a grab at him. “Remember, why I am here!”

“Yeah Junior!” Caleb calls over and sits on the other side of Jayden, making the light blonde hairs along his neck stand up. “We need to focus,” he whispers reaching down while Jayden is busily engaged with Junior and places his hand on top of Jayden’s erection grabbing the head and giving it squeeze.

Jayden convulses, a thick pulse of pre-cum comes to the surface, wetting his mesh shorts and Caleb laughs saying, “It’s wet!”

“Really?” Junior asks with a high pitched giggle.

Jayden pulls himself away from the brothers, standing up and escaping their clawing, searching fingers from searching his shorts for buried treasures.

“Nope, I am not playing this game,” Jayden says coming to standing after fighting the two scrappy brothers off.

“Get him,” says Caleb launching himself up at Jayden.

Jayden spins towards him, knee raised to block the incoming low blow with his thigh. The move was successful, more than Jayden expects, as Caleb runs straight into the raised leg his little package connecting solidly as Caleb crotches himself. Jayden watches with a bemused expression as Caleb nuts himself on his knee, feeling the two tiny grapes smoosh against his unforgiving kneecap, squishing flat; the two tiny orbs never standing a chance.

Caleb blanches, coughs once, the smile dropping from his face as he falls back onto his bed burying his hands inside of his shorts grabbing his bare balls moaning.

Junior laughs at his brother, before he jumps onto Jayden’s back and the two twist in the air as Jayden carries the full weight of the youngest Krueger brother on his shoulder’s spinning around trying to dislodge him. Junior holds on tight still laughing, calling for Caleb to help him as his older brother clutches his small sac moaning in discomfort. Jayden managed to hit Caleb squarely in the balls blasting the two straight into his pubic bone and they throb something awful in between his delicate fingers, his tiny penis seems to have shrunk in fear from the blow that Jayden gave to him; his blue eyes clouding over trying to process what hit him.

“My balls,” Caleb groans quietly to himself, his voice nothing but a whisper in the bedroom.

Coming to a full stop Jayden tosses Junior off of his shoulders onto the bed next to his older brother. Even his bouncing brother’s body sends a ripple of pain through his ballsac and Caleb grimaces. Caleb has noticed that now he is thirteen his balls are super sensitive to being hit, and Jayden crushed his grapes flat.

Out of breath Junior smiles up at Jayden. “Do it again,” he laughs.

“No!” Jayden laughs back, unable to keep a grin from appearing on his face. “Now, give up!”

“Never,” Junior grunts sitting up and grabbing Jayden by his tank top and yanking him off his feet.

“Shit,” Jayden laughs falling onto Junior who rolls so that he is on top, his squirmy little body pinning Jayden to the mattress. “Ha, I got you!” Junior smirks reaching one hand between them, Jayden sensing where he is going and a tremor of fear runs through him.

Jayden latches onto the creeping member, and a Junior’s second hand tries from a different angle and it’s all Jayden can do to defend his privates from being grabbed by the youngster. Jayden squirms underneath him his thighs wide open hanging off of Caleb’s bed. Jayden knows how wide-open and vulnerable he is, and he gulps as Junior’s fingers inch lower getting closer to his crotch.

“Junior…” Jayden warns, part pleading creeping into his voice.

“I’m almost there,” Junior says tickling Jayden’s bellybutton, pinching the small nub making Jayden jump in apprehension thinking that he got something much more vitally important. “So jumpy,” says Junior pinching it again, and Jayden’s erection pulses at his touch making him groan.

“Huh,” Junior thinks out loud pinching Jayden’s outie belly button again. “You like that?” Junior asks his blue eyes full of wonder as he toys with Jayden below him.

“Get…off,” Jayden says groaning again, his grip slipping and one of Junior’s hands gets to his waistband of his gym shorts and wiggles his prying fingers inside.

“Come on, let me see!” Junior says and Jayden shakes his head in answer as Junior gets dangerously closer, his exploratory digits mere inches from his engorged head of his erection.

Jayden gulps as Junior’s middle finger dabs directly into his spongy head pressing the invading finger into the center, pre-cum oozing over the finger. “You are so hard!” the boy laughs rubbing his finger in small semi-circles around his cockhead, his fingernail pressing deep causing Jayden to gasp.

Junior looks over at his brother and says, “Get up Caleb! I’ve got him. Grab his boynuts and he is finished.”

Caleb only groans rolling into a ball so that he can watch the two of them. “He got my balls so good. My nuts are in so much pain.”

Junior rolls his blue eyes in exasperation. “Guess I have to do everything myself.” Junior twists his knees so that one of them has space enough to slam into Jayden’s side jarring him. Jayden hisses in a gasp and loses his grip on Junior just for a moment which is all it takes for Logan’s youngest cousin to grab his balls one in each hand.

“Now you are in trouble,” Junior says, emphasizing his point by giving Jayden’s balls a squeeze.

“My…” Jayden starts to say.

“Yup, I got your boynuts. I named them that after all,” Junior laughs squeezing the two big balls some more. Junior is amazed, Jayden’s balls seem bigger than usual. ‘Maybe they grew?’ The boy ponders twisting the balls in his hands feeling Jayden writhe underneath him in discomfort and pain.

“Nnng!” Jayden groans and his hips buck up trying to dislodge Junior but all that happens is his erection digs into Junior’s stomach and Junior’s jaw drops open feeling the sword pressed into him.

“Jayden…you are so big!” Junior says with a grin. “Did you know that?” Junior asks Caleb.

“I felt his dick before, so yeah I knew.”

Junior turns his attention back to his captive as he shifts up to sitting and plops down right on top of Jayden’s erection his bottom slamming against the rigged pole. Jayden gasps, and wheezes in and out trying to gain control of his pulsing erection which has a mind of its own thrusts up into Junior’s butt. Junior squirms a bit rotating his hips so that he grinds his bottom against Jayden’s erection and the contact makes Jayden groan in a shudder. Jayden’s orgasm which has never really gone away creeps up on him and he desperately tries not to cum from Junior bouncing on top of his pelvis, while Junior uses his balls as anchors as he jumps and jives on top of him.

Jayden knowing that if he does not do something soon then he will nut in his shorts. With all of Jayden’s incredible strength he grabs Junior about the shoulder and heaves the younger boy off him, breathing a sigh of relief as his erection throbs in his mesh lined shorts so close to going off before tossing Junior to the side. Jayden quickly sits up grabbing his crotch and skipping off the bed and away from the Krueger brothers.

Junior already recovering from Jayden’s shove and bounces off the bed flying towards Jayden, his teeth are bared in laughter as the bedroom door opens and Logan steps inside.

“Hey guys, are you ready…” but Logan stops midsentence taking in his younger cousins, one clutching himself rolling on the bed while the other spears Jayden in the middle and the two drop to the hard wood floor.

All the breath in Jayden’s lungs whooshes out of him as he lands hard on the floor, stars blurring his darkening vision for a moment before Junior lands a punch in his guts, his abs defenseless as Junior hammers a second shot right below Jayden’s belly button.

Logan grabs Junior around the waist easily lifting him off Jayden who stays on the floor dazed, and a little lightheaded trying to remember how to breathe properly.

“Junior, lay off of Jayden’s abs for a bit he looks…” Logan says gazing down and smirks at Jayden spotting Jayden’s discomfort and blazing erection at the same time. “Like he needs a break,” Logan finishes.

Junior squirms in Logan’s grasp, his body hot and sweaty manages to dislodge one of his feet which he uses to pelt in between Logan’s widespread unsuspecting legs.

Logan’s blue eyes bulge open as Junior connects with his fat nuts, his bathing suit offering no protection. With a cough, Logan slowly lowers Junior to the floor, Junior’s curious blue eyes stare at his older cousins, “Got you good, huh?” he asks.

Logan says nothing, but he does not have to. Junior grins and shoves Logan away from himself but Logan holds on tight. “I said,” Logan grimaces “That we are going to give Jayden a break, okay?”

“Sure,” Junior says, his smile widening as he hammers his knee right up between Logan’s closed thighs. The thin knee manages to snake its way through Logan’s protective stance and catching his bulge smartly, knocking his older cousins balls up until they smack dully against his stomach.

“I’ll play with yours instead!” Junior laughs and pushes Logan again. This time he is successful as Logan crumples to his knees grabbing himself and feeling stupid.

“Shiiiit,” Logan groans moving to grab his unprotected nuts, but Junior gets there first grabbing Logan’s shoulders and kicking as hard as he can his foot sinking deep into Logan’s crotch loving the way his toes crush the fleshy orbs underfoot annihilating Logan’s manhood.

Junior watches with glee as Logan tumbles further onto his side, finally able to grab a hold of his strumming testicles, which pulse within his sac with sharp, nauseating stabs of shooting pain. Junior tares his gaze from Logan’s groaning form back to Jayden who appears to be in the same state. Caleb’s bedroom is full of groans, and boys clutching their damaged nutsacs.

Grabbing Jayden’s ankles he rips them apart, and Jayden still covering his most important equipment attempts to reason with Junior. “Wait, don’t!”

Junior rolls his sparkling blue eyes, his mischievous smile in place as he lowers his foot to Jayden’s hands covering his balls. Junior’s bare foot creeps around Jayden’s hands as he whistles, his big toe climbing Jayden’s thick, still hard erection and grabbing the crown with his toes and giving it a little squeeze.

Jayden’s muddy brown eyes widen, and he shakes his head, “Junior!” he calls out grabbing Junior’s foot with both hands pushing the foot off. Junior grits his teeth and presses his foot back down using Jayden’s ankles as leverage pulling him slightly off the floor.

Junior’s foot slowly lowers casing Jayden to gulp in dismay, his brown eyes widening as he watches helplessly as Junior wiggles his toes in anticipation getting ever closer to his prize. “I’ve almost got you,” Junior says with determination as he gains another inch, Jayden’s damp sweaty hands losing ground as Junior’s foot hovers over his vulnerable balls which quake with fear.

Attempting one last plea, Jayden looks up at Junior. “You already got my balls Junior, do you have too again?” Jayden asks.

“I’m not really after your boy balls,” Junior emphasizes his big toe points downward wiggling at Jayden’s engorged erection, his toenail scraping his shorts along his shaft making Jayden shiver and gasp quietly. “I have my eyes on a different prize.”

“Shit,” Jayden gulps, as Junior runs his big toe back up along his penile frenulum and Jayden can’t help but moan his hips bucking up. Junior grins devilishly as Jayden’s reaction and he presses his foot down another inch so that his heel rests a hairsbreadth away from his big balls but the top half of his foot now has more access to Jayden’s dick.

Caleb finally recovers enough to sit up and grimaces a bit, clutching his small pebbles seeing Jayden’s predicament he smiles a bit walking over to his younger brother, just as Junior’s heel connects with Jayden’s nutsac squishing them comically down to the wooden floor. Caleb watches with fascination as Jayden’s balls flatten out underneath Junior’s heel widening as they squish downwards trapped between the unforgiving wooden floor and the back of his brothers foot.

“If you shift your heel a bit back, you’ll have more leverage” Caleb suggests as his blue eyes concentrate on Jayden’s nuts.

“Thanks bro!” Junior says still smiling at him shifting his stance and gaining more power in both his grip and how effective he can crush Jayden’s nuts.

“Oh shit…” Jayden whimpers, his nuts flattening under Junior’s big foot causes shooting pain to explode up from his crotch into his stomach, which cramps as he grits his teeth. The multiple blows to his boyhood over the evening finally weighing him down. Jayden gazes dully up at the Krueger brother’s surrendering to his fate as Junior pumps his foot up and down into his crotch squishing his balls and giving him a tiny bit of relief before stomping right back down.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh,” Jayden groans each time Junior digs his nuts into the floor, his throbbing erection grows, if possible, even firmer as he throbs in his mesh shorts, his back arching up as Jayden grabs the floor his fingernails digging in.

“He’s almost there,” Caleb says, which does not need emphasizing. The wet spot in Jayden’s mesh shorts has grown and his hardening tool stands erectly upwards and Caleb crouches down to get a better view. “Just a bit more,” Caleb explains. “Should not be too much longer.”

Logan rolls to his side, getting a better view of his cousins and Jayden being dominated by the mischief pair. Logan wants to help Jayden, but his own aching goods keep him in the fetal position, and he tends to favor protecting his own sac over someone else’s.

Jayden can feel himself getting closer, his body aches in a different way than the sharp pain ripping through him because of Junior’s heel plunging in and out of his crotch, as if he were a Plummer using a plunger trying to remove a stubborn clog. Jayden’s body tingles, his breath is getting raspier, and he cannot stop himself from biting his lip or thrusting his penis up and against Junior’s foot craving for a good strong grip.

“I’m…” Jayden manages to say before losing the ability to speak, his brown eyes rolling back into his head, his whole body taut like a string to a violin, ready to snap at the tiniest amount of pressure.

Grinning, Junior digs in one last time feeling like Jayden is ready as he presses his foot all the way to the floor only Jayden’s balls prevent his foot from completely touching at all angles and Jayden bolts up groaning in agony and with strength, he did not realize he had left he shoves Junior in the stomach. Junior not expecting anymore resistance from Jayden is caught unaware and loses his balance falling back onto his butt looking dazed and as if he were just robbed of getting a Christmas gift.

Jayden rolls onto his side grabbing a hold of his balls, which feel tender and bruised and tries to get a hold of his breathing. He was so close to cumming.

“Well, I should have known it was going to be me who finishes things,” Caleb explains still in his crotched position reaching both of his hands towards Jayden’s crotch going on a scavenger hunt for some eggs.

Junior still on his butt narrows his eyes at his older brother, not wanting to lose his prize crawls over to him as he starts to tussle with Jayden, and while he is not paying attention and is otherwise preoccupied reaches one hand between Caleb’s legs and grabbing the small package that hangs there close to the pubic bone and grabs it.

Caleb pauses, one hand on Jayden’s left forearm and the other around Jayden’s protective hand cupping his genitals feeling a sinking feeling as Junior gets a grip on his walnut sac and gives it a long, hard squeeze.

“Junior!” Caleb gasps in shock and renewed pain, letting go of Jayden’s arm and hand and putting his own in the air. “Don’t man!”

“Jayden’s mine,” Junior emphasizes crushing his brother’s nuts, enjoying the early surrender from his thirteen-year older brother and his fingers turn bone white from squeezing so hard, hearing the catch in Caleb’s voice and the whimper as he twists his hands making his older brother’s frame shake and his arms held up in surrender shudder.

“Not my balls,” Caleb groans, as he pleads with his younger brother.

Usually, Caleb is the one busting him and Junior is enjoying the role reversal as he puts one arm around his brother’s neck pulling him to his chest so that he can squeeze his tiny nuggets more easily. Unlike Jayden’s ballsac his brother Caleb’s is much smaller. The testicles remind Junior of large grapes…maybe a bit smaller than that. Junior loves that his own boyhood is bigger than his brother’s and he whispers in Caleb’s ear, “My balls are at least twice as big as yours.” Junior reminds him.

Caleb moans, his balls hurt so much. Caleb can’t believe how mush worse they hurt now that his balls dropped a few weeks ago. They are so sensitive, and he lays helpless in his brothers arms unable to say anything as Junior twists his ballsac this way and that, the whole while squishing and squashing his nuts.

“You…ugh, ugh…you are crushing them!”

Junior laughs, “I got everyone’s balls tonight!” Junior exclaims redoubling his efforts to plunder Caleb’s boyhood, his fist ironclad and unforgiving as he squeezes with all his might.

Caleb is putty in Junior’s embrace as his younger brother toys with him, twisting and squashing his boy balls. Each twist of his sac makes Caleb let out these little gasping sounds as Junior owns him enjoying the feeling of owning his older brother for the first time in his young life. Caleb struggles in Junior’s embrace to get free but his strength is leaving him and he can’t help but slump back his breathing ragged as Junior’s tight fist gives his sac a sad little shake making his limp penis dance in his underwear. “Bro…” Caleb pleads. “Stop…Junior…” Caleb moans, his balls pulsing in his small sac.

“Tell me Caleb…do you regret always going after my boynuts now?” Junior asks digging his fingers deep into the centers of Caleb’s oval shape testicles. The difference in ballbusting someone like Caleb compared to Jayden or Logan is that Junior can use one had to squeeze and because Caleb is so tiny he can manipulate the balls in his fist in anyway he wishes, which makes the ball grip hellish to take as Junior can get creative.

Junior is in awe of the various ways he can apply a ball grip on Caleb. He has tried the full hand, the two fingers, and just the thumb. Every ball grip has been slightly different than the last but the best part are the sounds that come from Caleb, the pleading, and feeling him shake as he grips him tight to his chest all due to Junior’s ability to own his brother’s nuts. Junior wishes that he could see his face but the way that Caleb is staring blankly at the wall he can imagine it perfectly and that’s when he feels his older brother’s penis start to plump up against his closed fist.

“Caleb…are you getting hard?” Junior asks quietly, smirking.

“No…” Caleb says, trying to deny it.

“I mean it’s so small that I almost missed it, but I think that it’s your penis, right? Or is it a miniature sized pencil that you were going to use on your homework with Jayden?” Junior asks tauntingly.

“I’m gonna…” Caleb starts to threaten, but Junior twisted the ballsac and pulled up hushing Caleb whose fight seems to have gone out of him as soon as Junior rekindled it with his taunt.

Logan finally climbs to all fours, and grunt “Junior,” in warning getting to his feet.

“Things were just starting to get interesting,” Junior complains watching his older cousin climb to standing and come towards him. Junior takes one long last squeeze of his brothers’ testicles before moving to meet Logan head on, already missing his brother’s jewels in his fist.

Caleb collapses without a sound, closing his eyes and wishing for the night to be over. ‘A morning’s detention sounds pleasurable to what is happening in my bedroom right now’ thinks Caleb as he fingers his bloated testicles, promising himself to get even with his little brother very soon.

Logan lunges as Junior to scoop him up and crush him in a bear hug, but Junior sidesteps him and kicks the back of his knee forcing him to drop to his knees. Junior moves forward quickly, wrapping his arms around Logan’s large neck and squeezing his windpipe, stealing the air in Logan’s lungs.

Jayden knowing that studying is out of the question decides to sneak out and starts crawling towards the door so that the Krueger family can battle this out without his involvement.

Junior is all smiles tightening his choke hold around Logan’s neck pressing him forearm deep into Logan’s windpipe, hearing his older cousin gasp and fight him to remove it. Junior uses his free hand to punch him right below his ribcage causing Logan to grunt. Junior moves to repeat the blow but sees Jayden sneaking out of Caleb’s bedroom from the corner of his blue eye.

“Where do you think, you are going?” Junior demands, gritting his teeth, slamming a second punch into Logan’s solar plexus making his eyes bulge out as Junior releases him and rushes forward to stop Jayden from escaping.

Junior sidesteps Logan, moving past his older cousin who gasps grasping his throat with one hand as Junior passes past him. Jayden’s heart beats fasters and he feels his balls squirm in his sac trying to retreat and hide as he grasps the door handle.

“I forgot to wash the dishes at my house,” Jayden lies lamely, pulling the door open as Junior moves in to stop him. “Sorry, got to go.”

At the last moment Logan grabs Junior’s ankle yanking him back.

“No!” Junior growls spinning to stop Logan.

“Go,” Logan suggests. “Escape while you can, you aren’t even getting paid anymore.”

“This ain’t over!” Junior calls over his shoulder as Jayden slips out the bedroom closing the door behind him, hearing the satisfying click and hurries down the stairs hearing the grunting of the Kruger cousins above and the tell tale whomp of a foot connecting with something fleshy and the sad moan from Logan.

‘Better hurry,’ Jayden thinks as the front door swings shut behind him and he runs to his bike, excited to get away and head home. He has an important job to finish; he thinks as he reaches down to arrange his sore testicles on his bike seat and decides to stand the whole way home his still fully erect penis leading him Northwood towards home.

Jayden is almost home.

Jayden peels around the corner, hoping against hope that he makes it in time to have what he is sure to be the most explosive orgasm of his young life when he sees two people blocking his path. Quickly Jayden breaks as fast as he can, his black tires screeching on the pavement barely coming to a full stop and not bumping into his newest neighbor, whom he briefly dated: Leroy.

Leroy is accompanied by his date Aldo.

The two boys have been dating as long as he and Chase have been and Jayden’s been meaning to ask the two of them to do a double date for a while, figuring that might be a fun couple’s night out. Leroy is a tall slender black boy, with a great eight-pack and dazzling bright white smile. Leroy has been styling his hair slightly different nowadays with a slow bald fade along the sides. His black curly hair appears fluffy and stylish all aimed towards the front of his head and the look accentuates his warm brown eyes, flecked with bits of gold. Leroy’s mouth hangs open and he says, “Wow there, you almost crashed into us!”

“Sorry,” Jayden says apologizing coming off his bike, his aching erection bounces in front of him slightly obscenely making him blush. Jayden tries to ignore it as he slaps Leroy’s hand in greeting. “You two, okay?”

“We are fine,” Aldo confirms running a hand through his own dark brown locks. Aldo is shorter than Leroy, but his swimmers build and stocky tight frame more than make up for the height difference. Aldo’s skin is light brown, slightly darker than Jayden’s own. Aldo’s own dark eyes are similar to Jayden’s own except for some key differences like the shorter eye lashes, the thicker eyebrows and the brown appearing almost black, with the iris appearing almost as dark against his pupils. While Aldo plays with his hair, Jayden sees that his sleeves shirt offers a large view of his muscular sides and almost hairless armpit with a bit of nip peeking out on either side of his tight frame making Jayden think about licking it. Man does he need to cum.

“You two on a date?” Jayden asks, shuffling his feet wanting to head home but not wanting to appear rude.

“Yeah, it just ended,” says Leroy leaning down and kissing Aldo on the mouth.

A small moan escapes, not from Aldo but from Jayden and the two boys look at him quizzically, but its Aldo who puts it together first.

“Jayden, you seem kinda…horny,” Aldo says, a big smile spreading across his face.

“Ummm,” Jayden starts not sure where to go next so the sound continues until it dies out as he tries to cross his legs.

“Oh shit!” Leroy grins looking down, putting one hand on his mouth. “You are so hard right now! Look at that stiffy!”

Jayden looks uncomfortable for a few beats before he says, “I gotta be heading home. To ahhh….ummm take care of some things.” He finishes lamely swinging one foot over his bike, coming to a full stop inches from his bike seat trying to get away.

“Hold up,” Leroy grabs the handles of Jayden’s bike. “Did you come from Chase’s? How come you and he…”

“Long story,” Jayden sighs.

“We have to help him out,” Aldo says putting a hand on Jayden’s shoulder, gripping him firmly. “Right?” Aldo asks giving Leroy a meaningful look.

Leroy stares back and Jayden glances between the two and shakes his head.

“Really I have to head home,” Jayden says again.

But something passes between Aldo and Leroy, and it made Jayden’s light blond hairs stand up on the back of his neck in warning. Jayden gulps and tries to jump in with “I’ll be fine. I can take care of myself.”

“Clearly not!” Leroy scoffs reaching between the bike handles and knocking Jayden’s cock, which swings like a pendulum in his mesh lined shorts back and forth.

Jayden closes his eyes, and grunts.

“We need to clean you out man,” Aldo agrees pulling on Jayden’s arm.

“Ummm, guys?” Jayden gives a fake laugh. “Believe me, I’m a big boy. I got this.”

Leroy sighs, “Looks like we need to do this the hard way, Aldo.”

“Fine by me. I owe Jayden from losing to him in that championship match. That’s not the real reason I’m doing this though Jayden, just to be clear. It’s just icing on the cake. I wouldn’t want you to fuck a tree or something, you in a bad way.” Aldo grins, licking his lips.

“Guys!” Jayden says trying to reason with Leroy and Aldo as the two pull him off the bike. Jayden tries to fight the two off but there are too many arms and Jayden finds his pinned behind his back by Leroy, before he can fully comprehend what is happening leaving Aldo in front grinning.

“This is going to hurt at first…but it’s for your own good,” Aldo explains.

“Aldo,” Jayden shakes his head trying to get his hands freed, but Leroy holds him tightly keeping them locked behind his back, his legs spread wide and his heart starts to thump wildly in his chest. Jayden’s sleeveless shirt is pulled tight across his chest, the end coming up catching around his abdomen showing off a stretch of skin in the dying evening light. “You don’t have to do this.”

“Yeah bro, I do,” Aldo says coming right up to Jayden grabbing his shoulders and taking aim. Jayden closes his eyes, blocking out the pale florescent streetlight above him as Aldo punishes him with a wicked quick knee between his legs, slicing straight up and true into his bulging full scrotum rearranging the contents.

Jayden gasps, lurching forward. Leroy pulls back and Jayden hardly notices as Aldo’s thigh intrudes so deep into his crotch that he hits Jayden’s pubic bone. The kneecap of Aldo’s knee clicks painfully against Jayden’s pelvis, with his balls mushed in between.

Aldo yanks his knee free and Jayden whimpers starring down dully at his crotch and his erection that still will not go down.

“I figured that would have done it,” Aldo comments.

“Do it again,” suggests Leroy, giving his shoulders a shake. “Jayden can take a lot.”

“True,” Aldo agrees lining up his knee for another shot.

Jayden opens his mouth to protest but he is too slow and the second blow hits so hard that Jayden thinks his balls might be up in his throat.

The world has gone dull around Jayden, but he is conscious enough to hear the sounds of boyish laughter coming from his ‘friends’ and the stabbing pain deep with his balls.

“My…boynuts…” Jayden whimpers out.

“I bet that if you let go of his arms, that he would still be standing,” Aldo says.

“More than likely,” agrees Leroy. “Now go back to work, Jayden’s not going to finish himself.”

Aldo thumps his forehead as if he has forgotten something important. Leroy laughs and Aldo leans in for kiss, Jayden between them. Jayden feels Aldo’s own rod start to chub up while the pair share a kiss and Jayden moans again, his rock-hard leaking erection pressed against Aldo’s abdomen.

“He’s in a bad way,” Aldo says pulling out of Leroy’s embrace and grabbing Jayden’s hair turning his head so he stares at him meeting his dark eyes. “Don’t worry, it won’t be too much longer now.”

Aldo takes a step back and Jayden too full of exhaustion to try to muster the energy to stop him relents as Aldo kicks straight up with a little “Hi-yah!”

Jayden hears the sneaker first before he notices the connection to his nuts, but as soon as he does, he feels it and wishes that he did not. His balls blaze, stinging sharply as they slap against his abs and go swinging wildly banging into each other as Aldo watches with fascination whispering “They are like ping-pong balls,” he laughs making eye contact with Leroy and winking.

Shaking his head Aldo kicks him three more times in quick succession until Leroy says, “He’s about done, get in close and get em.”

Aldo nods in agreement but Leroy can barely see him. The sky is starless, and the one street lamp above them flickers now and then until it goes out completely leaving them in darkness and Aldo has to get real close to Jayden to see him properly his eyes adjusting to the lightless night. “Almost done buddy,” Aldo says yanking down Jayden’s mesh lined pants. Jayden only grunts to the reaction as Aldo takes another step and reaches his hands out running them down the full length of Jayden’s erection feeling the strong full length of him.

“Wow, he is so big Leroy.”

“Told you,” Leroy says behind Jayden, his breath warm against Jayden’s neck. “He’s a big boy.”

“You can say that again,” says Aldo dropping to his knees and grabbing Jayden roughly by the root of his manhood. A silent tremor ripples down his frame and Jayden gulps once.

“Still with us?” Aldo asks.

“Uhuh,” Jayden nods but his head lulls a bit downwards trying to see Aldo and what he is up to.


Pushing Jayden’s balls to the bottom of his sac Aldo licks his lips as rears back his arm and hammers his fist into his open palm. Jayden’s balls bulge between and around his fingers that are holding his scrotum as the impact ripples up and down his arm from impact.

Jayden gasps loudly, coming fully around, his penis still aching above his scrotum pulses visibly in front of Aldo’s face barely inches away and Aldo sees a drop or pre drip off the end of the stained underwear dropping silently into the grass.

Aldo gives no warning before punching Jayden’s balls again.

Jayden’s erection pulses again, his rigid cock arching up and Jayden grits his teeth trying not to scream.

Aldo rolls Jayden’s balls his fingers light and methodical as he measures their worth in his palm. At the same time Aldo starts to toy with him Leroy leans in licking Jayden’s earlobe the pink tongue starting at the top and rolling all the way down until he starts to nibble at the end of Jayden’s ear, whispering for him to “Cum, Jayden. It’s time to cum.”

Jayden gasps at the gentle touches and he molds his back against Leroy’s front, the old familiar body welcoming and receptive as Leroy releases Jayden’s arms so both of his can swoop up and underneath Jayden’s tank top grabbing a hold of his nipples and giving the tips a pinch. Jayden thrusts upwards and squirms as Aldo rolls his underwear down and taking a hold of his bare balls one in each hand and starts to bounce them playfully in his sac enjoying reddening orbs movements. Even that gentle bouncing makes Jayden’s forehead crease and he grimaces as Leroy’s tongue swoops down from his ear and grasps the side of his neck making a sucking, slurping sound.

“Please,” Jayden whimpers “I have to come,” he admits.

Jayden’s erection trembles in anticipation the knob is soaked in his precum from being in his underwear and it glistens in the streetlight that turns on briefly overhead as if the beacon of light is leading Aldo to his destination. Aldo smells the air and the pungent boy smell coming off Jayden draws him in as he ceases his bouncing of Jayden’s testicles and grips them tightly making Jayden freeze. Aldo leans in and with a tentative lick tastes the fragrantly filled air close to Jayden before he lowers his head and Jayden feels the warm, wet first lick at his tip. Jayden almost screams, but clenches his teeth instead hissing out his pent-up breath, and sucks in another lungful and groans long and low.

“Again,” Jayden almost begs, his voice low and gravely, finally caving into his guttural desires.

Leroy is hickying down Jayden’s neck causing Jayden to gasp at each tentative love bite, leaving a trail of red marks and wet salvia behind peppering Jayden’s smooth neck with indented teeth marks. When Leroy moves to Jayden’s collarbone, Aldo swoops in and put’s Jayden’s ballooned fully flared cockhead in his mouth, closing his lips around and sucks.

Jayden gasps, “Fuuuuuck!” low in his throat, his raw voice puncturing the sweet night spring air as fireflies begin to alight the darkness around them, covering the sky in blinks of ash fire light twinkling like stardust. Jayden loses focus on everything, and thrusts deep into Aldo’s throat his cock sliding down Aldo’s velvety throat.

Aldo picks up on Jayden’s rhythm quickly and the two work together so well it was as if Aldo and Jayden have done this many times before as Aldo and Jayden thrust and suck perfectly in tune. Jayden has been on the edge for days, and this night he has been so close so often that Jayden is already in the zone, and he opens his mouth to tell Aldo, to warn him but he never gets the chance.

At that moment, Aldo squeezes Jayden’s nuts so hard that it rips his voice from his throat, and it silences him instantly causing his whole body to quiver and shake.

“You are so close,” Leroy whispers coming up and replacing one of his squeezing fingers with his teeth on Jayden’s left nipple nibbling the end and sucking at the tip, using his hot wet tongue to dab at the hardened end.

Jayden’s jaw falls open, and he squeezes his brown eyes shut blocking out the firelights from the lazy lightening bugs and concentrates on his thrusting in and out of Aldo’s throat and when he hits the back of Aldo’s warm wet sucking embrace his whole body rigidifies and his penis freezes, and his toes dig into the grass. Jayden’s body seems to be singing and Aldo responds sucky longing and deep once more and twisting Jayden’s nuts to opposite ends of his sac as Jayden’s orgasm comes to fruition and the fourteen-year-old’s fully erect form cannot hold back another moment longer. Jayden grunts and his balls churn in Aldo’s fingers, which grip his scrotum so hard that he almost screams again as Jayden’s brown eyes burst open and he grunts once before he finally, thankfully cums.

Aldo is taken aback, Jayden’s cock tingles and explodes filling his throat with the first two volley’s and he coughs trying to take the third, fourth, and fifth as Jayden just keeps cumming his dick spraying down Aldo’s throat like a water pistol the force of the splashes surprises Aldo and he eases up on Jayden’s balls so that they can empty within his willing throat.

Jayden is huffing and puffing, his body is electric and he leans back against Leroy who still nibbles on one of his nipples as he starts to thrust in and out of Aldo’s mouth again, his lip curling into a smile as the built up erection he’s had for days finally comes undone. Jayden is a mess twisting, and grunting his whole body pulls and thrusts and all at once his whole body locks in place, his buttocks becoming stronger than steal as he fires his last bits of semen into Aldo’s mouth.

Jayden falls back completely spent, his quivering body is heavy and Leroy needs both hands to hold him up as Aldo sucks Jayden’s still erect penis some more until nothing else comes out. Aldo decides to make sure he won’t forget this and re-grabs Jayden’s balls and pressing each orb to the opposite side of his sweaty sac slams the two boynuts together; crushing them against each other.

Aldo laughs at his brilliant move as Jayden’s body jumps off of Leroy for a moment, until Jayden sinks back sadly against him and he moans out “My boynuts, oh god.”

Grinning, Aldo does the move again and Jayden’s thrusts once in the air and sprays him in the face as his second orgasm rips through him and with no one holding Jayden’s erection he coats Aldo all over the face and chest before he can grab Jayden’s pole and pump him twice more and Jayden now thinking he’s finally done slips from Leroy’s hands and ends up in the grass staring up at Aldo and Leroy both grinning down at him, his cock still dripping and churning.

“That was hot,” Leroy says smiling.

“Yeah, it sure was.” Aldo wipes his face and puts his fingers in his mouth to suck off the rest of Jayden’s semen.

“Nnngh,” Jayden moans pulling up his mesh shorts and closing his eyes, his penis finally subsiding but pulsing nonetheless.

He must have fallen asleep because his phone buzzes in his pocket and Jayden sits up answering it blinking in the darkness his phone bright.


“Jayden, want to come over now? They guys are asleep.”

Jayden shakes his head and stretches, as he pieces together what happened. “You are too late. I’m no longer horny.”

Chase grunts, “You going to make me take care of this myself?”

A beep signals a text message and Jayden grins at the photo that appears on his screen.

“Yup. Night Chase.”

Jayden clicks the end call button on his screen and stretches heading to his house, finally Jayden’s penis lays limp in his shorts and as he climbs into his window he smiles thankfully at his bed as he climbs inside of his warm blankets leaving the window open, his eyelids heavy drift close and Jayden slumps into sleep dreaming of Chase not having anyone to take care of his little problem. A smile cracks his face and Jayden murmurs into his pillow as his breathing slows and the night claims him.


Mickey said...

Goodnesss! I love seeing Logan being helpless against smaller and supposedly weaker opponents and his cousins just make the perfect opponents 😆😆😆

Unknown said...

Hi Mickey,

I will see what I can do to try and bring a story about with Logan and his cousins back to the forefront! Consider it message heard!



Harry said...

Uh oh. My dude Gino gonna be jealous that all these other guys are playing with his fave toys. I hope he’s not losing his edge…:)

Anonymous said...

Loved this story, Jimmy, as always. Reg

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Harry,

You know how Gino would hate others playing with Jayden, those are his brother balls to play with after all; lol. If Gino ever found out he would not be very happy.

I doubt Harry, Gino would ever lose that, haha.


Hi Reg,

I am always happy to make you smile while reading my stuff Reg. And all of you should thank Reg, whenever I think of writing something else he always says..."What about this...?" Or "This idea would be really cool." Without Reg this series would not be as cool as it is.



Anonymous said...

I know Logan loves his little cousins a lot and he would never do anything to hurt them, but he seriously needs to stop being such a big pushover with them, I was really surprised at how much of a sadist Junior turned out to be! I really liked how he handled Caleb, since he actually deserved getting his smaller balls busted, and I really loved how he insulted his size, but I was really surprised when he started to choke Logan with his bare hands, sure he is smaller than him, but still, I know there's people that love it when Logan gets humiliated and dominated by his opponents (Most of Logan's appearances have been mostly that) but I would really love it if, after countless of stories where his little cousins have abused the hell out of his balls, that one day Logan could turn the tables on them and get a win against them for once, since in this series, it's fair game!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

That is a very intriguing idea. I'll see what I can come up with. It might be high time for Logan to get some good old fashioned revenge against the two of them!

As for Junior, I think he was testing his newly crowned power at being able to finally beat Caleb and he might have gotten out of hand.

I will see what I can do come Christmas break!



Anonymous said...

We haven’t seen yet a Chase vs Doug real rematch 🥲 It would be nice.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

Hmm, you know another member asked for a one on one match, this could be a good opportunity for that. Also, Doug is coming up in one of my stories in the future. I hope that you end up enjoying that one!