Monday, December 6, 2021

Snapshot: Hung by Jimmy



By Jimmy


“You can’t lift me.”

“I bet I can,” says Rex.

“No way,” Max retorts giving his brother a playful push.

Rex hits the wall with a thunk.  Pretending to be wounded Rex clutches at his chest holding the exact spot where Max pushed him.

“You broke my heart!” Rex deadpans, holding his chest and flicking open a button on the top of his pajama top, and then another so that he can see his bare skin where his heart would be, before looking up at Max his twin brother and giving a fake whimper. “I wanted to prove how strong I am, come on give me a chance to test these muscles!

Rex rips open the rest of his pajama shirt the bottom button flying across the room in a show of strength baring his full chest, and pumping his arms showing off his developing muscles.

Rolling his amber eyes Max strives forward to push him again but Rex sees him coming and comes at him. The two meet in the middle of the bathroom, struggling. The twin’s arms muscles are rippling as the two shove each other. Rex is barefoot giving his feet give him better purchase than Max, who is still in white socks. Max slips and slides backwards not able to get secure his footing to make a good stand until Rex has him against the bathroom door, the back of his head bangs against the wood making the twins laugh.

“Got you now!” Rex growls grabbing his brothers waist, and Max hitting his brothers hands halfheartedly, laughing all the while as his brother heaves him up off the ground his feet leaving the floor as Rex pulls him up higher.

“Shit!” Max laughs, his socked feet dangling in the air as Rex lifts him up higher and higher until Max’s head hits the ceiling.

“Ow!” Max chuckles feeling the ceiling with his hands before saying, “Put me down before you drop me!”

“I’m strong enough to keep you there forever!” Rex says, his arms trembling and his feet sweaty. Rex realizes that his claim is quite hollow as he loses he slips.

Rex feels himself lose his grip on Max and he tries to catch him but he trips backwards on the soft rug by the sink instead and drops to his knees. Rex expects Max to come tumbling down to the floor, but he doesn’t. All Rex hears is Max’s sharp intake of breath, and his socked feet hitting the bathroom door repeatedly.

Curious Rex looks up, pushing his hair from his eyes and is shocked to see Max hanging on the door. “How are you…?” Rex starts to ask but Max interrupts him, answering his question.

“Stuck! Fuuucck!” Max struggles, trying to get off of the door.

Rex is slightly confused for a moment wandering how he got stuck and it’s not until he sees the coat hook behind Max’s back with a thin white strap wrapped around it that it all clicks into place. Max’s boxer brief strap is wrapped around the coat hook behind him, his underwear stretching up the sides of Max’s torso halfway up his back ending in the coat hook behind his neck. Rex accidently gave Max a hanging atomic wedgie. Rex bursts out laughing, while above him Max is groaning trying to free himself from his underwear prison.

“Get me down!” Max pleads, his amber eyes rolling up in his head, the crotch of his pajamas is so tight Rex can literally make out each component of his brothers anatomy.

Rex slowly gets to his feet walking over to his brother watching him wince and squirm on the hook, his underwear keeping him in place. “I don’t know if I am strong enough to get you down…” Rex says shrugging, unable to stop himself from grinning.

“Rex!” Max says indignantly. “Come on bro!”

Wincing Max’s hands reach down to try and extricate his valuables from the fabric that squishes his walnut sized nuts, although the underwear between his cheeks might be the worst part as it slices into his deep into ass crack.

Rex trying to put a serious face on sighs and says, “Okay. I will help you. Stay still.”

Max goes for an indignant look, but it quickly changes to one of pain and embarrassment, hanging powerlessly and totally vulnerable. Max knows full well that he is at his brother’s mercy, he could choose to help him or make things so much worse.

Rex steps up so that Max is right above him and grabs Max’s pajamas and yanks them down so that Max’s white boxers are in full view, leaving the pajama bottoms around his ankles.

“Hey—what are you…” Max starts to ask.

“I got to see what I am dealing with here!” Rex explains staring up at his brother.

“Well alright, just be quick, this hurts!” Max says reaching his hands behind him to try and latch onto the hook to alleviate some of the pressure in his groin.

Below him Rex takes careful aim while Max is distracted and punches straight up between Max’s thighs hitting him right in the scrotum, which holds around his fist.

Max balks, his amber eyes blinking dully and groans out “Oh shit. My nuts.” Max’s voice is that of a whisper on the wind, leaving Rex chuckling as he pulls his fist back and fires another straight up into Max’s bulge again.

“Bullseye!” Rex shouts feeling Max’s gonads squish underneath his fist. “Am I helping?”

“Nnnn…ugh….ugh…nnnn…no…” Max groans.

“You sure, let’s try one more!” Rex does a jump punch, propelling himself from a squatted position and punches straight up and true nailing Max’s nuts to his pelvic bone in a perfect hit.

Rex is cheering himself on as he drops back down to the tiled floor and sees Max finally grab his crotch finally protecting his balls from another punch.

Rex changes tactics and grabs Max’s ankles instead, and tugs.

Max quick intake of breath comes like music to Rex’s ears and he perks up at the delightful sound of anguish coming from his twin above as he tempts the fate of his brother’s underwear and yanks harder. Wincing through his teeth Max tries to grab onto something to propel him off the door but all he succeeds at nothing but dropping his pants from around his ankles as he kicks uselessly in the air saying, “Okay, okay! You win. God stop!” Max pleads.

Rex pauses lowering Max’s ankles until he taps hopelessly at the door. “Quite an offer bro.” Rex affirms, thinking of the possibilities as one hand reaches up and gently caresses the outline of Max’s trapped nuts, one fingering curling underneath his flaccid outlined cock head.

“I think I have everything I want. I’m just going to leave you here and wait until nature takes its course,” Rex says opening the door.

“You can’t leave me hanging!” Max gasps in shock.

“Yeah, I can. Watch me…you will come down…eventually. Too bad for you that those are new pair of boxers. They might last awhile.”

Whistling Rex opens the door wider so he can step out, despite the fact Max is pleading with him to stay in the bathroom and help him.

The pleas fall on death ears as Rex hears the door click shut behind him and moves over to take the top bunk tonight flicking on a movie on his laptop wondering just how strong the elastic band is on Max’s underwear and if it will last until the end of the movie. With a yawn, his eyes start to droop, but his smile never leaves his face as he hears his brother’s groans and wincing from the bathroom as he fades to sleep.

Rex awakes with a start a short time later, his laptop is black and the house is quiet, but a distinct thump causes him to stir as he sits up sleepily, stretching his arms overhead.

The bathroom door opens, and light pours into the room as Max enters the bedroom, he’s naked from the waist down and wincing, his legs bowlegged, and Rex half asleep laughs once and falls back to his pillow.

“Oh man, I got you good.”

Max climbs wordlessly to the bottom bunk, and Rex calls down “You don’t want to fight me for the top bunk?”

Max stays quiet, and Rex can’t take the suspense and ducks his head down to look. Max is curled into a ball holding his ass with one hand, and his ballsac with the other, his face white and miserable looking.

“That bad?” Rex asks, feeling slightly bad.

Max nods once and closes his eyes, exhaustion pulling him blessedly to unconsciousness.

Rex contemplates going down to the bunk, to inflict some more damage but he decides not to…at least not until the morning as he ponders what would happen if he put Max up on the hook again…this time in a jockstrap.

Yawning Rex fall’s back asleep planning on giving the hook in the bathroom a few more tries at Max’s expense.


The End



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