Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Video links: Sack taps and dick slaps (19)



A friendly tap to the sack, a good-natured slap to the dick - with friends like these, who needs vasectomies?

Here are some more of my favorite sack tap videos. 

I kinda feel for the poor young man in the first video. His groin is so exposed, and you almost hear his nuts smack against his body when his buddy taps them. Pure perfection!


First video, I saw a couple of these on here thought they were funny lol 😂 ##nightwiththeboys ##countryboys ##nutshot ##foruyou ##goviral ##country ##ky

♬ original sound - Hunter Childers

The cute German in the next clip gets sack tapped while doing the Sun Saluation. I guess that means its sunset time for his future kids...

Here is another German getting his nuts crunched. Making matters worse, this one had dropped his pants (for whatever reason), so he gets sacktapped in his underwear - which considerably heightens the schadenfreude factor...

I bet you have been waiting for the clip featuring the screenshot at the top of this post, huh? Here it is. Nothing better than a muscle hunk getting slapped in the dick!


Sorry @nate_wyatt

♬ original sound - Tayler Holder

Finally, here is a fantastic tiktok compilation. I don't know how many sacks get tapped during this video's runtime - but I'm pretty sure you could have populated an entire village with the sperm that was lost in the process...

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