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The Closet Part 5 The Shattering of Glass written by Jimmy


The Closet Part 5

The Shattering of Glass



by Jimmy




Chase’s balls have finally stopped hurting by the time the sun was fully up, and his house keeper must be on her way.

Esmererleda has been with Chase for years, and he will never be so happy to see her and or embarrassed. Naked, covered in his own cum on his thighs and the floor in front of him Chase waits eagerly for her arrival. She’s never late, and always on time for her shifts. A creature of habit, a strong presence, and one that has helped Chase at least conversationally be able to talk to Jayden, his boyfriend in Spanish.

The downstairs front door cracks open and he sighs with relief.

Logan snorts, and Chase turns to look at him but he continues to slightly snore in sleep.

“Esmerleda?” Chase calls out.

However it is not the familiar, quickened light footsteps that enter the house. The harsher ones are follow an unfamiliar pattern “Senior Chase?”

“…is that…” Chase swallows hard. “Javier?” Chase asks into the early dawn.

The house is quiet, but the quickened steps tell Chase that whoever he is, he’s almost up to the top of the stairs.

“Javier, wait por favor! I’m todo atado (all tied up).” Chase is not sure if he got it right or not, but the last time he saw Javier he was ‘Shit. He must be a teen by now,’ Chase considers liking his dry lips.

“Eh?” Xavier asks entering his bedroom. “Where are you? Are you…hiding? Is this a game?” Xavier’s excitement is all over his face as he looks around the room. Chase get’s a view of Xavier’s profile as he passes by the closet not noticing him. Javier is wearing a white t-shirt, the contrast to his dark skin is starling and his light build and smooth rich dark skin as he glances around the room.



Chase dry swallows and watches as Xavier turns and freezes, spotting him in the closet from the other side of the bed. He had been picking up Chase’s discarded clothes but drops them all, his mouth ajar as he takes in Chase’s nakedness. He quickly covers his eyes and murmurs something in Spanish but he’s talking so fast and low that Chase can’t hear him.

Finally he stammers “You…are naked!”

“Y…yeah kinda.”

Javier walks over to the closet door, still his hand is covering his face. “What happened to you?”

“That’s a…long story.”

“Senior Logan is here too! He looks…” Javier seems to have stopped moving as he smells, taking in a big breath of air. “Ummm…were you going to have my mother clean this up?!” He points angrily at Chase’s spilled semen on the floor and he turns back looking both hurt, and defiant. His hands have turned to balls at his side and he seems to be quivering but still not looking at Chase in the face and keeping his eyes downcast.

“No! Never…this was…never my plan. It’s a long story Javier, but I was… I can’t get out. I need the key over there.” The chains rattle as Chase points.

Javier grabs the key, and looks at it as Chase continues talking.

“This whole thing got out of hand so quickly. Please believe me, I never wanted Esmerelda to see me looking like…this.”

Javier’s fists slacken and he turns slightly to Chase. “I… I’ll free you. But we must do this quickly. My mother dropped me off this morning, she went to get your dry cleaning, and do the grocery run. She will be back soon.”

“Then let me go, and I’ll clean all this up myself before she gets back.”

“You can clean?” Javier asks, not unkindly but the doubt in his voice is evident and his eyebrows go up. Even from his side profile, Chase can see as much.

“Yes, I am not incapable.”

javier chuckles, and his cheeks darken. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you…”

“Believe me” Chase cuts in. “You could not embarrass me more than I already am.” Chase shrugs, “I am kinda naked here.”

“Yes, you are. I’ll help. But I don’t want to look…not right.”

Chase shrugs. “Don’t worry man, you’ve already seen and…”

javier shakes his head. “I’m not looking!”

He slowly comes down to his knees, and careful of the puddle on the floor backs up to Chase, until he’s so close to touching him that if he breathed deeply his back would touch Chase’s front. Chase waits as javier uses his free hand reaching back, without looking to try and find the chains. He’s aim is good as his fingers curl around his elbow, and begin to slide down until javier grasps the handcuff. Chase’ sighs as javier’s other hand comes up, metal key pointing forward until it connects. javier’s smooth forehead crinkles in concentration as he searches for the opening of the keyhole and he grins as he feels the small divet.

“There it is, now I…”

The window in Chase’s bedroom explodes with glass splintering all over the floor and Xavier loses the key and it drops landing on top of his dick, the leather twin wrapping around his cock as Xavier stands up.

A baseball rolls across the floor into the bedroom and javier’s foot stops it, as the window shards still splatter the floor and from the outside Chase can hear laughter and two familiar neighbors laughing.

“Oh shit!”

“You idiot, you better go get that ball! Chase is going to kill you.”

The voices seem far away but the Kruger cousins are obviously being loud.

Xavier stomps over to the window, and is about to call down to the boys as they both head inside.

“Chase?” Caleb calls out, the older of the pair.

Junior pushes him inside.

“He’s obviously not home!” Junior chides, “Now go get the ball!”

“Don’t push me!” Caleb shouts back and from the closet he can hear the two tussling, but he pays them no attention. The key is on top of his dick, and he reaches down, his fingers so close to grabbing the cord if he could just…

‘I could get hard,’ Chase thinks biting his lip. ‘Then that would push it up enough and I could finally get free.’

Chase starts to try and work himself up when Xavier grumbles and starts cleaning the glass, rolling his eyes as he does so.

“javier wait…could you…?”

“Unsafe. You have only socks on your feet. I don’t want you stepping on a shard. Or those two idiots,” Xavier grumbles the last part quietly, but Chase still hears them as the boys hurriedly come up the stairs two at a time.

Chase is only halfway working himself up and he can just brush his fingers along the rope as the Kruger cousins jostle each other into the room freezing when they spot javier.

“What are you doing here?” Caleb asks.

“His Mom works here, doofus!” Junior pushes Caleb forward and Chase can see the pair are both in their baseball uniforms, with the tight pants and Caleb turns back to his brother when he stops. Caleb locks eyes with Chase, and his face lights up in a wicked grin.

“Ohhhh shit!”

“What?” Junior asks as Caleb grabs Junior in a headlock and turns him to face towards the closet.


“You both need to leave” javier says putting down the dust pan full of glass and his broom. He blocks the closet and Chase inside, arms crossed. “You have done enough damage here.”

“What kinda kinky shit do you two have going on, here and is that…Logan?! He’s passed out! What the hell, Chase?” Caleb asks, giving his younger brother a squeeze under his arm.

“You forgot…deodorant!” Junior grumbles and swings a fist forward and hits Caleb in the belly. “So nasty! You stink, bro!”

“Junior…you!” Caleb grabs his side and winces, and reluctantly pulls his arms back to hold his middle.

“Out, both of you!” Xavier tries to put more force into his voice, but it cracks and that makes Caleb giggle.

“Puberty sucks, bro.”

javier freezes up, and seems to vibrate with rage.

“But not as much as this is gonna suck!” Caleb’s foot soars upwards between Xavier’s legs catching him full between the crevice of his shorts nailing him with a THUD!

“Ohhh ummphh!” javier groans grabbing his crotch and bending over, holding his privates as he sinks down to one knee.

“You jackass!” Junior says, pushing his brother and coming up to javier and putting one arm around his shoulders as he guides him down to the ground. “Trust me, it’s better to just lay back and breathe. First blow?” Junior asks.

Javier’s eyes cross comically, and he nods and seethes through his teeth a long low whistle “Mi huveros…owww….ow…ummmmmmmmmphhhhh!” he moans. javier allows Junior to put him on his back, as Junior rubs at his stomach, feeling the tightness of his drawn in stomach muscles that are cramping on every inhale of his breath.

“I learned this on the wrestling team” Junior says rubbing slowly, it helps. “Trust.”

Caleb rolls his eyes at his younger brother and walks past them into the closet.

Chase is waiting for him, and as he gets closer he tries in vain to grab the key but is unsuccessful as Caleb reaches down and takes it and puts the corded key around his neck where it hangs halfway down his chest like a necklace, the key acting like a pendent.

“I’ll take that, you don’t need it.”

Logan let’s out a snore and turns over facing his cousin but his eyes are still closed and delight twinkles in his eyes as he looks around the room.

“I’m going to have so much fun with the two of you!” Caleb says as he reaches up and grabs another set of hanging cuffs and pulls down on the chains until they clunk onto Logan’s wrists and he turns back triumphant to stare at Chase. “What a treat! A two for one special.”

Logan fixes him with a hard stare and says “Don’t get any funny ideas going, Jayden is on his way back and…”

“Jayden?” Caleb scoffs. “He’s not going anywhere. Didn’t you hear?” Caleb steps up to Chase grabbing the overhead chain and rattling it as he pulls on the level dragging Chase upwards until he is back on his tippy toes, hanging in front of the eldest Kruger cousin. Caleb sneers as he reaches out and grabs Chase’s balls, needing two hands to grab the wily naked orbs. Caleb gives them a quick and tentative squeeze making Chase wince, and let out a breath of held air that he did not realize that he was holding inside. Chase gulps and pulls at his binds, but knows fully well that there is nothing he can do to change his circumstances.

“What do you know, that I don’t?” Chase growls out trying to ignore Caleb’s fingers imprinting themselves on his nuts and digging deeper into his scrotum.

Chase winces and sucks in a breath as Caleb tilts his head to the left.

“He got himself arrested dummy, he’s headed stuck in jail!”

Chase’s jaw drops open “No!”

“Don’t believe me?”

Caleb shines his phone screen. It’s a text from Bill.

            Bill: Gino and Jayden in jail. Sucks to be them! Loooosers!

“He is not coming to your rescue…not this time. Maybe, not ever again!”



To be continued…


owen said...

hi jimmy: good endding but i'm confused why are gino and jayden erested. Will the next story explain whattrouble they are in? have just one dissatisfacttion with this story it ended when it sounded like it was about to begin with a lot of busting. owen.

Anonymous said...

I recommend you change Xavier's name to "Javier" since there's already a Xavier in the cast of ballbusting boys

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Owen,

I will try to do more busting in future stories, this one turned into a lot of plot. Friday's story (which has already been written) has a lot of busts and action!



Hi Anonymous,

Great idea. I changed the name!