Sunday, May 31, 2020

On the job: Leo, cup tester (revisited)

Since more than half of our readers discovered this blog less than five years ago I thought it would be nice to re-introduce some older stories for those who didn't catch them when they were first published. Enjoy!

Featured in this story: Leo and Vince (click for pictures)

I entered the science laboratory and looked around, searching for Vince.

There were seven people. Two of them were wearing white lab coats and working on something. The rest of the guys were wearing business suits.

The suit-clad guys were engaged in some discussion. They were between 20 and 40 years of age, and their suits looked expensive.

Suddenly, a door opened and Vince entered the room.

He was 20 years old, slightly younger than the other scientists. He was not very tall, with a slim build, brown hair and brown eyes. Wearing his lab coat, he reminded me of that 80s TV series about a kid doctor. Vince was trying desperately to look mature and grown-up, and I guess he thought the little facial hair that was visible on his otherwise baby-smooth face qualified as a goatee and sideburns, but, frankly, they didn’t…

I wondered what the other technicians thought about him. They looked like they were in their late twenties.

One of them had shoulder-length black hair. He was wearing horn-rimmed glasses and boot cut jeans below his lab coat.

The other one was blond, with crew cut hair and steel blue eyes.

We were in the lab of a successful sportswear manufacturer.

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