Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas Snapshot! by Jimmy

Merry Christmas Santa

By Jimmy


Credit given to 
ANIME YAOI HENTAI - The Sexy Santa's Trainee - A porn movie made by Jon Arteen - Gay Asian Twink - Jon Arteen

For his amazing art, and I recommend that you check out his website too!

Happy holiday's everyone! I hope that you all enjoy!



The Bad Christmas Elf

“For me?” asks Santa holding up the red ribbon tied around one of his favorite new elves.

This elf had been bad all year long. He was still very much in his teenage years, and he loved to party, break toys, and cause a raucous. Indeed, the smitten elf loved to drink eggnog and get quite tipsy.

The elf smiled at him, and says “I know that I am on the naughty list.”

Santa grins, eyes the lad. Linder the dark haired elf was gorgeous, thin and with an uncut cock with a red ribbon tied around the end.

He bit his lip and says, “What do you do to bad elves who make it on the naughty list?” he asks.

While his friend, the blonde elf that could fly and shrink to any size smirks. Squirt answers first “Santa deals out the pain.” Squirt says knowingly cupping his junk.

Linder laughs and looks up at Santa, “Come on! What does he really do?”

Santa laughs coming forward, rolling up the red ribbon as he does chuckling. “Ho ho ho, Squirts right. He was on Santa’s bad list last year.”

“But I thought we just got coal?” Linder says in bewilderment.

“Human children do. Elves get this!” Santa kicked straight up at Linders exposed nutsack and balls and clipped the elves nuts so hard that they smacks against his flat abs.

Linder’s eyes widen in surprise, and he gasps. Linder stares down at Squirt who winks at him as Santa strives forward and grabs the boy’s bare balls.

Gulping Linder shakes his head about to profess as Santa clamps his black glove hand shut, crushing Linder’s nuts in his fist.

“This is my Merry Claw it’s what I use on all little elf boys who are naughty until they promise to be good next year, do you promise to be good?” Santa asks redoubling his efforts to squish Linder’s nuts.

Linder nods his head, “Yes! I’ll be good!”

“You better,” says Santa. “Now put your hands behind you head.”

The boy does instinctively gulping, not wanting more pain.

With a flick of his wrist red ribbon dances around his wrists securing his hands at the nape of his neck. “For the rest of this Christmas night, you will come with me on my sleigh ride, and if I get tienst bit less merry, I will go after your jingle balls, my lad.” Santa grins and pulls out a red and white candy cane shoving it in between Linder’s lips. “No be good.”

Linder groans as Santa deposits him into his sleigh and moves to get ready for the nights festivities leaving him alone with the blonde elf who flutters down in between Linders thighs landing on the red ribbon bow tied around his cock.

“You thought yourself clever with the bows? Good try, Linder!” laughs Squirt. “Santa won’t be back for a while. I think I’ll have some fun until he returns,” Squirt says growing up a bit until he can grab a hold of Linder’s naked balls and limp brownish noodle.

Squirt licks his lips before lowering himself to start suckling on Linder’s uncircumcised dick tasting a bitterness, before the sweetness comes through.

Linder groans and the other elves come to watch as Squirt starts to give head, while squeezing his balls.

“I’m next,” says a red haired elf striving forward to touch linder’s nipples.

“He always broke the toys I made! I get him first,” grumbles a towering older elf that sucker punches Linder in his abs making him gasp and almost lose the candy cane in his mouth.

“Don’t worry,” says Santa at the back of the workshop. “We have plenty of time before we depart. All of you can have a turn.”

Linder gulps, and then groans. Squirts wet warm mouth is so good on his nob. Linder feels like he is almost ready to cum as Squirt releases his cock.

“He’s good and ready now…let’s get em!”

Linder shakes his head, trying to say “No!” as the main event of the night begins.



Jon Arteen (@JonArteen) said...

I love that ballbusting story you wrote about Christmas! As I read you, I like to imagine how naughty elf boys like Linder are effectively re-disciplined by a strong and experienced hand according to a well-targeted method feared by all males. It's exciting to imagine the other libidinous elves taking advantage of the situation to get revenge and sexually abuse the new recruit by teasing his most sensitive parts and not allowing him to cum for the long merry hours ahead. Thank you, I am very glad to appear on your site.
Happy Holidays!
Jon Arteen

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Jon!

Welcome to Ballbusting Boys, I hope that you have a lot of fun on here. I am super stoked that you enjoyed my little Christmas story. It was a fun one to write, and I am happy to hear that it brought a little merriment to your day.

Take care friend!