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Three short tales from the world of the Ballbusting Boys (written by Xander)

This is a collection of short stories written by our reader Xander (author of the awesome Vince goes wild series). I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Chad’s Side Job

Featured in this story: Chad (click for pictures)

Chad had been meaning to stop, but he just couldn’t. You’re not supposed to fall in love with a hooker, but this girl. She was different, she was better. She went the extra mile for the guys she fucked. But she also charged an arm and a leg. Chad couldn’t make enough at the studio, so he started working a side job. He had started to work for a moving crew, he was a big guy and knew how to work hard. He spent his weekends and nights carrying heavy boxes and big items of furniture. It was hard work but it paid well and it got him more time with his favorite fuck. The worst part was the uniform. You had to wear full length jeans, a white polo, and work shoes. It was blazing hot in the summer sun and you couldn’t take any of it off. He would give his left nut to work in shorts and a t- shirt instead, but he needed the job.

The worst of it was his junk. His balls would get so sweaty and feel like they were boiling in the heat and drowning in his sweat, his ass would get  swampy too, the hair in his crack and on his cheeks would be soaking wet. He had tried going commando, wearing special underwear, putting ice packs in his pants. The only thing that really helped was stepping away for a few seconds, dropping his pants, and letting his ball bag and dick let off some steam. He would drop his pants halfway down his thighs, spread his legs nice and wide, and bend over against the building, letting everything air out. Until one of his coworkers found him. He had followed Chad around the corner of the building and watched him drop his pants and turn around. Chad had his eyes closed and let out a groan like he had just nutted. The guy walked behind him and grabbed his sack while feeling up his ass. Chad was shocked by this but he couldn’t pull away as the man squeezed his balls. He had squatted down to get a good look at Chad’s ass as he squashed his fat nuts and grabbed his big ass.

“You’re the new guy right? Damn you gotta nice ass. You should let me have some fun with it. Id like to have some fun with these balls of yours too.” He was pulling CHad’s ball down and back so that he had to arch his back. That way the man could get a nice look at his hairy hole, tease it with his finger a bit, and even give it a little lick. “Damn that's good. You know you don't have to keep giving us a show like this. The uniform gets pretty damn hot, I know your boys must be howling in heat.”

He took a pause to let go of Chad's nuts for a second and slap them a few times watching the swing back and forth, and to give Chad’s hole a few kisses. He even sucked one of his nuts into his mouth for a little bit while he stuck his middle finger all the way into Chad. “God man keeping this ass away from me is just cruel. But man you can’t just run off and strip, the other guys like to see it, I do too, but a client? If they see that they might get the wrong idea. What you gotta do, to let the boys breath a bit, is cut a hole in your jeans and go commando.”

He took his finger out of Chad and stood up and took a couple steps back. Chad turned around and cradled his nuts while the guy showed him what he was talking about. He reached between his legs, into his jeans, and pulled out his sack. “See? Just let a little air in, not too noticeable but plenty comfortable.”

He pushes his sack back in, and walks off. After that day Chad cut the hole in his pants and it made one hell of a difference. Walking around he got some air flow, every time he bent down the breeze would flow right in, and steam and sweat just dripped right out. He also finally noticed the other guys had it. After that, work never seemed so good and  he didn’t have to strip in public just to get some comfort. Hopefully the other guys won’t be too mad about missing his little show.


Logan Filled out his Card

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

“Congratulations Mr. Kruger after 10 sessions at Jerk n’ Drain you get a free visit with local urologist and male fertility expert Dr. Orchid.” Logan was dumfounded. He had been doing back to back milkings for almost two months, five days in chastity then two loads got milked out, he got his check, then gets locked back up.

”What do you mean I get a free visit?” He had just been drained dry, his balls were pretty red and his dick was still hard, its tip looked sore from all the jerking.

“In order to ensure the health and safety of our clients we have partnered with local doctors to provide care to the testicles of our clients. While frequent jerking and ball play has been shown to improve sexual function, there can be too much of a good thing. We provide a voluntary, but strongly advised urogenital examination for our longer term clients like yourself. The first is at 10 sessions, the second at 15, and another is provided every 10 sessions. To date, the most visits a single client has had is 7. He was scheduled for an eighth but declined to continue as he had already provided over 30 gallons of his semen to us and thought it was in his best interest to us his semen for pleasure after all his work.

“We will provide you with a date and place for the visit before your next session. The doctor will have a key to your chastity device which he will return to us after your visit.”

Logan very quickly realized how strongly advised the visit was. “So if I dont go on the visit, he will have the key and I won't be able to unlock my dick?”

“We cannot confirm or deny that but I am sure you already know the answer.”

“I guess I'll be having a visit with the doctor.” Logan wasn’t happy about this. Sure it would be nice to have his boys get checked on by an expert, but he had a feeling the examination wouldn’t be pleasant.

“Welcome Mr. Kruger, my name is Dr. Orchid. I am sure you know why you are here, and I assure you we will make this as quick as possible so you can get back to your normal life. If you would please remove all clothing so I can unlock the chastity device.” He had barely talked to Logan at all, his secretary had just brought him into the room, he sat and waited in his jeans and t-shirt, and the doctor came in staring at his clipboard. Logan stood and removed all his clothing, gingerly covering the cage around his dick and balls.

The doctor produced a key from a drawer and began fumbling with the cage, paying little attention to the wincing and moaning sounds Logan was making. After the cage was off Logan's dick immediately started getting hard, even though he had been milked yesterday it was already time for his balls to shoot again.

“That is a good sign, of course I will also have to take a closer look at both your penis and testicles, I will also need to examine the prostate. Sit back and put your legs in the stirrups.”

Logan did as he was told, exposing his hard dick, big balls, and tight hole to the doctor. Immediately the doctor began to inspect the head of Logan's dick. He ran his fingers around the mushroom cap while examining the skin closely. He pulled the head towards him and looked into the tip of his penis. He put his thumbs on either side of the tip and pulled, checking inside. After looking around for a little bit, a small drop of pecum came to the surface. The doctor took it on his index finger and held it up to the light. He examined its shine, its clarity, the string that formed from Logan’s dick to his finger, and finally the taste in order to determine if it was chemically balanced. After his examination of the head, he began to palpate the length of Logan’s penis, checking it thoroughly for any problems. He then began to stroke up and down, watching Logan’s physical response as well as the movement of Logan’s skin and any tension he felt. He seemed quite pleased by Logan on all fronts. He continued to stroke Logan’s cock as he began to inspect his testicles. He would have to inspect elasticity, density, patient response, and endurance. He started by squishing the sack in his hand, allowing the balls to move freely as he roughly handled them.

The squiching gave way to pulling, first each ball individually. The doctor pulled them down, to the side, up, pulled them in circles with constant tension. Then he did the same with both balls at once, completely ignoring Logan’s squirming and the throbbing of his cock. He then started to examine the density of each testicle. He took one nut in his hand then squeezed  it as firmly as he could, He repeated this multiple times, adjusting his grip on the tesicle, before doing the same to the other. In order to test Logan’s response independent of examining the other qualities of his testicle, the doctor grabbed both nuts together and simply squeezed them as hard as he could. Dr. Orchid was a quite young doctor and, being an expert on male health, was very conscious of his own health. His pursuit of health made him quite the large man, and at 32 he was still very handsome as well. The important thing to Logan was the strength of his grip, it felt like someone had put his balls underneath the wheels of a tractor and begun to drive. He grabbed onto the table and arched his back. He was doing the best he could not to scream.

The doctor was pleased that while Logan could feel the pain he was still able to maintain his composure. That was a sign of well kept testicles. He would have to test endurance while he examined the prostate. The doctor released Logan’s dripping and throbbing cock and he kept the hand he was using to examine Logan’s balls clamped down. He used the precum that was already coating his hand to enter Logan's hole, it was quite tight for someone of his age. Most men begin to play with their own prostate when they are young adults. If Logan was not getting enough prostate stimulation, he might be causing himself some problems later on in life. He would have to talk to Jerk n’ Drain, and potentially Logan’s father, in order to remedy this.

Pushing past the opening of Logan’s hole, the doctor found his prostate. Logan’s groaning and grinding teeth gave way to a gasp and a moan as the doctor ran his finger over the entirety of the gland. He needed to insure there was no inflammation, and even if there wasn’t, a good prostate massage would do the boy good. Logan was caught between trying to comfort his balls and trying to comprehend the pleasure in his ass. His squirming was half out of pain and half out of pleasure and his dick was acting mad. The constant pressure on his balls was driving him crazy and with the expert fingers in his ass he couldn’t help but shoot a load all over himself. The doctor let him spasm as much as he needed, removing his hands from the boy's body and writing some notes down on his clipboard. Logan hadn’t even finished shooting when the doctor began to go over what he had learned in his visit.

“Well Mr Kruger, you seem to be in quite good condition. You should keep up the frequent abuse of your balls, especially if you are unable to regularly empty them while working for Jerk n’ Drain. I would like you to play with your ass more as well. I will inform the lovely men down at the office you go to, as well as setting up a meeting with your father as to how he can help you with your genital health. It is very good for male relationships to openly discuss and engage in sexual activity, especially involving the testicles and their abuse.” With that final comment, he quickly got up, licked a small amount of cum off of Logan’s abs, and tasted the small sample as he left the room. His secretary followed him back in, the young man eager to try some of Logan’s cum too.


The Campus Police      

Warning: Can contain traces of cum. 

Featured in this story: Zach (click for pictures)

Jeff was a big guy and that always ended up being a problem. He was an officer for the local colleges campus police. Even though it was summer, most of the frat guys stay to party and work part time jobs, which means he has to stay to check up on their shenanigans. Most often he has to deal with streakers, public urination, litter (in the form of used condoms), and fights where guys always end up getting hit in the nuts. He had a uniform, black shorts and a short sleeved black button up with a badge, belt, baton, and helmet. He had a bike too, with a small compartment that he kept a pad of unfilled tickets in as well as some ice packs for the frat guys balls. Sadly though, the department had run out of funding when it came to officer protective equipment. None of the students were allowed to carry lethal weapons and the officers had been trained on how to deal with mentally distressed students, but that wasn’t the real problem Jeff faced.

He was a big guy in quite a few ways.. Thighs like tree trunks, big arms, big ass. The uniform was tight on him and he had ripped quite a few of them. That wasn’t all that was big. He had quite the bulge too. He was packing two soft balls and a bat in his pants, and all the students noticed. Especially the guys. Whenever he was called out to go somewhere, he would always find hungry eyes staring at him. Some bold students would grab a handful of ass or maybe give the front a squeeze. He was big and buff, hung as a horse, and handsome; the only thing missing was height,he was only 5’6. More often than not, a drunk frat guy would nail him right between the legs. Protective equipment wasn't provided by the office, and he can’t add anything to the uniform. That meant he couldn’t wear a cup, or even underwear.

Today was especially bad as he needed to ask around the frats as to if they had any information on a few guys who had gone out with baseball bats, completely naked, and hit random guys in the nuts. They were going off about how: “a nut shot a day keeps the doctor away” and other strange slogans regarding male reproductive health and nutshots.

The first house was opened by a guy in basketball shorts and a tank top. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, one of his nuts was hanging out of the left leg since the shorts were way too small for him.

“Hey, how can I help you.” He looked Jeff up and down and seemed to enjoy the view.

“Um, I was coming here to ask about a few guys.”

“The ones with the bats? Yeah I heard about them. Would have been a fun night, especially with you there.” He adjusted his bulge, letting everything out completely as he also started absentmindedly jerking his dick. “Couldn’t tell you who went but I know they’re doing it for the right reasons. Nutshots are good for you.”

Jeff started blushing as he was scribbling down a few notes, the frat got wax fully hard. He had a nice member and Jeff was starting to get hard too. “Thank you that’ll be all.”

He tried to turn around and walk away but the frat guy called out before he got away.

“Hey, can you finish me off with a kick?” He was still jacking it as he widened his stance. “Please? I mean, you got me all riled up, the least you can do is kick me once.” Jeff obliged and rammed the student as hard as he could, he was rock hard and dripping too. The frat guy bent over moaning hard, still jerking as fast as he could, as he shot all over the front board. “Fuck yeah, thanks man. Maybe you can come question me again.”

Jeff started walking away as the frat guy stood at the door watching him walk away and head to the next house, still jerking off and cradling his balls. Hopefully the other frat houses wouldn’t be so weird.

When he knocked on the next door the first thing he heard was rushed footsteps and giggling. He heard the guy clear his throat, and open the door. He was naked from the waist down and was stifling laughter.

“Hello officer, how can I help you?”

“I'm asking about a few guys from an unspecified frat that had gone streaking in town and hitting men with baseball bats.” Jeff just couldn’t help himself, all these frat guys were so sexy and so brazen. There was a wet spot on his shorts, at the same place as a quite large tent.

“Oh some guys were playing ball? I wonder who they used. I remember people wanting to make efforts to promote some festival but I don’t think they would be so rude about it. Can you elaborate on how they were hitting men? It might clue me in as to who it was.”

“They were striking men in the groin; any man who walked by them got a hit in the nuts and some slogans about men's health thrown at them.”

“Where are these men getting hard from it or anything?”

“I couldn’t tell you.” Jeff was getting suspicious, the questions were dragging on and the frat guy had already said he didn’t know anything beyond promoting a festival.

“Maybe they hit like this!” A frat guy from behind, who had taken the time to run around the house behind Jeff, took a gold club and hit it as hard as he could into Jeffs Bulge. His hands grabbed his squashed balls and he dropped to his knees. “If those random guys were anything like you they probably got hard too.”

The other guy was naked from the waist down too. “So fucking hot.” The first guy was now rock hard.

“Are you in the mood now?” The second guy was hard too.

“Fuck yeah.” The two head inside and leave Jeff to cradle his nuts and dripping dick.

The last house he would hit today was the most notorious, they held frequent nut ball championships and many parties ended with sore sacks. The door was opened by a tall, muscular blond man wearing nothing but red speedos.

“Hey Jeff, how's it going.” Zach had been the subject of many calls to the station, so Jeff knew him quite well.

“Fine Zach, I just need to ask about some guys that went out with bats hitting random men in the nuts.”

“Beats me. Don’t know who off the top of my head, but I can ask around. You need help with that.” Zach looked down at Jeff's boner.

“Uh, no I got it.” Jeff was very flustered now, he knew it had been obvious but no one had been bold enough to comment.

“You sure? I know you love my big muscles and bigger cock, I can put on a little show for you.” Jeff was speechless. “Come on in.”

Zach sat Jeff down on a chair. “I'm not gonna touch you, you gotta finish yourself off. I'm just gonna give you some eye candy. I like when guys see how fucking hot I am.”

He started rubbing his chest, and abs. He lifted his arms and flexed in a variety of poses. He swayed his hips and squeezed his bulge, even letting Jeff see the tip of his dick as he lifted it out of a leg hole. Jeff was jerking furiously. Zach turned around. He started showing off his ass, shaking it, grabbing it, slapping it. The best part was him bending forward, taking off his briefs, showing off everything. His hole, his muscular cheeks, his dangling balls. He even gave a little wiggle. That sent Jeff over the edge.

“Nice load dude. I'll keep you posted about the guys if I hear anything.” He led Jeff back to the door and let him peddle home with his cum soaked shirt and his pants still at the frat house. He didn’t even notice he left them.

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Dear Xander,

How great is it that we get three stories in one post?!
I think that it's wonderful to see each of these characters highlighted. Chad has not gotten some love in awhile and neither has Zack and it was great to see both of them again. Logan, whos is a favorite of so many is also heavily featured. Great work as always Xander, really fun and enjoyable!