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The Closet 4 written by Jimmy


The Closet 4



by Jimmy


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A slow staggering moan comes up from between Chase’s parted lips. He feels sluggish and lazy, and his eyelids are like sandbags keeping him from opening his eyes. 


“Chase…are you awake?” 


The reality of the situation does not come back to him right away, but the slow tapping of his cheek annoys him and he grimaces before his face goes limp once more. 


“How can you sleep like that?” 


The voice is familiar, but Chase pushes it aside but something…someone runs a hand between his legs feeling his skin, and small golden hairs along his upper thighs. 


Unbelievably Chase moans, feeling a bit hot down below. 


“You’re…getting hard.” The voice is thicker now but Chase ignore it focusing in momentarily on his rising appendage being grabbed and held tight. 


Another groan, this one deeper almost bringing him out of it but Chase slips back into rest as something warm latches itself on his tip, suckling it like babe to a tit. 


Another moan fills the space, but it’s not Chase. The vibrations tickle down his thickened stock and Chase smiles in sleep feeling himself deep throated. 


A hand grabs him by the base and uses it to direct his cock further in and down the awaiting greedy mouth. Chase moans louder and he thrusts his hips once in sleep, awareness slowly coming to him but he fights it again, even with his dry throat like desert sand scratching his insides. 


The second hand tweets his nipples that have also grown hard like tiny pink tacs so sharp and firm that Chase feels them hardened at the tips like rocks. The hand holding his firm muscular right peck flicks the poked out nipple like he is playing thumb war. Chase writhes in the restraints and hears distantly the clang of his chains but goes back to stillness as the hand lowers, the mouth sucks diligently and Chase zeroes in how good it feels as the lowering hand meets the other holding him by the base of his thick cock and gobbles at it, humming all the while. 


“Nnnnnggggg!” Chase moans, his eyes almost ready to blink but he sinks down as his heart races like a speeding train gearing up for its final destination. Then the hand grasps his balls. 


It’s almost like an electric charge, his scrotum is so taut against his horny cock that it does not feel right to be grasping at his delicate close to his bud fruit. But still the fingers dig into his flesh and he cries out like a nightmare, bile filling his throat. The agony and defilement of someone touching his…it’s almost more than he can take. 


It’s then that the person’s throat restricts itself, enveloping his trembling erection and Chase almost opens his eyes, he can see the red at the edges of his vision as he starts to think once again, more than just his innermost desire to cum. 


His big balls are squeezed like one would trying to drain an orange of its juices, the fingers like nails sinking around his scrotum filling the inside of the hand holding onto him with sickening white sharp pain that makes Chase want to…


He blinks.


Chases mouth is open, head lulled on one shoulder but his balls…his precious big ones are being crushed in…


“N…nnngggg… oOoooOooOoooOooooOooOOOOO!”


The shout rings around the small room, the closet barely big enough to contain the three people writhing. Logan still passed out, snoring now on his back mouth open and out of it. Chase blinks back tears, his nuts…oh god…they hurt….they….


“UuuuuuUUUUHHGHGHHHHH!” Chase hollers in the early dawn light at his eyes fully open now look down at the dark haired boy clamp around his cock sucking so hard that it hurts, and his white knuckled fist below squishing his big balls between his fingers; nut meat pouring out between the cracks strained to their limits. 


“Adam! Stooooooooooop!” Chase manages to yell into his face. 


But if anything Adam intensifies everything and Chase blinks back words cut off from his as his dick so hard and throbbing blooms down Adam’s willing throat as he deeply suckles on his knob. Adams bobbing up and down so quickly that his dark short locks spray back and forth as if in a wind tunnel. 


The twist on his nutbag brings everything into perspective for Chase and he knows what Adam wants, and he finally gives in. Chase falls back against the wall, his arms limp as he spreads his legs wider his hips rising to meet Adam’s furious hunger and he grits his teeth and meets his feverish tempo. 


He needs to cum. Needs to…so it can be done. Chase wants working nuts after this is all said and done. 


The closet has turned out to be his nightmare, and he can’t even begin to think how Adam got in. His dumb luck brought Ashley, and yes he rather expected Logan but he was supposed to have saved him. The one person that was supposed to be here never showed up. Where was Jayden Gomez, his partner? His boyfriend, and best friend. He never would have forgotten him. The question was…where was he, and who kept him from coming back? 


Chase can’t even give that idea any thought because the growing need has taken him over, and Chase blinks several times as a warmth sensation fills his body. His breath is staggered and coming in and out like he’s been running for a long time and he winces as Adam’s hand lessens its hold but that only makes his nuts pound harder in Adam’s claw like fist. 


Chase wails. The guttural sound breaks and he freezes up gearing up for another scream but his eyes widen and his body is wracked with an intense churning down below. His cock trembles down Adam’s throat as he comes all the way back to the tip of his flared cock and he can just see it in Adam’s mouth as he makes eye contact with him. 


The beady eyes of his best friend getting what he has always wanted drill into Chase’s wounded, pain filled gaze and he sinks his lips all the way down his shaft sucking harder than ever as he forces Chase to meet his and keeps him staring as he is physically pushed over the edge. 


Chase trembles once and he forces his eyes shut trying to picture Jayden, but the image of Adam taking him down his throat is etched into his memory and Adam yanks his balls straight down away from their curled up roost as if he screams ‘Look at me!’ 


Unwillingly his eyes snap open and Chase sees him, Adam tickles his sack with his sweaty grubby paw and Chase moans out “Jaydeennn!”


The anger that flails in Adam’s gaze is quenched and quelled but only for a moment. Chase begins to shoot, his cum for the second time that night being sucked right out of him and Chase’s toes curl as he hammers blast after blast down his best friends throat. 


Chase shoves his pelvis against Adam’s face burying Adam’s nose into his pubes as his last little squirt dribbles greedily down Adam’s throat. Chase falls back and his cock seems to wilt an in instant and falls from Adam’s face. 


Adam still holds his nuts, looking hurt. 


“You…called out for him?”


The astonishment in his voice is not phased on Adam as he rears back, his tiny eyes like slits of snack as Chase’s ball drop from his hand. 


Chases eyes widen and he pleads “No…not….again!” Chase closes his eyes but he is not fast enough. Adam’s sneaker hits him full force and his big balls smack against his wounded pelvis with a snap kick that makes his jaws snap shut. 


“You bastard!” Adam steps back watching Chase’s red ball bag inflamed from the torment of the evening sway like its caught in a hurricane and his eyes feast on 

Chase’s miserable eyes twitching as he opens his mouth a quiet “uUUh!” escaping before Adam turns on his heel and leaves. 


Chase rolls his eyes, and calls out “Noooo my big ballsssss oooooughhh fuuuuuck! Ohmyfucking….fuckers!”


Chase is ballistic as he slams his body this way and that, wracked with never ending spasms that cost his body in a sheen of sweat and sting his eyes. 


“Jayden! Where are you!!!”



To be concluded….


(I know that I said that last time but…I am having so much fun with this! ~Jimmy)


Anonymous said...

Great story. Chase should count himself lucky that Adam did not exploit him further....quite a treat!

Ginojaydenauthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your comment, and yes Chase should be so lucky….but he certainly does not feel like it!