Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Video links: Pool balls (2)


I don't know about you but in my mind, pool (or snooker or billiards, let's not get into the finer distinctions) is the most manly game there is: It's about balls and sticks, about anticipation, skills and thrills, about who can use his stick in most effective way, and about who sinks those balls into a pocket.

Here are some more of my favorite pool ball clips.

The first clip is called 3 Balls One Pocket, and it's an instant classic.

If you liked that little clip you'll love the next one: Double Ball Bag has two guys dangling their nutsacks into the corner pockets.

Enough with the public exposure of male reproductive organs! This blog is a decent place! Here's a funny guy sitting on a pool table. Always a great set-up, and I like the use of speeding up the tape to make his voice go higher. Comedy gold!

The young lad in the next clip invites his buddy "to my castle" - and his buddy steps right in...

Finally, here are three young men who go to great lengths to hit their buddy in the nuts on a pool table. While I don't like the language they use, I appreciate that they don't get tired in their attempts to land a perfect nut shot. First the pants come off, then they locate the targets, they change the position so his balls are unprotected, and they even muse about cooling his sack so his balls don't hang so low. (Note from an expert on the matter: The problem is not that they are not hanging low. It's that they are not hanging low enough. Just FYI.) Finally, they nail them. Great work!

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Nuto said...

I really appreciate the dedication in the final clip. Good job boys!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Nuto! :-))