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Bartlet's Transfer Student written by Jimmy


Bartlet’s Transfer Student

By Jimmy


 Warning: Includes ballbusting. Contains traces of forced semen. You have been warned.

Gino’s truck broke down…again.

Jayden got a ride earlier with Chase, and he could have gotten a ride but he slept in counting on his truck turning on when he used the key. Apparently, that was too much to ask.

Gino’s bobbing his head to some music when out of nowhere a new guy enters the bus. Immediately he catches Gino’s eye.

The new kid is shorten than him, with beautiful brown wavy hair on top, buzzed sides and skinny. He’s dressed in a black t-shirt and blue jeans. He seems nervous as he enters the bus and Gino takes out his earbuds from his ear and placing them in his case as he looks for an open seat.

Gino stirs in his seat on the bus licking his lips, ‘Fresh meat.’

Gino waves his hand over to him.

“Come sit here,” Gino says a grin spreading his face.

The new kid’s eyes spot his, and Gino waves again.

“Hey, can I sit here?” he asks. His voice squeaks a bit, and he clears his throat awkwardly.

“Yeah,” Gino pats the seat next to him still grinning.

Gino pushes further along the black leather seat until he is next to the window, his jacket opening. Across Gino’s chest he is wearing his red singlet from the Bartlet wrestling team and his tight uniform showing off his tight body and the large lump between his legs.

“Okay, thanks.”

The kid slides his backpack from my shoulder and sits down. Then fiddles with the bag some more and places it on his lap.

The kid looks down and Gino can tell that he just checked him out ending with the big bulge curve down left leg of his singlet which almost obscenely sticks out.

Gino smiles and puts an arm around the top of the seat leaning into Samuel.

“What’s your name?”

“Hi, my name is Samuel.”

 “I’m Gino.”

“Ok, nice to meet you Gino.” Gino quickly notices that he says the work ‘Okay’ a lot.

“First day?”

“Yes it's my fist day.”

“Nice, I can…show you around.”

“Oooh that would be very nice. I am new here, so that would be helpful for me to see.”

 “If you don’t mind…this is the early bus. I was gonna workout some moves in the gym…you can spot me. You wrestle?” Gino asks, paying him extra attention.

Gino opens his jacket wider, showing off his singlet. “I’ve got a match later today…I could use the practice.” He points at the emblem on his chest for added emphasis.

“Oh yes, I do like wrestling. But I haven't done it…you know like in real fight. I like it and I wanna try it out.” The kid keeps on talking bumbling over his words as he adds. “I do like wrestling but I have no experience. I have never done it before.”

“That’s okay. Slow down…take a breath.” Gino smile widens. “I love breaking in…I mean, showing newbies around.”

Gino’s dimples deepen, and he runs a hand through his hair looking out the window.

“Almost there, Samuel.”

Gino looks back just as the rain starts to fall from the clouds above, pelting the windows of the bus.

“Ready for some fun?”

“Oh yeah, sure. So when do we do it…after school?”

 “Early bus remember?” Gino’s says turning back and fixing him with a stare. “We have like an hour before home room. That will give us plenty of time.”

“Plus I’m all changed…obviously. Ready to go…you have gym clothes?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot,” Samuel says hitting his forehead.

“No I don’t have any,” Samuel adds looking at his singlet again and taking the opportunity to check him out further. Gino let him.

Gino rubs Samuels hair playfully, “Don’t worry. I have an extra singlet in my bag.”

“Is it Okay if I wear my normal clothes? I am shy. Can I wear what I am wearing right now?”

Gino gives the back of Samuel’s neck a squeeze.

“That’s okay, I’m not shy.”

The bus comes to a stop and Gino gives him a little push.

“Time to go. You can wear those…if you want to. But we do gotta leave the bus, old Mill there is the bus driver and he gets cranky if we don’t leave quickly.”

“Oh that tickles!” Samuel says pushing Gino’s hand off of him and stands up.


Gino stands up, “Let’s go.”

“I'll wear my street clothes. Alright, I’m going!” Samuel adds as Gino gives him a look.

Gino laughs “Sure thing, bro.”

Gino walks down the aisle, after stepping over Samuel making sure to place his big bulge in front of his face as he passes so that his bulging basket almost touches his nose, before he starts walking.

“This way, newbie.”

Hurriedly Samuel grabs his bag, putting it over one shoulder and starts moving trying to catch up to Gino.

Gino winks over one shoulder as he ducks through the bus door and jumps down, and waits for Samuel to follow.

“I'll follow write behind you.”

Samuel tries to jump down, to do the same as Gino but lands on his butt laughing, the bag slipping down from his shoulder and rolls a few paces away.

Gino helps him up, trying not to laugh at him.

“Ok, let's go. You lead the way.

Gino punches his shoulder lightly “Risk taker, I like that. Come on, follow me.” Gino heads towards the gym, the rain is coming faster and pelting him in the face, his hair growing wet.

“Let make a run for it. It's raining. Let's go quick

Gino agrees and takes off without a backwards glance.

“Try to keep up, kid.”

Gino runs ahead, sneakers squelching in the mud as he runs to the gym door wrenching it open and holding it ajar for Samuel to get in.

Running behind Gino Samuel calls out ‘Hey, I am not a kid!”

The pair make it to the gym, with Samuel breathing hard behind him.

“Oh boy it's been a while since I have been in the gym,” Samuel explains as he looks around. “We move quite a lot. So I never got time for gyms.”

Gino closes the door behind them, and smiles “This way, bro.”

Gino leads Samuel over to the mats, dropping his backpack by the lip of the mat and dropping his lettermen’s jacket on the floor beside it.

Gino’s shoulder come into view and he rolls his arms showing off his biceps and pulls down the singlet staps until they hang from his waist showing off his muscled chest and abs.

Gino smiles at Samuel getting into a wrestling stance and beckoning Samuel to follow him.

“Take off that wet jacket…and come on over. I’ll show you a few moves.”

Samuel drops his bag pack too, and shakes off his jacket scratching his head as he steps onto the mat.

“Ok… we are here. Now what?” Samuel laughs nervously.

“Okay,” Gino says. “I’ll show you a few things.”

Samuel nods and is about to say ‘Okay,’ but Gino puts a finger on his lips.

Gino’s chest rises and falls, and he steps towards Samuel and grabs him pinning his arms to Samuel’s arms to his sides and lifts him up in the air showing off his raw power.

“This is a classic grab and squeeze,” Gino explains giving Samuel a bear hug as he clings Samuel to his bare chest, his nipples hard and pointy.

“See how I wrench the air from you?” Gino points out as he squeezes.

“Oooohhhh,” Samuel says gasping.

Samuel puts one hand on Gino’s shoulder saying “You are strong. Buy yet, I am skinny so it's easy to lift me up.” Samuel starts nervously laughing again.

 “True” Gino agrees dropping Samuel down, but as he drops him down he extends one leg in between Samuels wide open legs so that when he comes down he will land squarely on his well-muscled thick thigh.

Gino drops Samuel down with a THUD!

Gino now at eye level with Samuel winks and says “If I can get away with it in my matches…I always go for a ball shot.”

Gino smiles as he jostles his thigh, squishing Samuel’s balls a bit more on his overextended leg.

Samuel gasps and his eyes shoot wide open

“Ooohhhh man that hurts!”

“Yeah, that drop is killer.” Gino agrees.

“Ooollll man…” Samuel says breathing heavy, bending over a little and putting his hands on his waist.

“Ooohhhh boy.” Samuel squint his eyes and blink couple of times.

Gino’s brown chestnut eyes twinkle, and he smiles wider. “Let me show you a few more moves…after you recover a bit.” Gino laughs, slapping Samuels back.

“Oooohhhhh I am… goood it wasn't that bad. It just took me with surprise.”

Gino’s eyebrow rise up. “Yeah? Strong sack you got then. Not your first time hit in the nuts I see.”

Samuel looks Gino and says  “Goood thing it was your thigh and not your knee. Those are the worst ones to take.” Samuel grab his balls and look at Gino “Phew,” he adds wipping his brow.

“Okay, man. What's the next move?”

“Oh? Knees are the worst for you huh?” Gino comes over pats on Samuels back and says “This one is one of my favorites…and I know someone else that really hates my knees. He says that they are killers to take.”

Gino grabs Samuel around the middle again and this time bench presses him until he has him high in the air and places him into a classic back breakers along his shoulders spreading Samuel out along his back adding in extra pressure.

“Now if the ref is not looking I always do one of these…” and Gino reaches out one hand up fishing between Samuels crotch until he comes into contact with Samuels fleshy gonads and grabs a hold of the pair and giving a testing squeeze. Seeing that he managed to sang both Gino applies a strong nutclaw and crushes Samuels balls his fingers sinking deep into the nutsack.

“You know what I got here?” Gino says with a grunt. “Your nuts!”

Gino squeezes harder, and begins to parade Samuel around the ball as he crushes his nuts easily in his big hand.

Samuel eyes go wide. A long sound comes from his mouth “Uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man! My nuts man… my nuts!” Samuel struggles for the air. Gasping.

Samuel tries to keep his eyes open but his balls are in so much pain. He is grinding his teeth. Trying to get out from his hold.

“Man let go, let go, oooohhhh man! My nuts, man! My nuts!”

Samuels legs are getting weaker the longer he is in this hold as he groans out “Oooooooooooo fuck man… fuck. Let gooookkk….Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!”

Gino feels Samuel struggling above him and encourages him. “Yeah man, try to get free! Or I might do…this!” Gino plunges his big thumb in then sinking it deep into Samuel’s right nut pressing it deeply until he hits the central core and holds the pose so that his handshakes from the effort of crunching Samuels nuts.

Laughing a bit, he flips his dark hair out of his chestnut eyes and says “Man that must suck…I have a good nutclaw. Or so I have been told.”

Samuel screams out loud “Oooooohhhh my….” Samuel closes his eyes and grinds his teeth. In a last minute of desperation Samuel grabs Gino’s hand and try to remove it from his nuts.

“Oooooohhhh man my fucking nuts man! Plz man… plz… let go… plz

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! My poor nuts.”

Gino’s hand refuses to budge even an inch, and he squeezes a bit longer as he says “Do you think if I use this the guy I face will like…tap out? Or should I practice my squeezing a bit longer?” Gino asks, pondering the question while his finger plunge in and out of Samuel’s nutbag clenching the balls so tightly that he makes Samuel squirm.

“Qooooooooooooooooooooo fuck my nuts!”

Samuel than tries slapping Gino’s face to get free.

“Yes man, yes… god… man I will tap out. Now plz let gooooooo

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Samuel screams as loud as he can.

Gino laughs, as Samuel’s hands slap weakly at his face and he squeezes just a tad harder and longer before he lifts him up high and drops him on the mat.

Gino stands above him hands on hips looking down at Samuel splayed on the mat.

Samuel gasps for the air and he grabs his balls with both his hands. He tightly holds his crotch.

“This is really helpful man,” Gino says. “I’m learning a lot about my potential. Only a few moves left…to really know how to handle my opponents and their balls.”

Gino gets down on all fours next to Samuel and asks “Ready for more?”

Gino is taking off his shoes and socks and gets ready for the next move.

“This is really helpful man,” Gino says. “I’m learning a lot about my potential. Only a few moves left…to really know how to handle my opponents and their balls.”

Gino gets down on all fours next to Samuel and asks “Ready for more?”

Gino is taking off his shoes and socks and gets ready for the next move.


Samuel eyes wide open in shock.

“Ooooohhhh no man plz. This really hurts man…my nuts.”

“How’s your balls by the way? I mean…after that.” Gino laughs a bit.

Samuel looks at Gino. “Are you making fun of me?” There is anger flooding his system. Pain floods his eyes mixed with anger.

Samuel is sitting on the mat grabbing his balls, his face a grimace of pain. Shoving his hands between his legs Samuel stares up at Gino. “I’m a man…my balls are just a tad bit sensitive,” Samuel says. Moments later Samuel moans “Oooooffff fuck my balls,” slowly breathing in trying to relieve the intensity in his groin.

“We still got like 45 minutes left before first bell, and I really need to practice.” Gino says looking at Samuel on the mat.

Gino rolls Samuel over onto his back and grabs his hands pulling them off of his nuts and taking away his protection. Pinning them above his head as Gino sits on his stomach.

“Now…what can I do in this position?”

Gino acts as if he is not sure than it hits him like an eureka moment and he shifts his ass down until his ass cheeks plop down on Samuels groin.


Gino’s hips fall and slam into Samuel’s crotch.

“Your nuts are weak? That’s too bad.”

“I mean…sensitive!” Gino laughs, correcting himself and rises his hips up and falls onto Samuels lap again smashing Samuels balls again.


Gino rolls his ass, loving how Samuel’s balls squish underneath him his fall weight bearing down on Samuel’s nutsack.

“I think you might be…in danger.”

Every time Gino’s hips falls on Samuel’s dick and balls. Finally his jaws open “Aaaaaaahhhh ……ahhhhh ……..aoooohhhh……ooohhhh…… aaaahhhhh.”

That sound coming out of his Samuel’s mouth every time tickle Gino, and he bumps Samuel again crushing his crotch.

Samuel tries to protect his crotch by moving his hips side by side. “Ooooohhh man. Aaaahhhh…….. ahhhhh ……..ahhhh man you are heavy,” Samuel says as his eyes are close.

“Plz man…stop…. Aaaahhhhh fuck.”

“Get your ass off my dick and ballls aaaahhhhhh!”

Samuel can barely breath under Gino’s full weight plopped on top of him.

His dick and balls hurt.

“Why? You said that you would help me right?” Gino points out as again he drops his hips down harder this time really digging down into Samuel. The pressure must be hellish to take.

Gino holds both of Samuel’s arms above his head and delights at the coos and moans coming from him. He starts to get a bit hard in his singlet.

“Ooooohhhh ………aaaahhhh….. ahhhh ahhhh abhhhhh!”

Samuel dick and balls are flopping in his jeans shorts every time Gino drops his ass hard on Samuels lap.

“Aaaahhhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhh!”

Samuel groans whimpering “You’re…squishing my balls…your ass weight man aaaahhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh. My balls man aaaahhhhh! Uuuuffffffff!”

“Okay…” Gino says, breathing harder his chest gleaming with a bit of sweat.

“Next move.”

Gino slides down Samuel’s crotch until he positions himself between Samuels legs and grabs his ankles spreading his legs wide open.

“This is called the gas pedal.”

Gino shoves both legs straight down into Samuel’s crotch digging deep into his groin until he pins down each ball against Samuel’s pelvic bone and presses down.


Samuel screams louder.

And try to move but samuel can't do much here

Aaaaaaaahhhhah man my poor boy balls man

Gino grins wider “This is one of my finishers,” he explains to Samuel. “I destroy my brother, Jayden with it every time I get mange to get him into this move. Although he does put up more effort than you. I then press, stomp and kick his nuts until he can’t take it anymore.”

Gino shrugs.

“Kinda like how I am doing it right now.”

“Aaaaaahhhh…. going ….hurts! No no no no no…” Samule mumbles as he tries to shield his dick and balls with his hands.

While Gino toys with Samuel, his feet plunge in and out of his nut bag and he gently checks to see if he can make Samuel get hard between his ball strikes.

Samul tries hard to break the hold and suffer through his pain but…somehow Samuel starts to enjoy it. A little tent appears in his jeans poking up.

Gino ignores Samuel’s feeble attempts and only strikes him from different ways. No matter how Sauel tries to avoid Gino’s kicking feet he can only evade them so long until he strikes!

Gino then locks his toes together with Gino’s flat soles squishing Samuel’s nuggets but his toes play with Samuel’s dickhead and his rubs, and tickles it a bit more as he plays with his caught fish on the line.

But Samuel balls are slowly being squeezed under Gino’s impressive legs thrust.

“Bro…you getting hard on me?” Gino asks rubbing one big toe across the tip of the tent in Samuel’s jeans.

Samuel eyes wide open “Oooohhhh fuck.” Samuel shakes his head “No I am not… hard.

“Stop doing that!” Samuel says as Gino’s toes rub his hardened nail.

“Aaaaaaaaahhh my balls aaahhhh!”

“You must…kinda like this.”

Gino’s smile widens and his brown eyes gleam with mischief as his feet start to masturbate Samuel, riding his feet up and down his long thickening tense lengthily cock. Below that Gino makes sure to still keep squeezing with the balls of his feet
👣. Gino loves feeling Samuels nuts flattening under the constant, unending pressure.

“You sure that you aren’t hard? Cause you feel like it. I bet that if I keep going….” at that Gino slams his feet together like he is clapping a few times. Each full on whack more powerful than the one before.

Then he regrabs Samuels cock with his toes and starts to tickle the end again while he sensually squeeze’s Samuels’s balls. Gino can feel him throbbing in both his bits and his riding hardness.

“I think I could get you to cum.” Gino says flatly.

“You can cum…right?”

“Aaaaahhhhh and aaaahhhh!” Samul raise his left eye brow.  “In your dreams.”

As Samuel flops his head backwards and forwards he struggle trying to find his way out. Growing weaker he can't seem to think properly. That’s when he lays back and starts to feel a throb between his legs. He is getting a boner in his jeans.

Samul eyes widen and he gasps his eyes locking on Gino.

“Hahaha!” Gino laughs fully noticing Samuel figuring things out. “I guess I will find out if you just get the shakes…or wet those jeans of yours.”

Gino adds after a moment “You might want to pop open the flap on your jeans and let out your anaconda…so that you won’t actually get too sticky.”

“No! I am not doing that,” Samuel grunts. “I am not weak.”

Samul looks at Gino angrily as he hollers again, as the pleasure and pain coarse in his groin and he can’t distinguish between either.

Gino is rubbing Samuels thick penis harder, and faster his toes going so fast that they almost blur as he rubs him.

“Stop that….Let go off m…me go!

And then starts kicking his legs to get free and succeed kick Gino's stomach…Hard.

Then Gino hits Samuel’s balls as hard as he can so that a little wet SPLAT sound comes from him.

Samul rolls around and grabs his balls, breaking heavily and trying to take the latest blow.

One of Samuel’s legs comes free and again hits Gino in his bare abs striking hard and true. The strike surprises him and he legs go of the move on Samuel and grabs his middle.

Gino grunts.

“Not bad, kid….maybe you have some balls after all,” Gino says rubbing his abdomen.

Then he starts to crawl over to him on hands and knees, after carefully rearranging his thick hard cock up against his stomach it was aching down his left leg of his singlet.

The singlet snaps back into place against his abs, and a bit of dark pubes are visible as he gets closer to Samuel.

“This to finish this,” Gino’s says.

Samul looks at Gino his eyes meeting his.

Gino is breathing hard as he comes right up to Samuel in his face on the mat grabbing his shirt in both hands.

“I got you where I want you.”

Samul grabbed Gino's elbows, and gulps his breath still labored and gulps.

Gino’s left eyebrow rises up.

“That the best you got, kid?” challenges Gino pushing Samuel back until he is flat on his back and stands up between his body kissing one bicep.

“I’m one of the best wrestlers on my team here…maybe I should give you a free shot. Just to make things…interesting,” Gino says gloating.

Gino kisses his other bicep loudly and obnoxiously.

“Unless you just want to concede…let me do…whatever I want. We still got forty minutes left. Long time for me to play with my food…before I eat it.”

Gino smiles staring down at Samuel and he rubs his long thick shaft absentmindedly.

Samuel looks at Gino in riotous anger. Out of nowhere Samuel thrusts up a fist between Gino’s legs hitting the bottom of Gino’s ballsack right in the dead center of his groin.

“Got you,” Samuel says laughing

Samuel stand up and adds ‘That's what you deserve…and you know it.”

“Have a taste of your own medicine,” Samuel says, looking down at Gino. “How does that feel, haha! Not so strong anymore. Aww you gonna try something?”

Gino scoffs.

Then the punts his foot out of nowhere hitting Gino dead between the legs and just under his plumped up cock.

“Ooooo shit.”

Gino grabs his balls, and winces.

“Ughhh…good hit, bro.”

Gino concedes as his legs lock together.

“Oh man…”

Gino’s nuts throb in his ballsack, the hit knuckles first crushed his balls right against his pelvic bone and crushed him flat.

“Give me…a second…” Gino huffs, chestnut eyes crossing.

“I’ll get you back in a second.”

Gino drops to all fours for a moments reprieve. He could even stand his having his own hands touching his ballbag and he lets it hang heavy between his legs that he spread out to give his boys some room to breathe.

Samuel looks down at Gino and continue to mock him. “You don’t look so strong now. You look weak.”

Samuel laughs.

“You…will regret that.”

Gino breathes in and out, as his balls throb and he slowly starts to stand up.

Hands on both thighs, legs spread wide as he grapples with pain.

Samul sees Gino spreading out and gets an idea. Moving quickly Samul runs behind Gino and kicks Gino’s balls from behind.” The loud THUD hits him.

Samuel says “Oooooooohhhhh that's gotta hurt.”

Samul laughs at Gino.

“Looks like I cracked your balls there… hahaha.”

“Did a chicken came out of it hahahahaa…coward.” Samul says making fun of Gino.

Gino is taking a few more moments to collect himself before he finishes off Samuel but the kid is faster than he thought and before he knows what’s happening a shoe snaps up between his thighs hitting him so hard that his mouth snap shut.

“Oh no…” Gino’s legs snap together and he drops. Again.

Gino is on his back, looking dazed as another blast rocks his buts hard against his body.

“Two…in a row….fuuuuck me…”

Gino grimaces.

“I thought….you didn’t wrestle….”

Grunting now Gino gags back bile rising up his throat.

“Ooooooo my god.”

Gino’s eyes roll up in his head as he puts both hands on his bare stomach and lifts his red singlet peeking underneath.

The look that greets him is a Gino red faced and looks at him suffering on the floor imagining that he is having a bit of swelling between his large thighs.

Gino is still gazing at his nuts before telling them quietly “I’ll protect you both better…next time.”

Gino’s head falls to the mat and says “Samuel…you are so gonna… ugh, ugh, uh….get it.”

Samul looks at Gino's condition and laughs again.

“Looks like someone is cooking scrambled eggs here!”

“You…won’t be laughing much longer.”

Gino says, voice thick with pain as he puts both hands on his chest trying to psyche himself up to get up and finish off Samuel.

Samul moves towards Gino laying prone and stand right where Gino's legs are and grabs Gino's legs lifting them up and spreading them in a large V shape, nice and spread open wide,

Samul looks in to Gino's eyes and says “Let me show you how it's done.”


Gino knows what’s about to happen and he is powerless to do anything about it.

Samuel lifts up his legs and slams his foot hard between Gino's bulge.

With a loud sound, the SPLAT echoes around the gym. “I crushed you balls small under my foot.”

“Samuel…you those are my……” but Gino is cut off as Samuel pounds his foot right into his nuts again.

Gino isn’t wearing any underwear either. All that protects him is a weak thin pair of spandex singlet highlighting each large testicle. Making finding his large sack rather easy.

Samuel lifts his leg up and drops down another perfect hit in Gino's balls, hitting him squarely as he pounds his foot down.

“Soooo how do you like that?” Samuel asks laughing.

Gino’s chestnut eyes widen in alarm and he bellows out a loud grunt “oooooOooooouuuughhhhh!”

Samuel asks again while holding Gino's legs up and pressing his weight on Gino's balls “How’s it hanging?”

The forth blow hits Gino like a Mack truck and his dick spams hard and thick between his legs just below where Samuel is targeting.

Samuel keeps laughing on Gino's condition.

“I never should have…”


“Gave you a free shot!” Gino’s voice rises a few octaves as his chestnut eyes roll in the back of his head.


“Hahahahaha that was your fault! Giving me a chance.”

Samuel lifts his leg up and brings it back down and kicks Gino's balls hard with the tip of his boots right between his balls… THUD

And Samuel keeps his shoe tip on Gino's balls pressing it harder until Gino’s balls hit his pelvic bone.

Then Samuel rears back and kicks Gino again and again and again

Four straight blows in a row.

Gino’s body seems to quiver and come off the mat, and he bites his lip staring down at his lap in disbelief.

“Oh no….” Gino whispers.

But it seems tooo late.

The blows hit over and over and Gino is in a world of agonized pain. His muscles in his abdomen are right with a sheen of sweat on them. His hair is wet sticking to his forehead and Gino’s whole body is weakened but the assault on his groin.

Gino can barely think straight.

The pain is almost too much.

Then his cock throbs. All of this busting has only made him closer to an inevitable release. His cock has wet spot growing at the edge of his rolled down singlet but only the fourth kick his red flared cockhead is fully exposed nestled right below his navel and leaking. The clear goo dribbles down the side as Gino’s head comes off the mat.

Breathing hard and gasping for air he pleads with Samuel.

“Give me…five minutes to recover. I’m….” Gino can’t sat it, won’t admit that he is about to cum. He won’t. Even though it’s obvious.

Gino gulps for air, his chest heaving with effort.

“Not another…kick…”

“Hahahahahaha no a chance,” Samuel answers his eyes full of delight. Then Samuel seems to notice that Gino's dick is hard and seems to be a bit wet at the tip of Gino's rolled up singlet.

Samuel’s gasps in surprise. “So Gino, you like it…huh?” he says giggling.

“Let's see how you like this!” says Samuel lifting his leg up again kicks Gino's hard with the heal of his shoe, clipping both heavy balls.

From the corner of Samuel’s shoe he strikes Gino's dickhead hard, clipping it.

Samuel laughs at Gino and boots him again. He’s getting into it now and Samuel places the tip of his boot on Gino's dickhead and start rubbing Gino's dickhead harder under his shoe.

“Oooh good god!”

Gino’s dick is under assault, and the tip of Samuels boot is crushing it against his abs squishing his dick against his belly.

Gino’s cock still pulses, and throbs. The constant pressure makes Gino get even closer to…


Gino croaks.

“If you don’t stop…”


“Ooooo gonna…”

Gino starts to hump Samuels boot and as his singlet rides back over the top of his dick covering the head of his reddened cock his body starts to lock up and Gino squeezes his abs as he grabs Samuel’s ankle that is pulverizing his groin.


Gino squeaks out, his big muscles useless as the boy above him digs down deep into him and Gino’s cock quivers, the arrow in his quiver so taut that the slightest touch will make him lose it.

Samuel picks up speed sensing the conclusion coming and that Gino is gonna blow. When he came to school today he had no idea that this is how his day would start at Bartlet High…busting the cum from a trained wrestler on his first try!

So, Samuel lets go of Gino's legs and drops between Gino's legs. Gino does not even seem to stir as Samuel spreads his legs and grabs Gino’s erection in hand.

Gino gasps, but Samuel ignores him and starts polishing his knob. Rubbing him until it looks like Gino is about to blow and moves back a feet steps before taking a deep breath and running full tilt until he gives Gino a worthy kick that any soccer player would be proud of. Samuel nails Gino’s nads hard between the legs feeling his big balls bounce against his asscheeks as he powers all the way through with the strike.


Gino was in a world of pleasure as Samuel plays with his dickhead and as he used his hand some more and gathered up his pre-cum releases rubbing him quite sensually. Gino’s eyes closed and he didn’t notice Samuel backing away from touching him. Gino’s body is sluggish at this point and he starts to reopen his eyes and pull his head up but Samuel is already rushing in at the point and kicks him so hard that Gino’s mouth closes. Gino screams silently as his cock finally gives one last throb fully extended by this point and cums on his abs, jets spraying up and out covering his chest as jet after jet flies up landing all over him.

“You’re pathetic, Gino.” Samuel says shaking his head as Gino makes a mess all over himself.

Sighing Samuel makes sure that he is truly finished and kicks him for a second time. The hit blasts one tiny jet from him causing the last remaining semen from his bruised and bloated balls to spew into his pubic hair useless as the first volleys.

And after Gino truly finished cumming Samuel kicks Gino's balls hard again for the last time.

Gino tries to turn over but the third kick gets him right in his empty nutbag and he howls and curls into a fetal position finally able to protect his balls from further blows.

Samuel is standing there laughing at Gino and how he took him down.

“Fuck,” Gino whispers. The new kid…got him. And he still has a match tonight.

He was saving that load for after he won. Saving up for weeks and now it’s wasted dribbling down his chest.

“Ooooo man…you….made me….my god.”

“Hahahahahahs looks who's is weak now.” Samuel looks at Gino and gives him a middle finger wave with both hands.


Gino turns angry now…more than before and kicks up with a mule kick hitting Samuel right in his Jean clad bulge.

It feels so satisfying as Samuels nuts cave in around his foot as he shoves Samuel back so hard that he falls tripping down and landing on the mat below.

“Laugh some more…why dontcha.” Gino gasps holdings his privates protectively. He’s so…sticky.

Samuel gasps loudly “Aaaaaaaaahhhh!” he screams from the top of his lungs as Gino kicks his bulge succinctly.

Samuel grabs his bulge with his both hands and crosses his legs, falling down on the mat moaning in pain. Samuel closes his eyes while his balls twist and pound in hand.

And hoping his poor jeans bulge in his hands

Gino smiles a bit before he groans. He’s such a mess. He wipes off the cum on the mat feeling weak in the knees but still he wants Samuel to at the very least feel what he has.

Gino crawls over to Samuel remembering what he said about knees and pins him down to the mat after rolling him onto his back positions his legs so that one is in between Samuels the other is one the other side of Samuels own leg. Gino hates the vulnerable positioning but if he can nail Samuel’s nuggets first it should not matter.

Gino looks into Samuels pain filled eyes and grabs his hand manhandling them out of the way. Gino is getting hard again, feeling Samuel trapped underneath him drives him crazy.

“Now it’s my turn.”

Gino takes his knee like a battering ram and soars it up and into Samuel’s balls hitting him hard and quick.

The beauty of this position is that Gino, can just keep on kneeing but he pauses first he wants to see Samuels face and hear his reaction before he hammers a second knee.

“Aaaawwwwwwweeeeeeeee!” Samuel screams out. “Ooooo….ffff… fuck aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh my balls!” Samuel squints his eyes as his nuts throb.

Samuel’s whole body is shaken with that knee in his balls. ‘Fuck.’

Samuel moans “My…ah…balls aaah….ah.” Samuel feels like his balls traveled all the way in his throat.

Gino’s plump bulge inches from Samuels own knee goes unnoticed so Gino continues and hits Samuel again with a sickening thud, pelting his stones up against his asscrack.

“You should not have made me cum!” Gino says, rage flooding him as he hammers another knee his third, followed by the fourth, fifth and sixth in rapid quick succession.

Gino is tattooing Samuel’s balls right into the crevice between his thighs and loving it.

Every time Gino knees Samuel balls, Samuel makes an “Aaaaahhhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhhh!” sound.

Gino only gets firmer, his cock loving it. It feels weird being hard in his wet cum soaked singlet but he tries to shake off the feeling and nails Samuel in the balls again starting to lose track of the number of knees he has done.

Accidently while Samuel squirms underneath Gino he lifts up his thigh and hits Gino's bulge again without knowing it.

“When you cum for me…then I will stop.” Gino explains.

“Aaaaaahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh!” Samuel screams.

Gino freezes high above Samuel, his nuts…his precious orbs so recently drained are hit dead center from Samuel. The blow from below hits his sensitive undersides squarely and Gino winces, whistling between his teeth hoping that Samuel did not notice. He seems busy…dealing with the pain. He can’t take a hit.

Gino shakes his head, trying to clear his mind of the pain and knees Samuel again this time only hitting leftie. His game was a bit thrown off by the hit to his nuggets.

Gino shakes his head again, and bites back a moan and hammers another knee.

“Hard…yet?” Gino growls moving Samuel’s wrists above his head so that part of the boy’s shirt rises up showing off his navel and most importantly freeing a hand that moves underneath his jeans searching for hidden treasures.

Gino nails him again, and this time his aim is better and he hits both nuts.

“Much better!” Gino concludes and his fingers slips between Samuels underwear.

“What will I find…down here?”

Gino about to put his fingers down Samuel’s pants decides against it and instead reaches down and grabs Samuel’s balls balling them into a tight mound so that when he knees him again his hand prevents Samuels balls from going anywhere.

“Nowhere for those wily balls to escape to!” Gino says happily and bring his knee up, wide and high and hits home with another wild thud.


This time Samuel’s nuts flatten and bulge against Gino’s kneecap and he happily leaks from his own engorged tip. Gino loves watching him squirm.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Samuel yells squirming in pain. His eyes travel to the back of his head as he tries to process yet another groin hit.

Samuel feels dizzy and he can't think straight anymore. His balls hurt so bad.

Samuel tries to struggle underneath Gino, and he sees the opening and lifts his thigh again, kneeing Gino in the balls. This time on purpose. He didn’t hit the right spot his knee plows directly into Gino’s dick instead.

That seems to be all the power Samuel had left in him and his thigh lowers back to the mat, and he moans.

Gino grinds his kneecap into the bulge of Samuel’s nuts feeling them flattening. Gino is gleefully chuckling until Samuel’s knee flashes up hitting him again in his bulge. But the target seems to be his cock.

Gino freezes his cock throbbing.

“Oooh.” This comes out more as moan, and Gino knows that it sounds different to his own ears. It’s full of lust and his cock leaks as Samuel pulls his leg back again.

“That was my…” Gino was going to say “penis.” But it would have been obvious.

Gino’s eyes narrow, and he bites his lip.


Gino is unsure what to say so he keeps the pressure on Samuel’s bulge. Samuel’s nutsack squishes and squashes as Gino toys with Samuel’s testes against his knee bone which rubs and pulses against his trapped nutsack.

Samuel is feeling his balls getting squished by Gino's knees and is in so much pain but also… Samuel’s erection in his jeans is back. Harder than ever.

“Oooohhhhh aaaaahhhhh!”

Flooding relief comes to Gino as the pain intensifies in Samuel’s ballsack forcing him to ignore Gino’s hanging fruit as Gino rubs against the trapped balls imprisoned in his hand. The knee hits him over and over again. Wanting to finish Samuel off.

Seeing that Samuel’s nuts are rather more resilient than he thought, Gino goes in with both hands clamping down on the newbies nuts with avid intention.

The double nut claws separate both of Samuel’s balls and Gino’s daft fingers expertly sink into the vulnerable orbs.

“Let’s try this!” Gino says gripping Samuel’s nuts hard, and grinning wolfishly down at Samuel.

“I’ve got your balls now, they are mine.” The glint of determination is in Gino's chestnut eyes as he enjoys watching Samuel suffering groaning beneath him and his strong grip.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Seriously, is the whole story going to involve Gino? creativity is lacking! do more stories with parents, with father and son with dad crushing son's balls with kicks and punches, with teenagers in a group breaking employee balls, soccer players

Anonymous said...

Super hot! Samuel seems to be tougher than he appears. He will be trouble for the wrestlers.

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable and intense story. I'm really enjoying Samuel's surprising resilience.
Great ballbusting and i look forward to the sequel

Anonymous said...

And to Anonymous #1, your ideas are why not write up a story and ask Jimmy to post it. He is always very supportive of guest authors.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Anonymous #1

The Gino and Jayden saga does sometimes involve Gino, he's kinda the other half of the story. A lot of readers like one-on-one stories, and no ensemble stories. I try to do a mix of both.


Anonymous #2

Agreed, Samuel turned out to be kinda a badass in this! It was a blast to write.


Annoymous #3 (Reg)

Yeah, Samuel came out of nowhere and it was fun to introduce a new character for Gino to toy with...but he might have bitten off more than he could handle!


Anonymous #4

You got it, #4! If you got some ideas, which it sounds like you do Anonymous #1 send those stories my way. I'll post them!


Anonymous said...

Damn. My guy Gino got pwned. And I’d say its a toss up for whether he gets revenge on the newbie, or gets beaten again. TBC I guess!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

He certainly regrets giving him the free shot! Gino had him too in the palm of his hand...he was so close to finishing him off. Hoping to get back to writing this one soon!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome!!! More of this, please! And have Gino and Samuel trade knees to the groin!