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Homework Blows written by Jimmy


Homework Blows


Written by Jimmy


Looking through the assignment Rex sighs, he was not looking forward to this one…but strangely part of him is. Rex is a swimmer, has a tight body and great abs. He has killer hazel eyes, and a mop of wavy copper hair. He has a twin named Max, and they are alike in most ways…but for the bulge department. Max is way bigger than him, and flaunts it to his twin’s annoyance at any opportunity that he gets. He still can’t believe that he is that much smaller than his twin but it’s true.


Today he looks over the assignment given and gets the great idea to do a video montage with Ballbusting. It should at least be funny for the class to watch. Rex plans on trying to get his partner to take all the blows. After all who would want to watch a little pair being squeezed, kicked, kneed…when you have a bigger set of balls take all that heat. Rex can’t wait to see if he can pull this off. He’s already a little hard, and in his grey sweats, and muscle shirt you can barely tell. He gives a few good tugs, until he’s all the way good and hard, and ticks himself upwards and out of the way. He hopes that his partner that he has been assigned gets here soon. Rex scrolls through his texts and sends his twin Max, a photo of his hard on. He pulled his sweats down to show off his small bulge texting “Guess who is up?”

Rex thinks about deleting it, but he sends.

Rex rolls his eyes, but Max texts back a picture of his own bulge not hard and texts back:

“Are you sure that you are hard? Mines still bigger, bro. Maybe a growth

 spurt will happen…someday.”


Rex clenches his fists, he’s angry now but he grits his teeth texting back:

 “I’m gonna get you later, bro.”


Max just sends back the devil 👿 emoji with “You can try.”


Rex plans to do just that, after all his practice.


Turner is a tall nerdy kid. He naturally has some lean muscle to him. His stringy broken hair flops over his face sometimes but he toss it back. He rings Rex’s doorbell. Turner loves science, just hopes his lab partner is scientific as well.


Rex is in a rush to get the door before his brother does. He does not plan on sharing. The door opens wide and Rex grins at the taller kid in front of him, forcing his eyes upwards. “Hey, come on in! Want a soda?”


A flop of wavy auburn hair falls in his face, but Rex blow’s it back his eager hazel eyes dancing as he looks at his partner before him.


Turner has to look down to see his shorter a ripped science partner. He can’t help but notice the tent in his pants as he looked down. “Yeah a boner would be great—I mean a soda! Soda would be great!”


Rex blushes, but is slightly excited…more so that Turner might have noticed. His grin almost faulted but he tries to keep it in place as he turns around ushering him in. “This way then my friend, I got a variety!” Rex pushes down the small bump in his shorts, but the sweats don’t hide the lump if anything when he reshuffled it made it stick out straighter. Instead, Rex ignores his excitement and brings Turner to the kitchen bending over to get the good stuff at the back of the fridge where he hides it from Max. “Just give me one sec—-anything you want in particular? You look like a sprite kinda guy,” Rex guesses.


“Yeah sprites probably a safe bet. You don’t want to see me on caffeine.”


Turner keeps trying to stare at the tent but it seems almost more awkward not to stare


“Isn’t there caffeine in both?” Rex asks standing up and popping open the lid, his other hand in his hair causing his shirt to ride up. Rex feels Turners eyes on him, and his breath catches as the guy stares…or tries not to. He bites his lip for a moment as he hands over the drink taking a coke for himself. “I live dangerously,” Rex says, smiling shyly, his bright hazel eyes staring up at Turner.


“Hahaha” turner laughs with a snort He takes a gulp of the drink and the sprite splash’s on his face. “Well cheers!” He says before he takes another sip. “So where are we working?”


“My room…” Rex starts to say but he’s not sure if Max is in there so he suggests a different idea. “It’s nice outside, let’s do it there. Besides the light will be good when we record.” Rex looks at Turners crotch for the first time, hoping to bust his nuts and soon. He takes a sip of his Coke, the fuzz hitting him quick and he sighs at the sweet taste.


“It’s this way!”


Turner follows where he’s led. He’s surprised the tent hasn’t deflated. “So did you already have thoughts on what project to do?


“Yes!” Rex’s enthusiasm spills over, along with some of his soda on his shirt. “Crap!” Rex pulls it off overheard in the sunlight, his bare chest on display as he heads over to the hose to wash it off. Of course it sprays him so more drenching his shorts. “You gotta be kidding me.” Dripping wet, Rex rolls his eyes as he turns back to Turner his sneakers sloshing and his sweats tugging down showing off the top half of his underwear as he glanced back at Turner. “Sometimes I can be such a clutz,” Rex admits shrugging.


The tip of his dick is just visible and to the left in his wet white boxer briefs, the pink head is outlined and rather obvious and still sticking out but the helmet shows exactly what type of scar he has.


“Do you need me to run and get you some dry clothes?”


Rex squishes out his wet t-shirt. “Naw.” He’s thinking of his brother in his room. “It’s hot out anyways.” Rex throws his wet shirt on a chair to dry in the sun, and comes to stand next to Turner to both explain his plan and get him to agree to it. “Okay, so here’s my idea. We need to create a project that everyone can laugh at, and vote on in the end. So here’s what I got, we do a nut busting game in which we try different ways to bust you and in the end you tell everyone which one hurt the most! The class will get to vote of course, but it will be revealed after the vote.” Rex holds out his arms, goosebumps lacing his arms in his excitement as he hikes up his grey shorts a bit. They almost fell off his ass. “It’s gonna be a blast.”


“I’ve been hit in the nuts loads of time,” Rex continues waving it off it’s no big deal. “So you in?” Rex says giving Turner a big smile as he hikes up his grey pants again.


“But it has to be scientific. We would need something to compare the hits too. I’d have to hit your nuts as well.”




Rex has to think on that for a second. “Yeah, I guess that makes sense,” Rex was not too keen on getting his own balls knocked around. He was more looking forward to busting Turner’s. “Alright I’ll use this list that I made of ways to bust your nuts and then you can do mine later.”


Rex starts to think about his twin and maybe he can ‘switch,’ places with him. They are identical it could work he thinks.


Max walks by the kitchen window, and Rex purposely moves to the side to draw Turners eyes to him. His twin is inside of the fridge looking for snacks and thankfully does not notice him or his science partner outside. Rex hopes that he’s out of the danger zone, and smiles at Turner passing him the list. “If I missed any good ones be sure to add it to the list!” Rex says.


“You really think we should do the whole list first before switching? Won’t our boys need time to recover?”




Rex grins, a mischievous smile playing on his lips. “Besides, it won’t be scientific.” He’s not sure if he’s right or wrong. But Turner seems to think that’s important.


Rex heads towards his house hitting record on his phone, he can edit later as he sets it up in an upright position before turning back to Turner. Excitement flowing through him. “Let’s get started! We can work on the details later…and editing.”


Rex cokes to stand right in front of Turner, his legs slightly further apart so that he can get a could kick in…he wants to start with that one. “Okay?”


“Well I guess we’d know the cumulative effect if they were all the once…” He starts trailing off looking up to sky ranting about science. Unaware that his legs are spread as he does so.


Rex is nodding his head, practically drooling at his opportunity to hit Turner. It’s taking so long and he just can’t…wait a moment later. While his eyes are up staring at the sky, Rex lifts his leg up, the movement quick as he kicks up as hard as he can. Rex plants his foot directly between Turners legs feeling the telltale squish of nuts beneath his foot. He does not get a good read on the size, but the crunch tells Rex all he needs to know. He got him good.


“And that’s the kick! First blow!”


Rex pumps the air with his fist, after he pulls his foot out of Turners crotch his grey sweat pants falling down to his knees for a brief moment before he hikes them back up.


Turner falls to the ground as he grabs his bulge in his baggy jeans. His nuts aren’t even that hurt. But the surprise has put him on the ground.


“Okay now stand up for the knee!” Rex happily explains bouncing on the balls of his feet.


Turned pulls himself up. His jeans now covered in a few grass stains.


“So how do I stand for a knee?”


“Just where you are,” Rex says coming up to him and reaching up grabbing his shoulders. Rex takes another step forward realizing that he is going to jump into Turner. The idea excites him more and he starts to leak in his undies as he looks Turner dead in the eyes and swings his knee all the way back, and all the way up. Rex’s knee hits home and Rex grunts as he finds his knee planted deep within Turners but cheeks.


 “Oooof” Turner falls forward leaning on Rex to stay up. “Okay not as bad since I knew it was coming. But oh you got them”


“You’re pretty good at this,” Rex says rather impressed.


“My brother would have been crying on the ground about his weak nuts, but not you. Awesome. Ready for more?”


He takes a deep breath. “Sure”


“Nice!” Rex says smiling and sack taps Turner without further ado, knuckles first crashing into his nutsack from below.


“Oh” Turner falls forward this time but he legs give in. Without Rex holding him up he’d fall.


“Okay that one got them good. Your knuckles flattened my balls.” Turners eyes look pinched in a bit.


Rex nods, “Yeah, I felt that. That give.” Leaning against Turner, Rex shoots his arm up his arm arching straight out and into Turners balls with a wicked left hook. His aim feels a bit off and wonders if he hit all cock or just the one nugget with his punch. “That was a punch” Rex informs him.


Going over the list there is about… four more. Rex can’t believe that Turner is still standing and he gets a bit worried that his partner can take all that shots and if so…then what? Will he have to do so in return? He hopes not. Rex needs to end this, and do so quickly.



“Oooof. You missed actually. Hit some fleshy parts.”


“Oh dang!” Res laughs. “What did I hit?” He asks innocently, his hazel eyes twinkling with mischief. “I get to re-hit right?”


Rex wiggles his eyes brows and rubs his chest staring down at Turners bulge. “Usually I am not that off.”



“Yeah you can go again. And you hit the rest of my junk,” Turner informs him.


“Thanks man!” Rex swings his arm all the way back, sticking out his pink tongue as he shoots it forward and all the way into Turners bulge with a wet sounding SPLAT! Rex’s fist hits hard, knuckles first and plows into Turners pelvis with a hard driving force of a punch. This surely made up for the last one.



The knuckles push Turners balls into his pelvis denting these once pristine orbs. Turner falls onto Rex again. This time he feels limp. He Rex even stepped back he’d fall down and clutch his tender balls. His towering height folds upon Rex


Rex can barely hold Turner up, and as he is laying against his tight frame his hardened steel rod pokes into Turners thigh and gives a little pulse at the closeness. Trying to ignore his erection, Rex takes a steadying breath before he remembers the next move and tries to lift Turner up to drop him on his extended knee. “I will have to skip that one…you’re a big guy!” Rex slowly lowers Turner to the floor, grabbing his ankles and standing above him making sure Turners legs are spread nice and wide. Rex’s own grey sweats are slipping again, and he gets a little tingle as the waist band slides own his pointy erection but he does not fix it. He’s got a job to do. Rex picks up one foot, moving Turners hands away from shielding his groin telling him “This one might get rough,” as he drops his foot right into the dead center of his bulge. Rex’s foot smooth down the contents in Turners jeans until he settles on the ball of his foot pressing deeper into his balls, while his toes gently play with the long tube of Turners dick feeling the member through his jeans. Tugging at Turners ankles Rex’s keeps the pressure going and settles into the move his foot giving all the tender attention to Turners most vulnerable assets.


Turner is disoriented now that he’s on the ground. He feels his legs being spread and feels a comfort at first from his the attention on his cock. But then he feels his tender grapes start to be compressed


Rex sees recognition dawning in Turners eyes, and knows that the move is starting to take effect. Rex is wearing a shoe and can’t quite get the right angle to rub Turners cock so he kicks it off in one quick fling of his shoe replacing it with his white socked foot. The first thing that Rex feels is the outline, and his big toes search until he feels the head. Giving it a little searching press, Rex grins “Got it.” His voice is a mumble, but is clearly audible. Rex’s grip around the head of Turners member tightens, and he gives it a testing jerk. The piss tube in Rex’s grasp gives a little jolt. At least it feels so for Rex. Rex the ball of his foot lowers Rex delights in the feeling of Turners big pouch, and squishing the balls a little toying with him before the inevitable crushing stomp.


What had begun as welcome touching has turned into stomping.

Turner feels his balls slip under the toes of Rex’s foot


Turner looks up and makes eye contact with rex, “Please don’t…” Turner softly pleads, for once in his life, to the towering Rex as he takes a deep breath and finishes in a rush “Kick my balls.”


Rex pauses his stoic face pausing considering. “I guess we hit your threshold! You took the others so well!” Rex stops crushing Turners nutsack, and rubs it a bit. “I guess that means it’s my turn?” Rex nervously runs his toes along Turners cock, feeling the outside of the thick tube and jealous that it’s not his own.


Turner takes a deep breath and says, “Is this the last thing on the list?”



“You should do it. It’s for science.”


“No, sadly.” Rex gives his shoulders a shake, but his foot never leaves Turners crotch as he glided it up and down trying to see if he can make him hard. “There is…three more.” Rex’s hazel eyes are intense and focused in on Turners as he watches him. “It’s okay if you give up…”


“If it’s for science, I can do it.”



“Just don’t break my balls.”


Rex’s eyebrow go up, a smile simmering on his face. “Okay.” Rex sits down on the floor, still holding his ankles telling Turner “This is the gas pedal.” As soon as he explains it him, Rex starts pushing his foot in and out of his crotch feeling the gentle pressing of the orbs against his toes as he squishes the wiggly testicles against his hard pubis.


“Ooo ah ooo ah oooo ah.”


“Two more after this!” Rex says his foot squishing Turners nads until they flatten, and pulls his foot back only to repeat the move. He’s not sure how much time he applies the pressure or the move but it takes Turner moaning again before he stops.


“Last two…” Rex puts Turners ankles down, climbing his thighs on his knees his eyes on the bulge between them and grabs the full scrotum in both hands telling his “Nut claw time.”


“Ugh what?! What’s a nut claw?” Turner asks but it’s too late.


 “You see,” says Rex refusing not to answer the obvious “It’s when you grab a guy’s balls like this and squeeze them.” Rex’s finger itch around the full circumference of each trapped nut, the nuts having nowhere to escape.



Rex can’t believe how big Turners balls are, they feel so heavy in his hands. The weight and heat of them through his jeans starts to make Rex leak in his shorts. His gym shorts show his little stiffy, but Rex does not care at all. Even if he is on camera. He has Turners balls.


“Ughhhh and how long do you squeeze them for?”


“Not sure…maybe a couple of minutes. Is it bad?” Rex asks, as innocently as he can.



“Ugh it’s fine. Just tight. “


Impressed Rex starts to worry, he’s next. Rex plunges his fingers, adding a slight twist. The testicles morphing into blobs in his hands makes him drip some more.


Rex is working Turners nuts. He’s hit his twin brother Max loads of times but he’s never had a guy so willing to let him bust him. It’s such a turn on to Rex, as he squished Turners big nuts he wonders how much of a mess that he can make if he came.



“Umm okay I’m feeling that now. You can let go!”


“What feeling?” Rex wonders, not realizing that he says it out loud at first.


Rex’s hazel eyes bore into Turners, and he tilts his head as he grips both nuggets no longer squeezing but slightly pumping them in and out with his quick, light slender fingers.


Rex fully cups the balls in hands just feeling the orbs, and rolling them between his fingers and he slightly tickles the bottom of the sack as he passes the nuts between his hands. “Are you feeling something other than pain?” Rex questions as rolls the tender testes between his fingers, his hazel eyes so full of mirth.


“No it’s pain,” he whimpers, while his voice rises out at a higher octave.


“Oh…okay.” Rex shrugs still toying with his balls.



“I can’t feel anything but my balls” he squeals out.


For some reason this excites Rex even more. “Wow…really?” Rex slides around Turners big bloated balls and grips them a little rougher. “Okay we got one more…than you are done…unless you can’t take one more?” Rex asks squeezing Turners nuts just a bit to see if he can make him moan.


“You can do the last one…right man?” Rex asks giving one last long squeeze.


Rex finally let’s go, but his hand is itching to go back to Turners scrotum as he stands up, holding his hand out to pull his friend up to standing. “Ready?”


“Uhhh yeah…. I THIIINNNNNK ughhhh” Turner moans as Rex squeezes him firmer “Mmmhmm…. ugh yeah. Ready I guess.”


Rex tries to look not overexcited as he grabs Turner yanking him up to his feet. Turners looks ready to fall over, but that’s fine with Rex. He will be in the floor soon enough. “Okay, last one!” Rex grabs Turner lifting him up and centering his body, a small bead of sweat drips down his temple as his muscles quake. “Watch out for the…drop!” Rex slams Turner down right on his extended knee, slamming Turner balls first on top of his bony leg. The squish of Turners scrotum on his bony skin feels so good as the nuts flatten and smoosh underneath Turners own body weight.


Turner feels himself being jostled and put up right. He can barely feel the movement as it feels like his body has gone numb and he can only feel his heavy balls keeping him weighted to the earth. He doesn’t even understand what’s happening until the boniest knee ever slams into his tender grapes flattening them into his pelvis. He instantly falls to ground and puts his hand down his pants to cradle his flattened grapes. He holds them as he waits for them to become spheres again



“That was the last one?” Turner whimpers out.



‘Oh no…’ Rex thinks. “Umm…yeah…I guess so.” Rex looks on in complete and honest respect. “My turn now,” Rex gulps handing over the list. One hand reflexes reaches for and grabs his small nut sack grabbing it in his palm for protection.



Pulling his hands away, Rex puts his hands behind his head just shirt rising up and showing off a sliver of his taut abs. He breathes out a slow breath of held air. “Okay man…I’m as ready as I am ever gonna be. Just don’t make fun on my nads…yours are a…a bit bigger.”


That’s when it occurs to Rex….his twin!


“Wait…I need to take a leak be right back.”


Running off into his room he comes up pleading to his brother on hands and knees starting with “I need a favor…”


Max looks unhappy but after some reluctance he gets up after changing clothes with his brother. “You owe me so bad.”


“Yes, I do.”


Max dressed as his twin heads out to the back yard saying “Alright, Turner. Your turn.”



“Hey! You didn’t put on a cup did you? Those sweats seems to be a bit more snug than they were before you ran into the house!”


Max frowns and tries to showcase Rex’s over confidence. “Want to take a quick feel and find out?” Putting his hands on his sweats his puts out his package for Turner to get a good feel if he is interested.


Nearby Rex is watching from the window behind Turner just in case. Turner would have to turn around to try and spot him. However he has full view of Max and most importantly his face. He will see every reaction that his twin takes. This is gonna be good. As long as Max does not mess this up.


Turner walks over and towers over to Max. He starts graze his bulge with hand and quickly can feel his thick cock and massive balls. Confirming many things for Turner, but he reassures himself that he is not he knows he’s not wearing a cup.



With his hand still grazing his bulge, “So are you ready? It’s everything you did to me done to you now. Remember? So I guess spread your legs and literally your hands behind your head.”


“I…I’ll try.” Max gulps, nodding his head. Turners hand on his crotch causes a nervous tremor down his body, and he fights the notion to back-up or cover his manhood. Turners hand seems so gentle right now, but Max is aware that he won’t be very soon. “I forget…how many low blows…I didn’t keep count before,” Max says, his voice low and a bit nervous. Max’s amber eyes glisten and seem alert as he stares at Turner.


A nervous laugh bubbles out of Max, and he plays with his hands not quite sure where to put them. “You took it…so it can’t be that bad.” Max tries to smile, but his nervousness takes over and it looks more like a grimace than reassurance.



Turner gives Max’s crotch one deep press with the palm of his hand. “It was three kicks. Now come on, spread your legs.” Turners plan to suggest more kicks wasn’t even necessary. To his delight he gets to play sweet a little longer. He releases his partner’s large package from his balm and takes a step back. He kicks his legs back a little bit to stretch them out.


Max let’s out a breath of air. “Three kicks is not so bad.” Max moves his feet slightly a part taking his first good look of Turner. He does not recognize him, but Max knows most of Rex’s friends. He slightly wonders who this new guy is.


Turner eyes his target and lifts his foot up to gently tap the bulge. He then moves in a fast motion kicking his leg up with impressive strength. His shin colliding with Max’s left ball directly.


Max’s left hazel eye twitches, and he barely wonders if there is a connection between the two as his soft bulge dents, but only one testicle takes the full brunt of the blow. The breath comes out of his, and he mops his brow stating “One…I mean first hit. You were…a little off there.” Max smiles conspiratorially, flashing Turner a bright grin, but clears his throat. “Two more to go.” ‘This was not too bad,’ thinks Max. If Turners aim was this bad he might even stay standing after the following two kicks.



Turner takes a step back before launching his foot forward, this time the front of his foot hitting under both of max’s balls, the top of his toe kicking into max’s cock as Turner pulls his foot back.


The smile falls from Max’s face as the blow instantly hits him, full force and it’s not until a few moments after that that he feels it. Max’s face crumples and a slow uneven breath leaves his lungs as he wordlessly grabs his bulge feeling for the damage of the hard blow. His nuts are slowly reshaping and that alone makes him gasp but then the pulse pounding throbs of pain reach every nerve ending that he has and he moans. “Fuck…” Max whimpers. “You…uh, oo… uh… got me good.” He manages to acknowledge as Max holds his privates, his balls finally back to their original shape again.


Turner gives a smirk, “Well one last kick. Spread those legs!” Turner throws his foot up smacking Max’s bulge hard causing it flop up and down making a smacking noise.


Sucking his teeth, Max stumbles up to Turner leaning heavily against him but Turner is not fast enough to catch him as he drop to his knees. “Oh…shit…you got me…again!” Max’s bottom lip quivers, a bit of drool falling between them in the grass as he cradles his balls ever so gently, barely touching himself. “At least…we are done,” Max says. Nearby Rex watches from the window, he’s so hard from watching Max take all the shots that were supposed to be his. Rex almost puts his face to the glasses as he looks on at his brother on his knees.


Turner walks up to Max and pats him on the back. “Well let’s see what’s next on this list. Alright, knees. We’ll stand up.”


“Oh…the list?” Max asks, then it hits him hard. He’s supposed to know. “I forgot…damn…my nuts are killing me, bro.” Max takes three deep breathes. “This is gonna suck.”


It takes Max a few, but he does get up. His auburn hair is a bit damp with sweat on his brow and he brushes it back, just like Rex did earlier. Standing on his unsteady legs he nods at Turner. “OK. Ready as I am ever gonna be, man.”



Without hesitating Turners takes a strong step forward and lunges his knee up. It hit directly between Max’s legs lifting his short body up in the air before throwing him a foot behind on the ground landing with a hard thud, Max finds himself breathless, all the air expelled from his lungs as the he lands in the grass. It takes. Few seconds after when he starts to breathe and when Max takes his first intake of air that’s when his balls throb between his legs. Max moans, his lips parted and mouth dry. “Uuuuugh!” A grunt comes from him and his glistening amber eyes cross, the yellow hues reflecting the steaming sunlight through the tree branch’s above.


Turner walks over to Max on the ground. Tempted to land his knee straight into his groin, but instead offers him a hand. “We’re not gonna finish that list with you on the ground.”


“I know…” gasps Max. He’s breathing hard, but some stubborn part of him reaches up, grabbing Turners arm. “Okay…I’m…still game.”


“Shit…that one really hurt. Knees super suck,” Max chuckles, one hand still holding his privates and rubbing the contents.



Turner faces Max and puts his hands on his shoulders keeping him in place. With his foot he spreads Max’s legs a little bit. He pulls Max in close to him and holding him in his orbit before launching his knee up five times. The rapid succession bruising Max’s balls as they bounced like a bobble head on the dashboard of a pickup truck. After the succession Turner gave one final knee with all his force, this time pushing max down so he wouldn’t be lifted up, making him take all the impact. Turner held his knee up as he pushed down with his hands squeezing Max’s balls. After about 10 seconds he dropped his knee down only to shoot it back up again. This time he released his hands causing Max to go airborne.


Flying in the air Max is only aware of one thing as the small bursts of air whose past his ears. His balls…his balls… “Noooooo!” Max screams as he crumples back to the freshly cut lawn, the small pieces pointing into the palms of his hands as he lands, his shirt riding up.


Max notices none of that as it feels as if his balls are caught in his throat. Max gags tasting bile, and he goes to place his hands on his groin but thinks that touching it might make it worse so he stays still feeling the constant, throbbing pulsations that course up and into his stomach. “Nnnnnngnnnn oooooaaaaAaaa dammit…no. You….my…..uh… uh…uh…Uuuhhhh!” He blinks in and out, his dark eye lashes fluttering while Max tries to come to his senses and deal with this fresh new pain.


“Turner…my god! Man…my nuts…hurt! So painful…” Max moans, his wild heart thumping in his chest.


Max can’t quite steady his breathing but his legs curl in a bit in response to all the trauma from down below his waist. Birdsong fills the air, and with the steady hum of insects life swirls around the pair but Max is barely with it as he lifts his head up gritting his teeth. “You wrecked me dude…” Sucking at his dry lower lip Max blinks rapidly, as he itches from below, head swirling with the sensations pulsing from his navel down. Everything feels like grinded up meat.


Without pausing Turner sits down on Max’s abs and pushes his legs apart, “I mean paybacks a bitch.” He starts delivering the sack taps to Max’s swollen and bruised balls. 15 sack taps with 10 seconds in between the blows. Each one Turner has to use his tall body to hover over Max’s.


Like a wildcat Max twists, and wrenches his lithe body as Turner pounds away at his ballsack. He barely gets a chance to comprehend the latest slam of Turners fist, when another follows. Max writhes underneath Turner, his lip curled in a painful snarl as he seizes and grunts. In one powerful motion Max’s hips jut up on the tenth sack tap, his legs locking, and taking Turner up for a bit of a ride as his body slides back down the ground most of Max’s shirt has ridden up his chest baring his navel and perk pectorals which are twisted in knots from the constant throbbing between his legs.


“Uuuughhhhhh! Uh…uh…uh….ughhh!” Max moans as Turner hits him for five more shots. Max almost does not feel them because his balls have swelled making his bulge that much easier to target.


When the final sack tap hits Max, he gasps his body raging against the blow and he puts his hands on Turners hips in an effort to steady himself. “I…” Max tries to say but words fail him and a sharp squeak comes from him, and he cries out as the blow sinks in deep to the central cores of his plump testicles. From his perch in the window Rex is still recording but he’s lowered his underwear and shorts and spit in his hand as he grabs his now wet Willy giving it a few testing strokes. It feels good in his hand, and the scene playing out before him is even better. Turner is a natural and after he done beating on his twin, Rex plans on tagging him out. An idea is still forming to how he plans on ending this little afternoon session.



Turner takes a glance at Max behind him. He almost feels bad, but he knows what’s next on the list. With his left hand he grabs Max’s bulge so his balls are outside his grip. With his right hand he unleashes punch after punch onto Max’s balls. “You ready for a few more?”


Max can’t speak, he’s breathing hard and his abs are clenching so much that it hurts. But that is nothing to what is happening in his shorts. The swelling of his testicles is constant, and does not seem to be going down. He vaguely realizes that Turner is talking to him and Max is not sure what so he nods his head thinking that Turner must be checking in on his nuts even though his hand is still on his bulge. Turners grip is loose at the moment on his ballsack, but his wrist is along his shaft and the friction and the thin shorts start to make him swell. Max is trying to fight it, he does not want this erection but he can’t help that it is happening. He just hopes that Turner does not notice.


With Turners hand still gripping Max’s bulging balls, he delivers five more punches. He starts to feel Max’s cock to stiffen under his wrist, so he leans his weight forward to press his wrist down harder.


“Ugh” “Ugh!” “Ughh….ooooh!” “Uhhhhhhhhhg!” “Uh….ohhhhh oh man!”


Max takes then next five and when Turner stops he’s all the way hard, and leaking a bit in his underwear. Max is limp, and finished but there is still a list and he’s not sure how much more is on it. Or if can withstand the rest. Max groans and puts his knuckles in his mouth to stop himself from squeezing, taking his t-shirt all the way up to his next. It starts to bother him so he takes it off laying now underneath Turner shirtless, heart beating quickly and starting to sweat. “That…it?” Max croaks, scared now of what might be next. Max feels his nuts trying to retreat in his ballsack, but Turners grip on his good keeps them locked in.


Turner stands up and puts his foot down on Max’s bulge. His heel is planted down on Max’s nuts while the balls of his foot are firmly wrapped and pressed upon Max’s bow engorged cock.


Max’s eyes widen as the pressure builds in his groin, and already he knows what might happen if this continues. A moan comes from him, it’s low and guttural and unlike before there is a hint of desire building inside of him as Turners foot presses into him and Max wants to ask for him to take his show off but he does not dare to voice it out loud. “C…careful…you got more than just…my b…balls!” Max squeaks out, his voice breaking and going pitchy.


Turner leans forward pressing his foot down harder.


Rex sees, and slowly opens the window he is at a little wider, he has to hear this. Wants to know exactly how Max is fairing, and the glass slides up with ease but he wishes to join them but if he does he would give up the ruse, and he is not willing to put his own balls on the line like that. He’s beating his meat faster now, but he does not want to cum. At least, not until his twin does. A cry comes from Max, and his cock jerks against Turners foot leaking some more of his boy juices out. Max’s nuts are smooshed down and pulsate with pain as his manhood continues to be crushed into the grass.


Turner starts swinging his foot back-and-forth as if he was putting out a cigarette, both simultaneously crushing Max’s balls further into the ground, grinding them up while his toes wiggle back-and-forth across his cock.


Max is breathing quicker and he quickly says “H… how much longer?” Max bites his lip as Turner works him over, giving him a foot rub…from hell. Max’s amber eyes are on Turners foot, but they chance looking deep in his eyes sensing if he knows what he is doing to him and Max thinks that he does. Another moan comes from him, and it sounds like sex and his cheeks flush. “You…you are…” He can’t say it. Besides Turner must know how could he not? Max thrusts his hips, not recognizing that he does so as he grinds his dick up into Turners foot as he tries to subtly pull his nuts out…but Turners heel does not allow them to move an inch.


“Well next on the list… let’s see….. ball stomping!” Without hesitation Turner lifts up his foot and slams it down into the ground, crushing Maxs balls, his foot slapping down upon his dick.


Max’s whole package flattens, as his own cock slaps against his abdomen spreading his pre-cum up and a bit slides from the tip and into his belly button that glistens. Max freezes in place his nuts barely forming back to their normal shape, Turners foot changes that completely and he can’t take it. Max hollers out and his eyes roll back as he falls into the soft grass, the unbelievable sunshine seeming so wrong on a day like this as his nuts are being crushed.


“You’re…crunching my baaaaaawls…like cracked walnuts!” Max exclaims, while his balls are being tenderized into the blades of green grass.


The sunshiny sky above is hot, and the weather slightly sticky but it’s the unexpected fast moving clouds that curl and slide across at a quickened rate that takes a moment to comprehend. The sky darkens and Max briefly casts his gaze upwards, momentarily distracted enough as a few drops fall on his face, one in his eyelashes sprinkling on his cheeks before the next wave of pressure brings him back to the moment. Turners got him, and is owning his testicles. Max’s ankles are spread, feet kicked up in the air and ankles held while Turner digs his foot in deep with his stomp, so much so that Max grabs the grass in both hands to keep his body steady as a tremor runs through him.


“Uuughh… man…. My boys… your…ohhhh god…. I…. Ughhhhhh!”


Turner twists his foot get it right, and hears Max yodel loud and clear. He chuckles and let’s up allowing Max to curl into a moaning ball at his feet. Max’s shoulders are trembling as he looks at the list one last time, ready to end this special event.


“I think you will really appreciate this finale Rex, I mean…it’s going to be pure magic!” Turner towards to tree and walks carefully around it, measuring it this way and that before declaring: “It will do!”


Max moans, one hand covering his face. His shirt has ridden up to almost his chest and Turner pauses looking down at him and bends down frowning, “I didn’t know that you had freckles here.” Turner traces the freckles along Max’s nipple and he says “Almost like a shooting star.”


Max freezes and tries not to breath. “Yeah…I…ugh…have always had them.”


“I can’t believe I didn’t notice.”


Turner graces him through the line of spots, gentle and back up rest right below the small nipple. He pinches it, almost reflexively telling Max, “Be right back, Rex.”


He turns back to the house, and heads inside.


Max rolls onto his back, the sky still dropping drops on him and he pulls his shirt down relief on his face, as he shoves his hands into his underwear grabbing his pulsing, throbbing testicles. They feel like worked over beaten meatballs, and Max squishes his face in a groan.


“Fucking hell…”


His cock is still solid and almost peeks out at the top of his tented shorts, pre-cum glistens on his skin below the navel. Max is a mess on the ground, but inside Rex has to dart away and he does so just in time.


Turner comes back into the house, grabbing his backpack and pulls out some rope nodding his head, and whistling.


Rex watches nervously from the doorway, his shorts still around his ankles with his hard cock in his hand. He barely glances out before holding his breath.

Turner does not stay long, he’s already heading back outside leaving Rex alone.


Rex does the side shuffle back to the window, still busy pumping away. It just feels too good to stop now. His teenage hormones are raging in his rigidness. Rex wants to see Max lose it so bad.


Turner is tying Max’s hands together and he can barely make out their voices, Max is talking low but Turner’s is crisp and clear.


“Time for the big finale, Rex.”


Rex moans against the window, he has to slow down or he might just cum too soon. He’s salivating against the glass, steams of smoke cloud the backyard and Rex has to wipe it with the back of his hand to be able to see.


Max is trussed up now, his arms are overhead looking sullen and very vulnerable. He pulls his legs and twists them together in an effort to keep Turner from his sack. Gulping Max’s eyes dart side-to-side as he tries to think of ways to escape the final blow…in whatever for that it’s about to take.





~To be concluded


owen said...

yo jimmy. hope you squish max nuts flat. Perhaps in a twist of fate he realize's that it's not rex after he's broken max's balls. and he goes after him. Both of them team up and crush rex little nuts! lol. ′he'd deserve x,′ hahaha!!! what you say? owen.

Anonymous said...

It has been a long time since there were adventures of super sons balls. I'd like to see these two get kicked in the balls again. You can also ruin Connor, a clone of Superman

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Max and Turner compare in size. Max loves to belittle his brother but we rarely see him "hanging out" with the big guys. It would be fun to see Max put in his place by one of his more hung buddies. I'm sure Rex would love to see that too. Reg

Ginojaydenauthor said...

Hi Owen,

That would stink for POOR MAX if he lost his nuts! Will Turner figure it out? He has not yet, but anything is possible and Rex is getti by out of this so far Scott free! Unless Turner figures it out.


Hi Anonymous,

Yeah, it certainly has been sometime since a Robin and Superboy team up with the supersons. I did not think of using Conner. That could be a good adversary for Jon and Damian!


Dear Reg,

I have not compared but sizes…yet! I will see what I can do in the sequel to fix it!


Anonymous said...

Well my last comment aged fast! Your latest story (Speedo) certainly answered my question. Max really is a big boy now! Chase needs another growth spurt or he’ll be knocked off his perch. Reg

Ginojaydenauthor said...

Hey Reg,

Maybe it was not your comment aging fast, maybe it was just Max’s overnight transformation! Glad that you enjoyed this one!