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Men of the House IX written by Jimmy


Men of the House IX


by Jimmy

 Ballbusting Boys: Men of the House Part VIII written by Jimmy (previous)

Ball Busting Tales: Men of the House (Even before my stories is Alex's)



Warning: Includes ballbusting. Contains traces of forced semen. You have been warned.

Dylan picked off the sausage and ate some pizza. He went back up to his room and jerked off one more time before going to bed. He kept feeling a twinge of pain of balls all night that kept him up, but made him want to jerk off again. He felt confident he had reclaimed his place as top dog

Corey waits until late in the evening, before he comes to his brother’s bedroom door.

Listening carefully Corey waits until he hears the steady breathing from his brother for a good half hour before he stands up. Corey’s wearing a dark tank top and black trunks before for his stealth mission.

Slowly Corey opens the door and slips into Dylan’s bedroom, the room is dark with only moonlight flooding through the open window left ajar. The air from the night is cool, and his skin bristles goosebumps flaring on his arms.

Stealthfully Corey creeps into the room and towards his sleeping brother. A glint of metal cuffs reflecting flecks of moonlight in hand.

Dylan is sleeping on his back, his chest rising and falling slowly. He’s shirtless and Corey can’t help but to admire his older brother, Dylan’s chest is large and his pecs are so well developed, and the planes of his abdomen curve in a rigidly well-defined six pack.

Corey touches his own gently, feeling the beginnings of what he hopes will someday look like his big brother Dylan’s.

Corey snaps one cuff in place, locking Dylan’s right hand to the bed post and moves over to do the same with his left.

Corey’s heart hammers in his chest, as Dylan snores on, but this time it involves him actually moving an arm he clicks the lock on the bed post and slowly lifts the left arm across the mattress. To do this, Corey had to move to the other side of the bed and as he locks the other hand in place he grins down at his achievement. He has Dylan now.

Corey climbs on top of the mattress, no longer worried about being quiet as he stands up, legs spread wide and pulls the sheet and blanket off of Dylan’s lower half exposing Dylan’s package and staring down at his brother ready to begin.

His heart is grown wild in his chest, and Corey licks his lips and grins.

“Got you, bro.”

Corey is still standing and he tries to think how he should bust him first, so many options.

Corey decides to put one foot on Dylan’s lower abs, rubbing his toes around his navel and pushing his foot down into his guts.

“Heh,” Corey says loving this.

Corey is delighting in finally having Dylan where he wants him that he strips off his black tank top to show off his growing muscles when he wakes up. The shirt flies off of him and he flexes a bit looking into the mirror across the room as his growing muscles.

One foot proudly on Dylan’s belly claim him as his own.

“I got you now, Dylan.” Corry says confidently.

While happily content with himself, Corey does not notice the metal cuff key on the key ring slip from the tucked in spot on his underwear.

“Shit” he mouths bending over to search for it. While he plans on having fun with Dylan leaving him cuffed afterwards is not the plan. Searching blindly in the sheets he can’t seem to locate it in the dark and is hunched over Dylan facing towards his brother’s body facing his sleeping face, both prone legs underneath him and his wide splayed legs on either side as he moves around. Then he looks at Dylan’s folds in his boxer shorts.

“Maybe in there…” he whispers as he bends over further, his ballsack resting on one of Dylan’s thighs as he reaches down gently rubbing the contents with just his fingers.

What he finds both surprises and delights him. Dylan’s cock, soft now is thick and curled down one hip resting dozily. Corey rubs his fingers down its full length marveling at the size and vein running along the top. Corey’s other hand rolls one

ball, then the other. Dylan’s testicles are dense, heavy and the bigger more impressive set than his own really does put into perspective why Dylan calls his ‘marbles.’


Corey can’t believe the size of them, and can’t help thinking that someday his will be just like his big brothers… maybe bigger.

Starting to bone up, he forgets about locking for the key as he fondles his brother in sleep noticing that he has not woken yet, but the sleeping python down one leg is starting to stir and fatten.

Corey licks his lips as he rubs along its size, coaxing a load out of Dylan seems like Child’s Play to him now. He’s barely done anything and already Dylan’s climbing to full length.

Dylan is still not awake.

Corey beams, and pulls out his big brothers dick. If anything it seems even bigger than yesterday. In Corey’s fist it seems huge, and he starts stroking it dry at first then notices the special lotion that he must use on the nightstand. Corey reluctantly lets Dylan’s cock go for a moment to get it.

Tiptoeing past him Corey snags the bottle and coating his domains right hand, the liquid feels slick and cool to the touch. He’s never experimented with anything like this and plans on taking it back to his room as a victory treasure from war.

Corey gets back into position, this time he’s hard then ever and slowly starts humping Dylan’s meaty thigh, his joystick
🕹 sticking into his brother’s skin. He moans, and starts jacking off his brother.

Corey uses the technique that Dylan used on both of them. Concentrating on the head, Corey goes faster. His hand glides up and down Dylan’s fully engorged, angry red penis not knowing that Dylan himself stroked one out earlier.

Dylan’s balls start to jiggle and Corey slaps the pair, the noise echoing around the room. Dylan grimaces in sleep, but he does not mind and slaps them again. Every two strokes or so he strikes Dylan’s nads with a slap as his brother’s rigid cock pulses underneath his tender inexperienced handiwork.

As Dylan gets closer to cumming he starts to wake up, but he’s in a half dream state not sure if what’s happening is real. He continues moaning and he feels the head of his cock achieve ecstasy

Corey sees what’s happening, not believing that he is about to pull this off and wildly a thought comes to him…he wants to taste it.

Corey opens his mouth and replaces his hand and sucks. Corey only goes about half-way down Dylan’s thick cock. It feels strange in his own mouth and he can smell Dylan’s scent as he is so close to him now. It’s a mixture that drives his own erection deeper into his brother’s thigh. He can feel his own balls growing tight against the base of his cock and he squeezes Dylan’s nuts now clamping down on them for hand holds.

Then he starts to bob his head a little, making sure to cover his teeth.

“Mmmmmmm…” Corey mumbles sucking on Dylan’s cock, his lips pursed around Dylan’s tip and licking it like a lollipop before going back down and taking the full breadth of him in until his nose hits Dylan’s pubes.

 Dylan’s body starts clenching and writhing, the back of his legs start to sweat as he gets closer and closer to coming. In his barely awake state he feels like he’s having a wet dream until suddenly ropes of cum shoot out of cock directly down the throat of his little bro.

He opens his eyes to see his little bros face with his cock fully engulfed by his big mouth.

“What the fuck!” He tries getting up only to realize that he is tied to the bed. “What the fuck did you do? Untie me now or I’ll pound your ass!”

Corey is still suckling the dregs from Dylan’s spent cock, it’s starting to slacken and lose its rigidity.

Just as Corey licks his big brothers crown, rounding the edges with his tongue he hears his brother’s voice. Looking up Corey’s eyes meet Dylan’s and he grins popping Dylan’s dick from between his lips.

“Pretty good huh?” Corey says wiggling his eyebrows.

 “Fucking untie me right now! I’m not kidding!”

Corey shakes a bit by the harness of his then his fingers curl around his brothers recently empties nuggets.

“Or you’ll do what?” Corey asks his thumbs poised on the central cores of Dylan’s testicles. He raises one eyebrow before he squeezes a little.

Dylan’s eyes widen as he feel Corey’s digits wrap around his drained plums.
“I’ll…I’ll… I’ll tell mom what you did!”

Corey smiles “And about what you did to me downstairs?” Corey says his grip tightening. “That too?”

Corey’s getting into it, and he feels himself stiffening against Dylan’s leg, his own thighs are on either side of Dylan’s thighs.

“I bet I could make you squirt again…maybe we should find out!”

“I got you exactly where I want you, bro…maybe you should try being nice.”

“I… ah ah… come on please let go. I’ll be nice I’ll be nice. I won’t say anything,” Dylan replies.

“Yeah?” Corey asks his grip tightening another fraction, and his thumbs gently tip tapping along the central cores from below.

“I don’t know if I can believe you…” Corey says.

“But if I milk you again then I think you’ll be all tired out and will go nighty night.”

Corey closes his hands making fists, his fingers like daggers jabbing into Dylan’s testicles from all angles as his grin widens.

“Ahh ugh, please stop!! What do you want? I’ll do anything!”

The pain radiates through Dylan’s abs, he drained long cock tingles a bit and starts to bounce

Corey smiles.

“How about tit for tat. Suck me off. Then I’ll be tired and we can both go back to bed. But I will have my feet poised on your nuts. No funny business!”

Corey squeezes a little harder. “Got it?”

Dylan can’t believe what’s happening. Last thing he could remember he jerking off before going to sleep and now his plump plums were at the mercy of little bro.

“I won’t do it, you can forge-ahhhh ahhh fuck stop squeezing please.” His cock twitches more as he thrashing on the bed.

“Okay…okay! I’ll do anything. I’ll even suck your little Dick, just get it over with. Ahh please just do it already fuck.”

Corey laughs “Just kidding, bro!” Corey’s eyes start streaming as he finishes with “I don’t know where you’ve been!”

Corey rolls Dylan’s nuts not squeezing just feeling the orbs and the cords within.

“Can’t believe what you did to my dick bro!”

Dylan thrashes more. Trying to get his arms to break free. His arm pumps up against something metal.

“Fuck you bro. Fuck you! What the hell do you want?”

“You, bro. I want this.” Corey’s grin widens and one hand snakes along Dylan’s stiffening member. “You’ve got the best balls I have ever seen and I bust my friends a lot.”

Dylan starts panicking. “Have you ever had your Dick sucked before? It feels amazing. I can let you experience. And show you have to jerk off to have the best orgasm of your life. You sure you wouldn’t rather have all that instead?”

Corey pauses.


“Yeah. Let your big bro show you what pleasure really is. So when you bust your friends balls you can truly enjoy the memories later”

Dylan starts fidgeting with the piece of metal that’s scratching his arm.

Corey thinks for a moment considering, and reaches down freeing his erection and standing up, his cock slapping against his bare belly.

“I…really?” Corey is still in shock at the offer, but he gently picked Dylan’s balls under foot just in case.

“You won’t bite me…right? Promise?”

“Well actually a little biting can feel good, but I won’t freak you out.”

Dylan keeps fidgeting with his arm and licks his lips, “And after I show you what a true orgasm is, you’ll me go, right?”

“Yes!” Corey shouts excitedly putting his cock closer to Dylan.

“But no biting…I didn’t bite yours!”

“Just close your eyes and bring your cock towards my lips”

Corey quivers, his throbbing four incher pulsing in the air.

“Your really gonna?” Corey asks almost quietly. Then takes a breath before stating “Cause I did a good job on yours, Dylan. Right?” He almost needs the confirmation as he sets his red lips and brings his cock right next to his brother’s face, knees shaking.

 “Yeah you did. Now close your eyes and relax.”

Dylan opens his mouth and begins sucking on Corey’s knob. It isn’t hard to feel through due to its size. While Corey is enjoying his first blow job, Dylan uses his arm to move the metal itching piece, only to realize it’s the key to the handcuffs. While Corey is distracted, Dylan’s frees his right hand and then second hand.

He keeps sucking on Corey’s cock and then starts applying teeth. Tighter and tighter.
He decides to wait for Corey’s response before striking back

As soon as Dylan started to suck with his mouth, Corey has been on the edge. Never before has he felt something this amazing. Dylan’s mouth is wet, warm and unbelievably engulfing his whole rigid, trembling member.

Corey moan, lust filling him as he distantly hears the clinking of metal on the bedposts in front of him. Corey ignores the sounds and starts slamming his cock in and out of Dylan’s wet cavernous mouth grabbing Dylan’s head and humping him for all he’s worth and just as he is about to go into the final zone Dylan’s teeth start to dig in and his eyes open seeing his freed brother.

Corey gulps and moves to get his dick out but rocks his heels, Dylan’s balls are underneath the soles of his feet and make squashing sounds as the orbs roll under his full body weight.

“You…you promised!” Corey moans as he worries about what is going to happen next and if he even stands a chance of escaping.

At the feeling of his own precious jewels been weighed down on he reaches forward and with both his hands grabs Corey’s two nuggets. He tightens he grip with his teeth and mouths “Free my balls or I bite it off” Dylan chokes out with Corey’s cock firm between his teeth.

“No!….you will just…do it anyways!” groans Corey. “You promised not to bite my dick!” Corey fires as Dylan’s large hands separate and encompass his tender testes.

Corey gulps at the grip placed on his balls, and his dick quivers in Dylan’s mouth. He’s afraid and not sure what he should do anymore.

Dylan begins pressing his thumbs into Corey’s grapes. He look directly up at Corey in the eyes with fierce determination. The scowl only intensified by Corey’s tiny member stretched out by Dylan’s jaw.

A sickening deep ache hits Corey a Shia scrotum is attacked from below, and he groans in pain. Corey thinking he has to get out of this does the only move that he think will work he presses his feet down, and bends downwards making his knees bend as he squats and jumps up and lands directly on Dylan’s big balls. Corey feels Dylan’s nuts sag beneath his weight, but hold. The flattening of his big brothers testicles is evident and it feels almost if he has landed on two tiny balloons.

If anything will get Dylan to open his jaws it would be this, and the moment his brother does Corey plans on running for his room. Dylan’s going to be even angrier.

Just in case, Corey steps off his brothers right nut watching it balloon up and punts it into Dylan’s crotch hearing the small thud as he connects. The echoing thwack! even makes Corey wince.

“Let go!” Corey pleads, hoping that this was enough to get Dylan to open his jaws.

Dylan’s mouth opens for a second, “Ugh fuck!” In quick hurry he tried to bite down again, this time latching into Corey’s cock head. Biting extra hard in an attempt to hold on, but with less cock in his mouth Corey’s is able to pull his cocks away. His head scraping against Dylan’s teeth.

And Dylan feels his own balls to flatter and subsequently swell, he digs the fingernail of his thumb into Corey’s two marbles, trying his best to flatten them but they’re hard like stones. They’re small size reducing their pliability

Corey squeals as his cock is nipped, and Dylan’s wicked squeeze makes his knees knock together as his eyes cross.

“Fuck bro…” Corey mumbles and backs up and kicks Dylan again, and just does not stop as he pounds his bare foot in and out of Dylan’s legs one hand protectively grabbing his cockhead the other trying to pry Dylan’s hands free to get away.

“Let.” Kick.

“Me.” Kick.

“Go!” Kick!

On the last, and fourth quick succession kick Corey feels Dylan’s nuts blast against the tailbone squishing on top of his toes as he slams them right into the Dylan’s warm ass.

Dylan screams in pain. He digs his finger nails in deeper and starts to feel the hard balls starts to bend to his strength.

Tears start coming down his eyes, “Get off my balls!”

“You first!” Corey yells, his voice raising up a few octaves as Dylan’s nutclaw sinks in even deeper Corey let’s a ferocious roar and pounds away at his older brothers balls again with another kick this one managing to hit both Dylan’s cock and balls and loving the squish. Corey does not wait to see his brother’s reaction before he kicks him again. The last one he leaves his foot deep in the crevice between Dylan’s legs rubbing the contents hard under foot.

Dylan can feel his oversized grapefruits getting bashed, knowing they’re easy targets. He lets go of his left hand grabs both of Corey’s balls with just his right hand makes a fist. Using Corey’s balls like a slingshot, Dylan throws Corey off of his bed uses his right hand entirely. Release Corey’s balls to throw him on the floor.

He quickly grabs the key and unlocks his legs.

“You’re dead!”

Upside down and staring up at Dylan from the floor Corey covers his groin with both hands shaking his head.


Corey’s heart is beating in his chest like a jackhammer, and he knows that he is at his older brother’s complete mercy.

“Please man…I…messed up big time.”

“Yeah I’d say so” Dylan puts Corey in a headlock. Trying to force the air out of him so he passes out.

“No!” Corey yelps trying to fight him off, but his older brother not only is stronger but is at the wrong angle upside down staring up at the ceiling.

“Dylan!” Corey says before he can’t manage to say any more. All his concentration is going to staying awake and he’s getting sleepy…moments later his breathing slows, his eyelids getting heavy.

Corey opens his mouth to speak but instead feels himself drop off into darkness finished.

He wakes up briefly tapping Dylan’s arm but quickly drops off whimpering “Bro…”

Corey’s head pulls back and his arms fall to the sides passed out.

Corey wakes up to feeling his balls being shocked. He’s been handcuffed with his arms behind his back and his legs cuffed, but he’s not on the bed. Instead he’s on his knees. He looks down to notice that their old electric dog collar is tied tightly around his junk, squeezing his balls and cock.

Dylan gives the remote another click,“Wakey, wakey”

Corey coughs and splutters, he’s dazed and he feels his body tingling.


Corey moans, his bottom lip quivering and his eyes roll back in his head as he lurches to one side falling slightly but the cuffs hold him in place his chest puffing out. His abs have never looked to well defined before this moment.


Dylan does a quick turn and punts his foot into Corey’s bound balls

“Yes Corey?”

Corey sucks in air, his cheeks puffing out.


“Now tell me. Do these tiny grapes even feel pain?”

“I don’t have little grapes!” Corey tries to say, but his words get garbled and he has no idea what he has said.

Nothing really seems to matter, Dylan’s foot hit his balls so hard that they smooshes against his body and sadly for him they seems to have gone back inside of him.

Blinking rapidly he looks up at Dylan in panic, as the dog collar no longer having much to hold onto slips down and off his placid cock and down between his legs.


Corey seems to be panicking as he breathes rapidly in and out, looking as if he might start to freak the fuck out.

Staring down at his empty ballsack, Corey has a moment to reflect that life is just not fair. The wrinkled slightly darker skin looks small and his penis seems to be shriveling up by the second. Corey blinks back tears and says “Bro…find my balls…please….” Corey whimpers and pulls at the chains at his wrists but nothings happens as the hand cuffs keep him firmly in place.

Corey’s heart skips a beat, and his lower lip stick out as he gazes back down glumly not sure what to do.

Blinking back his emotions, Corey’s eyes flutter and he takes three deep breathes before he tries to slowly squeeze his thighs together. He feels a tightness in his groin and as he squeezes his thighs they tremble a bit and slowly something moves inside of him and he sighs in relief as one ball, righty falls down. Leftie stays put and no matter how much Corey seems to try and move it back down from his prone and cuffed position he can’t seem to move the testicle south.

Pleadingly he looks back up at his older brother Dylan and his voice cracks as he says “Bro? A little…help?”

Dylan not quick enough to respond gives Corey a moment to look down at his bare torso, his heaving pecs and tight abdomen. The definition in his abs has never been this explicitly defined. But below that his one ball quivers and it’s that line ball that sways while the other is still stuck inside of him that gets Corey’s blood boiling.

Corey wrenches at his binds, determined now to get free. He was the aggressor and this new role did not suit him to his likings. He remains stone faced and mute, refusing to say another word as his eyes bore into his older brothers. If looks could kill…

Dylan starts handling his little bros empty sack, he has to dig into his gut to pull his balls back down. He starts tugging them down seeing how far they can stretch. “I guess you do have balls, but maybe you shouldn’t”

“F….fuck you!” Corey says, spitting out the words.

He’s even angrier now that Dylan is touching his bare balls. They seem so… unsafe in his brothers hand, the two vulnerable orbs squish as Dylan yanks on them and Corey tries to fight back the fear for his two acorns locked in Dylan’s fist.

Rattling the chains, he tries to swing out at Dylan but they hold him still and all Corey manages to do is sway his heaving chest as Dylan spies his handiwork of keeping Corey firmly in place.

Dylan’s gives Corey’s balls one final tug and a slap. “Well what shall we do with you? You clearly can’t be trusted this weekend, I may just have to keep you locked up all weekend.”

Corey growls at Dylan.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

Corey’s breathing hard, and he tries not to wince from the slap but his face reflects the blow the quickness of his breath and the tightness in his pinched lips.

“Well the other option is I put the electric dog collar back on you to make sure you stay in line.”

Corey is fuming and his eyes narrow.

“Where did you even get that thing?” Corey asks, not that it even matters.

“And if you try to put that thing back on me Dylan…so help me when I get freed, bro you will regret it.”

Corey tries to pump up his chest and flex a bit, hard to accomplished chained up but Corry is determined to show Dylan how impressive he is.

“Can’t believe I dropped that key.”

The last part comes out muffled and mumbled as he stares up at his older brother.

 “I think the real question is should I put the shock collar on you next or junk? I mean how else can I ensure that you’ll behave?”

Corey can only glare at his older brother, and a men’s frown crosses his forehead.

“I’m going to get you, for this.” Corey promises fixing him with a look that could kill.

The chains jangle, as Corey makes his hands into fists.

“You…wouldn’t dare.”

Corey’s heart pounds in his chest, his pectorals firm as he strains against his bonds, his abdomen tightening as he stares resolutely up at his brother looking into his eyes and trying to understand the smirk playing at Dylan’s mouth. Corey refuses to go back down. Was it only yesterday that he put the biggest bully in his place? Well…he could beat his brother. Again. He just needs to get freed.

Changing tactics he says “You know…I don’t think we ever figured out who is the toughest brother. You surprised me earlier with the cuffs. My eyes were closed. That was low. I think you are scared of me and what I can do. You need me tied up, Dylan. Or I might beat you…again.”

Corey smiles now, his cocky grin showing that he is not afraid and not beaten. Corey puts all of his poker chips into this move, and he makes sure that his smile shows how he truly feels that he is the stronger brother.

 “If that’s the way it’s gonna be. I’ve got big east targets for you, but you… well I think a collar is the only way to even get to them.”

Dylan takes the shock collar and put on Corey’s shaft and balls and tightens it as hard as it goes.

“Let’s see it has a scale 1-10 on shock level. Should we start with a 5?”


Corey starts to sweat and he gulps as Dylan tightens the straps around his bulge. His dick and scrotum look trapped and bulge around the leather strap.

“You will regret this,” Corey states looking up at Dylan. He’s furious, and he can’t do anything about it.

“Last chance to make an offer before I turn it up. Five seem like a good starting point?”

“Okay….wait. What kind of offer?”

“I’m listening…”

“And if I have to pick…obviously a 1. That sounds like the right one.”

Dylan turns the collar up to three. “An offer on how you’ll behave!” Dylan turns the dial up to four. He waits 10’seconds before turning the collar off

When the collar turns off, Corey feels his whole body trembling. His teeth are clattering in his jaws and he’s staring at his brother’s big toes trying to catch his breath.


Corey’s groin throbs, and his dick pulses with a tingling sensation as he feels his scrotum pulsing in the collar.

He strains against the restraints but he does not trust his voice he keeps his trap firmly shut.

Blinking fast he seethes as he glances up at Dylan. This means war. Corey’s just not sure if he can win it.

Dylan walks up to Corey. His bulge at eye level. He turns the collar up to two and keeps it on, “Now how about you clean this whole house? I think that’ll make mom and dad very happy.”

Corey growls, suppressing a moan. “Then you have to free me…” Corey tells him trying to maintain an air of indifference as his balls blaze painfully.

Corey blinks and tries not to grimace as his scrotum pulses both testicles buzzing with painful vibrations that seem to rattle his teeth until he forces them closed and locking his jaw.

He does not trust himself to speak more or he might cry out. Trying to continue to be tough Corey clenches his fists, and body showing off his muscles as Dylan watches on.

Corey takes a few deep breaths, trying to steady himself. The pain strumming through his ballsack. The electric charge pulses through his testicles and Corey can’t do a damn thing to stop it.

“I…” he gulps as his body quivers with the vibrations. “You….” and at this stage he grunts unable to stop himself from moaning “Su…suuuuck.”

Dylan whips out out his thick juicy cock and starts stroking it. He give Corey’s balls light kicks with his foot. 10 in a row. He gets closer and his balls tighten up. He rubs the head of his cock to get him and he cums five ropes of cum on the floor.

“Why don’t you start by cleaning this up” Dylan’s says as he pushes Corey’s head to ground. And the second of hesitation, Dylan’s turns the shock collar back on to a 4.

Corey falls to the floor, the buzzing vibrations fill his ears as his balls pulse with a charge that cause his teeth to chatter.

“Oh no…!” Corey yelps his fingers itching to get to his groin but as they touch they are shocked back and away as the smell of his brothers funk fills his nostrils.

So close to Dylan’s semen he gags a bit as his face is pushed so close that he can see plainly that Dylan’s second batch is not as thick as his first.

Corey’s hands are spread wide on either side of his chest, as he breathes hard the blows non-stop from his older brother have taken its toll.

Grunting his hand grabs the mess or as much as he can as he jumps up and slaps Dylan across the cheek with it.

“That clean enough?!”

Before he bends at the waist and sinks to his knees not daring to touch his nads that continue to throb and twist in his electrified ballsack.

Pushed downwards the chains stop Corey from moving and he the metal clacks to together. Corey still bound was forced to take each kick between the legs perfectly smacking against his bound nutsack.

Corey moans and fires back “I can’t chained up, dumbass!”

He rattles the cuffs for emphasis and stares at Dylan huffing trying to put on a brave face as down below his nuts buzz against each other churning with an agonizing continual throb.

Dylan smirks. “Okay I’m gonna unchain you, and then I want you to clean this entire house. I may even have a party tonight and the house should be spotless before and you should clean the house after. You’ll want to start by licking up the floor”

Corey nods in defeat, holding in his true feelings.

“Okay…just unlock my handcuffs.”

Corey holds his teeth shut as his lower half vibrates and his genitals continue to pulse and a sorrowful moan comes from between his lips as he hangs.

A sudden pulse from between Corey’s legs makes him arch his back, a small bead of sweat trickling down his back as Corey groans “Uuuuugh….no! My….” Stopping himself from showing any more weakness Corey hangs his head clenching his jaw shut.

“Come on. Open that mouth and clean the floor.” Dylan’s comes by and slowly unlocks Corey.

“And I think there’s a mess downstairs too.”

Completed humiliated Corey is forced to do Dylan’s bidding, and he wonders when or how he can finally escape and get his revenge on his older brother.



To Be Continued…


DMan said...

I really enjoyed the first seven episodes of Men of the House. The Dylan character in these last two episodes is a completely different person. I prefer the original dynamic between the two brothers.

Dagan said...

Hi Jimmy

This was a roller coaster ride, and the best part is that its not done. DMan the last Men of the House was written in 2017, which is almost 6 years ago. We should be thankful anyone even remembers it. How could anyone forget how awesome it is. Jimmy I am looking forward to what comes next.


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi DMan,

I agree with you, and I purposely didn't write Dylan that way. It felt to me, that those stories were told. Dylan took all the abuse from Corey from Men of the House 1-4, then the Dylan character was not used all that much. I wanted to make Dylan get a bit of grit, to really not want to take anymore from his younger brother. He still loves Corey, but he is no longer going to go easy on him. As you can read in the recent stories. Corey never gives up, and he plans on making sure to have the last hit and take his big brother down.

Thanks for giving it a chance,


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Dagan,

Love that you are wiling to jump down the rabbit hole with me, hope that you enjoy what's coming out! And thank you for your support


Anonymous said...

Love that the men of the house series is back. I was wondering if you were able to add on pics just like they used to have. Really helps with the imagination imo haha.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

I agree on the photos, it really adds a cool element. I have tried to find the model online so I can add some more photos but I have not been that lucky. But we can always reach out to the BB community and hopefully someone will get lucky and find some!

If anyone has pictures of, or knows how to find pictures this model please send them this way. The models name is Dylan Ryan.