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The Last Goodbye written by Jimmy


The Last Goodbye


                            by Jimmy



 Warning: Includes ballbusting. A little blood. You have been warned.

At the dinner table the Brady family sat having a pleasant meal. Will Brady, Bills father was the sole provider for the family and also an excellent cook. It was a day near the end of the school year, a random Thursday when a phone call changed everything. 




Will Brady loved his old fashioned, wall phone and he placed his napkin down on the table standing up and saying “I’ll get it.”


“Who could that be?” Bill asks. 


Sam Hell didn’t really care, his steak was raw and delicious. Jake was half-way through his own and a small smile played on his face as he chewed. Sam had to stop himself from kicking him from under the table. 


Shrugging Sam says, mouth still full “Who cares.”


Bill pushes him lightly, and giggles. “Dickhead.”




“Demon boy.”




Bill glares at him, Sam Hell does the same until they both laugh. 


Will Brady renters the room. His face is ashy and he comes over to Jake still chewing ignoring the bickering at the table completely. 




It took Jake a moment to realize that he was in fact being spoken to. 




“On the phone…just now. It’s for you.”


Will Brady puts a comforting hand on Jake’s shoulder and says, taking a deep breath. “Not sure how to say this, so I’ll just let it all out. Jake, your mother is on the phone. She’s better now, and wants to take you home.”


Everything went quiet. 


Sam Hell stopped breathing. 


The smile drops from Bills face as he turns to Jake. 


“My Mom is dead.”


“Turns out…your social worker was wrong. She messed up her cases and I know that I adopted you but…if you want to go to her. I will give custody back to your mother. If you want to go.”


Sam Hell saw red. 


Blood was pumping in his veins, and he clenched his fists. 


Bill seems to notice right away and reaches under the table putting a hand on his knee. Sam resists the urge to hit him. 


“My Moms Alice?”




Sam Hell stopped listening. He ‘excused’ himself from the table by standing up and walking out of the room, out of the house and down the block. He didn’t have a plan but he had to get space. 


Footsteps behind him, and he turned to tell Bill to go home. 


But it wasn’t Bill. 




It was Jake. 


Jake with his napkin still tucked into the collar of his t-shirt stared at him. 


Sam Hell said nothing. There was nothing, but yet everything to say. 


“I won’t go…if you don’t want me to.” Jake says this in a rush, and his beady eyes are pleading with him. Pleading for him to release him, to let him go home. 


Sam Hell wanted to hit him. Wanted to rage. To fight. To break something. Instead he told Jake “I won’t stop you.”


Jake pauses, his eyes squinting as he thinks. It takes him a bit. 


“You…want me to go?”


Something snaps in Sam Hell and he feels his eyes get an intense feeling behind them and he does not want Jake to see. 


“No. But you have to. It’s your, Mom.”


Jake nods. Relief floods Gina bf its clear in his face. 


“Thank you. I’ll visit all the time. It’s only a ten hour drive. I can come on weekends.”


Jake keeps talking but Sam isn’t listening. Eventually Jake goes quiet and he tells him “I have to go.”


“Yeah, I know.”


Jake holds out his hand, fist closed. 


Sam Hell bumps it.


The rain starts.


Sam Hell is drenched and walking still, Jake retreating back to the Brady’s to collect his things. He’s excited, and almost skipped away. The rain not bothering him at all. Sam Hell finds it fitting. 


He didn’t know that he would end up here until he stares up at the house. 


Sam Hell bangs the door with his fist, ignoring the fancy stupid golden knocked and the doll bell. He bangs it again. Impatient. 


He moves and lifts his hand to bang the door again but it opens and the laughter on his face stops as he stares into Sam Hells devilish red eyes. 




Sam Hell grabs Logan, teeth snarling as he stares hard into his face. 




Sam Hell is upon him, wrestling him to the floor, door still open looking indignant as the grunts and curses follow. Sam is on top of Logan and Logan tries to speak but Sam Hell slugs him in the mouth. 


Logan’s head cracks against the wooden floor and Sam Hell rams his knee powerfully in between Chases legs, feeling the softened squish of the 18 year olds nuts crunch.


“Ugh!” Logan grunts.


Sam Hell punches him again. Red drops cover his knuckles like spray paint residue and Sam Hell smiles at the streak of red against Logan’s perfect white teeth. 


“Fight me!” Sam Hell yells, and hammers his knee even deeper into Logan’s nutsack, which he did not think was possible. 


Logan’s eyes swell and open wider in pain as he sucks in a breath. 


Sam Hell rears back to punch him again, but  Chase shoved him hard as he can off of Logan. 


“Sam, what the hell? Stop!” Chase yells standing before Logan and covering him with his body. 


Spread on the entrance way, Sam Hells clothes stick to him as one foot kicks high into Chases balls with all the force he can muster. 


“Out of my way, Chase. Stay out of this.”


Chase’s face falls as his nuts slam into his pelvis and he drops to his knees. He’s in a pair of blue boxers and a sleeves shirt; Chase was not expecting visitors. 


“My big balls!” Chase calls out, face white as he blue eyes cross from the incredible and unexpected pain ripping through him. 


Sam is on the move, but Logan is standing a little sluggishly as he screams into Logan’s face with all the hurt, and injustice of the night as he grabs his own shirt and rips it away from his chest.


“Fight me! Hit me!”


He stands there, arms splayed out challenging Logan and beckoning him to take him down. 


“Hit me!”


Logan for first time stares at Sam Hell unblinkingly, but it clicks and he wipes the blood from his mouth with the back of his hand. 


“No Hell. I won’t.”


Sam Hell is beside himself and he turns to Chase and grabs him pulling him roughly to his feet and aims a fist just below his jaw. 


“Then I’ll hit him.”


“No, you won’t.” 


Logan steps forward, but stops and crosses his arms. 


Sam Hell is seething with rage and he turns to look at Chase and the hurt in his eyes stops him. Sam did not want to…he didn’t mean to. 


Sam Hell scoops Chase up, the effort seems like nothing as he carry’s him into the house and puts him on the first couch he sees. 


“I didn’t…”




Sam Hell takes a deep breath as he puts a hand on Chases shoulder and squeezes it. “I’m sorry.”


Chase nods, still looking a bit sick. “It’s okay…” Chase says gruffly, “I didn’t get hard…like you taught me.”


Chase says the last part quietly. 


Sam Hell turns away and heads for the exit. Logan bars his path. 


“No. Don’t leave. Not right now.”


Sam Hell clenches his fists, the anger starting to rekindle and he likes that feeling better than the emotion that was just moving through him. 


“Try and stop me.”


Logan does not move. “Other way around, Hell. To leave you have to go through me. I am not letting you outside in this condition until you tell me, what the fuck is going on. You come to my house…”


“Chases,” interrupts Sam Hell.


Logan nods, “Alright, Chases. You attacked me…”


“You weren’t supposed to be here.”


That stops Logan for a moment. 


“Then why are you here?”


“I don’t know.” Sam Hell means it. He didn’t know why he came to the blonde swimmers house. But something pulled him here. Then Logan was the last straw. The thing that broke him. 


“It dose not matter anymore.”


“Yes it does,” Chase says from the couch and sitting up. “Logan get me some ice, and get yourself some. I need a few minutes with Sam.”


“Chase?” Logan asks, a question. A warning. 


“I’ll be fine.”


“I’ll hear if you hit him,” Logan says and leaves the room, but the limp in his steps tell Sam Hell that he left a mark in the wrestler. 


Sam Hell does not turn around but says “I need you to ask me no questions. I want you to hit me in the balls until I fall to my knees.”


Chase nods, or Sam Hell assumes. He can’t see him. 


But a sigh follows and Chases hand is on his shoulder. 


“Okay buddy, if that’s what you need.”


The first hit is from behind, and the kick is solid. The toes on Chase’s foot twist and dance as the little chick lets flex into Sam Hells pouch. He grunts barley acknowledging it. 


“That the best you got?”


Chase pulls his foot back. 


“We are just getting started.”


Chase kicks him again from behind, and Sam He’ll wobbles on his feet but stays upright. He sets his jaw, as the second blow hits him harder into his softening ballsack. 


Sam Hell nods “Again.”




Sam’s res eyes bulge and the door creaks open and Logan stares into his pain filling eyes. 


“Close the damn door!” Bellows Sam Hell. And miraculously, Logan does so. 


Three strikes in a row to his devil coins cause him to pause and he reaches down to touch himself. 


“Not bad, kid.” But turning around he pulls Chase against him and he finds Chase hard as a rock against his thigh. Sam Hell smiles, it’s slight but it’s there. 


“You’ll have to do better than that,” Sam Hell starts to pull him off his feet and he loves Chases sharp in take of breath. It makes him a tiny bit horny. “To beat my indestructible devil coins. I’m invisible, after all. They can’t be broken.”


Chase grabs Sam Hells forearms roughly and brings himself mere inches from his face and Sam He’ll can smell his sweat from the day, and a musk of desire wafting from him in a warm quick wave. 


“Not a problem, Sam. I’ve cracked them before.”


Chase brings up the knee, swinging it high and arching into Sam Hells pouch with remarkable speed and accuracy that brings Hell down to one knee. 


Chases bare feet hit the floor and he tells Sam, “I thought you wouldn’t go down. Your man enough to take a few more…right?”


“Aarughh!” Sam Hell grunts, he’s breathing hard and he grabs his balls the paint intense and satisfying the need that he needed scratched. 


“I’m not…finished water boy…”




Chase pulls Sam Hells hand away from his groin, and Sam Hell flicks his red eyes up to meet Chases as Chase comes back in, now on more sure footing and hits him with another knee. This one drops him. It takes Sam Hell off his feet and falls onto all fours gasping. 


“My coins…my fucking coins…you…fuuuuck….arghhhh!”


Chase bends down, he’s stroking his cock just a bit as he looks at Sam grunting. 


“Man, you got one set of tough balls, Sam. Almost as tough as Jay—-“


“Don’t…say it!” Sam Hell growls, grabbing Chases shirt and pulling him down to the floor next to him on his knees. 


Chase blinks and nods. “Okay, Sam…but you know it’s true.”


“No! I….argughhhh!”


Chase grabs his balls in one fist, hand closed tight around Sam Hells pouch and gives the bag a twist as he delights in the sounds coming from menacing Devilboy. 


“But you got second, for sure.” Chase grins, his Cheshire Cat smile twisting his lips as he leans up against Sam Hells chest. When Chase speaks next he shudders as his erection pokes into Sam Hells side. Chases lips touch Sam Hells lobe of his left ear as he whispers to Sam “But busting your devil coins always makes me horny, Sam. If I keep squeezing you like this I think I’ll mess my underwear so I am going to let you go.” Chase takes a breath, as hot air tickles Sam Hells skin as Chase all but kisses his skin. “Okay?”


Sam Hell moans. 


“Fucking Hell, Chase.”


Chase releases him, and his his fingers pull back them gently touch his pitch fork and Sam is surprised to find that his mighty spear as hard as it’s ever been. 


“Thought so.”


Chase stands up and as he does, the long shadow from his erection falls across Sam. 


Sam Hell glances up at it from the floor, still breathing hard as he holds his precious and thumping ballsack. 


“My beds open, if you want to take a wild ride. I want to see what you look like when I push my cock down your throat. I bet your red eyes will glow even brighter when I feed you my seed.”


Sam Hell blanches for a moment and chuckles. 


“When was the last time you were laid?”


Chase rolls his eyes. “Been forever. Jayden’s training and getting ready for the new recruits. They are going to make him captain, when Logan steps down and graduates.”


“Captain?” Sam Hell asks, his face darkening. 


“Yeah, apparently he’s the best of the best. Young as he is. He will be the youngest captain in Bartlet history.”


Chase winks at Sam He’ll. 


“I have to finish myself off, but…you know where my bedroom is. If you change your mind.”


Chase heads out, and part of Sam Hell wishes to follow. 


He does not. 


Instead he rests on the floor. It takes him almost a full half hour to rise and head home, Logan follows him to the door but thankfully does not talk to him. 


Sam Hell heads home in the rain, and it’s just ending as he gets to the Brady house. 


Bill is on the front steps, dripping wet and shaking. 


“I couldn’t find you. I looked everywhere.”


Bills teeth are chattering and Sam Hell pulls him against his chest, feeling little guy shaking against his strong muscles. 


“Let’s get you warmed up.”


Bill nods. 




The house is mostly quiet, but Will Brady also stayed up and he ushers the two upstairs and as Bill heads into the bathroom Will Brady stops him. 




He turns to face him, and what might come next. 


“You are a remarkable young man. You’ve overcome so much. And you can,” at this Will Brady puts a hand on his shoulder “Make it through this too.”


Sam’s throat gets tight. He nods his head. The feeling of tears again fight behind his red eyes, but Devilboy’s don’t cry. 


“Get some rest, we will talk more tomorrow.”


Sam Hell says nothing as he turns to his room. 


Jake is asleep when he enters. 


Sam Hell looks at him as his friend peacefully snores. 


Stripping down completely, Sam Hell crawls into his own bed and is about to close his eyes when his phone lights up. 


The message is only one line. 


Chase: ‘You change your mind?’


Sam Hell almost laughs as he puts one hand behind his head and closes his red eyes to rest. 


Jayden is planning on being captain huh?


Sam Hell knows that he can stop him, no matter what it takes. 







Anonymous said...

Lovely story, Jimmy.
I really like how you are slowly revealing Sam Hells broken soul in these recent stories...this explains why he developped his alter-ego and why he resorts to violence to distract from his inner torments and sense of loss.
Having said that's still f***ing hot when Sam gets his coins busted :-) He always manages to handle the first 3 or 4 hits rather convincingly before his defences crumble.
It's kinda the opposite with Jayden who cries about his boy-balls from the first hit but is often able to bounce back from the brink of defeat. Jayden even submitted to Silas...before getting back up and kicking his ass (isn't that cheating btw? I'm sure Silas hasn't forgotten lol).
Keep up the great work

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Reg,

You never fail from making me smile!

Yeah, I wrote this one in one sitting. The story just came to me and I had to get it down.

Sam Hell's history is slowly unfolding, and you are right friend, its violent and slightly scary. He's a force to be reckoned with, and our red eyed devil has more lays than originally shown.

The comparison to Jayden and Sam Hell made me chuckle, but its fairly accurate. Jayden really does go down quite easy but he never does stay down. It takes a lot to make the Devilboy finally fall but when he does he's out of it for sure.

And yes, I think Silas would count that as cheating...but to be fair so was he. So, alls fair? : )

Thanks for writing in friend!


Anonymous said...

Damn, I was hoping Sam would take Chase's invite, I guess some other time...,

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

Sadly, Sam Hell was not in the 'mood.' But maybe, and hopefully next time he will take Chase up on that offer.


Anonymous said...

Same here like what Reg said. Interesting to see how characters develop. “Devilboys don’t cry” was a sad line.

Not that Sam should ever have taken up Chase’s offer, but their chemistry is entertaining. What a clash of egos!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

Aww thank you for your compliment, I do try. This story came to me hitting me in the face and was written so fast. All in one sitting. Sometimes a story just needs to be told.

Losing a friend, especially one that Sam Hell has had for so long and who has been there with him through the thick and thin is weighing heavily on him.

And yes, Chase and Sam have brewed quite an intersting dynamic between the two highly egoed boys. More on that score to come!