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Cups: Fully Protected? 2 (of 2) The Creamy Finish by Jimmy and Y1ddo


Cups: Fully Protected?


By Jimmy and Y1ddo


Ballbusting Boys: The championship rematch: Bartlet vs. Midtown (part 2) - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

Ballbusting Boys: Rex gets his revenge - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy and Y1ddo) -previous encounter/history between Zach and Rex if you want to read up on their feud before starting this one. You do not need the history to enjoy this story, but it certainly adds to it.

 Warning: Includes ballbusting. Contains traces of forced semen. You have been warned.

Across the other side of the wrestling mats, Zach is still lying on top of poor Rex. Both combatants were unable to move for a long time, deeply affected by the numerous blows to their agonized ball bags. Zach completely embraces his smaller opponent, their faces facing each other. To Rex’s big annoyance, he can feel his opponent’s heavy nutsack on top of his own, completely engulfing his considerably smaller package.


“Zach… please, I can’t… breathe” Rex manages to wheeze out. “Get… off!”.


Zach snaps back to reality, and he can clearly see his opponent’s discomfort beneath him. Sympathetically he raises his upper body, giving Rex some badly needed breathing space. Zach still pins his opponent’s hands to the mats though, wary of any cheap tricks from the young brat. The frat boy’s muscular thigs are still planted to the ground on the outside of Rex’s legs, pinning them to the mats.


“Thanks” Rex lets out, sincerely. “I’m such a jerk, thinking that I could even compete with a huge guy like you… We should probably get this over with,” he admits, with a beaten expression across his young face.


Zach smiles smugly down at his opponent: “As I said, most grown men can’t handle my muscles… You put up a good fight kid, don’t feel bad about yourself!”

Sensing victory, the young Adonis gets up on his knees widening his legs, but still pinning Rex’s hands down.


Zach’s proud man bag finally abandons the humiliating position on top of Rex’s package, as the muscular jock raises to his knees. Rex notices how his opponent’s fat nuggets drop down low inside the pouch of his compression shorts, resting heavily at the bottom testing the thin material’s stretchability. Zach’s thick garden hose is snaked down along the leg of his shorts, leaving the two huge twin orbs by themselves inside the front pouch. Down the other leg the huge cup is still suctioned to the thigh, trying to escape its confinement.


Rex licks his lips lustfully at the impressive sight, feeling a bit jealous at the same time.

“Eyes are up here, buddy…” Zach chuckles cockily, snapping Rex back to reality.   

“I really don’t want to hurt you, kid” Zach continues sincerely. “We can just stop this right now, if you want to.”


I’m not a kid’ Rex thinks angrily to himself. He’s finally managed to get some air back in his lungs, and he’s starting to regain feeling in his legs, which are not pinned down to the wrestling mats any longer. This enables him to think clearly again.


“I don’t think I can take this anymore,” the young swimmer says, pleadingly. “You beat me, fair and square,” he continues, with a vanquished expression.


Zach stares straight into his opponent’s eyes with a comforting expression, and he starts: “Let’s get this o…”


The jock’s face suddenly turns into a look of confusion and betrayal, his mouth dropping in a silent “ooh” as something hard crashes into his big bulge.


With a mischievous grin, Rex’ eyes take in the sudden change in his opponent’s face: “Oops I forgot to add, life just isn’t fair ‘big balls’…” he sniggers maliciously.


As Zach was about to record a long-awaited victory, Rex had exploited his sudden opening. With Zach’s widespread thighs directly above his own, the young swimmer had managed to rocket his knee straight into his opponent’s forbidden fruit basket. Zach’s ample front pouch made for an incredibly easy target, allowing the young brat to hit his fragile targets dead on.


Rex’s bony kneecap is plastered to his opponent’s nutsack, squishing the enormous bull balls against his pelvis. “This will probably leave a mark” Rex giggles, enjoying the feeling of his opponent’s oversized testicles against his own knee.

Before Zach manages to react, Rex withdraws his knee and sends another devastating blow to his opponent’s genitals. Zach’s heavy nutsack had just managed to drop back down in its pouch, before being rammed into his pelvis with another sickening ‘splat’. The blow hits perfectly, rearranging his proud assets, and the brutal hit forces the protective cup to slip out of the leg opening of his shorts. With a ‘clunk’ the plastic piece falls to the ground, rolling away across the wrestling mats.

Zach’s face is a portrait of pure agony, and his whole body clenches as the most fragile part of his impressive anatomy is getting assaulted. Every fiber of his bulging muscles are flexing in a truly impressive sight, but this doesn’t stop his smaller opponent from hurting him.

The young Adonis finally manages to find his voice again, and he hoarsely let out: “Rex… ough… stop, you’re … breaking… my nuuuts!”

After another vicious blow, the young swimmer retracts his knee, allowing Zach to tip over to the side and curl up in a ball.

The muscular frat boy is hunched over at the knees, with his hands buried inside his compression shorts. Zach winces as he caresses his bloated babymakers, letting out a weak gasp as he inspects the damage.

Enjoying his opponent’s obvious torment, Rex gets up and strolls over to the plastic cup on the ground. He picks it up and takes a whiff, taking in the full scent of his opponent’s sweaty man parts.

“So, you thought a piece of plastic could protect your pathetic dinosaur balls from me, eh?” Rex sniggers. “Those stupid muscles may be too much to handle for most guys,” he continues, “But I know how to bring you and your weak nuts down!”

Zach is in too much pain to manage a reply, but his face turns pale as Rex walks slowly towards him.

“Rex… back off!”

Rex ignores his opponent’s plea and approaches, squatting down in front of the young Adonis. “You won’t need this anymore…” the young swimmer mocks, as he throws the big plastic piece away. The huge cup rolls along the wrestling mats, before it splashes down into the pool beside them.

Rex’ amber eyes smile at the sight of his opponent’s hands, buried deep inside the front pouch between his legs. “That’s cute,” he chuckles. “Did little Rex hurt your ballsies?”

“Want me to take a little look?”  Rex grins mischievously as he reaches towards his opponent’s pouch. “I promise to be gentle,” he smirks as he closes his fists, his knuckles turning pale. Rex’s mischievous expression betrays the credibility of the promise.

Zach shakes his head in fright, painfully aware of what the young brat is able do if he gets his hands around his nuts again. “I won’t fall for your cheap little tricks again,” Zach says defiantly and shifts his knees, trying to dodge away.

The memory of their last meeting sends shivers down the muscular jock’s spine, as he remembers how his considerably smaller opponent had forced him into submission after viciously squeezing his poor testicles.

Even though Zach had managed to grab his opponent’s nuggets as well, Rex was still able to come out on top of the nut-squeezing contest. This makes Zach once again wonder if his opponent’s smaller testicles are less sensitive than his own big boys, giving him a sinking feeling in his stomach.

Zach’s obvious discomfort amuses Rex, and he can feel the match turning in his favor. He takes another step towards the young Adonis, and he can now feel his opponent’s hot breath across his face.

Zach straightens and pushes his chest forward, in a half-hearted attempt to appear confident. He’s still covering his most vulnerable assets with both hands though, betraying the impression.

“Go on then, hit me,” Zach urges boldly.

Without warning, Rex sends his fist straight into Zach’s washboard abs. The 20-year-old is flexing his impressive abdominal muscles though, and he can barely feel the impact. “Is that all you got?” Zach chuckles cockily, as Rex shakes his fingers with a grimace.

“Remove those hands, and I’ll show you…” Rex retorts, gazing towards his opponent’s crotch.

“I’m not that dumb,” Zach smiles, shaking his head.

“Too bad… We’ll have to do this the hard way then,” Rex sighs, and brings both hands towards Zach’s barrel chest.

“What do you…” Zach stops, as both of his opponent’s hands each latch onto a brown nipple.

“Let’s find out if these nipples are as sensitive as those huge meatballs between your legs,” Rex sniggers, and he forcefully applies a vicious nipple twist.

Zach lets out a girlish shriek, as his sensitive nipples are under attack. With both hands occupied, he’s got limited opportunities to defend himself against his tormentor. The muscular jock uses his only weapon available and tilts his head back, forcefully headbutting Rex in the chest. The young swimmer loses his grip, as he flies backwards landing on his back.

“Fuck me!” Zach mutters to himself, his nipples stinging with pain. He carefully brings one hand out of his compression shorts, nursing the fresh pain radiating from his nipples. “That vicious little terror,” the college jock complains, shaking his head again. Zach knows that he’ll need to stay alert from now on, and not allow his opponent to get the upper hand…

Rex on the other hand is crouched down, gasping for air. Zach’s headbutt hit him with tremendous force, momentarily crippling him. The young swimmer crawls slowly away from his opponent, trying to regain his composure. As he turns his head, he notices that Zach is still busy nursing himself. One hand rubbing his pecs, while the other seems to still be cradling his nutsack.

Stealthily Rex changes his direction, and crawls in a wide circle around his opponent. He’s careful to keep his distance, wary of another lunge from his opponent. Zach doesn’t seem to notice his movement though, apparently absorbed in his own pain.

When Rex is finally behind the college jock, he slowly starts to sneak up on his opponent. He manages to sneak up on the young Adonis without alerting him, and halts an arm’s length away.

Rex has to suppress a giggle, as he takes in the view of his opponent from behind. He can clearly see the outline of Zach’s fingers, deep inside the white compression shorts. The frat guy is still caressing his nutsack, but he isn’t able to fit both of his fat nuggets inside his hand. Beside Zach’s fingers, Rex can clearly make out the shape of one heavy bull ball hanging freely inside the thin fabric.

A sudden movement in front of him makes Rex freeze, holding his breath.

Zach raises his head and looks ahead, scanning for his smaller opponent. The pain has started to subside, and the 20-year-old frat boy is finally ready to take him down. He staggers to his feet legs spread wide, giving his sore nutsack some breathing space between his muscular thighs.

“Where is that little runt?” Zach mutters to himself, completely oblivious to the young swimmer behind him. As Rex leans in, Zach can feel a breeze of hot air touching his neck.

Zach freezes and lets out a surprised yelp, as he suddenly feels something cold wrap around his free-hanging right nut. “What the…” he stops, as the sudden pressure on his proud asset intensifies.

Zach’s heart sinks, as the all-too familiar pain reaches his abdomen. He’s still got his hand inside his shorts, but this doesn’t prevent his free testicle from being seized.

“Feels like righty is a little bruised,” Rex taunts into Zach’s ear from behind, rolling the fat orb between his fingers through the thin fabric.

“Better check this one out more thoroughly, though…” he continues matter-of-factly, as he slides his other hand inside the leg opening of his opponent’s shorts from behind. Rex momentarily let go of Zach’s bloated right nut, before he swiftly wraps his other hand around the naked nut inside the thin material.


His bony fingers sink deep into the gigantic meatball, and Rex can feel the ample ball meat form inside his hand. The soft flesh almost covers the whole of his hand, but the oversized testicle still feels surprisingly soft between his fingers. Rex thinks that it feels almost like a fat dough ball, it’s so spongy compared to his own hard marbles.

“This one’s quite heavy,” Rex smiles, weighing his opponent’s nut inside his hand. “Looks like someone’s been saving up for a while,” he chuckles to himself. “Too bad…” he finishes, as his thumb sinks into the core of the trapped nugget.

Zach’s eyes cross, and he lets out a sick moan. “You’re… squeezing my nuuut!”

“No shit, Sherlock,” Rex answer sarcastically, pressing down even harder. The young swimmer can feel Zach’s ball meat pushing through the space between his fingers, desperately trying to get out.

Suddenly Rex yanks down, forcing his opponent’s right nut towards the ground. Zach yelps in response, and he drops down on his knees collapsing.

Frantically, Zach let go of his protected left nut, and tries to pry Rex’s invading fingers away from his trapped nut. Rex has a real choke hold on his ball though, and there’s not much space to work with beneath the tight fabric.


“Bad idea…” Rex grins maliciously, and he quickly sneaks his other hand up inside Zach’s tight shorts. The young swimmer doesn’t need to search for long before he locates his prey, as his other hand clenches around Zach’s momentarily freed left nut.

“Gotcha!” Rex says triumphantly into his opponent’s ear, with both of Zach’s massive nuggets now in the young brat’s grasp.

Zach desperately tries to close his legs, as Rex yanks his heavy nutsack between the muscle stud’s thighs and away from him.

“Nice try…” Rex mocks, as he stretches Zach’s ball cords to their absolute limit. The young brat gives his opponent’s jewels a vicious twist, twisting them a full 360 degrees around.


Zach lets out a shrilling high-pitched scream in response, drawing the attention of the others present…


“Sounds like your brother is in trouble,” Logan chuckles down at Max, as he’s about to finish the young swimmer.

“That’s… not… Rex,” Max manages to let out, as he’s about to be brought over the edge.

“Huh,” Logan says, puzzled. The last time he checked, his buddy was completely toying with the other twin, and he’s honestly surprised that they’re not done by now. With his big nuts protected by the cup as well, Logan can’t see how Zach could possibly struggle against the young brat.

“No way,” Logan says, shaking his head.

Standing beside them, Jayden nudges Chase’s shoulder. “Where is Rex?” Jayden asks his boyfriend, pointing towards the other side of the wrestling mats.

Jayden sees Zach down on his knees and facing towards them, with his hands buried inside his shorts. The 20-year-old frat boy seems to be making a weird grimace, his mouth open in a silent “O”.

Between Zach’s wide-spread spread legs, Jayden notices someone crouched down behind him. It seems like the other person has managed to sneak his hands up through the leg opening of Zach’s white compression shorts, catching the muscular frat boy by surprise. Suddenly a head appears over Zach’s shoulder, and Jayden recognizes the mischievous grin of his young swimmer friend.

Jayden lets out a giggle, as he suddenly realizes what’s happening across the mats. “Look! Behind Zach,” Jayden says gleefully, and he feels his member start to harden inside his underwear.

“What do you mean?” Chase answers confused, before he spots Rex crouching low behind the muscular jock.

“Ooooh, I think I know what’s happening over there…” Chase smiles back at his boyfriend and lets out a chuckle.

With his usual Cheshire cat grin Chase reaches both hands out towards Jayden before closing them around two imaginary round objects, making Jayden giggle even more. He can’t help thinking about when it’s his turn to get a feel of Zach’s big assets, though.

“Well, it looks like it’s that big doofus friend of yours that’s in trouble...” Chase sniggers towards Logan, making the wrestling captain look up.

“Yeah, looks like Rex has acquired quite a grip on the match!” Jayden adds with glee.

Logan’s heart skips a beat, but he still can’t believe his own ears.  “Stop joking,” Logan retorts dismissively, but he’s suddenly got a bad feeling.

“Look for yourself then,” Jayden smiles towards the wrestling captain.

As Logan turns towards the other side of the wrestling mats, he quickly spots his friend down on his knees. Straight behind him, Rex seems to be saying something into his ear. Logan recognizes his friend’s familiar expression, and realizes what’s happening. Logan knows that grimace all-too well, as he’s usually the culprit behind it.

Logan’s mouth drops open in disbelief, and he thinks to himself: “Not again…”


“I wonder how many rounds these suckers can turn…” Rex contemplates to himself, giving Zach’s heavy sack another twist. Zach moans pitifully in response, and he frantically reaches his arm behind his back, trying to do just something.

“Let… go… you’re gonnaAAGGH!” Zach’s complaints end in a squeal.

“Don’t move, or I’m going to rip your pathetic nuts off!” Rex threatens. “No-one’s here to help you, big boy, so you better do as you’re told…”

“You can’t… do this… I… beat you,” Zach pleads, his hand weakly slapping against Rex’s arm behind him.

“I can’t?” Rex sniggers back. “You can’t tap out this time, big boy…”

“Let go of my fucking nuuuts!”

Rex only smiles, as he keeps grinding his opponent’s vulnerable grapefruits inside his hands.

“Rex… please…”

“Please… what, ‘big balls’?!” Rex taunts, as his fingers dig into the soft flesh of Zach’s huge testicles.

“Please… let go of… my baaalls!” Zach pleads hoarsely.

“Do you want me to give you your pathetic balls back?” Rex asks mockingly.

“Yes… please…”

“Beg me,” Rex demands calmly.

“Please, Rex… give me… my balls… back…” Zach whispers.

“I can’t hear you…” Rex whispers into Zach’s ear.

“Please… give them back… give me… my… balls… back!”

“That’s better!” Rex smiles. “But I don’t think I want to give them back, just yet…”

Zach slaps weakly at Rex’s wrists behind him, with no clear plan of how he’s going to get out of the compromising hold.

“I wonder how much juice I’ll be able to squeeze out of these monsters,” Rex contemplates with an evil grin. His eyes linger on the impressive outline of Zach’s huge anaconda, snaking itself down his shorts-clad thigh.

The thought of his cum-filled bull balls getting milked is too much for poor Zach, and he uses every bit of energy left inside him to scream: “Looooogaaaan!”


“Your friend sounds kinda desperate…” Max taunts up at Logan, with a wicked smile across his face. “Remember how it ended last time my brother got his hands on your buddy’s big balls, he’ll probably need some help…”

“Yuup, Rex’s claw is lethal…” Jayden adds, almost feeling sorry for the big jock. “When he applies his ‘death grip’, it’s almost impossible to get out,” the teenager adds, having been on the receiving end of the hold more than a couple of times.

“Looks like he’s got him with both hands as well,” Chase chimes in, cupping his own nuts unconsciously. “Your big doofus friend is DONE…”

Logan doesn’t know what to say, astonished by the amazing turn of events. “I can’t believe this… That na├»ve idiot left himself open, again!” Logan shakes his head in disbelief.


Back across the mats, Rex is maintaining his controlling hold on his opponent.

“Come on, big boy, just one tiny little squeeze and you cry out for help…”

Rex emphasizes his point by increasing the pressure of his grip on the word “squeeze”, making Zach whimper in response.

“Do you really need help, just because a little teenager’s got you by the balls?” Rex chuckles, rolling his opponent’s hefty testicles between his fingers, teasingly.

Zach blushes, too embarrassed to answer. With his opponent crouched down behind him, it’s difficult for the poor college boy to get out of the compromising hold. Zach knows that any rash decisions will probably just lead to more damage to his most valuable assets…

“I thought righty was bruised...” Rex says, weighing both testicles carefully inside his hands. “This one’s got to be REALLY swollen,” he continues excitedly, focusing on Zach’s bloated left nut.

“Let’s take a closer look…”

Zach lets out a surprised ‘yelp’ as Rex lowers his hands, his cold fingers pulling Zach’s ball bag through the leg opening of his compression shorts. The 20-year-old jock feels a gentle breeze against his now exposed family jewels, as Rex traps his hefty jewels at the bottom of his sack.

Rex feels his member straining against his jock strap, as he eyes his opponent’s massive testicles trapped inside his teenage fingers. When he leans in towards his opponent, his rigid member pokes the muscular jock’s back.

“Wanna know why I’ll always beat you, ‘big balls’?” Rex whispers teasingly into Zach’s ear. Zach can feel the hairs on his back stand up, unable to reply. He’s pretty sure that he knows the answer, though.

“Look down,” Rex commands as he brings both hands forward between his opponent’s massive thighs, presenting him to the strangle hold around his naked nut sack.

“Because… I own you, Zach. Your ‘dinonuts’ are MINE!”

Zach, fully in the clutches of his opponent, moans and tries to paw Rex away from his big gonads. His attempts are futile, as his smaller opponent has his big balls in a vice-like grip.

“Stop…” Zach tries to reason as Rex toys with his big balls. He strains his back, which slides Rex’s sticky pecker along his spine. Rex moans in his ear.

“I like that…do it again.” Rex says, humping at Zach’s back, his cock starting to leak.

Zach hesitates, feeling the growing need behind him.

Rex squeezes Zach’s nuts harder. “I could always make you; you are mine to control now…”

“Fuuuck!” Zach curses as Rex palms his nuts harder in his hands.

“Admit that my nuts are stronger than your fat, useless glass balls!’” Rex demands, as his thumbs bore into the sensitive backside of his opponent’s ample babymakers.

“Ooo… okay! Your nuts are stronger… just please stop!” Zach admits reluctantly, and he lets out a weak whimper.

“I know…” Rex grins and looks over his shoulder for the first time, wondering what’s happening in the other match.

“Let’s see what happens when Logan sees your ‘dinonuts’ get squashed!”

“Nnnn…noooooooo…..ugh!” Zach complains, as Rex yanks on his sack pulling him back on his feet.

Rex pulls his big balls towards the others, forcing the muscular jock across the mats.

“Look who’s decided to join us!” Jayden giggles, as he watches the curious scene unfolding in front of him. His young swimmer friend is dragging his much larger opponent quite literally by the balls, using Zach’s massive nut sack as a leash.

“He’s made Zach his freaking bitch!” Chase laughs loudly.

Zach is too ashamed to look the others in the eyes, as he staggers towards them looking down.

Rex halts next to his twin and yanks his muscular opponent back down on his knees next to his brother and Logan.

Miserably Zach looks at Logan, his eyes begging him to save his balls.

Logan sees him up close and laughs so loudly that Max feels the vibrations. Zach’s expression is filled with shame, in stark contrast to the young, grinning swimmer behind him.

“Proud of yourself?” Logan asks.

“Yep!” Rex says enthusiastically, pointing his tiny crayon towards Logan’s face before he turns to Zach.

Zach is kneeling on the floor next to Max, his balls, his pride and joy trapped within Rex’s fists. His aching balls strum and pulse between the fingers that poke and prod their way along his tender testes, searching for the best ways to squish his precious testicles.

“That question was directed at Zach actually. Are you proud of yourself…to lose to Rex again?”

Zach only moans, his head turning slightly towards Max’s squished up face, and the look of defeat in him as Logan crushes his nuts in one hand, while the other plays with his raging rod of steel, so much further along in puberty than his twin. Max meets Zach’s gaze, and the pair share a moment of misery before both moans simultaneously.

Above them Logan and Rex share a moment of glee, seeing and feeling their targets shuddering.

“I’m going to make him cum!” Rex shouts.

Logan looks at Rex’s work and chuckles. “How? Zach is limper than I have ever seen him. Now look at your brother…he will cum whenever I decide. Right Max?” Logan asks, tweaking the engorged head of his penis.

Max gasps, and his hips rise and fall as Logan gives him a good pump or two of his fist.


Rex’s brow crinkles, and he looks down at the stegosaurs tail curved and limp in Zach’s singlet. Not a drop of pre-cum, unlike his brothers. The tip of Max’s singlet where his piss slit is shows the full head and is almost translucent from the copious amounts that Logan has managed to work out of him.

“If I keep doing this…” Logan masturbates Max with ease, while his other hand closes more forcibly at his ballsack. “He will cum. I have to really squeeze his nuts now…he’s just so close.”

Rex nods. “Yeah…I see that.

Frowning Rex considers his next move, and as he does so Max reaches up his brother’s thigh and gives him one long stroke, just below his ballsack that seems just out of reach.


“I want…” Max shudders and has to stop speaking. He clutches at his stomach and moans. “Will you… cum with me bro?”

Rex smiles down at him. “Okay. Hold on…I’m not as close as you are. Hold on.”

Max nods. “I’ll try….” Max moans.

“You sure you can hold on little buddy?” Logan jokes, tweaking his grip on both Max’s nuts and his knob as he palpitates both hands.

Freezing, Max’s amber eyes roll to the back of his skull and his back arches, a slow steady grunting coming from him.

“You better hurry, your brother won’t be able to hold it in much longer.”

“Dick,” Rex answers irritated.

Logan laughs again, but Rex is no longer paying any attention to him. He has a job to finish. Rex wants to cum, and he wants Zach to do so along with Max. Rex has to figure out how to do that, and fast.

“Get down!” Rex demands, as he yanks down on his opponent’s heavy sack and gives it a menacing twist.

Zach lets out a shrill shriek, and collapses forward into the mats. He knows that the more he struggles, the more painful it will become.

Rex crouches down on top of his fallen opponent and adjusts his grip. The young brat grabs onto the waistband of his opponent’s shorts and starts pulling it down over his muscular bubble butt. He maintains his nut claw with one hand, focusing on Zach’s slightly bigger left nut, while his other hand keeps pulling down on the shorts.


Rex has to suppress a giggle as Zach’s muscular butt cheeks clenches, as he pulls the muscle stud’s shorts down his thighs. Every fiber of Zach’s impressive anatomy is tightening, but all his bulging muscles are unable to help him as his smaller opponent has him in his grasp.

Rex pulls his opponent’s shorts easily off his body and throws it over to Jayden. “He won’t be needing this one anymore,” Rex chuckles with a proud grin plastered across his face, ready to finish his big opponent.

“You go, chief! Finish him,” Jayden encourages cheerfully, with his hand deep inside his own underwear.

Rex gets up and kicks his opponent in the side: “Turn around!”

The muscular frat boy hesitates, and Rex nudges his foot between his legs in a warning manner. Rex’s toes nudge his opponent’s heavy set of testicles, and gives him a persuasive tap.

Zach rolls around reluctantly, grimacing. Lying on his back, his bloated ball bag is resting on the mat beneath him, with his flaccid anaconda snaking along his thigh.

Rex sits down on top of Zach’s thighs, facing him.

“Still sleeping, huh?” Rex comments, as he reaches towards his opponent’s impressive schlong. He gives it a couple of gentle tugs, while his other hand caresses the heavy sack beneath: “This will do…”

To Zach’s dismay his dick starts to respond to the attention, and slowly starts to lengthen. He moves his hands in response, but is only received with a painful squeeze to his babymakers: “Don’t try anything funny, remember I’ve still got your balls, big boy…”

Zach shoots him a worried expression, and halts.

“That’s a good boy,” Rex smiles, satisfied. He rolls the ample nutsack between his fingers, while his other hand continues to stroke the massive hose above. The huge anaconda continues to stretch, and Rex can clearly make out the veins across the big monster.

Zach lets out a groan, a mix of pleasure and discomfort at the same time. Rex only laughs and readjusts his hand grip around Zach’s nuts, and starts to really play with his big baseballs. Not to squeeze, but to rub, roll, and swish as Rex plays with the testicles in Zach’s pouch.

“Oh Zach, he’s got you now!” Logan jokes, watching Rex owning his friend.

Zach can do nothing as the monster between his legs continues to grow and lengthen, with his massive, muscled body held in check by his opponent’s controlling grip around his vulnerable nutsack.

“Hu…hurry!” Max moans one hand reaching for, and sliding along Rex’s tight, clenching abs. “I can’t…last much longer.” Max is now humping Logan’s hand, and he clenches his teeth. He’s so close.

“You’re getting close,” Rex turns to Zach. “I can feel your big boys starting to boil…” His own member stands at full mast as well, and Rex doesn’t know if he can hold out much longer.

Zach’s monster finally stops growing, as it stands 10.5 inches fully erect. Jayden’s mouth starts drooling at the sight of the massive hose, to his boyfriend’s obvious annoyance.

“He’s not THAT big,” Chase shakes his head in denial. “I bet I’ll be bigger than him in a couple of years!”

“Dream on, kiddo…” Logan chuckles. “I’ve never seen anyone bigger than Zach’s monster, and I’ve seen my share of dicks, haha!”

“At least my balls aren’t as weak as those stupid grapefruits…” Chase hits back, annoyed. “Pathetic!”

Jayden gives him a teasing sack tap, and Chase doubles over: “God!”

“This is taking too long,” Logan says to Max. “You have been waiting so patiently, Max. Don’t worry…I’m going to finish what I started.” Logan starts to stroke Max with more authority, his grip growing firmer as he pumps his fist up and down Max’s trembling dick. Max is straining his singlet, and as Logan picks up speed, he feels another spurt of pre-cum hit the palm and Logan grins leaning down so that Max’s face is inches from his own.

Max reaches towards his brother and wraps his hand around his twin’s protruding tool. He gives it a couple of quick strokes, and Rex lets out a low moan. He’s so close.

Rex gets a determined look, and he momentarily let go of his opponent’s heavy sack. Zach looks puzzled, as Rex takes hold of his hand and guides it towards the young swimmer’s own pouch.

“Now ‘big balls’, I said I would show you how you’re gonna lose,” Rex smiles determined, as he leads his bigger opponent’s hand to his own ‘boynuts’. “Feel these steel nuts, huh?”

Zach is caught off guard, as his hand suddenly closes around Rex’s small pebbles. He weighs them in is hand and looks questioningly at the young swimmer. With his own big balls momentarily freed, the muscular frat boy finally manages to clear his head.

“You call these tiny M&Ms for ‘steel nuts’ huh?” Zach chuckles, as he suddenly starts to squeeze Rex’s boynuts with all his might.

“Whaaaa… ough!” Rex gasps, as his marbles is put under immense pressure. His smug expression changes into a look of pain and bewilderment, and he grabs onto Zach’s wrist pleadingly. “Stop! How….can you…..I ……uh, uh, uh….NOT MY….balls!”

Zach only smiles, and he places his other hand protectively over his own nutsack. It’s only a semi-good shield though, as his meaty nutflesh bulges out between the cracks of his fingers.

“I… had…. you! You… loooost!” Rex’s complaints end in a squeal, as Zach twists his hand.

“I’m not done yet…” Zach answers amused, as he looks into his opponent’s pleading eyes. “You’re going to shoot soon, I can feel it.”

Rex still has his hand around Zach’s massive tool, but he has stopped stroking. His own member is starting to twitch, as Max’s hand is continuing to glide up and down. Rex’ mouth drops open in a low moan…

Zach grabs onto Rex’s wrist, momentarily letting go of his own nuts, and forces his hand off his big tool.


Zach pats him on the chin, and smiles: “You put up a good fight kiddo, but this is over…”

Rex stares daggers at him, but he knows that it’s true.

The young swimmer lets go of Zach’s hand and reaches further down. With both hands he wraps his fingers around his opponent’s naked nutsack, one huge ball in each hand. “Fuck you!” Rex swears, as he bears down on the fragile nuggets.

Zach groans hoarsely, but he maintains a determined look on his handsome face. “It’s too late, kid.” He can feel his opponent’s pebbles starting to boil, and Rex lets out another moan.


Beside them, Max’s amber eyes are closed tight. Logan crushes his balls hard in his hand, and his eyes flutter open and sees Logan almost on top of him. Logan is grinning, his teeth shinning above as his blue eyes penetrate deep into him.

 “Ready?” he asks. “That locker room examination* (Snapshot: Soccer Players, Nuts Cracked) was not enough. I knew that you wanted and needed a more thorough exploration.”

Gasping Max moans, but with Logan ever so close, he reaches up finding his limbs no longer held down and moves to grab the hanging scrotum in Logan’s pouch. He just manages to wrap his fingers around it, when his cock pulses. Max’s amber eyes widen, and he lets out a breath. He has run out of time.

Smiling a knowing smile, Logan does not even mind as Max gets a good handhold. He arches his back beneath him, his whole body shakes now, and Max grits his teeth ready to unload.




“Go on…do it.”

Max shudders, trying to control himself and gives Logan’s nuts one last squeeze before his cock pulses, and throbs. A jerking, clicking vibrating down the length of his dick, as he turns to glance at Rex to see if he is ready too.

“Hey!” Logan says, causing him to look back.

“Eyes on me, I want to see you cum. You want to cum, right?” Logan asks, giving Max’s erection a squeeze.


Back arching again, Max looks up and opens his mouth, his amber eyes locked with Logan’s as his cock pulses without stopping. He can feel himself pulse, and his toes curl inwards scraping along the mat as his body shivers and shakes.


Beside him, his twin is in a bad way. Rex groans before pulsations ripple down his member, and his amber eyes widen in alarm. He’s about to blow…

‘Oh fuck,’ thinks Rex. ‘I’m going to cum.’

Rex looks surprised, as Zach let go of his small boynuts. “Is he giving up?” Rex thinks confused, and he looks up at his opponent.

A big shadow looms above him as Zach raises his muscular arm, and the college boy smiles determined. “This is it…”

Before Rex manages to understand what’s happening, Zach hammers his fist hard into his fragile boynuts. Rex’s eyes roll into the back of his head and he arches back, as his member explodes in a surprisingly big ejaculation, staining his jockstrap.

At the same moment Max reaches for his hand, and the twins lock together in a simultaneous release... Max moans in wild pleasure as his own bigger dick spunks his singlet, and he squeezes Logan’s nuggets with all his might.

Logan coughs and laughs at the same time, as he looks at the twins connected in a state of ecstasy.

Max is slowly coming down, his eyes heavily lidded with just a flash of amber visible as Logan milks the last dregs into his singlet. White cum seeps through all around his engorged tip of where his erection lays as Logan pumps him a few more times. Max coos but maintains a tight hold on his brothers spike still pumping him and if anything, Max has picked up the pace.

Rex tries to open his mouth pleading: “Se…sensi…tive…” but his eyes widen, and he can feel deep inside his small raisins that another batch is not far off in coming out.

“He’s been saving up for this,” Max explains as he slowly closes his eyes, still basking in the afterglow of his orgasm. Then adds with a wry smile “Keep crushing his balls, Zach.”

“Tr…traitor!” Rex says trying to get to Max, but Logan pushes him back down holding his shoulders in place. Logan’s blue eyes dance as he looks deep into Rex’s amber wide eyes.

“You two make the same face when you cum.”

Rex is about to say something when his nuts are twisted and squished in his ballsack. Zach has separated the two nuts and uses just his thumbs to press the little guys into submission in his palms.

“I’ll…get you…” Rex groans as Max, his traitorous brother, pumps his spasming cock a few more times. “I…you….fuuuuuck!”

Rex grunts, wincing and his amber eyes flash widely open staring down at the three of them and Rex can’t do a thing to stop it.

“He’s almost there!” Max tells the group.

“Yeah, I know!” Logan and Zach say together and turns to laugh.

“Don’t…uh, uh, uh…I…” Rex freezes, his body rigged as a board, his toes twisting in, scrapping the mat as his hips rise up and his strumming steel piston shakes in Max’s tight grip. Rex grits his teeth trying to still hold back refusing to give in, but it’s far too late and deep down he knows it.

“Let go, little guy,” Zach encourages, a quick smile tugging at his lips. “You can’t hold it…in!”

Mid-sentence Rex seethes and his hips buck wildly as he loses control, as a second more powerful orgasm overtakes him. Rex shoots, this time his blasts fill his jockstrap. It’s mostly clear but the sudden forceful spasms make up for its lack of viscosity. Rex’s eyes are rolling and his body no longer stiff, sways and twists and it takes everything Logan has to hold him down.

Finally spent, and all at once, Rex falls to the mat with a small smile on his face as Max slowly retreats his hand away. Logan lets up, and Zach just toys with his completely empty and cleared out testicles.

Zach reflects that his nuts, the two marbles in Rex’s starting to loosen ballsack, seem less hard as he rolls the pair next to each other. The skin around the testicles may be looser, there is not many places for the set to go.

“You lost buddy… but you put up one hell of a fight,” Zach admits sighing, letting go of Rex’s spuds.

Rex grabs his balls but stays on his back, he’s breathing hard and the words coming from him are soft and quiet.

“What…?” Zach looks around at Logan or Max to see if they heard, or even Jayden or Chase. Everyone either shrugs, or stares blankly back at him.

Zach bends down over Rex, stating: “Can’t hear you, little guy. What did you say?”

Rex licks his lips, his eyes half-closed like Max’s were moments before but Zach is close enough to hear him breathing, and Rex tries again.

“Rematch? But this time… I will…” Rex grunts and sighs, a long low moan forced slowly out between his bright white teeth. “… finish what I started.”

Rex’s hands shoot up to grab at Zach’s hanging and defenseless ball bag, his fingers stretched wide to encompass the big set, but Zach catches them inches before he gets another hold of his big assets.

“Not a chance…” Zach shakes his head dismissively.

Standing over Rex, Zach drops an elbow right in the center of Rex’s abdomen. He rears up coughing face flushed, and then Zach drops his heavily balled-up fist slamming home the walnut shaped sack barely protruding from his groin. Zach knows exactly where to aim, and the blow takes whatever wind that was still in Rex’s sails and brings him back to reality.

Rex bellows “My baaaaals!” and drops to the mat, his eyes shut in a grimace. The young swimmer groans “No…no….no…no…UGHHHHHHH!”

Standing up, Zach releases Rex’s hands so that he may nurse his wounded testicles, allowing the young teenager to curl into a ball.

Max looks on with sympathy at his twin, coming up to him and putting a hand on his shoulder. “That was a tough hit.”

Rex can’t say a word, as his body shudders.

Beside them, Logan thumps Zach’s back.

“Time to go, I think.”

“Yeah,” agrees Chase. He turns and walks over to him. “Unless you want to have a go at me?”

“Only in your dreams, Chase.” Logan cheekily flashes him a grin, before steering towards his friend. Logan and Zach find Vince inside nursing his balls with an icepack, a beer in hand.

“I helped myself,” he explains.

“I can see that,” Logan answers sarcastically. “Finish it, it’s time to roll.”

Vince does and lets out a loud belch.

“Any more beers?” Zach asks hopeful. He’s standing there buck naked; he hasn’t bothered to get dressed yet.

“Nope…” Vince shrugs. “I finished the pack.”

The fake doctor licks his lips as he looks up at the naked jock, his eyes fixating on the impressive, free-hanging meat between his muscular thighs.

“In your dreams…” Zach chuckles and gives his big hose a teasing tug, showcasing the sheer length of his proud weapon.

“Get dressed,” Logan says impatiently, completely uninterested in his buddy’s impressive assets.

Zach chuckles, and takes his time as he gets dressed in front of the others. He looks straight into Vince’s eyes as he slowly pulls his tight underwear over his heavy nutsack, and along the length of his thick shaft. “Now you have something to remember when you touch yourself later…”

Vince blushes, and looks away.

He sways on his feet, and Logan catches him.

“Some doctor you are!”

“I lost my job, today!”

“Remember we were not actually recording, and besides I think you had your fill of being around Jayden. He has zeroed in on you,” Logan says.

Vince starts to argue as the trio leaves the house, and the other can hear them faintly from the back of Chase’s house as they start opening the car doors.



Max is still rubbing Rex’s back, as he asks his twin “So…was it worth it?”

Rex gets a wolfly grin and starts to sit up, and winces thinking better on it and lays back down on the mat.

“Yeah… I wonder if he realizes that he didn’t beat me all on his own. If it weren’t for you… I would have won…” Rex states, and Max knows that he actually believes it.

Max rolls his eyes looking up at Jayden and Chase, but the pair are heading to the pool. The show is over, and they dive in looking like they are about to do some laps and train.

Looking back at his brother, Max suggests: “How about…we do a tag team match next or something?”

Rex opens his eyes, not believing that Max of all people is even suggesting this.

“You for real?”

“Yeah…on one condition…”

“What’s that?” Rex asks warily.

“Forget that I helped Zach to win today.”

Rex thinks it over for a moment biting his lip, but then he is grinning again.

“You got yourself a deal… but it’s on you to set this one up. If you can’t make it happen, I will personally take it out on you!”

Max gulps loudly, making Rex laugh.

But Max knows that Rex means it.





Anonymous said...

We need a follow up on how Zach and Logan spent their loads after this. Maybe Vince convinces them to help him with “research?”

Anonymous said...

That was a real roller coaster ride. Great job with the writing guys, it's great when 2 writers can share ideas.

Rex may have lost but only after making Zach submit so still a moral victory lol.
Outstanding work.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

Hi there, so in my head Logan has sex with Ashley and Zach spends some time with one of his college hook-ups...but your idea is clearly better! My writing schedule is full for a bit but I can try to have Vince in a future story soon especially in a "research" capacity. He has not done that role in a long time. Maybe he needs a apprentice!



GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Reg,

Thanks for writing in, Reg. And yes, Y1ddo and I had a blast writing this one. We tried hard to make a story that surpassed the original and I have to say that in my opinion this was really good (all thanks to Y1ddo).

And yeah, Zach finally got his win. All the Zach lovers out there I hope that they enjoyed how it turned out!


Anonymous said...

If Zach wants to truly win their eventual rematch, he's gonna have to bite the bullet (or in this case suck it) and give Rex exactly what he wants, a blowjob from a big hunky stud, and he has to be careful, since Rex knows how to turn him on now!