Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The B Factor - Season 2: Behind the mask (Elimination #4)

In our fourth elimination round of The B Factor - Season 2 we asked you to answer the following question: Who is most likely to be a secret follower of this blog? 177 votes have been counted, and here are the results:

SAFE FOR NOW (in alphabetical order):
Chris Hemsworth
Dave Franco
Dylan O'Brien
KJ Apa
Nick Jonas
Ryan Reynolds
Taron Egerton

THE BOTTOM TWO (in alphabetical order):

Chris Pratt
Henry Cavill


Henry Cavill with 19% of the vote. 

(More than one answer per vote was possible, so the total percentage adds up to more than 100%. The full, unredacted results of the elimination rounds will be published before the final episode of The B Factor.)

So Henry is out - which is quite a shocker, considering he placed in the Top Three in each of the first three elimination polls. Well, it just goes to show: Nobody is safe! 

Anyway, here's his story.


Behind the mask

Featured in this story: Henry Cavill and Simon (click for pictures)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

“No masks“, I said, shrugging my shoulders. “Our viewers expect to see the face of our models.”
It was true. We had never featured a masked model on our ballbusting site, and I certainly wouldn’t make an exception just because an agent told me his celebrity client wanted to stay anonymous.
“No masks”, I repeated, crossing my arms in front of my chest.
The agent was silent for a moment. He was standing next to a muscular, athletic young man whose head was covered by a black leather mask. The man, allegedly a famous Hollywood actor, was shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs – and said mask that covered all of his face except his eyes.
Those eyes looked straight at me, and they looked familiar. I was pretty sure I had seen this actor in a movie – but for the life of me I couldn’t say which one.
“No chance?” the agent asked.
“No chance”, I said.
The masked actor looked at his agent.
Then he looked back at me.
Then he pulled down his boxer briefs.
My jaw dropped.
And my dick went in the opposite direction.
This was the most perfect dick and balls that I had ever seen. A big, fat pair of low-hanging nuts in a smooth, well-groomed sack. A fat, beautifully shaped, huge dick that made my mouth water. Pure perfection.
“Maybe you can make an exception?” the agent said with a big grin. “My client is a very big fan of your site. A. Very. Big. Fan.”
“I--- I’ll---”, I cleared my throat. “I’ll see what I can do…”
It just took one phone call to get a partner for the mysterious client. Simon was a helpful, polite young man who I could always count on for help – especially when it came to big cocks.
Simon arrived at the studio minutes after we spoke on the phone, and he had dropped his clothes the second he entered the studio.
The masked actor was standing in the middle of the studio, bare naked, his dick rock hard, and Simon fell to his knees in front of him.
“Oh, fuck, yeah!” Simon purred, grabbing the actor’s fat nutsack, one nut in each hand, before wrapping his lips around the fat dickhead.
“Oh, fghghgh, ghgurghgh!” he repeated as he started sucking on the actor’s meaty dick, impaling himself on the rigid pole.
At the same time, he squeezed the two oversized testicles as hard as he could, digging his fingertips into the tender flesh of the actor’s nuts.
The agent was sitting nearby, working his iPad, and I pretended to concentrate on the camerawork, being very professional as I zoomed in on the actor’s crotch, shooting a close-up of the phenomenal ballbusting deepthroat blowjob happening in front of me.
“Fghghgh, ghgurghgh!” Simon gargled, devouring the famous dick as he squished and squashed the testicles, squeezing them with all the force he could muster, twisting them and pulling them down, pressing his thumbs into the meaty core and making the actor moan in a curious mix of pain and pleasure.
“Squeeze those fucking nuts”, the actor moaned. He had been silent so far, and his agent looked up for a moment, a worried expression on his face.
I could have sworn that I had heard his voice in a movie but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.
“Squeeze those nuts”, the anonymous hunk repeated. “Squeeze the cum out of them!”
“Fghghgh, ghgurghgh!” Simon gurgled, gagging on his cock while squeezing and kneading the nuts. His knuckles turned white as he squeezed and squeezed like he wanted to pit those cherries and push out the core of his testicles.
The actor moaned and groaned, his knees trembling, his body shaking.
“Fghghgh, ghgurghgh!” Simon moaned, burying the famous dick deep inside his mouth as it filled his stomach with his celebrity cream.
The actor screamed in pleasure and pain as Simon continued squeezing his throbbing balls as they pumped out every drop of his delicious stud sauce.
When he was finished, he left with the agent, leaving a very generous tip for Simon.
Simon wiped his mouth, looking a little ruffled and exhausted, but perfectly happy. Cum and spit was dripping from his chin.
“Too bad we have no idea who that was”, I mumbled as I handed Simon a paper towel.
“That was Henry Cavill”, Simon said matter-of-factly.
I stared at him. “How…” My voice trailed off.
Simon shrugged. “I know the Man of Steel when I taste him.” He scooped up some of the spilled cum and brought it to his lips. “Yeah, definitely. Henry Cavill.”
“Huh”, I said, leaning back in my seat. “Henry Cavill. Now that you say it, it does make sense. The eyes, the voice.” I chuckled. “Who would have thought.”
Simon shrugged his shoulders. “Everybody has a secret.”

“Yeah, but he is the least likely to be a secret follower of this blog”, I said slowly. “You can ask anybody.”

Simon grinned. “Maybe ballbusting is more popular than you think…”

“Maybe.” I nodded slowly. “You know, I never cared much about those videos with masked guys. You know what I mean? When I watch a ballbusting video clip I want to see the guy’s face. But from now on I’ll watch those clips in a different light. Behind every mask in a ballbusting video could be Henry Cavill!”


 Four down, eight to go. The B Factor - Season 2 continues!


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Anonymous said...

It's a good story, but would be great to read another story with permanent damage.

Anonymous said...

Aaaw geez... Henry Cavill was my favorite contestant on this entire season and I was super excited to see him on the cool ballbusting fight at the end of the season... I guess that's not gonna happen anymore...

Nice story btw, I hope past participants get to come back in another season sometime so that Henry get another shot

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! Henry's elimination came as a surprise to all of us. I guess it shows that you have to exercise your right to vote or bad things happen... :-/