Monday, June 7, 2021

The fishing trip - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

Here is the latest adventure of our beloved brothers Gino and Jayden, and it is epic! Jimmy told me that Reg deserves an extra editing credit this one: "Reg added so much to the story, and it really shines." The result is nothing but spectacular, a fantastic adventure at sea, and I'm sure you'll love this story as much as I do!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.


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Featured in this story: Colin and Logan (click for pictures)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

“It’s Father’s Day,” Gino says.

“No, it isn’t.”

“It’s his birthday,” Gino says.

“No, it’s not.”

“Fine. I want to spend time with him, and I think that we can have fun as a family doing it,” Gino explains, throwing his hands into the air.

Jayden ticks off his fingers: “One we don’t have a boat, two none of us know how to fish, three we have no idea where to fish, four…”

“Stop making sense. I get the idea,” interrupts Gino. “But we know someone who has a boat, knows how to fish, and where to go.”

“Logan?” Jayden guesses.

“You got it,” Gino says ruffling his hair and jumping on his kid brother’s kid causing Jayden to bounce up with him. Jayden immediately senses Gino’s dark intentions, from the smirk on his face to the glint in his eyes and he attempts to pull away but Gino pulls him into an easy headlock not allowing him to escape his clutches. “Here’s the plan,” Gino explains adding some pressure in his forearm around Jayden’s windpipe. “We go with Logan and his Dad fishing. The Gomez family learns how to finish, and to top it all off Dad has a grand old time. This way he won’t be mad at me anymore for having sex in his bed.”

Jayden gasps, trying to get out of the headlock. “Wait…you had sex…?”

“Yeah, I finally popped the cherry!”

“…in the bed?” Jayden asks through gritted teeth.

“Yup! It was great, I’ll tell you about it sometime,” Gino says triumphantly pulling Jayden’s squirming body right up against his own. “Have you and Chase done the deed?”

“Not…yet. I’m not ready.”

Gino enjoys watching his brother squirm, trying to pull out of the headlock, his shirtless torso twisting this way and that unable to escape. Jayden uses an elbow digging it into Gino’s ribs making him grunt. Jayden slams it again in the same spot, targeting his brother’s tight abdomen. Rearing back his elbow Jayden to strike again Gino swings one of his feet around and buries it deep with the folds of his underwear, slamming Jayden’s fat nuggets to the mattress and ending Jayden’s escape attempts. Jayden writhes in his arms, and lets out a sad slow moan.

“There it is. Victory is mine,” Gino chuckles. “So what do you say?”

Jayden’s feeling his rocks in his underwear blazing, the soreness creeping in groans again and gasps, “Okay!”

“Good,” Gino smiles.

“But Chase, has to come. We have a date tomorrow,” Jayden says.

“Ugh, fine,” Gino says moving his foot up Jayden’s thigh until it rests on top of his kid brother’s sac.

Jayden eyes it warily. “Gino?” Jayden whines out. “Please, not ag---!”

Gino presses his foot down, his twelve inch foot smooshes both of Jayden’s nuts into the mattress which holds them in place. Jayden stares up at the ceiling at the stars and moon constellation stickers that he stuck up there as a kid feeling his oats being crushed.

“I’ve got an hour to kill before Francisco comes over,” Gino explains, bringing his other foot up to that both of his large feet scoop up Jayden’s nuggets rolling them between the soles in his feet. “Should I bust you until then…or do you want to work in the home gym in the garage?” Gino asks starting to squeeze Jayden’s nuts between his feet.

Jayden groans, “My boynuts,” he manages to squeak out shuddering, making Gino chuckle. Jayden always seems to fall victim to his brother’s various ballbusting antics and he should have seen this coming. Whenever Gino is bored, horny, or is in the same room with his younger brother Jayden’s nuts are up for grabs. Jayden is lucky that Francisco is coming over, at least this tryst has an end time. But an hour is a long session for Jayden to be suffering for.

“Hey, wait just a second…is that little Jayden coming out to play?” Gino’s brother asks dramatically discarding his brother’s vulnerable targets and picking up Jayden’s chubbing half-erect penis between his toes. Slowly Gino, runs his toes up and down its full length feeling his younger brother’s piss tube which slowly begins to become further aroused under his manipulations.

“No,” gasps Jayden, trying desperately now to escape Gino’s headlock and free himself.

“Chase must not be doing the deed well enough,” Gino laughs his big toe inching inside the flap opening of Jayden’s black boxer shorts, the well-used material giving way at the slightest touch. Gino encircles Jayden’s penis head, which peeks out of the flap caught in the open air as he rubs the flailing engorged head before tracing a line up Jayden’s shaft. Jayden sucks in a breath as Gino makes contact with his frenulum causing Jayden to jump. Gino slides his big toe all the way up Jayden’s opening and rubs the glands.

Jayden moans, and the resistance against Gino wanes, as he bites his bottom lip.

Gino feels the shift in his younger brother, and he does small semi-circles with his big toe around the tip of Jayden’s penis.

“Oh,” Jayden says, his hips unwillingly start to buck up needing, wanting, and desiring more pressure.

“You like that?” Gino whispers in his brother’s ear. “Want to come for me?”

Jayden shakes his head, but thrusts his penis in and out between Gino’s toes regardless of his denial.

“Not so sure that I believe you,” Gino whispers against Jayden’s ear, his warm breathe sending ripples of pleasure up and down Jayden’s neck causing him to exhale between his clenched teeth.

Gino can feel Jayden’s resistance dropping and he uses his free hand to roam up and down Jayden’s torso tweaking the brown erect nipples, and running his fingers through Jayden’s abs. Jayden starts to coo in pleasure until Gino gets to his balls, and sadly for him Gino’s large hands are able to grab and squeeze both of his testicles at the same time. Jayden tries to stop him, but Gino tightens his choke hold on his brother forcing him to grab Gino’s forearm to breathe leaving Gino free to continue his pursuit to crush his balls, along with rubbing his feet up and down Jayden’s shaft.

Jayden is fully erect now, and starting to leak pre-cum. Gino points this out immediately, “The leaky faucet is going,” he chuckles. “Sometimes when it leaks, you have to wrench it around,” Gino explains using his feet to grab and roll Jayden’s fat head between his toes. “Then you get reward with an unclogged pipe!”

Jayden sucks in his cheeks, his body taking over for him as he unwillingly pumps his cock up and down, feeling his erect sword gliding in an out of Gino’s toe grip, while Gino’s hand squishes his balls. Unfortunately for Jayden, Gino knows how best to pleasure him, targeting all the right places. The worst of it was Gino’s fingers acting as playdough crushers attempting to squeeze out his big nuts in his palm, making them bulge obscenely between his fingers in his palm.

Gino is surprised when Jayden’s balls start to pull up so early, ‘Jayden must be really backed up,’ Gino thinks. ‘I’m such a good brother to help clean him out.’

“Ugh, ugh, ugh,” Jayden groans while his hips trust in and out.

“Getting so close baby brother,” Gino says huskily feeling his own erection firming up along Jayden’s back.

“I..,” Jayden begins unable to finish his sentence, as his eyes roll back into his head, his body getting closer to release.

Gino is about to do his finishing move when his phone buzzes. Gino stops all movement, making Jayden thrust uselessly alone before slamming his hips back down onto the mattress gasping unable to climax as Gino answers the call.


Jayden hears Francisco’s voice, and Gino “Uhuh’s,” in answer. “Be right there,” Gino says.

“Sorry bro, I thought that we had longer. Guess you will have to finish without me,” Gino says disentangling himself from Jayden, standing up to do a stretch before heading to the door.

“Wait,” Jayden calls his erection pulsing in the air. “I’m so close.” Jayden bites his bottom hip as he stands up his mighty dick swinging against his hip, as he eyes his brother with lust his dark brown eyes, hating that he wants him to finish the job.

Gino looks at him pitifully and without further ado kicks up between Jayden’s legs nailing his balls so on point that it drops Jayden to his knees.

Jayden’s mouth falls open in a silent scream, his erection still throbbing.

“Damn, I had hoped that would work.” Gino snaps his fingers, turns and vacates Jayden’s bedroom. “Go take a cold shower instead, bro.”

Jayden clutches his nuts and falls to his side, blue balled and in pain. “Fuck,” he whimpers rolling into a ball and closing his eyes waiting out the pain to finally end as it ripples up and down his small tight frame.

*** 4:00 am ***

The next morning comes too soon, and Jayden is groggily coming awake as Gino shakes him.

“Rise and shine, time to go fishing!” Gino’s cheerful voice permeates the air causing Jayden to wake-up from a sound sleep.

Jayden puts a pillow over his face, mumbling “Five more minutes.”

Gino tisks, looking at his sleeping brother. Jayden’s almost naked. His torso is bare and his eyes falling to the pouch below is Jayden’s well-worn briefs which leave nothing to the imagination. Jayden’s nuts are plump and full from last night, as he did not want have a painful ejaculation so he crawled into bed going to sleep early. Jayden’s early morning wood stands straight up, almost in object defiance for being woken up already. ‘Maybe he was about to have a wet dream,’ Gino thinks remembering fondly that Jayden still washes his sheets an awful lot. ‘Maybe he should help clear out his brothers pipes more often,’ he thinks. Gino admires his body for another moment before solidly punches Jayden right in his full pouch.

Jayden lurches up, the pillow falling away and he looks sadly up at his older brother who slaps his cheek gleefully. “Well that worked! Be in the truck in five, or I will be back!”

Jayden barely manages to eat some cereal before he bleary eyes his way to Gino’s truck and promptly falls asleep in the backseat as soon as his head touches the windshield.

*** 4:45 am ***

“Hey buddy, time to wake up,” Marco Gomez says shaking Jayden’s shoulder.

Jayden’s brown eyes slowly open seeing his father smiling down at him. His eyes flutter shut, and his breathing becomes regular again he can feel himself drifting off to sleep again when a hammering blow strikes him in his vulnerable nuts.

“Oooh,” Jayden groans rolling into a ball hearing Gino laugh.

“That’s how I wake him up Dad, gets him right up!”

“Gino,” warns Marco a lecture already forming on his lips on how to be nice to your  younger brother.

Jayden sits up clutching his pulsating sac, he just can’t seem to get a break. Gino has been relentless lately. He’s holding his nuts watching his Dad and Gino bicker and tunes them out staring at a huge boat in Bartlet Harbor his sore balls thrumming in his hands.

Jayden has never been on a boat before and he slowly climbs out of the truck, leaning against the paint chipping side starring at the huge beast, the soreness is just starting to recede as the days sunlight begins to hit him

“Like it?” Chase asks sliding next to him.

“Chase!” Jayden exclaims pulling him too him and giving him a hug. “I did not think you would wake-up for the adventure.”

“Hard not to with Logan spending the weekend at my house,” Chase says pointing over his shoulder at Logan and his father Bradley who Jayden has met quite a few times at the various wrestling meets.

“We decided on taking my yacht, Logan’s little dinghy could not handle all six of us comfortably, not to mention my boating staff and of course my cook. I couldn’t get by…”

“Well, I’m so glad that you came,” Jayden quickly interrupts Chase’s unintended bragging before he gets on everyone’s nerves and smiles back as he takes in his boyfriend’s appearance. Chase is sporting wrap-around sunglasses tucked into his blonde, closely cropped hair and a sleeveless sky-blue tank top with the Midtown swim team logo neatly embroidered over his heart. Jayden’s attentive eyes are suddenly distracted as the sea breeze lifts his boyfriend’s flapping shirt, revealing a flash of his sizzling six-pack above a pair of matching sky-blue Speedos which bulge deliciously, showing the unmistakable outline of his semi-hard member. Jayden blinks, feeling his knees quiver and a tingle in his groin as he leans forward, burying his head weakly between the blond boy’s solid pecs, feeling as if his soul has just been reeled in by that passing glimpse of Chase’s rod.  

Chase’s blue eyes dance knowingly as he makes his pecs bounce, then lifts Jayden’s chin and presses their lips together and the two embrace, Jayden murmuring low in his throat.

“Get a room!” Logan laughs pulling the two lovebirds apart.


“We have a full days fishing in front of us, Chase. So how about you use these little muscles to help load up the boat.” Logan chuckles as he squeezes the blond boy’s firm biceps.

“For your information, I had that boat fully stacked last night” Chase scowls back, annoyed at being belittled publicly “There’s enough food for 2 weeks plus water, fuel…” Chase ticks off each finger to emphasize his point “the fishing gear is all set-up, each rod is reeled, and in their holsters. And now, Logan, I’m going to go back to greeting Jayden and don’t you dare interrupt us again. Nothing will stop me from giving his first kiss of the day.”

“You sure about that?” Gino says smacking his fist up hard into Jayden’s nuts from behind, making Jayden groan and sink down to his knees.

Chase’s blue eyes narrow and he charges for Gino, fists clenched threateningly, “You asked for it, Gomez!”

Gino’s smirk only widens. “Bring it on, Chase.”

Logan grabs Chase from the back of his tank top, pulling him back. “Hey, we are supposed to be having fun. Gino, be nice to your brother and Chase, just chill out kid!” Logan orders with a commanding voice, reminding Jayden of the natural authority he commands in his role as captain of the wrestling team.

Chase wriggles out of Logan’s grasp eyeing the two warily before helping Jayden up to standing. “Come on Jayden, I’ll show you to my quarters.”

Jayden is still clutching his nuts, in one hand as he slowly follows Chase, limping slightly. Gino’s sneaky fist had really squished his bulging gonads together and he had still not recovered from the hits he had taken earlier that morning. Dawn was still breaking, and Gino had already nailed his tender boys three times…it was going to be a long day.

“You must be Marco, I’m Bradley.” Jayden hears as Bradley Krueger, Logan’s Dad introduces himself to Marco shaking his hand. “You have two great sons. I don’t know how you could handle two boys; we have our hands full with the one!”

“Trust me Bradley, we have our bad days along with the good ones. Luckily, they entertain each other most of the time when they are not fighting,” Marco says.

The two Dad’s watch Chase and Jayden passing, and Bradley asks, “You okay there, son?”

Jayden blushes as he realizes he is still clutching his privates, and bites his lip, “Yeah, it’s nothing, I’ll be fine.”

“Heh,” Bradley grins. “We aren’t even on the boat and it has started.”

“What has?” asks Marco curiously.

“Logan and I always get into a little contest. Whoever catches the most fish gets to have their nuts owned for the rest of the journey back. A little incentive to keep things lively, along with every time someone catches a fish you get to ball tag the other. A little family tradition. You wouldn’t be interested in joining in, would you?” Bradley asks, and Jayden can easily see that he hopes for the Gomez family to join in.

Marco grabs Jayden as he is passing by pulling him to him, “Sounds like fun. Count us in. What a great father and sons bonding opportunity.”

Jayden’s eyes go wide. “Dad I don’t think…”

“Nonsense, it will be fun! But since there is only one of me, I get to hit both you and your brother when I catch a fish, ha ha!” Marco laughs ruffling his son’s hair and sloppily kissing him on the temple.

“Shucks, guess that leaves me out. Oh well,” Chase says sighing.

“Not in the least!” Logan says grabbing Chase and pulling him towards him one arm dropping around his shoulders, separating him from Jayden. “I’ll hit you each time I get one, and you get me. Okay?”

Chase scowls but seeing Logan’s big goofy grin he quickly sees his chance to wipe the smile off his face. With a wry smile he looks up to see Logan’s dad is watching him intently “I’m in! Looks like I get to end the Krueger line today. Well, that’s your mistake in only having one son, you kind of put all of your eggs in one basket in that move.”

Bradley laughs back, “That’s okay. After all the hits my boy has taken, I can only imagine the kind of grandkids I would be stuck with.” Bradley mimics walking around in a circle intimidating some wild freakish animal making everyone laugh.

Gino puts an arm around Chase’s shoulders on the other side so that he is sandwiched in between Logan himself. “Well Logan, if your arm gets tired from cracking his little walnuts just let me know and I’ll gladly pick up the slack against my buddy Chase here.”

Chases eyes narrow, and his demeanor stiffens beneath the two muscle bound teens standing on either side of him. Clenching his fists, he swings both elbows sharply backwards then grins meanly as he hears the dull thuds, followed by deep manly groans and he easily disentangles himself from the unwanted embrace and steps onto the gang plank.

“If we don’t get into the boat now, we won’t catching anything today. Let’s get sailing,” Chase says  as he boards the boat without even glancing back.

Chase’s grin falters slightly as he hears Logan’s response, “You know I wouldn’t miss a single opportunity against my boy Chase, but thanks for the offer Gino.”

*** 5:17 am ***

Jayden gazes out a blazing sunrise surfacing beneath the bright blue waves, the sun glows decorating Chase’s yacht in bright oranges evocatively reminding Jayden of marigolds. Chase is next to him, and he reaches for him grasping his hand, interlocking his fingers with his. The gesture, so sweet, and unexpected from his boyfriend lifts his spirits and he feels as if his own sun is rising in his chest. Jayden leans into him, smelling his spicy cologne, along with mixture of rich Earthy sandalwood wood aftershave, and a smell that is uniquely Chase that Jayden could not get enough of. Jayden’s lips part near Chase’s ear as he whispers, “I’m not sure what’s bluer, your eyes, or the sea. But either way, I’m lost in them both.”

Chase rolls his ocean eyes at him and the orange of the morning sunlight glistens off them as he turns his head to face him, tilting just right to plant a kiss on him, his mouth opening in invitation. Jayden kisses back, a small moan escaping him as he squeezes Chase’s palm with his own wishing that they took this journey alone, his lips parting more as Jayden slides his tongue inside of Chase’s mouth tasting him.

“Do you two do anything else but that?” Gino groans in annoyance ball-tagging Jayden on his way by to his fishing pole, his knuckles catching his nuts just so that they smack against the hard plastic coating of the boat wall.

“Shit,” Jayden moans breaking the kiss and grabbing his sore bloating nuts in one hand, while squeezing Chase’s hand harder while he stares at Gino with a mixture of pain and mutiny.

Gino laughs putting some bait on his metal hook, giving him a wink. “You should see your face, bro, it looks like I stole your Christmas presents,” he chuckles tossing his line out into the ocean.

Chase moves past Jayden dropping his hand and kicks out at Gino, his foot swinging through the air powered by his vengeance. Gino could not move out of the way fast enough and Chase feels a satisfying crunch as his sandal is buried into Gino’s bulging shiny silver athletic shorts, which provide very little protection. Gino gasps, as his balls are squished against his tailbone by Chase’s big toes.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all morning,” Chase grins yanking his foot out from between his legs as he watches with satisfaction as Gino groans like a dying animal, clutching his gonads pathetically.

Chase moves to try and kick him again, but Logan’s fingers suddenly plunge between his legs and seize the prominent bulge in his Speedo, and Chase can only stare down in horror as the wrestler’s strong fingers quickly secure the full hand full of his blossoming genitals in their steely grip before isolating his bigger right gonad between thumb and forefinger and giving a painful squeeze.

“Logan! Ugh, get off my fucking nut!” Chase growls as his hands clutch at the threatening wrist. “Your just jealous ‘cause it’s bigger than yours, let go now or I’ll make you regret it,” Chase says threateningly tearing his eyes away from Gino who is doubled over but clearly enjoying the show.

“You all really need to chill out, especially you, Chase. The contest hasn’t even started yet and I can’t wait to find out who’ll land the biggest catch.” Logan winks across at Gino as he continues to grope the horny teen’s privates, twisting Chases stiffening cock then pinching his plump gonads, making the boy squirm under his controlling grip. Logan rubs his chin theatrically as his takes his time to get a full evaluation of blond boy’s assets before giving both nuts an eye watering squeeze, this time digging his fingers in deeper. “Knowing my luck, I’ll only catch little sprats today” Logan chuckles releasing his painful squeeze but keeping a controlling grip on the blond boy’s beloved danglers.

Chase is doubled over, trying in vain to extricate his beloved testicles from Logan’s fingers and lets out an involuntary whimper which he tries to mask by turning it into a growl. “You’re fucking dead, Logan,” he warns.

“Oh, are you boys starting without us?”  Bradley says heading up to the deck that the boys are on, Marco Gomez following close behind.

“Knowing my sons, they certainly are.”

“That’s alright, I guess one of them will end up as the fish bucket.”

“What’s that?” Logan and Jayden ask together with surprise, and Chase takes this opportunity to smack the offending hand on his groin. Logan finally relents and releases Chase’s nuts but not before giving them one last playful squeeze just to remind him who is boss.

Chase groans again, and his blue eyes flash in spite towards him before he also turns his attention to Bradley who is about to explain the rules.

“Simple really, whoever catches the least number of fish gets a hit from each of us, and it can be any kind. Trust me, you don’t want to be the fish bucket,” Bradley says with a laugh.

“Dad, you sure? That’s kind of…intense.”

“Sac up son, it will be fine.” Bradley says with a laugh. “After all us Krueger’s are born fisherman, I bet Marco is going to have to wear the bucket!”

Marco crosses his arm over his bare chest, at some point he discarded his shirt and he wears a tell-tale grin, his arms barely fitting over his weighty pectoral, and large brown nipples. “You have yourself a bet, now let’s get to the good spot so I can whoop all of your keisters.”

“What the hell’s a keister?” Chase says confusion wrinkling along his brow.

Jayden puts one arm around his middle pulling him in and whispering the answer in his ear, but making sure that everyone can still hear him, “It’s an old-fashioned ancient word meaning butt.”

Everyone laughs good-naturedly even his Dad, who shakes a fist in his direction. “Boy, you will regret that when I out fish you!”

The six of them, a mixture of boys and men begin to cast their lines out and it’s clearly evident that fishing does not run in the Gomez family. Jayden manages to whack his pole against both Chase and Gino, both of whom were on either side of him but take a wide berth now. Jayden even managed to hook the top of the yacht and drop his pole in the ocean.

Luckily, Logan was quick enough to dive in after it and rescue the expensive fishing rod. Chase told him, “Not to worry about it, it’s only a fishing rod.”

Gino does not fare much better; he keeps losing his bait no matter what he does with it.

Marco on the other hand is the first to catch a fish, pulling in a blue striped fish, which seems to shine in the early morning light.

“Get ready boys!” Marco says with a smile, “Daddy is about to school you both!” He says merrily, motioning them to come to him. Jayden sighs striding forward with his older brother just behind him. Like his father, Gino has also taken off his shirt to reveal his rippling, hard muscles that are only are almost a match for Logan’s stature. Gino’s impressive chest is already starting to brown in the morning sun from this extraordinary warm spring day.

“Oldest first, I will start with you,” Marco says grabbing his son’s ropey shoulders and without further ado plows his thick knee right into Gino’s sweet spot, staring his son in the eyes the whole time while his thigh leaves no room for Gino’s balls to escape.

“Fuck Dad…ugh right in the nuts” Gino swears bending at the waist and grabbing his balls.

Jayden gulps as Marco comes up to him, “Take it easy on me okay, Dad?” Jayden says, trying to reason with him.

“Oh, come on, I thought you were a big boy now,” Marco says smiling as he reaches forward with both hands sliding them inside Jayden’s shorts and isolating each of his big nuts and once they are in his possession bares down on them his forearms clenching tightly, until his veins pop out.

Jayden gasps, “Dad!”

“Damn, you really are a big boy!” Marco raises his eyebrows and chuckles watching his youngest son dance on his bare feet, tapping on the boat’s shiny white surface while he twists and squeezes Jayden’s strong balls in his hands. For a few seconds Marco looks confused, unsure whether to feel jealous or simply proud that both of his sons are far more endowed than he is, especially in the size of their gonads. Jayden’s balls feel so potent and heavy as he rolls them, in his fingers, making them glide in their slippery, thin membrane ballsac. With concentration Marco squeezes his son’s overgrown fruit feeling the meaty organs give slightly under pressure forcing them to bulge between his fingers.

“You said…you would go easy…uh, uh, uh,” Jayden moans hardly able to finish a sentence.

“Oh, I am being easy,” Marco says with a smile. “I got your big brother far worse with my knee and his balls are even bigger than yours. Look at him, those big hen eggs were really scrambled by my kneecap, right Gino?”

Gino nods, looking up at Jayden and smiling through a grimace. “Yeah, you got me pretty good, but I can take it. Damn, it looks like you got a good grip on Jayden there.”

“Yeah, that I do son.”

Marco twists Jayden’s nuts painfully downward forcing Jayden to drop to his knees. Jayden gazes up slightly past his Dad, a glazed expression crossing his handsome features making the others grimace in sympathy as Jayden’s eyes start to slowly cross. “My…boynuts,” Jayden moans, his lip trembling.

Marco’s smile grows and he retorts, “Son, these balls don’t belong to a boy.” He shakes them slightly for emphasis, pulling them slightly further apart as he bends down to look his son in his dark muddy brown eyes. “These balls belong to a man, and right now I am owning them.”

“Uggghhhhh,” Jayden groans unable to escape his Dad’s grasp or his gleeful scrutiny.

Marco finally releases them and pats his son on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, I am sure that you will catch a fish…eventually.”

Jayden stays on his knees holding his throbbing balls, feeling them pulse in his hands. Being busted by his own father gives Jayden quite a head trip, and he stares dumbly forward. “Damn,” he closes his brown eyes listening to the crashing waves against the side of the boat and laughter from his Dad as he slaps palms with Bradley giving a high-five.

“Marco…nice opening moves, I can’t wait to top them.”

“Be my guest, you can try. Nobody busts a pair of balls like a Gomez,” Marco says grinning.

Bradley smiles back, and he recognizes that challenge. “Well, we will see what happens when a Krueger wins, and a Gomez is on the receiving end then. One of your clan can tell me who busts better.”

“Ahem,” Chase says clearing his throat, his rod bent over. “Don’t be so sure that either of your families will win. I’m still in this,” Chase says with a strained smile, the sun glimmering off his pale Adonis like muscles as they bulge and flex to control his wildly bucking fishing rod. Slowly but surely, he begins to reel in his first catch of the day.

Suddenly Gino’s line also goes taut and he grins over at his Dad, “Get ready old man, I’ve caught one too!”

Everyone watches with anticipation as Chase and Gino bring up their catches on the boat. Chase has caught a beautiful 20-pound bass that flaps along the side of the boat. Chase easily disentangles the hook and tosses her back out to sea after measuring her before he does. Gino on the other hand stares dumbly at his own catch: an old brown boot.

“Does this still count?” Gino asks.

Everyone laughs at the expression on his face.

“No son, that’s not a fish.”

“But mine was!” Chase says walking over to Logan his blue eyes dancing.

Logan sighs, and puts his hands behind his head giving Chase goosebumps as he recalls the last time, he was in this position in their recent Roshambo match. “I love you in that position,” Chase says walking stealthily around him. “And just remember, you are the one who got me involved in this game. You have no one to blame but yourself.”

“What are you going to do?” Logan says with a hint of concern in his voice.

“That would be telling Krueger. I for one, am not going to do that.” Chase pause reaching forward and gingerly feeling Logan up, his hand first locating Logan’s long thick schlong, which he sizes up in his hands and frowns as he realizes it is somewhat bigger than his own. Shoving it to the side he delves deeper for the bulbous nuts that lay below. “Ah now here they are!” Chase says smiling giving Logan’s balls a gentle caress.

“You found em, yeah,” Logan says unenthusiastically. “Whoopee.”

“Hmm not bad Krueger, they might even be as big as Jayden’s,” Chase smirks meanly, keeping his voice low, out of earshot of the rest of the crew. “And of course mine are even bigger than Jayden’s! Now don’t be a bad sport, Logan, this is your game after all.”

Logan gulps in anticipation as Chase’s pink tongue slips out and begins licks his thin lips in excitement before he goes to one knee and uppercuts Logan between his meaty thighs. Chase’s forearm collides with such force, that Logan stumbles on his feet. Chase’s hard muscles and bony fist crushes Logan’s balls instantly squashing them against Logan’s pelvis.

Logan stumbles forward and bends over, Chase yanking his hand back making a fist that catches Logan’s balls on the return pull, smacking them against his butt cheeks making Logan see stars. His mouth drops open and sees Jayden still on his knees looking at him sympathetically. “Fuuuuck,” Logan curses, while the rest of the guys laugh.

“Like I said,” Chase says dusting off his knee and turning to Bradley. “A Krueger is not a guaranteed winner.” Chase grins putting his foot on Logan’s backside and knocking him over landing next to Jayden.

Bradley chuckles, running a hand through his thick hair. “We will see, son.”

“Kruger’s have zero fish,” Chase points out rebaiting his line and casting it out. “All I am saying is—well look at that.” Chase’s rod bends down again. “Get up Logan, it’s your turn again. I have another and this one’s a biggie.”

“No way,” Logan says looking up in surprise.

Chase gives a cheeky smile, then returns to focus on reeling in his second fish which is a real fighter. Jayden drops his own rod in excitement and rushes over to his boyfriend who is struggling to reel in the powerful bucking fish.

“You can do it, stud!” Jayden coos, rubbing his hand over Chase’s rippling biceps, feeling his older boyfriend’s exquisite muscles as they bulge and twitch under his fingers. Then he slips one hand down to Chase’s groin and gives his boy-bulge a cheeky grope. “Yeah this is a big one for sure,” he mutters making Chase laugh as he finally hauls his catch on deck, a rather impressive looking striper.

“That must be twenty-five inches!” Marco Gomez says coming forward to measure.”

“Really? I was thinking closer to 7 inches,” Jayden chuckles quietly, giving the head of Chase’s stiffening cock a cheeky squeeze before jiggling his balls and releasing him which draws a warning glance from his boyfriend who quickly turns his attention back to his prize.

“It’s twenty-eight actually,” Chase says confidently pulling his shirt front down to cover his boner.

Marco measures it, laying the fish still. “Close estimate, twenty-eight and half. Nice fish.”

Chase shrugs and tosses the fish back just as easily as the first before he stands in front of Logan again tapping his foot. “I’m waiting.”

Logan shakes his head as he slowly stands back up, putting his hands behind his head. “What now?”

Chase answers that quickly with his foot smacking Logan’s wet nuts with smacks up against his abs stinging badly from the sandal that catches the soft under-side of his balls.

“Oh god,” Logan groans dropping back onto his butt.

“You okay, captain?” Jayden asks sympathetically, one hand on his bare shoulder rubbing his warm smooth skin.

Logan shakes his head in answer and Chase shrugs turning back and to his pole and tossing the line out again with fresh bait, not even trying to hide the smile on his face, especially when his pole dips down again.

*** 7:30 am ***

In the past few hours Chase caught six more fish, bringing his total number to eight. Marco was right behind him with seven. Bradley and Logan both at six each. While both Gino and Jayden caught nothing. Although Gino manages to scrape the bottom of the sea some more bringing up exciting things like sticks, a plastic bag, and an old jock strap. Gino complained to anyone that would listen that the contents of the jock pouch should count. Jayden carefully explained that crabs are crustaceans and not fish, which earned him a swift backhand.

In total Logan has been hit in the nuts fourteen times, and he is in a sour mood as they continue to fish.

“Let’s change fishing grounds,” suggests Bradley.

“It won’t help you win,” Chase mocks. But he turns to the captain’s quarters and gives directions to the hired help to bring them to a nearby cove that Chase explains is a great fishing ground.

“Bartlet Cove, otherwise known as the Fisherman’s End. Its a beautiful spot. We just can’t get too close to the rocks. They are known to be boat breakers,” Bradley explains.

“We have underwater equipment and Pierre is an excellent helmsman. We have gone there loads of times,” Chase explains.

“Who is ‘we’?” Jayden asks. He has pretty much given up on fishing instead he has been enjoying watching Chase in his element out shining all the rest.

“They boys mostly. Adam, Max and Rex.”

Jayden bites his lip, he wants to ask who taught Chase, but he does not want to bring up a sad memory, instead Jayden leans his head on Chase’s bares shoulder curling his fingers around Chase’s waist rubbing his fingers along the planes of his smooth, hard, perfect skin ending their search rest on Chase’s hip. “This summer we should all go out together, even if I am the worst fisherman ever.”

“You’re not bad, unlike your brother who likes to keep his hook on the bottom of the sea. It’s your first time, you will get better. Here let me help you,” Chase says resting his pole in the plastic holster and coming up behind Jayden. Immediately Jayden’s breathe hitches when Chase puts his strong hands on his hips guiding them to separate a bit. Chase’s grip is hard and purposely on his hips, and Jayden melts into the embrace. “Stand like this, hips shoulder length apart, and swing the rod over your right shoulder, remember to tilt it a bit to the left and release the catch when I squeeze your hips. Okay?”

Jayden nods, “Uhuh.” He can feel himself hardening under Chase’s grasp and Jayden senses that Chase knows this.

“Ready when you are,” Chase says, his smirk already growing behind him.

Jayden takes a big breath and trying to remember all the correct movements casts his line forward releasing it exactly when Chase squeezes his hips.

“There you go,” Chase says, his warm breath tickling his ear as he nibbles Jayden’s neck.

Logan watches them smiling, even Marco who is on his other side notices.

“Fishing. We are fishing!”

“I am,” Chase says in Jayden’s ear. “I’m just after a different sort of fish this time.”

“Don’t worry. I’m already hooked.” Jayden says, making everyone else besides Chase groan in annoyance.

Jayden sets his reel and spins around planting a kiss on Chase’s mouth, pressing himself into him, twisting his hands in Chase’s blonde hair pulling him towards him, his handhold vicelike. Chase murmurs his approval and matches his intensity as the two lip-lock on the side of the boat, slightly leaning over the side.

Jayden jumps when his rod moves. “I have something!” He turns around grabbing the rod pulling out of the kiss.

“Yeah, you do. You have my heart.”

Jayden’s eyes sparkle and darken as he looks back at Chase, a goofy grin appearing on his face.

“He did not just say that” Gino laughs.

Ignoring him completely, Jayden demands. “Help me! I have no idea what I am doing!” with a laugh.

Chase slowly guides him with both his hands and his words. “Bring it in slowly, the fish already hooked itself. Slowly now, you got it!”

Jayden is ecstatic as he slowly follows Chase’s directions and pulls up his first fish. A shiny bright blue fish greets him, its smaller than the others. A mere ten inches long in full length, but Jayden insists on having it measured. Jayden knows that it is a small fish, but he does not care in the least. He caught something, and he believes the only reason he was able to was because of Chase.

Chase removes the hook for him, showing him how not to hurt the fish and tosses it overboard. Jayden is so overjoyed that he jumps at Chase while the two are on their knees, kissing him again, so that they fall to the deck floor.

“Son,” Marco says clearing his throat. “Don’t you want to kick your Daddy?” Marco asks.

Jayden smiles, finishing his kiss and standing up, his eyes on his Dad and the small, modest bulge in his Dad’s bathing suit, a light blue with green waves across the front. Spotting his Dad’s modest member turning to the side and his even smaller ball sac resting directly below in the center. Jayde marches forward, full of determination coming right up to Marco his eyes on the prize.

“If you insist Dad,” Jayden grins, feeling slightly naughty.

“Show me what you can do.”

Jayden tilts his head to the side and strikes out with his foot. Marco grimaces before Jayden makes contact, smashing his bare toes against the two large grapes in his Dad’s sac feeling his foot squish them against his Dad’s pelvis. Its an odd sensation to kick one’s own father for Jayden, and it feels different than kicking a friend.

Marco moans, and finally ends in a whistle hands on his waist. “I thought I had two men, you still kick like a little boy,” he mocks grabbing his balls and rubbing them.

Jayden’s face darkens in embarrassment.

“We know you won’t catch anymore, otherwise I could look forward to you trying to kick like a man.”

Jayden turns away angrily grabbing his fishing pole. “Bait me, Chase. I have a reason to win now.” Jayden says with determination, glancing at his Dad who smiles at him, with a sly wink.

“You got it,” Chase says reaching forward and baiting his line.

Jayden watches Chase with interest, his fingers light and smooth baiting the hook with fresh bait and nodding when he is done. “Go for it, Jayden.”

Jayden does and tosses his line over the side, smiling back in thanks as the yacht turns into a small cove.

Thats when they hear a shout for help on the other side of the yacht.

Chase and Jayden tare their eyes off from each other momentarily distracted, peering over the side. A much smaller boat is anchored close to the rocks, black smoke climbs into the air. Jayden recognizes the people in danger instantly: its Bill.

Jayden leans over the side, in both surprise and fear. Bill’s whole family is on a boat next to another the one that is smoking.

“Bill!” Jayden shouts into the wind, his fear running up and down his spine which tingles in agitation.

Bill’s Dad, Sam Hell, and Jake are all with Bill they appear to be helping another family into their own boat to get away from the smoking engine. Jayden immediately notices that they were not fishing, instead the Brady clan are all dressed in diving wetsuits which are form-fitting clinging to their skin. The black rubbery suits are taut over Sam Hell and Jake’s frames showing off their growing bulging muscles, while Bill’s Dad stretches over his wiry frame. Bill is more compact, tinier than the rest with his goggles hanging around his neck bouncing off of his thin chest.

Arthur Brady, Bill’s Dad seems to be in complete control shepherding the helping family onto his boat with Bill, Sam, and Jake passing out water bottles and checking on them. With great athleticism Arthur leaps onto the other vessel with a fire extinguisher in hand rushing towards the engine and dosing the engine with the chemicals, caking it from top to bottom ceasing the smoke immediately.

Jayden, Gino, Chase, Logan, Bradley, and Marco shout and cheer when Arthur successfully minimizes the danger.

Jayden calls Bill’s name again and he looks up at the familiar face. “What are all of you doing here?” he asks.

“Fishing, you okay?” Jayden asks.

“Yeah, you need help?” Chase offers, concern in his voice that makes Jayden smile appreciatory at his boyfriend and the positive changes that he is undergoing.

“Naw, I think we got it covered. Thanks to my Dad,” Bill says with pride as he helps his Dad climb back into his boat with the help of Sam Hell.

Jayden has a history with the Brady family. A few months ago, he dated Bill, the youngest biological son. They shared a brief, and very passionate relationship that did not end so well. Jayden sees Bill a lot less since they have broken up, and because they go to different schools in Bartlet he finds that he does not bump into him very often. The two newest members of the Brady family, Sam Hell and Jake are two individuals he has sadly seen more of on the wrestling mat. Although none of them are paying much attention to him, they seem to be focusing in on the family that they rescued from the engine fire.

Jayden did not recognize the other family, but Logan seems to perk up once recognition kicks in. “Colin! Kenneth! Bob!” The three generational family looks up at hearing their name.

“Logan,” calls out Colin with a smile before he stands up and heads over to the side of the boat closet to Logan. “Funny meeting you out here!”

“That’s Colin, he’s one of the Ballbu…friends of mine,” Logan corrects quickly, his eyes flick to his Dad with a slightly worried expression. “And that’s his Dad Kenneth, and his grandfather Bob.” Jayden apprises the family and sees that Colin is in decent shape, muscular with dark blonde hair and light brown eyes looking about twenty years old. His father Kenneth seems to be around his own Dad’s age Jayden assumes, and is muscular like his son sporting light greying hair around his temples. Bob, the eldest of the group has a full head of grey hair and appears to be in his sixties, but it is evident that good genes run in the family and he still looks quite strong.

Bill’s Dad’s boat is very full, and it is clear to Jayden who does not go on the water very much that it would not be pleasant for seven grown, or mostly grown men to be stuck in such a tiny vessel. In fact, because of the weight of each of the men, it might not even be considered safe. “Chase, do you think the yacht could help bring their boat back to shore?” Jayden asks.

“I think so, I will ask Pierre to prepare to bring in the boat that isn’t working. We can take a slow ride back, and take it with us,” Chase says heading off.

“Logan, Chase is going to…”

“I heard,” Logan says moving past Jayden calling out to Colin. “Hey Colin, we are going to bring you to shore and tug your boat in. Chase’s crew will do the heavy lifting.” Logan heads over seemingly knowing the yacht without ever been on it, or maybe Jayden surmises when he took the tour early, he paid extra attention in case of emergencies.

Logan knocks a level, and a ladder drops off the side.

“Thanks man,” Colin says. “Think you two oldies can swim for it?” he asks.

“Who is your kid calling old?” Bob says, making everyone laugh.

“Grandpa…I did not mean anything by it, it’s just…well…you are old,” Colin points out giving his shoulders a shake, with mirth in his eyes.

Bob looks at his son Kenneth. “Is this how you raise your kid?”

Kenneth throws up his hands, “I did not raise him like that.”

Bob shuffles past him to come up to Colin, “Listen kid. I ain’t that old. Sixty is the new thirty, besides, I still got it!” Bob gives his hips a shake making everyone grimace seeing his manhood flopping around in his bathing suit.

“Grandpa!” Colin shouts. “Nobody wants to see…let alone hear…that!” He says in disgust sticking out his tongue as if he might be sick, making fake over exaggerated gagging sounds.

Bob signals to Colin to come closer, and Colin obliges raising one eyebrow up. “I’ll race you,” Bob says. “Winner gets to kick the other in balls.”

“You are so on,” Colin says moving to climb off the ship.

“Manners!” Bob says, “First we thank these nice gentlemen for their help, must I do everything around here Kenneth!” Bob approaches Bill’s Dad holding out his hand to shake. Kenneth and Colin do the same.

Mr. Brady shoos them off, “Anyone would have done the same thing. I am glad the Gomez’s and their friends came along. Good people, sorry that we cannot tug you back ourselves, our little boat is about the same size as yours and that would be awfully tricky.”

Kenneth shushes him, “No need to apologize you did enough already.”

Bob was already at the edge of the boat looking back at the other two. “Ready?”

“You bet!” Colin runs to the edge, eager to beat his grandpa.

Just as Colin get into position to jump, Bob looks behind to Bill, Sam Hell, Jake and Mr. Brady and winks.

Jayden briefly wonders why, and then the answer becomes apparent. Kenneth moves to join his son and he starts counting them down, “On your marks…get set…Go!” Just as Kenneth and Colin are about to leap Bob swings both elbows at the same time aiming low.

Colin and his father Kenneth stare down in disbelief as Bob’s elbows shove deep in between their legs, his old pointy elbows digging into his son and grandson’s testicles. Smiling, at his successful double attack, Bob pulls his elbows out, flexing once and slamming them back home a second time knocking the two men off of the sides of the boat, so they landed with two giant splashes.

“I just needed a little head start,” Bob explains plainly, his laughter filling the boat before he dives into the water coming up for air and propelling through the waves like an Olympic swimmer leaving Colin and Kenneth coughing, and moaning in his wake.

Bob climbs the ladder quickly, being helped into the boat by Logan who pats him on the back like an old friend. “Nice showing,” Logan says with a smile. “Let me introduce you to the others.” While Logan introduces Bob, he must do the same all over again when Kenneth and his son Colin climb aboard both looking sour and wet glaring at Bob mutinously. Bod did not seem affected by their glares, but his smile grew infectiously the more everyone talks.

“We have some extra fishing poles, if the three of you want to fish,” suggests Chase indicating to the other side of the yacht where some extra poles were setup.

Bob, Kenneth, and Colin look at each other and Bob speaks first, “We would not want to impose, but that sounds like fun.”

“Great!” Logan says, following Chase to show them to their fishing poles and get them started.

A few minutes later, everyone had their rods casted, and are waiting for the fish to start biting. Jayden finds that he is distracted during this time. Bill is in and out of the water along with his Dad, and foster brothers Sam Hell and Jake. The four of them are playing and having a grand all time splashing in and out of the water. Jayden knows that he is not going to win the fishing contest, and with only having caught a single fish already he is not in danger of being “bucket boy” that honor will fall to his brother who continues to pull up ocean floor memorabilia.

Pulling off his t-shirt, Jayden feels some relief tossing the garment to the side. The shirt was sticking to his back but still his chest glistens with sweat. Jayden looks at the water, the fantasy of diving in when Chase put his hand on his shoulder startling him out of his fantasy.

“I don’t want you to get sun burned,” Chase says coolly, his fingers gliding over his shoulder blades lightly dancing on his smooth honey-colored skin. “I have you covered.”

“Thanks,” Jayden sighs, closing his eyes to the gentle strokes of Chase as he works his fingers deep into his muscles, not only providing sun care protection, but massaging his muscles at the same time. Chase’s fingers are strong, digging deep into Jayden’s skin making him grab the sides of the boat as Chase lowers them to his waist. Jayden sucks in a breath when they move around to his front, covering his stomach. “Ooooh, that’s nice,” he says as Chase’s fingers swirl around his belly button, and then travel up his chest, Chase’s hands landing on both of his pecs.

Jayden stops breathing for a moment, and he can feel himself pulse down below in his shorts, as he starts to chub up again while Chase tweaks his brown nipples; and nibbles on his ear asking, “How am I doing?”

“Good,” Jayden breathes out and Gino hears his voice, and looks over smirking.

Jayden smiles back self-consciously, biting his lips very aware of Chase’s fingers playing with his nipples.

“We better stop,” Jayden says regretfully.

Chase runs his teeth across his earlobe, grazing the skin ending with a lick along the side that makes Jayden shiver.

“Almost done,” Chase whispers reapplying is hands with the cream and starting along Jayden’s face, forehead, and neck before taking long swooping swipes up and down his chest, and abs. Chase pauses his hands around Jayden’s middle pulling him against his own body, Chase’s erection digging into his back. Slowly, Chase slips down Jayden’s shorts so they rest at the bottom of his inverted pronounced V in his lower abs making sultry rubbings. Jayden’s heart beats faster and he can feel himself start to leak and he hopes that it does not show.

Chase accidently knocks Jayden’s hard cock and Jayden moans, low in his throat hoping that no one will hear.

Both Logan and Gino snicker and Jayden wants to curl up and hide under a rock pulls away.

“I’m out of sunscreen,” Chase says dramatically, grabbing Jayden’s hand and pulling him away from the fishing. “Come with me, so we can get some more. I want you to do my back after.”

“Okay,” Jayden says in relief to be away from the spying eyes of Gino and Logan, and the older men.

Below deck, Chase brings Jayden to his personnel bedroom, the captain’s quarters and Jayden finds the space comfortable with a mattress that covers one wall, surrounded by windows that look out at the sapphire sea, and the swirling waves crashing rhythmically against the sides of the boat. When Chase closes the door, the quietness of the room surprises him and he turns back to find Chase completely naked, his blue speedos discarded on the floor. Chase’s beautiful hard cock bobs in the air above his plump low handing balls that are swinging from side to side with the gentle rocking of the ship. The glistening patterns from the waters reflect in his deep blue eyes which are fixed hungrily on Jayden’s, his intent clear as he strides forward yanking Jayden’s underwear and shorts down to his knees in one pull.

“Chase!” Jayden starts, full of concern about getting caught.

Chase gazes down at Jayden’s impressive honey colored cock and reaches his index finger forward placing it on Jayden’s tip touching the wetness there and slowly rubbing.

“Oh,” Jayden whimpers, his defenses already lowering.

“I can’t wait another moment,” Chase says falling to his knees before Jayden, his mouth open, tongue out reaching for him.

Jayden tries to stop him, but without any real conviction. They both want this.

Chase moves in quick sucking him straight down to the hilt and Jayden almost cums immediately. Jayden’s eyes bug out as Chase starts to apply pressure, and sucks. With toes curling Jayden reaches up placing both hands on the ceiling and grips it by his fingertips. Slurping Chase, sucks swirling his tongue along Jayden’s shaft making his legs tremble. Jayden’s balls start to rise, and Chase reaches almost on instinct grabbing each of them separately gurgling “Nope,” and pulling them back down forcibly.

Jayden hisses, and holds back a scream just as Chase’s grip tightens and he squeezes.

“No,” Jayden groans, his hips starting to thrust with Chase’s bobbing matching the tempo. “Not my balls, Chase.”

Chase does not listen, and if anything squeezes harder.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Jayden mumbles, licks his lips and grunt continuing to moan a steady, “Ugh, ugh, ugh!” unable to stop his voice from rising or putting understandable language together.

Chase is in the moment, fully sucking Jayden for all he is worth while keeping a steady death grip on his balls, the big nuts in his hands feel squishy, but firm in their velvety smooth sac. Chase pushes the two orbs together and wrapping both hands around, he intertwines his fingers and presses his hands together, ball against ball attempting to close his hands.

Jayden’s eyes cross, his loins expanding around his flared head touching the back of Chase’s throat, his nuts being crushed, Chase’s hands pumping as if they were a vice.

Jayden attempts to warn him that he is going to cum, and his balls might explode when Sam Hell, the Devil’s boy’s face appears in one of the porthole windows, followed by Jake, then finally Bill each staring inside at Jayden.

Jayden’s mouth drops open, the masks that each boy wear are crystal clear, and Jayden can tell that they see everything. He tries to pull off of Chase, but Chase does not let him, and if anything slurps harder, his mouth full of Jayden’s cock. Jayden has no choice but to finish and to climax with an audience watching him.

Jayden takes a breath, and with all eyes watching starts to thrust with Chase’s bobbing. Chase senses the change and encourages him with a murmuring assent with him in his mouth. Chase can no longer hold Jayden’s nuts down, nor does he try to as he allows Jayden’s balls to rise up and Jayden choosing to stare at Bill looks into his light sky-blue eyes and feels his cock throb once, twice and he can no longer hold it back Jayden’s orgasm detonates deep in Chase’s throat.

“Ugh!!!!” Jayden cries out, his cock pulsing, and his balls churning in Chase’s grasp, he lets up a bit so he can feel Jayden’s sweaty balls twist and throb. Chase looks up his blonde hair drooping over his brow, but he manages to make eye contact with his dark eyed boyfriend as he sucks the last drops from him.

Jayden crumples, but Chase catches him, and he can finally speak. “They saw…” he groans vaguely pointing at the portholes.

Chase lays him on the mattress grabbing his aching erection that he somehow managed not to touch. He looks up at the crew in front of him Bill wild eyed and unreadable, Jake and Sam Hell looking fierce. “Well, well, well” Chase chuckles meanly griping himself more tightly, then with a proud grin he grabs his balls and displays them proudly towards the onlookers at the window, nodding proudly “Those guys are so jealous of my manhood, we’ll let us finish this and let the peeping Tom’s enjoy the show.” He spits into his palm and starts to choke his cock, his hand flying, his one hand on Jayden’s chest squeezing his nipple.

Jayden grins up, happy that he cannot see the others behind him and encourages his boyfriend, “Paint me.”

“Fuck…I am…going…”

The door swings open, and Jayden’s heart stops. How many interruptions are going to happen today?

Gino walks in and freezes staring at the scene, the bucket on his head.

Chase does not slow down but Gino’s barefoot crashes in between his legs ending his ferocious hand job.

Chase can’t even scream, but he stares down in disbelief as Gino yanks his foot back his cock bobbing on its own as the boys in the portholes bang on the glass in celebration.

“Ooh, that one had to hurt,” Gino laughs.

“Gino,” Jayden moves to get up from his prone position, but Gino moves first kicking Chase for the second time from behind, his foot catching poor Chase’s bouncing balls slamming them against up and against his rather sparse but well-groomed blonde pubes.

Jayden catches Chase as he drops onto the mattress, he looks on with pity as Chase whines, his balls thundering in his ballsac, his cock still hard and throbbing.

With great care, Jayden shifts him to the side, and moves to stand up and confront his older brother, but Gino gets there first easily shoving him in his bare chest back down onto the mattress where he lands with a huff.

Gino is smiling his wicked grin as he reaches between Jayden’s and Chase’s thighs and grips their balls.

“No!” Jayden protests, already knowing that it is useless. Gino locks on and gives each of them a warning squeeze.

Chase whimpers, “No, man! Please, ugh not my big nuts.”

“It’s been a long time since I had fun with you, Chase,” Gino grins twisting his hand making him gasp. “and now that you are dating my brother and you’ve finally grown a pair, I can really step up my game! Mmmm I wonder if I can make you squirt again.” Gino grins yanking both of the boys up to standing enjoying making them dance on their tiptoes.

Jayden and Chase both fight against Gino’s forearms desperately grasping and pawing at his hands to release their naked, vulnerable scrotums and their sorry balls which are being twisted and squeezed in his fingers. Jayden, who just recently emptied his balls, can already feel his strength waning and he soon slumps in submission, still holding Gino’s arm uselessly, his body quivering and balls throbbing unable to do anything. Gino enjoys the defeat in his younger brother’s eyes and gives Jayden’s boys a little tug bringing him closer.

“Are you all done, Jayden?”

Jayden nods groaning.

Gino’s lips curl further up, and he turns his focus to Chase who still has defiance burning in his icy cobalt eyes. “Still not done, huh? Well, I bet you’ll submit when I crack these little walnuts.” Gino says with a laugh.

“Screw you, I’ve got the biggest on the swim…” Chase starts but is unable to finish as a wave of agony ripples through him. Gino eats it up leaning in to hear him gasp as he squishes his young plums.

“Sorry, but I didn’t get that. Say again”

Chase is gritting his teeth, his athletic torso contorted in pain, veins pulsing in his neck as his tortured face stares in horror across at his inert boyfriend, “Jayden, help…he’s got my big balls again!” he shrieks.

“You really think these balls are big, huh kid?” Gino laughs mockingly shaking Chase proud testicles, “Well Chase, I admit your little grapes have ripened a bit since I first met you, but surely you don’t think they’re any match for Jayden’s?” Gino chuckles, emphasizing his point with a mean slap to the blond boys’ virile spuds making him shriek in distress before tugging them until they nestle right up against Jayden’s meaty nuggets. Gino grins pressing Chase’s pert young balls firmly up against Jayden’s fat Latino gonads, then he lets out a little moan of delight as he admires the view. In truth the teenage lovebirds are both blessed with the most delicious, manly set of nuts but Gino cannot resist reminding the cocky blond boy that his beloved balls still fall a little short of the mark.

“Look at you now, Chase,” Gino grins like a Cheshire cat as he rolls the older stunned boy’s orbs between his fingers “Nearly sixteen and such pretty muscles but I see your boyhood is still outclassed by a fourteen-year-old! Look down Chase and see how much bigger Jayden’s balls are. Admit it now!”

“Nnnn,” Chase growls, twisting his head away to avoid Gino’s triumphant grin and stubbornly refusing to satisfy Gino by looking down.

Jayden grits his teeth and drives his elbow hard into Gino’s abs desperate to stop any further humiliation of his boyfriend. “Gino! Let him go! Now!” Jayden snarls, quickly repeating the move his rage surfacing, ready to boil over but his older brother just grunts with each impact and tightens his solid abs.

Gino shoves Jayden back, swatting him away like a fly so that he falls back onto his back on the bed, then lazily puts Chase in a headlock, one hand still squeezing his tender spuds waiting for his resistance to weaken then his other hand slides down and grasps Chases still aching erection which he slowly points at Jayden. “Well, I have to admit Chase, it’s way bigger than Bills.” Gino chuckles as he waves the pale rigid pole from side to side “So come on Jayden, if you really want this little joystick you’ll have to come here and take it. What do say, bro?” Gino challenges, his soft brown eyes dancing with anticipation.

Jayden gulps, staring at Chase who is suffering in Gino’s clutches. The beautiful Adonis is still desperately clawing and squirming against Gino’s powerful chest, his brave resistance slowly crumbling from the debilitating assault between his legs. Worst of all, he can see Chase’s beautiful and still very full nuts are slowly turning beet beat red in Gino’s cruel grip.

Making a quick decision to fight, Jayden moves to stand but Gino lazily kicks him in his empty boys with a gut-wrenching snap kick that slaps his bare balls between his thighs flattening them. Jayden’s eyes crisscross and he stumbles back sitting on his butt, Gino’s foot still intruding and pressing his nuts into the mattress.

“Did you think that you would be the hero, and save the day?” Gino asks, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “Come on little bro, you can’t beat up your big brother and nor can your knight in shining armor here.” Gino laughs, and then jostles Chase’s penis a bit so that the harden tool points at Jayden dramatically before he pulls it back and lets it slap against his stomach. “Besides, his puny sword is about to fall down, right Chase?” teases Gino pushing Chase’s head against his bare chest and back into a headlock.

Jayden can feel his world being torn apart, as he is forced to witness Gino manipulating and humiliating his hunky and clearly very horny boyfriend. Helpless, Jayden is pinned down by Gino’s foot pressing deep into his aching boyhood, his face echoing the wound of his brother’s efforts, while Gino as always is in his element against him. His body is growing listless, his balls caving into the pressure, and his resistance is failing him as he slowly gives up to his older brother.

Meanwhile, Chase bucks, somehow still fighting against Gino and his expert hands which prod, tease and manipulate his dong running circles around his cock’s sensitive tip while the other hand crushes his balls mercilessly and Chase trying to pull Gino’s arm away from his neck to get a fighting chance is haltered further when Gino kicks his feet apart and slowly takes aim with his knee.

Chase scrambles, trying to extricate himself but his desperate attempts are fruitless as Gino let’s Chases bare balls drop from his hand and with wicked procession slams his knee up.

“No!” Chase manages to mumble out as Gino’s thick thigh encounters his sore, aching testes again. Gino’s early workings, and the hits he took earlier pale in comparison to this hit. Gino’s thigh hits both of his big balls so hard that all his senses shut down leaving only the explosion of pain in his groin. Chase freezes, eyes blinking and mouth open in a silent scream but even his lungs refuse to function and with the faintest groan he crumbles, his head crashing pathetically between Gino’s pecs.

“I knew it!” Gino enthuses, his tell-tale grin still firmly in place as he ruffles the blond boy’s hair, “Not so tough now, huh Chase? I see your little balls still can’t handle a good knee between the thighs. Did I crack your weak little eggs?”

Chase groans in dismay, unable to fight against Gino anymore, the knee smashed his meaty balls so hard he feels like he might puke, his strong muscles suddenly rendered useless as his arms drop, barely able to cradle his wounded jewels. With victory assured, Gino spins Chase around, almost dead on his feet and Gino grabs him in a bear hug crushing his abdomen as he heaves him up in a fireman’s lift. Swinging him from side-to-side, Chase flails unable to muster any resistance besides a feeble, “Fucker! I’ll get you…ugh… back for this.”

Gino silences him by dropping him on an outstretched knee. Chase’s body slams hard against him, and Chase stares blankly at Gino’s smiling eyes and moans softly and then abruptly stops the agonizing pain overwhelming him and he lets out a gasp of pure anguish sliding off Gino’s knee landing on the bed next to Jayden.

Jayden and Chase stare at each other, each boy sharing a look of pure mutual agony. Jayden reaches forward taking Chase’s swelling balls in his hand and drags one of Chase’s hands to grip his own. The two feel the strumming pulsating bloated balls pulsing painfully in their gentle caress.

“We give up,” Jayden squeaks turning onto his back.

Gino licks his lips and orders, “Then squeeze each other’s nuts. I will know if you don’t.”

Chase gulps but bravely nods at Jayden and silently mouths, “Not too hard.”

Jayden complies slowly closing his fingers around his boyfriend’s beefy nuts which feel even bigger and more potent than usual, almost as big as Gino’s and he feels a shudder of excitement as he imagines taking revenge on his brother. A sudden dull ache snapping him back to reality as he feels Chase doing the same.

Gino is mesmerized staring at his younger brother and Chase squeezing each other’s teenage boyhoods, their fingers slowly compressing the big rubbery balls in their grasp. Gino slips one hand underneath his bathing suit and starts to rub his huge erection enjoying the show. “Yeah boys! Squeeze those nuts harder.” And to his delight the boys comply, moaning gently, their big teenage cocks beginning to swell from the proximity of their hot young bodies and the mutual massaging of their big aching balls. Their eyes lock together, trying to put Gino out of their thoughts to take advantage of this chance for pleasure despite their pain.

Chase leans forward and, with a gentleness that Gino did not know he possesses, lays his lips softly against Jayden’s mouth. Jayden whimpers, his sore empty nuts pulsing and kisses back his free hand falling onto the blond teen’s sculpted chest. Chase rolls on top of Jayden thrusting his raging boner up against Jayden’s semi-hard member and Gino cannot help acknowledging just how big Chase has grown since their first encounter, although he vows never to tell him. The blond athlete’s man-sized cock looks impressively thick and is already rock hard as he rolls his hips, thrusting the potent meat-stick up against Jayden’s stiffening member.

Gino gazes on, astonished to see that Chase’s pale weapon looks even bigger than his beloved brother’s but Jayden’s meaty, honey colored tool seems to respond to the threat, throbbing powerfully as it continues to engorge, thickening, stretching and Gino pumps his fist with glee as he watches it finally eclipsing the cocky blond challenger. Chase groans deeply as Jayden squeezes his nuts harder and responds in kind, tightening his hands around Jayden’s testicles, his fingers delving deep, struggling to grip such big slippery orbs and when the right nut escapes, he simply grasps Jayden’s bigger left gonad and begins to hump him even more vigorously. Gino stares on, impressed and even slightly jealous as Chase exerts his dominance over Jayden, his sculpted muscles looking powerful, gleaming, and rippling as his hips thrust, eliciting a submissive moan from Jayden.

Standing half naked, Gino looks around the cabin finding a bottle of lube. He reluctantly tucks his own massive dong away thinking, ‘Not quite yet’ then grabs the bottle and applies a thick glob that pools in his hand. Excitedly he approaches, his hand delving between the humping boys, coming first into contact with Chase’s rigid member which he smothers in the cool slippery oil rubbing him from root to tip feeling Chase shudder and groan under his touch. Chase looks back at him in astonishment and instinctively starts to hump his hand, with Jayden beneath him.

Licking his lips, Gino grabs his brother’s penis which he can feel is now almost fully erect. With both boys fully lubed up he pulls his hand back and slaps Chase’s firm, naked ass. “Show me what you got!” Gino says.

With their potent young cocks glistening, Jayden and Chase are now able to start humping in earnest. The lubrication giving them the freedom to fully explore each other’s rock-hard abdomens trying to pierce them with their rigid penises.

“My turn, now let those ball grips go,” Gino orders taking his place next to them on the bed reaching between their legs, while they hump. Gino grasps both sets of plump, hairless testicles in his hands but gently this time, rubbing in the lube until the virile gonads are slick and shining in his palms. Slowly, Gino presses the four nuts against each other and closes his hands around the neck of their silky sacks, trapping all four testicles between his hands as he squeezes. Gino’s large hands are barely big enough to contain their boyhoods, but somehow, he manages crushing Jayden and Chase’s sacs together, pitting their balls against each other in a painful ball-sandwich.

Chase is first to succumb to the pressure, with a sudden gasp “Oh God, my balls!” and pausing his thrusts to grasp desperately at the hand assaulting his big balls, still throbbing after Gino’s crushing knees. The blond boy turns with gritted teeth and glares angrily at Gino who just grins back and mashing his pale nuggets even harder up against Jayden’s slightly bigger and sturdier set. Moments later Jayden too cries outs as the pain level reaches his threshold. As the horny levers squirm in his grasp unable to handle the pressure on their teenage testicles. Gino finals relents, eases up gradually so they can continue thrusting.

“Yeah!” Gino says encouragingly watching the writhing boys squirming and rubbing against each other, their lithe torsos blurring in speed. Chase pins Jayden’s hands on either side of his head and pulls out of their kiss whispering to Jayden.

Gino strains to hear, and catches. “Let’s see if I can make you cum again.”

Jayden groans, biting his lip and then reaches forward grabbing Chase’s powerful biceps and bites Chase’s shoulder unable to control himself.

Chase growls and pumps harder, his cock needing more as he grinds against Jayden’s firm abs his cock head rubbing against Jayden’s belly button trying to press the button in. Jayden freezes against him and Chase can feel him shudder once, and with an ungodly whimper he cums for a second time, his boy-juice clear and watery this time, squirting up between them, the hot wet blasts splashing on their chests.

Gino feels his younger brother’s plump balls, not even managing to fully retract before releasing his hot blasts, the balls still busy between his fingers as Gino mercilessly starts to squeeze Jayden’s balls harder, ignoring Chase for now, as he focuses on pressing his fingers into the softer undersides of Jayden’s meaty testicles, knowing the hellish pain will be too much for him to handle.

Jayden suddenly bolts upright shrieking, “My boynuts!” his brown dark eyes rolling to back of his head and Jayden dramatic climax puts Chase over the edge and his cock suddenly erupts with a powerful splurge of cum leaving a thick streak from Jayden navel up to his chest.

Gino senses his moment, releasing Jayden to grip Chase by his smooth swinging balls before they can empty their load, ramping up the pressure, squeezing his balls just as he had to Jayden’s a moment earlier. Chase’s balls try to contract as they pump out his ejaculation, but Gino keeps them stretched down in his crushing, vice-like grip. Chase can only scream and bury his lips against Jayden’s chest in an attempt to silence himself and tastes a mouthful of salty cum mixed with sweat not caring if it is his own or Jayden’s as he humps twice more his big cock still spurting out the ropey wads of his first cum-shot of the day, that mingle with Jayden’s waterier second load. As his cock spits its final dregs Chase’s mouth opens again but his scream is silenced now by Gino’s thumbs buried deep into his big captain’s nuts and with a pitiful whimper, he collapses almost lifeless on top of his boyfriend.

Gino feels both boys nuts retract, and then stop producing sperm. Gino jiggles both boys’ orbs for a few seconds more than grips the necks of the sacs, forcing their empty, reddened balls to bulge out at the end of their sacs like a bunch of water balloons.

“Just for you two to remember this moment,” Gino rears back with his other hand, clenching it into a fist and punches the four balls managing to connect dead center hitting all four rounded targets.

Chase and Jayden clutch each other with a unified howl of agony quickly receding into the occasional pitiful whimper and Gino lets them go, watching the two clumsily disentangle, their athletic bodies still covered in sticky white goo as they both roll into a fetal position, moaning as they nurse their beaten teenage balls their feet kicking uselessly in the air. With pitiful groans they rock and writhe on the bedsheets as their orgasms recedes leaving only the hellish agony in their crushed and drained balls.

Proud of his accomplishment, Gino drops his shorts, grabbing his huge, engorged member that dwarfs even his brother’s tool. Grinning, Gino approached his brother and slaps his huge cock against Jayden’s pretty face with a wet slap until he opens his brown eyes. Then he grabs Chase gently by his short hair and raises his face upwards seeing the look of confusion then to horror at the sight of Gino’s massive throbbing cock.

“Gino, no! Please no!” Chase mumbles but Gino only needs to pump his cock twice before spewing his massive manly load over the cocky boy’s beautiful face. His thick jets of cum blasting into his eyes, nose, and hair before trickling down and into his gaping mouth making Chase retch and gag in disgust.

“Leave it Chase, it actually suits you” Gino chuckles as he watches the blond boy trying in vain to wipe the sticky cum from his face but only managing to get even more into his mouth and hair. Chase cringes then spits out a rivulet of creamy cum that dribbles down his chin then looks up at Gino with raw hate in his blue eyes as his hands clench into solid fists.

“You’ll pay for this, Gino!” Chase says murderously.

“Oh, I doubt that” Gino chuckles casually pulling up his shorts then places the bucket next to Jayden.

“Oh by-the-way, this is for you!” Gino grins “See , I managed to catch a few fish, little brother, and you are going to be bucket boy so clean yourself up Jayden. We are all going to get to hit you in the nuts. And after you orgasmed twice…I don’t envy you,” Gino chuckles meanly, grabbing the door handle.

Gino turns on his heel, and Chase and Jayden hear the thrum of the yacht turning around and heading back to the docks as Gino leaves.

“Oh no, Chase. I can’t take anymore balls shots,” Jayden whimpers.

Chase manages to sit-up with a grimace. “You won’t. Help me up and I’ll help you beat Gino’s number. Then we get to get even with him.”

Jayden slowly stands up, then helps Chase to his feet, and both boys stagger clumsily towards the shower room in the master suite..

“Here’s the plan, we get cleaned up. Then I teach you how to catch a fish as we trail on the way home.”

“Do you think…we will have enough time?” Jayden asks feeling the cooling spray of water hit him and Chase, and the relief of the cool water flooring over his aching boyhood makes him tremble.

“Trust me,” Chase says with a smile. “We will get even with Gino and make him regret ever messing with us.”


Gino strides out of the cabin on top of the world.

Whistling, still thinking about his conquest he comes to the top deck and sees that everyone is enjoying a drink and talking about busting Jayden’s nuts. Things could not get any better in Gino’s mind.

“I told Jayden that it’s going to be him when he gets back to shore,” Gino says joining the conversation.

“I bet that he was super thrilled about that,” Marco Gomez says. “I want to kick my son first, after all I made him.”

“Gross Dad,” Gino says reaching for a beer in the cooler. Marco hits his hand.

“No way kiddo.”

“I swear Logan is the same way,” Bradley says. “Thinking that he is all grown up!” Sipping his beer.

Logan rolls his eyes, sipping on his soda and passing one to Gino who takes it appreciatively.

“They still see us as kids, even though we are 18, legal adults,” Logan emphasizes.

“Sure, you are,” Bradly chuckles, clinking his glass with Marco’s.

The Decker clan meander over Bob and Kenneth look in good shape, with a slight sheen of sweat on their chests while their son Colin looks like he might be sick.

Colin stumbles into the group clutching his bathing suit crotch area leaning against the side of the ship, “God…ten ball shots.” He grimaces, grabbing a cold can of soda and instead of drinking it opens his shorts and drops it inside making everyone laugh.

“Pitiful performance Colin, only three fish,” Kenneth says rubbing one of his sons shoulders affectionately.

“You took twelve ball shots, actually. Six from each of us. I thought that you taught your son how to count?” Bob says grabbing a beer.

“Apparently it gets harder after ten.”

Everyone laughs, and Gino smirks over at Colin asking, “Both your grandpa and your Dad got you?”

“Yeah…I’m both their kid…but at least I got to hit both of them.”

“I hardly felt a thing, your son needs to learn how to hit properly,” Bob says.

“You volunteering?” Colin asks, an eyebrow shooting up.

“Nope! Get your new friends the Gomez’s to help.”

“I’m all set, but you will get to practice on my little brother, he lost. Only got one fish,” Gino explains.

“So far,” says Chase strolling into the center and taking the fishing pole out of its holster and heading back to the yacht. “Game’s not over Gino until we reach the shore.”

“In twenty minutes?” Gino scoffs. “Good luck to him. He only got one fish all day.”

Chase’s blue eye narrow, staring at him and his smug expression. “Just get into position to take those ball shots when he wins.”

Everyone laughs, but Gino watches him a quiver of anxiousness running down his spin. He does not anticipate that Jayden can pull this off, but he is a tad nervous. He only caught two fish. One more…and Jayden ties with him.

Gino pulls his own fishing rod out and heads to the back of the yacht.

“Where you going?” Logan asks.

“Getting insurance,” Gino says.

Logan’s interests are peeked, and he follows him.

Gino and Logan see Jayden and Chase still doubled over but already fishing, and to Gino’s horror his younger brother is pulling in a…. fish.

“No way…” Gino starts.

Jayden smiles back at him, “This makes us tied.” Jayden says dropping his fish into Chase’s hands. “It’s not over yet.”

Gritting his teeth, Gino rebaits his hook and tosses his line out. Jayden following him a moment later.

“This is getting good!” Logan grins.

The Gomez brothers stare out to see, their hearts thumping. Gino is starting to sweat, but Jayden his wet hair is combed back looks determined and cool as his fishing rod gently nods in the water, fresh shower water still clings to his light brown skin his bathing suit hanging low on his hips.

Gino refocuses and to his utter delight his rod bends down. Buth so does his brothers.

“Wow,” Logan smiles. “A fight to the bitter end!”

“Unless Gino has another boot on the line,” Chase comments, unable to contain his laughter. “You got this, Jayden!”

Gino and Jayden reel in their lines, both rewarded with a fish each tying yet again.

Jayden was able to get his line out first, Chase a master next to him in getting him ready. Gino a full minute later. Knowing how little time that they both have left continue to fish, hoping that they get lucky.

Logan pauses, and realizes something. “Hey, you are both tied with Colin. It could be all of you wearing the bucket…or…you both make him the fish bucket.” Logan smiles coming up next to Chase and putting an arm over Chase’s shoulders, pulling him in.

Chase moves to stiffen but stops himself letting Logan give him some affection.

“You’re a good teacher,” Logan says.

Chase smiles a tiny smile, “Thanks.”

“Look at the two of them, this morning they couldn’t catch a thing. Now…they are fishermen. Win or lose, they will always have this skill,” Logan enlightens patting Chase on his belly watching with fascination as their lines bend down again just as the dock comes into view.

The others come to the back of the boat, all packed up. “What have we missed?” Colin asks seeing Gino and Jayden’s fish on the dock.

Logan turns to him and says, “Apparently three is a losing number.”

“Oh no,” Colin says, gulping turning to see everyone staring at him with a mixture of excitement, and anticipation.

Gleefully, Kenneth taps his son on his shoulder, and gleefully holds out the fish bucket. “When we dock, your balls are ours.”

Both Gino and Jayden wanted to beat the other, while neither of them have to wear the bucket they look at each other with steel in their eyes. This battle is over, but a war has begun on this ship, and the contest is far from the end of it.

“Oh Mr. Gomez…Jayden owes you three kicks, and Gino two, I would not want us to forget that” Logan says, smiling.

“Hey Dad, what was that you said about me kicking like a little boy?” Jayden asks skipping up to his Dad his deep brown eyes matching his wide toothy grin.

“Well son, let’s see if we can make a man out of you,” Marco Gomez says putting his hands on his hips, jutting out his manhood.

Jayden takes careful aim, ready to strike out but Gino shoves him aside and kicks him instead.

“Hey!” Jayden yelps, after bouncing off the side of the vessel.

“First born’s go first,” Gino grins seeing his foot firmly planted in his Dad’s thighs, his foot flat against the little nuggets that rest there.

“Now that is a kick,” Marco grimaces, as Gino pulls his foot out. “See son, you should learn from your older brother…”

“Believe me, I have. But sometimes, one needs to learn the lesson a few more times,” Gino says interrupting his Dad.

“Too right, you are! Now put me on the deck floor, Gino. I am not planning on having any other kids anyways. I’m good with both of you!” Marco says chuckling.

Gino strides forward and grabbing his Dad’s shoulders and plows his knee in between the fork in his legs, not even needing to aim.

Marco’s smile wavers on his face, and he sinks down to one knee grabbing his nuts. “Nicely done…” Marco grimaces.

Gino pats his Dad on his head, turning to Jayden. “I softened him up for you. Even you should be able to hurt him now.”

Jayden glowers at his older brother, but the others just laugh at the sibling rivalry. Jayden’s not sure what has gotten into him, but he is certainly succeeding is pissing him off. Gino spreads his arms open, to showcase that it is now his turn. What Jayden really wants to do is kick him three more times instead of his Dad, but his father deserves it to thinks Jayden walking up to him and saying, “Move your hands.”

“Ready now?” Marco asks, his voice think with pain.

“I was ready before, but now works too.”

Marco stands us and Jayden gets down on one knee and starring at Gino does a one two quick punch, slamming his left and right fist knuckle fist into the small mound poking out. Marco sucks in a breath, and Jayden can tell that he is about to say something smart rolls onto his back, grabbing Marco’s ankles for support and kicks straight up. Jayden’s barefoot hits Marco’s testicles so hard that Marco is transported to another place for a moment, before Jayden extends his leg, locking it in place and pressing up. Marco’s grapes are pressed deep within his abdomen and he groans, gritting his teeth as Jayden digs his heel in his eyes staring at Gino’s before moving to his Dad’s.

“How’s this?” he asks so quietly that only his father can hear as he pumps his foot in and out a few times jostling Marco’s small balls reform, before he squishes them flat again with his heel.

“Oh fuck,” Marco swears, making Jayden smile.

Jayden pulls his foot out from the warmth in his father’s groin and somersaults back to standing just as his father falls onto his hands and knees before him.

“Do I still kick like a little kid?” Jayden asks.

“Nope,” Marco says. “That last one was….impressive,” Marco says with a groan.

Jayden grins down, before he heads over to his brother winking at Colin, “You’re next.”


A few minutes later the yacht is in place, and lunch is served. Everyone is ending their morning with a well-stuffed lobster rolls, dripping in melted butter pooling down the sides, with fresh coleslaw, and pink lemonade. All are excited to eat lunch, except for Colin. The twenty-year old is in the middle surrounded by the tables and chairs, and the smiling boys and men eating and ready for the entertainment wearing the fish bucket in shame for catching the least amount of fish that day.

Kenneth, Colin’s father wants to go first. Everyone lets him, going off what Marco said earlier, ‘I deserve to be the first, I made him.’

Kenneth takes a quick walk around his son and stops directly behind him.  

“Oh no,” Colin laughs nervously as his Dad’s foot moves in between his legs swiftly soaring through the air. The guys wince when Kenneth’s foot makes contact. Kenneth hits him squarely and Colin bends over groaning. “Fuck, Dad you got them both.”

“I better!” Kenneth laughs, “I know your nuts almost as well as I know my own!”

Everyone laughs, as Bob moves up next telling his Grandson. “Grandpa is ready son, get ready now. I don’t want my lobster roll to get soggy.”

“My nuts hurt,” Colin laughs getting back into position, hands behind his head shaking his head. “Don’t you want great grandkids?”

“You can adopt,” Bob says shaking his shoulder and reaches down into his bathing suit and locking his fingers around Colin’s scrotum.

“Oh shit!” Colin squeals, as Bob’s fingers tighten expertly crushing Colin’s balls.

“Someone time me!” Bob says. “Two minutes should be enough time.”

“Enough…” Colin starts in wonderment his eyes glazing over, “Oh, god.” Bob starts squeezing immediately.

“Enough to neutralize any concept of making me a great grandpa! I am not ready for that,” Bob laughs twisting his grip, making Colin yip and stagger hopping to one foot and then the other as time slips slowly by.

Eventually, Chase calls out. “Time!”

Colin drops to hands and knees moaning, “Oh Grandpa…my balls.”

Bob high-fives his son Kenneth and moves back to his meal, taking a big bite.

Bradley stands up next coming up to poor Colin, who looks up at him gulping. “What’s next?”

“Any requests?” Bradley asks.

“Just leave me with a ball or two…” Colin laughs good-naturedly.

“Sure, buddy,” Bradley says reaching around and doing a quick feel up of Colin’s balls and limp noodle. “Just getting a feel what I am aiming at.”

“Makes sense,” Colin sighs staring at the ground, trying to prepare for what comes next.

Bradley considers, then makes a decision and using Colin’s position to his benefit to his strike. Bradley carefully aims his foot and slips it easily in-between Colin’s legs striking Colin’s hanging testicles which crash against his pelvis and he mewls out a strange gagging sound as he starts to feel the new fresh wave of ball pain washing through his body.

Logan came up right after his Dad, giving Colin some time to recover before he flipped Colin onto his back grabbing each of his feet and pulling them apart his eyes never leaving the center, where Colin’s proud plump bulge still rests. Logan smiles at Colin, telling him “This will be fast okay?”

Colin nods, “I appreciate—that!” Colin says and then shrieks at Logan’s foot slams down, and then down again, and finally again in quick succession each blow causing Colin’s torso to bounce up, wince and all back down. Logan leaves his barefoot gently rolling Colin’s balls underfoot looking up and smiling to the others. “He’s fine! Just a little bloated.” Logan says checking.

Chase taps Logan’s shoulders and indicates his desire pointing to Colin’s ankles. “My turn?” he asks politely, smiling.

“Yeah, I guess, I’m done,” Logan sighs looking at Colin. “Unless you want a few more stomps?”

“All set!” croaks Colin, putting up a thumb in answer before falling back and groaning on the ships deck staring up at the sun. “How many left?”

“Me, and three others,” Chase answers enjoying watching Logan’s foot gently rolling Colin’s balls around in their sac. Chase pull’s Logan’s shoulders down and asks, “I’m bigger than him, right?”

Logan looks quizzically at Chase, and grins. “Oh yeah, poor kid. Don’t rub it in. You’ll make Colin sad.” Logan says with a knowing smile.

“What?” asks Colin not catching their hushed conversation.

“Don’t worry about it,” Logan grins passing Chase Colin’s ankles, which he takes with delight peering down at Colin.

“Colin, you would think by now that we would run out of ideas of how to bust you but that’s untrue,” Chase explains. “I’m going to do a move that Jayden taught me a few months ago,” explains Chase climbing down in between Colin’s legs reaching his feet forward and scooping Colin’s balls in-between his soles.

Chase’s grin slowly widens and he looks up in utter satisfaction at Logan, winking spelling out with his mouth, ‘I am bigger.’

Logan only smiles, chuckling a bit. Jayden looks over at him, a question in his dark eyes but Logan shakes his shoulders, keeping Chase’s council and nothing could make Jayden happier. The growing bond between Logan and Chase is deepening, and Jayden smiles turning back to see what would happen next.

Colin lifts his head, and slowly sit’s up aware of the precarious position that he is in as Chase rolling his nuts around, his soles pressing gently seemingly waiting for Colin to sit-up. Colin gulps, laughs nervously. “This is new,” he comments never finding his nuts in such a position before, and silently hoping that they never fall into this situation again.

“Count for me, let us see what squeezing grip is worse, the hand or foot. Got me covered, Logan?” Chase calls up to him.

“When you are ready, I will start the timer,” Logan says.

Chase thoughtfully presses his two big toes together and smiles, “Now!” Chase closes his feet together slowly, compressing Colin’s poor balls together attempting to flatten them.

Colin recognizes the awful predicament, and moans low, his forehead creasing and teeth barring as he seizes in painful agony. Colin’s balls physically start to flatten, Chase feels his feet crushing Colin’s balls.

“Oh...oh no. Oh, my balls!” Colin grumbles as he pounds his fist against the warm white deck.

That’s when Chase changes tactics and rolls his feet up and down while he compresses his soles together and the varying degrees of pressure issue another wave of agony that pierces deep within Colin and he wraps his arms around his stomach and groans out as Logan calls out, “Time!”

Chase pauses, still holding Colin’s nuts. Colin fears that Chase will keep going but he stops and instead picks up Colin’s limp penis rubbing it. “Heh,” Chase says. “I just wanted to check,” he says cheekily discarding his toe-grip on Colin’s penis and standing up.

“My boy still got two balls?” Kenneth asks in jest.

“Yeah, he does.” Chase grins, “Although, they aren’t doing so well.”

Everyone laughs as Marco passes by Chase, stopping at Colin his large shadow falling over the boy.

Colin can’t look up, not yet. His balls are pulsating so much that he wonders if they or his heart is beating faster. “Only, three more and my kids plan on doing their together. Which should be fun.”

Colin gazes up, his eyes slightly glassy and faraway. Marco reaches down grasping him under his armpits and pulls him to standing, Colin’s feet are like jelly but Marco keeps him upright as he gets down to one knee and takes careful aim.

The others are already crossing their legs and Jayden says to Gino, “This is going to be bad.”

“Oh yeah,” Gino agrees grinning slapping Jayden’s thigh. Jayden jumps at the touch and reflectively cups his balls. Gino notices. “Jumpy much?”

“Wouldn’t you be?” Jayden questions.

Gino shrugs. “I’ve never been the younger brother. I wouldn’t know about that place in the pecking order,” he explains. Truer words have never been uttered by his older brother Jayden thinks as he watches from the corner of his eye Marco Gomez his father uppercuts Colin so hard that Colin is knocked airborne seemingly floating on Marco’s bicep, his legs kicking wildly in the air.

Colin hollers out in agony, grabbing Marco’s mighty bicep as he is brought into the air. Marco wraps his other arm around Colin’s waist joining hands so that Colin is stuck in the air and begins a seesaw effect in which he slides Colin back and forth across his bicep crunching his balls without mercy stuck along for the ball crunching rollercoaster.

“What… is that?” Jayden wonders out loud watching Colin riding Marco’s bicep, his balls slamming into his elbow or his shoulder and then sliding back down, only to go through the process again.

Colin silently screams, his eyes bulging, and his body ridged unable to escape.

Marco keeps him aloft as long as possible and when he places Colin on the ground, his legs jelly from before slips down to his knees, coughing and moaning, “Fuck.”

Marco taps his shoulder, saying “Thanks son. Been awhile since I gave anyone the crotch-roaster. I meant to do that to one of my sons, but it was just as much fun to do it to you.”

Gino and Jayden are next, and they slowly head over to Colin who is holding his groin, not looking as if he can get up.

“I can’t…stand,” Colin moans.

“Don’t worry, for ours you don’t need to,” Gino says.

Jayden winces seeing Colin’s face. “Don’t worry after us, you are all done.”

“Thank god…” Colin says, laughs ending with a long, sad moan.

“How’s it hanging?” asks Jayden tentatively, curiosity getting the best of him.

“You don’t want to know,” Colin chuckles taking a breath. “Okay let’s get this over with. What’s the big finisher?”

“So glad that you asked!” Gino says clapping his hands once in excitement, rubbing his palms excitedly. “We are going to do an classic nut rubbing, I get one ball and Jayden, my little brother, gets the other.”

“Do you always have to mention how ‘little’ I am?” Jayden queries, rolling his dark brown eyes.

Gino only smiles, ignoring him. “Lower your shorts a bit please.”

“I’m not wearing anything under this,” chuckles Colin. “It’s a bathing suit.”

“No problem with us, besides, we all know what a pair of balls looks like,” Gino explains crouching down next to him on one side, Jayden following suit and sitting on Colin’s opposite side so that poor Colin is trapped between the Gomez brothers.

“Are you shy?” asks his father. Kenneth laughs, and adds “If you want us can to all turn around and give you some privacy, we will be very understanding.” Kenneth nods.

“Unnecessary, it was more of a warning. Be ready to be impressed, I’m not very little,” Colin grins moving his hands away from his crotch where he had been cradling his nuts a moment before, putting one thumb on either side of his board shorts and slowly lowering them down.

Jayden grins at Gino in anticipation, his older brother showing a matching smile.

“Here we go,” Colin says as his brown pubes come into view still damp from being in the sea. The stark brown hair next to his lily-white skin draws all eyes to the area, as it is untouched by the sun’s rays. Mere moments later, Colin’s bathing shorts catches on the sprouting base of his cock and Jayden wolf-whistles long and low, seeing how big the circumference of the member is before the length comes fully into view.

Colin’s cock and balls is an impressive set, and one Jayden can’t help but enjoy gazing upon. Colin’s penis is cut, and although it has taken quite a beating the past half-hour in the bright sunlight Jayden admires how plump and thick the piss tube is, and how the veiny penis curves to the right hanging just below a very heavy sac.

Jayden finds himself adjusting himself, a move that gets noticed by all and he shyly stops fidgeting with his own growing erection. He has been getting hard so often recently, even though he had orgasmed not too long before he still finds himself being aroused by the display of Colin’s package on full display.

“Earth to Jayden!”

“Huh?” Jayden says coming back to the present.

“You get that one,” Gino grins, his knowing smile causes Jayden to blush.


“This nugget,” Gino says scooping it gingerly into his hand with a smile “Is mine.”

Colin gulps, growing uncomfortable with his right ball being in Gino’s hand. The feeling only grew worse when Jayden scoops up the other and stretches Colin’s bag until the thin membrane is tight between the two brothers both ready to inflict some damage.

“Just go easy, okay?” Colin slightly pleads, ending with a forcible laugh.

“No promises on that score,” Gino smiles. “The best was saved for last Colin, you are about to be busted by the legendary Gino and Jayden Gomez team-up. Your balls are history.”

Gulping Colin, sighs saying, “Okay, just do it.”

Gino counts it down for the two of them with the hot sun blazing overhead. “Three, two, one…squeeze!”

At the same time Colin watches Gino and Jayden press their hands together, his nut separated and vulnerable somewhere sandwiched in between. Colin immediately groans, the pressure increasing as Gino and Jayden increase the squeeze, their young biceps and forearms flexing.

Sweat forms at Colin’s temple, and his light brown eyes move to his father, Kenneth, and his Grandpa Bob; both of whom are cheering on the destruction occurring in his loins. Colin grips Gino and Jayden’s shoulders tight, clenching his stomach, his abs flexing as his balls flatten.

“My god,” Colin moans.

“Time!” calls Logan, but neither Jayden, nor Gino stop their attack.

“You stop first!”

“No, you do it!” whines Jayden.

“Someone do it…” moans Colin, whose upper body quivers, displaying the pain in his loins.

The boys and men around them, seem to drown out as the Gomez brother’s make eye contact, neither backing down, both determined to be the last one to bust poor Colin’s nuts.

“On the count of three,” says Gino. “We stop together.”

“Deal,” says Jayden.

“Please, God yes…” Colin groans, his head sagging and falling back to the deck floor his upper body arching in the throes of another painful wave gripping his dying manhood.

“One…” Gino starts.

“Two,” Jayden adds jumping in.


At once they both let go and Colin’s bare balls thump against the deck, the white plastic a stark contrast to Colin’s reddening ballsac.

Standing up, he accidently steps on Colin’s balls, making him scream out.

“Opps,” Gino says smiling, looking down at his barefoot still on top of Colin’s sore, bloated red balls. “My bad!” He lifts his foot off, grinning at Jayden. “I got the last hit after all.

Colin rolls into a ball, his white pasty ass pointed at the group.

Jayden glowers, his brown eyes squinting.

Shrugging, Gino rubs one of Jayden’s shoulders moving past him, but not before cock knocking on the way by. Jayden bends over moaning low, gripping his recently emptied nuts seeing Gino climbing down the ladder.

“You alright?” Chase asks, rubbing his shoulders.

Jayden nods, and they offer to help Colin up, he declines the offer, and they leave him on the yacht to recuperate.

“We will be a few minutes longer,” Kenneth explains showing Chase his phone. “We called in out boat and for someone to repair.”

“Plus we have to check to see if Colin is still a man where it counts!” Bobs says excitedly poking his grandsons backside with his bare toe.

“Colin yips, and swats at his Grandpa’s big intrusive toe. “Get away, Grandpa!”

The old man laughs, “Don’t worry, son. Grandpy will be gentle,” he explains getting down to his level his wrinkly hands reaching in between his legs.

Kenneth shrugs, and they all hear Colin gasp, “Yup! He’s still got them!” Bob says in confirmation.

Everyone laughs exciting the boat.

Jayden begins to take Chase’s hand to walk his boyfriend back to the car when he spots Bill Brady and his family docked next to their boat.

Bill waves shyly, still a bit embarrassed at having spied upon Jayden and Chase in their intimate moments.

“Hey,” Bill says.

“Hi,” Jayden says back.

“Bill if you wanted to join in, you should have asked,” Chase jokes starring at Bill, the top half of his wet suit hangs around his waist, and he goes a bit red in his cheeks.

“Sorry about that.”

“Water under the bridge, did you and…the others have fun?” Jayden asks.

“Oh yeah, snorkeling is the best! Sam and Jake are learning how to swim, they are getting so much better now,” Bill explains pointing back to Sam and Jake, who are helping Bill’s Dad to pack up their stuff.

“I’m glad that things are working out.”

“Yeah, me too. I was a bit concerned myself, but they both like my Dad, and well…it’s nice having them around.”

Bill and Jayden pause staring at each other, and Bill reaches forward and pulls Jayden into a quick hug. Bill’s thin chest is cold from the sea and the familiar smell of him takes Jayden back. “Can we be friends, yet?” Jayden’s hope in his voice.

Bill nods against him, and then answers: “Yes, it took me awhile, but I think that I am ready.”

“Good,” Jayden says pulling back.

Chase looks bored, but when he looks at Chase, he can tell that deep down he’s happy for him.

“Ready to go?” Chase asks.

“Yeah. Bye Bill.”

“Bye, Jayden.”

The two hold hands walking to the parking lot saying their goodbyes, Jayden to Chase’s was just as obnoxious as he had been all day, in the truck Jayden sat in the back with Gino up front starring dutifully ahead while Marco talks with Bradley, saying that they should all do this again.

“Gino…are you mad at me?” Jayden asks.

He watches Gino tense and his brown dark eyes, find Gino’s in the driver’s mirror.


Jayden licks his lips, but he goes bravely on.  

“It’s just, you have been treating me differently. I know you; something is bugging you,” Jayden says.

Gino his arm cross stares out the window, pointedly not looking or speaking to him.

Jayden waits for him to say more, but he does not. It’s not until the brothers are home and Jayden is heading past Gino’s room a white fluffy towel around his waist to take a shower when Gino calls him into his room and tells him what has been bothering him.

“It’s like…” Gino starts, then pauses unsure on how to go on.

Jayden sits on his bed, carefully arranging his towel so he does not slip out.

“I miss you, you’re always with Chase.”

“But your always with Francisco,” Jayden says.

“I know, but I see the way you are with Chase…and well. I miss our time together. I miss you and I busting each other’s balls.” Gino says, starring hard at the floor.

Jayden takes a breath, looking around at his brother’s room and says, “Want me to bust you now?”



Gino moves to get up, getting down to his underwear and closing his bedroom door. Jayden reaches forward and takes both of Gino’s nuts in his hands and says, “Just so you know, yours are my favorite to bust. Just don’t tell, Chase.” Jayden admits, his face smirking as he rolls the familiar orbs in his hand wondering how long it will be until his brother gets a bonner.


“Yup, they were the first that I ever got my hands on, and” Jayden yanks Gino forward, his brother yelping, his shoulders tensing in anticipation. “How about we make it a weekly ritual to do this once a week, just you and me. Okay?”

Gino smiles, and puts his hands behind his head, spreading his legs wide: “You have a deal, bro.”


Anonymous said...

this was good not the best in the series but very good you are a great writer thank you for sharing

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for taking the time to write in. I always appreciate an honest answer and I am sorry that it was not your favorite, but I hope that you enjoyed parts of it. I wrote this story as someone made a request for Colin and his family to be featured in one of my stories and this was what stemed from that request!

It was interesting for sure to play with more of Alex's toys from his toybox. He is always so kind to let me play with his stuff; even if they are slightly damaged when I put them back in the box.

I have some more coming, and hoefully you will like the next one!



Y1ddo said...

Another wonderful addition to your awesome series, my friend! It's always nice to see new pairs of balls getting in on the Gomez family's ballbusting action!

Ps: I've sent you another e-mail.

Sincerely, Y1ddo

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Y1ddo,

I am so happy that you enjoyed this story! This was a different story for me to write because it had so many characters and moving pieces. Glad that you dug it. I saw your email and I am responding back to it now!



Harry said...

I’m totally with Gino on this one. If Chase and Jayden are going to be that corny, they def deserve what’s coming to them lol. Thanks for sharing another awesome story, Jimmy!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Harry,

They were kinf of corny, weren't they? Jayden and Chase are in that spot in their relationship. Luckily plenty of people can keep the love birds in check with a good ball shot...or two... : )

I am happy that you liked it Harry, it's fun to expand upon the universe.