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The Closet Saga written by Jimmy (The complete series)


The closet



Written by Jimmy



 Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,

I've decided to try something new. I am going to collect previous stories when finished in one place for easy viewing/reading. That way no one has to go hunting around for the stories that they want to read. Hope that you find this useful!






Jayden is in Chase’s house locking his wrists in Chase’s closet like dungeon, and tightening the wrist clamps for no possible wiggling measure to escape. Chase made a very special playroom in his closet. Hanging chains with cuffs, padded walls, and dark lights. Chase does not get to use the room often, as Jayden is usually intimidated by it. But not today. 


From the bedroom the closet door appears ordinary. The bedroom looks completely normal, but very neat and large. Chase’s room is draped in white, the brightness is almost startling and the floor is kept super clean with the soft carpets like puffy mosh filled landscape of a forest. Chase’s housekeeper can take all the credit for that. 




“I said be quiet.”


Jayden presses his hand over Chase’s mouth, his rich dark eyes like pools of Earth glare in utter defiance as he angrily looks up into his boyfriend’s charming blue eyes. 


“Jay…den,” Chase muffled voice and hot breath moisten Jayden’s palm but he ignores him still but grabs a muffled gag from the shelf to the left and quickly ties the formidable worn black leather strap around his mouth. This time silencing him. 


“What you did in that restaurant…you deserve this!” Jayden’s knee launches up, quick and fast hitting Chase’s groin like a thunderbolt. Chase strains in his binds, fingers curling into fists as his balls are hammered from below in his horrid kryptonite move: the knee. 


Jayden holds his leg up, and dangerously impaling his boyfriend’s big nuts between his bony kneecap and the underside of Chase’s taint and grinds Chase’s nuts between. Chase whimpers, and finally takes in a breath his wide eyes pleading with Jayden to stop, but already Jayden can feel the thrum of Chases cock beginning to thicken. The sleeping viper has been awoken. 


“J..ay..d…en…mmmmghmmmmm” Chase whimpers behind the strap. 


Pulling his leg down Jayden grins watching the balls in Chase’s underwear fall back down, and swing wildly around the pouch in his underwear. Chase is wearing his white jockeys today, and the unmistakable large ovalled spheres seem to throb but that might be Jayden’s imagination running wild again. 


“You need to learn boundaries.” The words are like ice and Jayden grabs a hold of Chase’s plums feeling the ridiculous devious plump nuggets in each palm as he gives them a tentative but slightly testing squeeze. 


Chases throat moves as he dry swallows. Jayden track the progression with his dark eyes, his pupils focusing in on Chase’s shifting mood and he finds himself bitting his lip unknowingly as his own shorts start to get uncomfortable. He has an erection. Fuck…when did that happen. 


Chase’s dick clocks up reaching for the twelve, his balls in Jayden’s hands feel full and need to be drained, but Jayden has no intentions of rushing this. He wants to savor every last whimper. He comes in close to his shirtless boyfriend, dressed only in his white ankle socks and boxer briefs. And whispers in his ear “I’m going to squeeze you cum out.” Jayden’s fists tighten and Chase immediately responds growing taut in his binds their erections tangling against each other battling to who is throbbing harder. 


“MmmmmMmmmnnghgh!” Chase mumbles back.


The response seems adequate enough as Jayden bites Chase’s neck. Chase jerks and hammers his erection into Jayden’s navel, finding the dip in the hole as wets the inside with his pre-cum juices. When Jayden backs off of Chase’s neck it’s red and wet with his saliva and Jayden squeezes Chase’s nuts harder in his hands at the sight. 


“I love you, you big dick.” The mischief in Jayden’s eyes almost makes Chase smile but Jayden wrenches the older teen’s nuts away from his body and pulls until the ballsack is fully stretched away from his body like a rubber band. 


“But you deserve this!” 


Jayden squeezes as hard as he can burying every digit of both hand deep into Chases big balls, his thumb drilling the deepest until he hits the core of Chases manhood and locks in the position. Jayden holds his grip like iron, the pulsing of Chase’s trapped nuts pounding into his hands showcases the torment that he must be causing. 


Chase shudders, and begins to sway in the chains trying to get to his pain-filled nuts as his boyfriend busts his balls. Chases blue eyes swim in agony, and he bites his cheeks but nothing elevates of diminishes Jayden’s hold on his sac. Jayden’s got him, and the swim captain can do nothing but try and not scream. 


Jayden’s hands start to tire but that’s a sign, and he increases the hold just an inch as he tries to have his fingers touch with Chase’s nuts plunging in and around his caged fingers like playdough searching for a way out. 


Chase thrashes and his eyes roll, and he whimpers but then…Jayden stops. 


Jayden’s eyes narrow as he holds his phone, the light of the screen illuminating the screen of sweat on Chase’s brow. 


“Shit…I have to go. Gino he’s…Never mind. Stay here.”


Jayden waves over his shoulder rather dismissively before coming back in the closet and blindfolding Chase instead with the leather strap and kisses his boyfriend quickly on the lips. His lips barely graces Chase before he pulls back and away. 


“Now don’t anywhere.”


Jayden’s footsteps are retreating away and Chase’s thick painfilled voice calls out after him. 


“You…ughhhh fuck…can’t leave me!”


The door slams, and the quietness returns to the house. The only thing that Chase hears is his ragged breath. The leather strap was rather restrictive and he greedily gobbles up air as he hangs limp, his nuts…. his fucking big balls. They pound with such intensity that Chase can think of literally nothing else as he waits. 


There is nothing to do but wait for Jayden’s return and he hates that Gino has pulled his boyfriend away from him…again. But there is nothing to do but suffer the indignity of the situation and his pulsing sack sending shockwaves of torment into his lower abdomen. 


Chase tries to steady his breathing as he impatiently tries to imagine what Jayden is going to do to him next. 



To be continued….




















The Closet Part 2



by Jimmy




The door downstairs opens, and Chase’s ears prick at the sound.


For over an hour, maybe longer Chase had been stuck upstairs hanging from chains at the wrist. His arms had gone numb, but at least his feet were solidly on the floor. Chase couldn’t see from the blindfold that covered his eyes but he could hear someone moving around. 


There were a few things that Chase was aware of. It was late, his housekeeper would not be entering his house until the morning. Logan, his roommate and guardian was supposed to be visiting his college and would be away. Therefore it had to be Jayden. Breathing a sigh, Chase calls out “Hurry up, Jayden. You left me for so long!”


The stairs creaked under the footfalls, as someone thundered the stairs but the steps seemed much more delicate in nature and seemed unhurried. Chase’s heart began to pound with increasing beats, and to match it his forehead once again gleamed from sweat. 


“Jayden?” Chase calls out, his voice reflecting how unsure he was. 


Then someone was in his bedroom and walking along the pathway to the open closet. 


The laughter, the tinkling almost musical of a voice told him that it was not his boyfriend. 


“Well, well well… look what we have heard.”


Letting out a held breath that Chase didn’t know he was holding he stumbled over the syllables in her name “Ash…ly?”


“Yeah, it’s me.”


“You have a key?”




She steps into the closet and Chase is assaulted by her scent. The rich perfume, the slight fruitiness of her hair and the undeniable warmth of her as she gets closer. 


“What are you doing there…all tied up?”


“Ummm it’s a long story.”


“Pity. I don’t have a lot of time. I’m set to go to a party but…I think I have enough time for you.”


“Thanks. The keys are on the shelf; over…”


“That’s not what I meant, babe.” Ashely comes right up now putting one hand on his bare chest. Her fingernails tickling his skin. 


A small gasp comes from Chase and she laughs again. 


“You seem sensitive,” she comments running one long finger over his pink nipple and down his side goosebumps emerging as she does her fingers soft touch. 


“I’ve been here awhile,” admits Chase hesitantly as her fingers nails scrap along his abdomen and back up to rest just over his wildly beating heart. 


“And you’re still…” Ashely does not finish as she presses into him and his prominent erection is clear as day, and rather obvious. “Still hard. Or did you get that way when I got here, I wonder.” 


“I…” but for once Chase is unable to say anything more as Ashley grinds herself against him. The rod bends into her flesh, Chase’s hardon throbs being so close to her sex as her hips sway against his own. “Oh,” is all he manages and he grinds his teeth. 


Ashley laughs “You sure are in a pickle, but this sausage is rather large.”


Chase’s toes dig into the floor and he grunts as she bangs her hips into his erection and he feels himself leaking against her. 


“I’m not careful you might ruin my dress, you naughty, dirty boy.”


Chase starts to pant, as his cheeks flush. 


“Ashley” Chase starts to say but then she is lowering his underwear, the strap of his boxer briefs lifting away from his skin. 


“Yes?” Ashley asks pausing, and snapping the elastic band against his belly. The sound of it makes his teeth grind. 


Chase swallows before asking “Aren’t you going to…free me?”


“You can’t see my big smile Chase…not with your eyes covered up but know this: I’m going to free this guy.”


Ashely lifts up the elastic band, pinching it between her fingers and pulls it down further until Chase’s cock spring up like a rocket launching for the moon and hits his belly hard. Chase grunts again, this time quieter. He can’t see her face, how she is judging the bareness of his flesh and how she judges him against Logan. Chase shifts uncomfortably and clears his throat. 


“So what do you…think?” Chase asks trying not to sound worried. “Am I as big as…”


But at that moment her hot breath blew all over his crowning top and he freezes and moans. She keeps doing that, with her hot breath and it feels like it runs around his head enveloping it in a grasp that’s not physical. Chase’s mind loses all thought for a moment and his mouth opens as he sighs. Chase moans, loud and desperate in the space and he opens his mouth to say something but the elastic band shoots back and this time, strikes not his belly but his balls.


Chases eyes widen behind the leather strap and he winces as the sharp pain of the band cuts into the central cores of his manhood and smacking his big balls against his thighs. 


“Ooooo….aaaAaahHhhhh!” Chase gags on the taste growing in his mouth from his own spit. 


“Ooops. My bad.”


Ashley giggles and Chase’s face hardens as furry rises within him “You need to be—“ but again Ashley stops Chase short as something wet slides up from between the globes of his ballsack as she sucks one nut and then the other into her hot mouth. 


“Ashley!” Chase cries out, his body freezing as her warmth mouth fills with his impressive genitalia. Chase is barely registering what is happening as she sucks at the fullness of his manhood and all thoughts cease in Chase’s brain as he thrusts his cock into the air praying that she touches that next. 


Ashley does not seem to be swayed by her efforts and she swishes around Chase’s nuts in her mouth. She is careful either her teeth, but her tongue laps at the sides of his right ball, while her lips toy with the edge of it. Chase can feel his eyes flicking inwards and crossing. 


“My god…that’s…please, don’t stop.”


Chase it thrusting is, his hips have a mind of their own as they pick up tempo and Chase desperately wants her to touch it…to…


A finger slides between his ass cheeks, and it’s covered in her warm spit. She’s playing with his hole, his entrance. Chase automatically locks himself down against the invasion involuntarily but she keeps going. Her relentless thumb keeps at it until her digit slides in making Chase gasp in earnest. 


“Good god…Ashley!” 


Ashley coos, and sucks on his nuts harder as her probing digit searches for his special spot inside of him. Chase knows that Ashely is close to finding it and Chase is panting with the effort to not lose it. He’s so hard that his erection is almost painful. 


Then Ashely finds it, and presses two fingers into Chase’s rectum right against his prostate. Chase stops fighting it and his mouth falls open as she prods and presses into the special spot and Chase finds himself growing harder, his cocked erected firmness straining the air as he starts feeling a spasm running through him. Chases fists are closed so tight that his fingernails are digging into his palms and at that moment Ashley hums. The tiny vibrations working up Chase’s stem and he jerks once, twice and starts to cum. 


Chase tries to warn her but he can’t speak as semen shoots out of his thickened cock spraying outward. He can’t stop himself from gasping at the third, fourth, and fifth volley shoots through his pulsing stiff pole. 


“I’m cumming!” Chase finally shouts, but way to late as Ashley presses into his prostate harder and more jerks of his cock follows until he is hanging limp, the aftershocks still strumming down his full length which is pointing now almost straight ahead. 


Chase’s balls pop out of her mouth and her hot tongue licks at his sensitive tip and he moans “Aaaahh!” Ashely is slowly pressing his prostate just a little harder before she pulls out and stands. 


“That was fun, but I better go. I’m going to be late.”


“Ashley wait, don’t…you can’t….fuuuck I can’t…!” words fail Chase as she laughs and rests both hands on his shoulders. 


“Yes, I can.”


Ashley’s bare knee lifts up and hits Chase’s recently drained balls with a wet splat and Chase screams then. The agony of the blow full on about destroys him, as it hits him right up and into his groin. Both nuts squish horridly against his asscheeks and Chase slumps utterly defeated. 


“Don’t tell me what to do Chase.”


Ashley pulls herself from him, and stands for a moment as he quivers in his shackles. 


“If you’re still here by morning I’ll let you go.”


Turning in her heel, she leaves him there with Chase’s wilted cock swaying between his legs like a chastised child. Chase has never felt so low in his life. 


The door closes shut to the house and all is quiet again. Chase only wishes to escape this mess, and he mumbles to himself “She…hit my big balls…how…could she?!”


Chase’s lament, and moan burst worth as wave of pain makes him feel sick. 


But the night is still not over…not yet!



To be continued


The Closet Part 3


By Jimmy




Chase can’t believe it.

He is still here.

Where was Jayden?


It took a good chunk of time to get over his…experience with Ashely and now that she’s gone he can finally start trying to puzzle the mystery of where was his boyfriend and why was Jayden not here. 


Chase had all the time in the world to think on it, but one thing he couldn’t quite do. His eyelids were dripping and despite himself he started to close his eyes, his breath becoming slower. 


“I’m going to fall asleep.”


Chase yawns and the stillness of the room, and the motion censored lights winking out all over the course casts him in utter darkness. 


Finally his blue eyes adjust and Chase then keeps them closed anyways until his breathing lulls and he goes to sleep. 


He’s not sure what time he wakes up, but he does with a start as the door at the bottom of the stairs is opened. Keys jingle, as they come from the lock and Chase can’t help but stretch as much as he can. It’s still night, but barely. The sun is about to come up and Chase can almost see the lip of light stretching up as someone with thankfully a heavier tread closes the door downstairs.


“Jayden?” Chase calls out hopefully. 


Whoever it is pauses, but shakes off their shoes first by the door. 


“Is that you?” Chase calls out. 


The footsteps now are that of bare feet hitting the carpeted steps. It’s quiet still in the house but Chase’s breath catches and finds himself holding it. 


The lights start flickering on and as someone enters the bedroom, a wide shadow arches across the floor. 




But then, the person turns the corner and Chase sighs in relief. 




Logan stops abruptly as stares open mouthed at Chase in the closet strung up, and naked. Ashely never did pulls his jockeys up past his thighs. 


“What…the…hell….. Chase?”


Logan smiles at the setup and looks around at all old the equipment before moving over to a shelf of Ballbusting options. 


“Did you get these from Alex’s studio?”


Chase gulps. 




Logan rolls his eyes before coming up to him and stopping directly in front of Chase and crossing his arms over his chest. 




“Can you get me down first?”


Logan gives his head a slight shake, but mercilessly lowers the overhanging chains so they fall by Chase’s side. Chase stumbles into Logan and he can smell it on him then, the whisky comes off of him mixed with sweat and his shirt clings to his chest. 


“You’ve been having fun.”


“So have you.” Logan lifts up his bare foot and grimaces. “I’m standing by in your jizz, Chase. Why didn’t Jayden let you down?”


“Cause of Gino! The jackass called Jayden away!”


“And Jayden didn’t let you down because…?”


“Well, I…was kinda a dick to him in front of his friends.”


“You busted his balls, right?” Logan asks. 


“Yeah, I did.”


Logan shrugs and pushes Chase against the wall and off of his chest. Chase is able to stand now and does so. 


“It’s not like him to not forgive you…it must have been worse than just that.”


Chase’s eyes falls and admits to Logan eyes downcast. “I kinda made him cum at dinner with the guys.”


“That’s low!” Logan laughs and slaps his shoulder, harder than he would normally and stumbles into Chase as he loses his footing on Chase’s old cum. 


“Oops!” Logan laughs as he slams Chase into the wall, his hands shooting out too late. One catches the wall above Chase’s head, the other turns into a punch that clocks Chase right in his naked nutsack. 


“Oh I got you!” Logan comes up laughing, as he pulls his fist out from between Chase’s legs and looking at his fist in wonder. 


“Oh shit! My big ones!” Chase groans and his head lulls to the side as he grits his teeth. 


“Be…careful… I’m so sore…bro…shiiit!”


Logan takes off the blind fold and Chase blinks blindly at the light, his eyes squinting. 


“You look like a superhero with that on…like a blind…bat or something!” Logan pats Chase’s shoulder and lifts up his hand swiping his face as he grabs Chase’s head. “You are one funny kid, Chase.”


“You are drunk.”


“Yeah buddy, I am!” Logan belches and then laughs. Stumbling from the room. 




Logan pauses turning back in confusion. 


“Unlock the locks!”


“Oh yeah!” Logan smiles, and his eyes are so glazed as he comes back into the room slips in virtually the same spot and crashes into Chase again. This time his knee hits Chase’s nut bag as Logan and Chase collide and the wrestling coach falls back into Chase and then falls over his own too feet landing on his back and closing his eyes. Logan passes out. 


“Fuck no!” Chase hollers and this time he can grab his balls, but that’s all he can do. They feel bloated and wretched but Chase cradles them carefully as the blow from Logan nearly causes him to lose it. 


“Baaawlz!” Chase squeals and falls back against the wall and slumps to the floor. The chains go with him and he wishes that Logan would just wake back up. But he seems too out of it and Chase curses his damn luck and promises himself to replace the handcuffs with emergency releases the moment that he gets freed. 


Hanging his head, Chase’s blonde hair falls across his face as the dawns light rises from his window bathing him in the cool orange glow. 


“Jayden…come back” Chase whispers into the gloom of the closet. It’s no longer quiet. Logan is snoring and none too gently. Chase tried to kick out at him but he can only hit his legs. And Logan does not react at all but to snore on. 


Chase stops and waits, settling in to fall back asleep. At least he can pull up his underwear and he does so before he lays back his head and goes to sleep. 





To be concluded

























The Closet Part 4



by Jimmy




A slow staggering moan comes up from between Chase’s parted lips. He feels sluggish and lazy, and his eyelids are like sandbags keeping him from opening his eyes. 


“Chase…are you awake?” 


The reality of the situation does not come back to him right away, but the slow tapping of his cheek annoys him and he grimaces before his face goes limp once more. 


“How can you sleep like that?” 


The voice is familiar, but Chase pushes it aside but something…someone runs a hand between his legs feeling his skin, and small golden hairs along his upper thighs. 


Unbelievably Chase moans, feeling a bit hot down below. 


“You’re…getting hard.” The voice is thicker now but Chase ignore it focusing in momentarily on his rising appendage being grabbed and held tight. 


Another groan, this one deeper almost bringing him out of it but Chase slips back into rest as something warm latches itself on his tip, suckling it like babe to a tit. 


Another moan fills the space, but it’s not Chase. The vibrations tickle down his thickened stock and Chase smiles in sleep feeling himself deep throated. 


A hand grabs him by the base and uses it to direct his cock further in and down the awaiting greedy mouth. Chase moans louder and he thrusts his hips once in sleep, awareness slowly coming to him but he fights it again, even with his dry throat like desert sand scratching his insides. 


The second hand tweets his nipples that have also grown hard like tiny pink tacs so sharp and firm that Chase feels them hardened at the tips like rocks. The hand holding his firm muscular right peck flicks the poked out nipple like he is playing thumb war. Chase writhes in the restraints and hears distantly the clang of his chains but goes back to stillness as the hand lowers, the mouth sucks diligently and Chase zeroes in how good it feels as the lowering hand meets the other holding him by the base of his thick cock and gobbles at it, humming all the while. 


“Nnnnnggggg!” Chase moans, his eyes almost ready to blink but he sinks down as his heart races like a speeding train gearing up for its final destination. Then the hand grasps his balls. 


It’s almost like an electric charge, his scrotum is so taut against his horny cock that it does not feel right to be grasping at his delicate close to his bud fruit. But still the fingers dig into his flesh and he cries out like a nightmare, bile filling his throat. The agony and defilement of someone touching his…it’s almost more than he can take. 


It’s then that the person’s throat restricts itself, enveloping his trembling erection and Chase almost opens his eyes, he can see the red at the edges of his vision as he starts to think once again, more than just his innermost desire to cum. 


His big balls are squeezed like one would trying to drain an orange of its juices, the fingers like nails sinking around his scrotum filling the inside of the hand holding onto him with sickening white sharp pain that makes Chase want to…


He blinks.


Chases mouth is open, head lulled on one shoulder but his balls…his precious big ones are being crushed in…


“N…nnngggg… oOoooOooOoooOooooOooOOOOO!”


The shout rings around the small room, the closet barely big enough to contain the three people writhing. Logan still passed out, snoring now on his back mouth open and out of it. Chase blinks back tears, his nuts…oh god…they hurt….they….


“UuuuuuUUUUHHGHGHHHHH!” Chase hollers in the early dawn light at his eyes fully open now look down at the dark haired boy clamp around his cock sucking so hard that it hurts, and his white knuckled fist below squishing his big balls between his fingers; nut meat pouring out between the cracks strained to their limits. 


“Adam! Stooooooooooop!” Chase manages to yell into his face. 


But if anything Adam intensifies everything and Chase blinks back words cut off from his as his dick so hard and throbbing blooms down Adam’s willing throat as he deeply suckles on his knob. Adams bobbing up and down so quickly that his dark short locks spray back and forth as if in a wind tunnel. 


The twist on his nutbag brings everything into perspective for Chase and he knows what Adam wants, and he finally gives in. Chase falls back against the wall, his arms limp as he spreads his legs wider his hips rising to meet Adam’s furious hunger and he grits his teeth and meets his feverish tempo. 


He needs to cum. Needs to…so it can be done. Chase wants working nuts after this is all said and done. 


The closet has turned out to be his nightmare, and he can’t even begin to think how Adam got in. His dumb luck brought Ashley, and yes he rather expected Logan but he was supposed to have saved him. The one person that was supposed to be here never showed up. Where was Jayden Gomez, his partner? His boyfriend, and best friend. He never would have forgotten him. The question was…where was he, and who kept him from coming back? 


Chase can’t even give that idea any thought because the growing need has taken him over, and Chase blinks several times as a warmth sensation fills his body. His breath is staggered and coming in and out like he’s been running for a long time and he winces as Adam’s hand lessens its hold but that only makes his nuts pound harder in Adam’s claw like fist. 


Chase wails. The guttural sound breaks and he freezes up gearing up for another scream but his eyes widen and his body is wracked with an intense churning down below. His cock trembles down Adam’s throat as he comes all the way back to the tip of his flared cock and he can just see it in Adam’s mouth as he makes eye contact with him. 


The beady eyes of his best friend getting what he has always wanted drill into Chase’s wounded, pain filled gaze and he sinks his lips all the way down his shaft sucking harder than ever as he forces Chase to meet his and keeps him staring as he is physically pushed over the edge. 


Chase trembles once and he forces his eyes shut trying to picture Jayden, but the image of Adam taking him down his throat is etched into his memory and Adam yanks his balls straight down away from their curled up roost as if he screams ‘Look at me!’ 


Unwillingly his eyes snap open and Chase sees him, Adam tickles his sack with his sweaty grubby paw and Chase moans out “Jaydeennn!”


The anger that flails in Adam’s gaze is quenched and quelled but only for a moment. Chase begins to shoot, his cum for the second time that night being sucked right out of him and Chase’s toes curl as he hammers blast after blast down his best friends throat. 


Chase shoves his pelvis against Adam’s face burying Adam’s nose into his pubes as his last little squirt dribbles greedily down Adam’s throat. Chase falls back and his cock seems to wilt an in instant and falls from Adam’s face. 


Adam still holds his nuts, looking hurt. 


“You…called out for him?”


The astonishment in his voice is not phased on Adam as he rears back, his tiny eyes like slits of snack as Chase’s ball drop from his hand. 


Chases eyes widen and he pleads “No…not….again!” Chase closes his eyes but he is not fast enough. Adam’s sneaker hits him full force and his big balls smack against his wounded pelvis with a snap kick that makes his jaws snap shut. 


“You bastard!” Adam steps back watching Chase’s red ball bag inflamed from the torment of the evening sway like its caught in a hurricane and his eyes feast on 

Chase’s miserable eyes twitching as he opens his mouth a quiet “uUUh!” escaping before Adam turns on his heel and leaves. 


Chase rolls his eyes, and calls out “Noooo my big ballsssss oooooughhh fuuuuuck! Ohmyfucking….fuckers!”


Chase is ballistic as he slams his body this way and that, wracked with never ending spasms that cost his body in a sheen of sweat and sting his eyes. 


“Jayden! Where are you!!!”



To be concluded….


(I know that I said that last time but…I am having so much fun with this! ~Jimmy)






The Closet Part 5

Time to Close the Door



by Jimmy




Chase’s balls have finally stopped hurting by the time the sun was fully up, and his house keeper must be on her way.

Esmererleda has been with Chase for years, and he will never be so happy to see her and or embarrassed. Naked, covered in his own cum on his thighs and the floor in front of him Chase waits eagerly for her arrival. She’s never late, and always on time for her shifts. A creature of habit, a strong presence, and one that has helped Chase at least conversationally be able to talk to Jayden, his boyfriend in Spanish.

The downstairs front door cracks open and he sighs with relief.

Logan snorts, and Chase turns to look at him but he continues to slightly snore in sleep.

“Esmerleda?” Chase calls out.

However it is not the familiar, quickened light footsteps that enter the house. The harsher ones are follow an unfamiliar pattern “Senior Chase?”

“…is that…” Chase swallows hard. “Javier?” Chase asks into the early dawn.

The house is quiet, but the quickened steps tell Chase that whoever he is, he’s almost up to the top of the stairs.

“Javier, wait por favor! I’m todo atado (all tied up).” Chase is not sure if he got it right or not, but the last time he saw Javier he was ‘Shit. He must be a teen by now,’ Chase considers liking his dry lips.

“Eh?” Javier asks entering his bedroom. “Where are you? Are you…hiding? Is this a game?” Javier’s excitement is all over his face as he looks around the room. Chase get’s a view of Javier’s profile as he passes by the closet not noticing him. Javier is wearing a white t-shirt, the contrast to his dark skin is starling and his light build and smooth rich dark skin as he glances around the room.



Chase dry swallows and watches as Javier turns and freezes, spotting him in the closet from the other side of the bed. He had been picking up Chase’s discarded clothes but drops them all, his mouth ajar as he takes in Chase’s nakedness. He quickly covers his eyes and murmurs something in Spanish but he’s talking so fast and low that Chase can’t hear him.

Finally he stammers “You…are naked!”

“Y…yeah kinda.”

Javier walks over to the closet door, still his hand is covering his face. “What happened to you?”

“That’s a…long story.”

“Senior Logan is here too! He looks…” Javier seems to have stopped moving as he smells, taking in a big breath of air. “Ummm…were you going to have my mother clean this up?!” He points angrily at Chase’s spilled semen on the floor and he turns back looking both hurt, and defiant. His hands have turned to balls at his side and he seems to be quivering but still not looking at Chase in the face and keeping his eyes downcast.

“No! Never…this was…never my plan. It’s a long story Xavier, but I was… I can’t get out. I need the key over there.” The chains rattle as Chase points.

Javier grabs the key, and looks at it as Chase continues talking.

“This whole thing got out of hand so quickly. Please believe me, I never wanted Esmerelda to see me looking like…this.”

Javier’s fists slacken and he turns slightly to Chase. “I… I’ll free you. But we must do this quickly. My mother dropped me off this morning, she went to get your dry cleaning, and do the grocery run. She will be back soon.”

“Then let me go, and I’ll clean all this up myself before she gets back.”

“You can clean?” Javier asks, not unkindly but the doubt in his voice is evident and his eyebrows go up. Even from his side profile, Chase can see as much.

“Yes, I am not incapable.”

Javier chuckles, and his cheeks darken. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you…”

“Believe me” Chase cuts in. “You could not embarrass me more than I already am.” Chase shrugs, “I am kinda naked here.”

“Yes, you are. I’ll help. But I don’t want to look…not right.”

Chase shrugs. “Don’t worry man, you’ve already seen and…”

Javier shakes his head. “I’m not looking!”

He slowly comes down to his knees, and careful of the puddle on the floor backs up to Chase, until he’s so close to touching him that if he breathed deeply his back would touch Chase’s front. Chase waits as Xavier uses his free hand reaching back, without looking to try and find the chains. He’s aim is good as his fingers curl around his elbow, and begin to slide down until Javier grasps the handcuff. Chase’ sighs as Javier’s other hand comes up, metal key pointing forward until it connects. Javier’s smooth forehead crinkles in concentration as he searches for the opening of the keyhole and he grins as he feels the small divet.

“There it is, now I…”

The window in Chase’s bedroom explodes with glass splintering all over the floor and Xavier loses the key and it drops landing on top of his dick, the leather twin wrapping around his cock as Javier stands up.

A baseball rolls across the floor into the bedroom and Javier’s foot stops it, as the window shards still splatter the floor and from the outside Chase can hear laughter and two familiar neighbors laughing.

“Oh shit!”

“You idiot, you better go get that ball! Chase is going to kill you.”

The voices seem far away but the Kruger cousins are obviously being loud.

Javier stomps over to the window, and is about to call down to the boys as they both head inside.

“Chase?” Caleb calls out, the older of the pair.

Junior pushes him inside.

“He’s obviously not home!” Junior chides, “Now go get the ball!”

“Don’t push me!” Caleb shouts back and from the closet he can hear the two tussling, but he pays them no attention. The key is on top of his dick, and he reaches down, his fingers so close to grabbing the cord if he could just…

‘I could get hard,’ Chase thinks biting his lip. ‘Then that would push it up enough and I could finally get free.’

Chase starts to try and work himself up when Xavier grumbles and starts cleaning the glass, rolling his eyes as he does so.

“Javier wait…could you…?”

“Unsafe. You have only socks on your feet. I don’t want you stepping on a shard. Or those two idiots,” Javier grumbles the last part quietly, but Chase still hears them as the boys hurriedly come up the stairs two at a time.

Chase is only halfway working himself up and he can just brush his fingers along the rope as the Kruger cousins jostle each other into the room freezing when they spot Xavier.

“What are you doing here?” Caleb asks.

“His Mom works here, doofus!” Junior pushes Caleb forward and Chase can see the pair are both in their baseball uniforms, with the tight pants and Caleb turns back to his brother when he stops. Caleb locks eyes with Chase, and his face lights up in a wicked grin.

“Ohhhh shit!”

“What?” Junior asks as Caleb grabs Junior in a headlock and turns him to face towards the closet.


“You both need to leave” Javier says putting down the dust pan full of glass and his broom. He blocks the closet and Chase inside, arms crossed. “You have done enough damage here.”

“What kinda kinky shit do you two have going on, here and is that…Logan?! He’s passed out! What the hell, Chase?” Caleb asks, giving his younger brother a squeeze under his arm.

“You forgot…deodorant!” Junior grumbles and swings a fist forward and hits Caleb in the belly. “So nasty! You stink, bro!”

“Junior…you!” Caleb grabs his side and winces, and reluctantly pulls his arms back to hold his middle.

“Out, both of you!” Javier tries to put more force into his voice, but it cracks and that makes Caleb giggle.

“Puberty sucks, bro.”

Javier freezes up, and seems to vibrate with rage.

“But not as much as this is gonna suck!” Caleb’s foot soars upwards between Javier’s legs catching him full between the crevice of his shorts nailing him with a THUD!

“Ohhh ummphh!” Javier groans grabbing his crotch and bending over, holding his privates as he sinks down to one knee.

“You jackass!” Junior says, pushing his brother and coming up to Javier and putting one arm around his shoulders as he guides him down to the ground. “Trust me, it’s better to just lay back and breathe. First blow?” Junior asks.

Javier’s eyes cross comically, and he nods and seethes through his teeth a long low whistle “Mi huveros…owww….ow…ummmmmmmmmphhhhh!” he moans. Javier allows Junior to put him on his back, as Junior rubs at his stomach, feeling the tightness of his drawn in stomach muscles that are cramping on every inhale of his breath.

“I learned this on the wrestling team” Junior says rubbing slowly, it helps. “Trust.”

Caleb rolls his eyes at his younger brother and walks past them into the closet.

Chase is waiting for him, and as he gets closer he tries in vain to grab the key but is unsuccessful as Caleb reaches down and takes it and puts the corded key around his neck where it hangs halfway down his chest like a necklace, the key acting like a pendent.

“I’ll take that, you don’t need it.”

Logan let’s out a snore and turns over facing his cousin but his eyes are still closed and delight twinkles in his eyes as he looks around the room.

“I’m going to have so much fun with the two of you!” Caleb says as he reaches up and grabs another set of hanging cuffs and pulls down on the chains until they clunk onto Logan’s wrists and he turns back triumphant to stare at Chase. “What a treat! A two for one special.”

Logan fixes him with a hard stare and says “Don’t get any funny ideas going, Jayden is on his way back and…”

“Jayden?” Caleb scoffs. “He’s not going anywhere. Didn’t you hear?” Caleb steps up to Chase grabbing the overhead chain and rattling it as he pulls on the level dragging Chase upwards until he is back on his tippy toes, hanging in front of the eldest Kruger cousin. Caleb sneers as he reaches out and grabs Chase’s balls, needing two hands to grab the wily naked orbs. Caleb gives them a quick and tentative squeeze making Chase wince, and let out a breath of held air that he did not realize that he was holding inside. Chase gulps and pulls at his binds, but knows fully well that there is nothing he can do to change his circumstances.

“What do you know, that I don’t?” Chase growls out trying to ignore Caleb’s fingers imprinting themselves on his nuts and digging deeper into his scrotum.

Chase winces and sucks in a breath as Caleb tilts his head to the left.

“He got himself arrested dummy, he’s headed stuck in jail!”

Chase’s jaw drops open “No!”

“Don’t believe me?”

Caleb shines his phone screen. It’s a text from Bill.

            Bill: Gino and Jayden in jail. Sucks to be them! Loooosers!

“He is not coming to your rescue…not this time. Maybe, not ever again!”



To be continued…


























The Closet Part 6

Time to Close the Door



by Jimmy




Chase’s mouth falls open.

“Jayden?” he moans.

Caleb tightens his fist, his fingers itching towards Chase’s nut core centers.

“It…must not be real!” Chase moans, his body shuttering.

“Shup up Caleb!” Junior puts his hands on hips, glaring at his brother’s back as he works over Chase’s treasures. “You are such a liar!”

Caleb shouts over his shoulder and says “Message Bill yourself if you don’t believe me. The Gomez brothers are in a jail cell, and while it sucks for them…especially Jayden, cause I like him. The main fact is…Chase and Logan are going to be here for a while. Until I bored.”

Junior is frowning and looking at his phone, and grimacing.

“He’s right!”

Junior looks up at Chase and their eyes meet.

“Caleb you dickhead!”

Junior rushes into the closet and turns his brother forcibly around and shoves him against the wall.

“Ugh!” Caleb grunts arms smacking against the wall of Chase’s closet where bands pop up and lock around Caleb’s arms and feet, the binds appearing as if by magic.


“One of Vince’s many inventions. That’s a trick wall, always snares whoever lands on it. Now can you get me out of here?”

Junior yanks the key from Caleb’s neck.

“Hey! When I get down I am going to…”

Junior punches out straight and true, nailing his older brother perfectly in the small protuberance jutting out from his crotch.

Caleb’s eyes widen and he moans low in the back of his throat. “Oh…my balls! My balls…oh shiiiit, my balls!”

Junior’s lips curl into a grin as he finally starts to undue Chase’s wrists. Chase falls against Junior who catches him but the two trip and fall against Logan who wakes up with a start.

“Whaaaa? What…is happening?”

“Thank you, Junior.”

Junior pushes Chase’s naked body off of him. “I was looking forward to busting you a bit…but Jayden is more important. Go get my captain, and bring him home.”

Chase heads into the bedroom throwing the key back into the closet, Junior snatches is out of the air and starts to work on Logan’s cuffs next.

Javier from the floor starts to sit-up, he’s still has his head bowed and is looking queasy as he holds onto himself.

“I…tried to free you…”

“I know you did.” Chase is dressed within moments, and is already headed down the stairs.

The front door starts to open, and Esmerelda walks in smiling at Chase. “Good morning…”

“Could you do me a favor, and skip cleaning my bedroom today? I have guests.”

Esmerelda smiles, and winks at Chase. “Of course,” she pats his cheek as he hurriedly puts on his shoes.

On the staircase, Logan is coming down the stairs looking a little pale from last night’s festivities.

“I’m coming too, let’s get Jayden.”

He is in his clothes from the night before, and Chase nods as he stands up.

“I’m driving.”



Chase’s lawyers have been in with the officers for hours.

Marco Gomez is ringing his hands in the meeting with them, and Chase can only look in from the outside. Neither he, now Logan have been let inside. The waiting room is quite full.

The whole swim team is there including Bill.

Chase already yelled at him earlier, but he was with Sam Hell who explained to him “He’s not the one to blame for this.”

“Then who the hell is, Sam?” Chase yelled back.

“The one called Zagan Keller, Jayden has wrestled with him before and he is the one to blame for this. I believe that he framed Gino and Jayden, although the charges won’t stick…he’s going to have to wait for a while in juvie,” Sam Hell explains.

“Not if I have anything to say about” counters Chase. Putting one hand on the wall, and closing his eyes.


Marco and Chase’s lawyer’s walk defeated from the room, Gino and Jayden’s mother is absent from the proceedings and Chase knows why and how she feels about being near the police. It must be killing her to not be here.

“They stay tonight…tomorrow they will be transferred. I have to get my boy’s back!”

Marco crumples, and heads to the door.

Chase is speechless, and Logan leads the group outside as Chase’s lawyers whisper their ideas of counter arguments that they will make but the only thing that matter right now is that Jayden is not coming home, and that he can’t save him.

Not tonight.

Outside the rain is starting to fall and that’s when Chase sees him. It’s Jayden.

In the police parking lot Chase runs up to the fence as Gino is loaded into the back of a police van, Jayden Gomez head down in handcuffs is following behind.

“Jayden!” Chase shouts across the way.

Jayden looks up, and Chase wills himself not to cry. Logan is at his side, but he hears nothing from him as Chase mouths Jayden’s name.

Jayden’s dark eyes are hard to see in the rain, his shirt clings to his chest but Jayden steps towards him and the light falls across his face. His boyfriend is scared, and longing look in his gaze hurts Chase more than he could say. Chase’s heart quickens, adrenaline fuels his veins and he screams his name “Jayden! I’m coming for you!”

A small smile cracks Jayden’s face, before he is pushed inside the van.

“In you go!”

The door slams with such finality that Chase trembles with the slam.

“I’ve got to save him.”

“You will. Neither of us will let this stand, Chase.” Logan raps an arm around Chase and his bottom lip quivers. He’s crying now, silent tears streaking his face but the rain hides it from view but he buries his head against Logan’s chest as the rumble of the engine can be heard over the rainfall and the van drives off.

“I love him.”

“I do too, we will get Jayden back.”




~End for now


Anonymous said...

Excellent saga and another unexpected plot twist…of course in the G&J universe plot twists are not so uncommon.
This story was only lacking one thing…we may never know what Jayden was planning to do to Chase when locked up in the closet. My wife imagination runs wild!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Reg,

Hahaha, you are right about that Reg I do enjoy a good plot twist every now and then to shake things up!

It's true we never got a Chase and Jayden scene that was really fufilling in. Sounds like I will have to do it justice...once Jayden gets out of his current situation!


Anonymous said...

I have no idea how the word “wife” got into my message lol. It made me burst out laughing when i re-read it. Reg

Ginojaydenauthor said...

Hi Reg,

I knew that you didn’t mean that! But we are close friends, so I figured that it was a spelling error. Goodness knows they happen!