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Elijah Wood's Workout written by Jimmy


Elijah Wood's Workout

By: Jimmy


Here's another story from the vault of things I wrote year's ago on Kramtoad's website. I hope that all of you enjoy!


            Elijah Wood recoiled from the punch that was launched into his side, while his hands crept over to cover his cheek bone which pain suddenly burst from.  He had just managed to make eye contact with his brother Christian. Elijah’s eyes focused hazily on the evil smile of his brother’s quick jab to his face. Elijah Wood’s brother was a trainer of sorts that was aiding Elijah in his upcoming role as a superhero sidekick for the movie Batman has began, a sequel to Batman Begins. Elijah Wood realized the amount of fame he would receive for his new role and asked his brother, a trainer in all different forms of martial arts to assist Elijah become the dark knights new Robin.

            "The role is going to be tough to get," Christian explained to Elijah, as the launch of Christian’s next move was a foot coming towards his brother’s stomach. Throwing himself backwards trying to dodge the incoming blow, Elijah misjudged the direction of the incoming boot. With Elijah’s quick direction change Christians boot instead of hitting Elijah’s stomach came flying up into Elijah’s crotch instead with deadly accuracy to both balls of the famous actor.
            The younger brother of Elijah Wood, Christian Wood recoiled his boot as quickly as possible to save Elijah anymore-future pain. The 23-year-old Elijah’s eyes bulged from his face, the blow causing him to shutter to his knees mouth slightly ajar, while a soft moan escaped his lips. The 19-year-old Christian, the athletic star of the family, due to his brother’s fame and fortune was quick to come to the support of his brother by taking one of his brother’s arms around his shoulders and lifting Elijah to a standing position. "I think that’s enough of a workout for today," Christian tells his brother lending his body weight to his brother to lean on Christian led his brother to a chair to rest on  in Elijah’s personnel training arena.
            "I wish I had uggh… just taken the blow to the stomach," whimpered Elijah holding onto his balls with his right hand the sudden movement of Christian placing his body onto the chair caused a ripple of pain to flow into his stomach. "Ah," Elijah cursed. Elijah’s brother placed a white towel around his neck petting the sweat off of his brother’s face. Christian owed his whole career to Elijah making the training that he received possible to be a star athlete in the form of almost all ninja styles from an early stage in the young Christians life. For each of Elijah’s roles Christian would always have to train his brother, making sure that Elijah could take the real hits for the movie. This asset to Elijah’s characters assisted Elijah in obtaining the lead role in the Lord of the Rings. Of course Christian knew how much harder his brother would have to train to not only look good physically in the small Robin costume, but to be able to fight in all of the action scenes.
            "I have only been at this for a half an hour today, we at least have to spare for another two and a half hours before we hit the gym Christian, and I need to be in shape in three months, as you well know." Elijah says releasing his balls as he stands in front of Christian. "Let’s continue."
            "Alright Elijah, but as the character Robin you are going to need to learn how to fight really dirty, are you ready to try some of those moves on me?" Elijah smiled wickedly knowing that his brother’s perfect body might not be so spectacular after he was done...
            "Alright," Christian begins, motioning Elijah to hit him, “Try the dirtiest move that you know on me and well see if it works out.” Christian suggests, dropping his hands to his sides giving Elijah full access.
            "I did read in the script that Robin would have to do a few of these," Elijah states raising his foot off of the ground and positions his socked foot to pulverize between his brothers thighs; crushing the unsuspecting Christian with a hard blow to his testicles with one swift kick, while leaving his foot there to watch his reaction.
            Christian gasps in a mixture of surprise and pain from the full on blow dealt by his brother Elijah. The pain causes Christians bottom lip to tremble and fall slightly open. Christian closes his eyes for a few moments to regain his composure while his hands quiver holding his nutsac under Elijah’s foot. "Was that dirty enough," questioned Elijah, as his foot retreated from the bulls-eye on Christians pouch.
            Christian only groaned and nodded his head in agreement, while he rested his hands on his legs to gather himself together. "I’m not quite sure I got that kick right," asked Elijah foolishly, "Did I manage to kick both of your testicles, brother?" Asked
Elijah seductively walking towards his brother, "Because I think I need some more practice with that move and all of the other dirty moves, such as this one," Elijah fingers curved around Christian’s scrotum crushing Christian’s poor nuts in Elijah’s mighty grasp.

            Christian’s eyes bugged out at the sudden onslaught to his nuts. Elijah tightened his grip on Christian’s balls, rolling both nuts between his fingers. Christian moaned louder, losing his manly composure and professionalism as his older brother gripped Elijah’s hands, while silently pleading with his brother to let go of his testicles. However as Elijah tugged on his brothers nutsac, nothing in the world seemed to be more satisfying.  He watched as Christian’s thighs trembled, his lips spreading apart allowing groans to escape and his brother’s grip on his own palms loosen and fail to save his own balls.  And Christian realized through all of his pain that deep inside of Elijah’s fist were his throbbing balls pleading to be released.

            “I grow tired of this particular dirty act of fighting, don’t you brother?” Questioned Elijah, his eyes penetrating through Christian’s closed eye lids, while laughing at Christian’s forced nod of defeat and humiliation. Elijah opened his hand releasing his brothers captured balls. Christian did not dare to try and hold his aching nuts now, the sheer thought terrified him.  For the slightest movement pained Elijah Wood’s younger brother as he slumped downward in a chair. “I going to go practice in the gym Christian, on my kicking abilities.  We shall practice later on,” Elijah laughs slapping Christian’s balls lightly while passing by him. The quick ballslap surprised Christian  and he groaned and stumbled off of his chair clutching himself.  “By the way Christian…I always knew that you had the smallest family jewels in the family, and it’s just nice to know how right I am.”


            Later on that afternoon Elijah was cooling off after his work out in the gym, his brother Christian was reluctantly sitting next to him sunbathing.  The water next to the two brothers glistened and reflected the beautiful trees full of flowers.  Christian stared at the waters edge, trying to keep a safe distance from his brother; Elijah however, eyed his brother up and down.  Elijah had enjoyed watching his brother cringe and groan in pain. For some reason that Elijah could not explain he wanted to see Christian hurt again. His brother Christian usually worked him over day after day preparing for his roles, that it was such a role reversal for him to work Christian over.  Elijah just could not wait to try some of the other low blows that his character Robin would do in the movie.

            “I’m going to take a dip,” Elijah said heaving a giant sigh.  “We both know how tight my stomach muscles have to be for this role’” Elijah explained before pulling down his swimming trunks and diving in the center of the pool in nothing but his stretched Speedo.  His brother Christian laughed very softly under his breath at his older brother’s tiny package, “What a tool…and he thinks I’m small.” Christian could not contain his sarcasm and laughter at his own joke.

            “I don’t pay you just to sit there,” Elijah threatened him. “Now make sure my strokes are perfect for creating side muscles.

            “Sure thing,” Christian promised shaking his head.  Christian knew no matter how much he worked on Elijah, his older brother had just had a small frame and there was no way, no matter how much he worked on his brother that he would obtain a six pack. Christian checked on his nuts every time he had to readjust his older brother’s goggles or correct the form that Elijah was using while swimming.  There was not too much Christian could do to protect himself if Elijah had decided to strike at his precious nuts but Christian readjusted himself all the same; as if he could hide his nuts somewhere.

            Elijah watched his younger brother fiddling with himself, and smiled deeply.  Elijah was just thinking about which attack he should practice on Christian next when the dividing line snapped that he was hanging onto for support.  Elijah grew tired from almost 30 laps back and forth, and had just stopped to rest.  Someone would be fired for this mess.  Elijah tried to pull and yank on the tight could to release his wrist, but his white gold bracelet had gotten stuck in the tangles of the rope. Elijah wrapped his legs around the rope trying to pull himself lose but to no avail.  In fact he had seemed to make the situation worse, as his legs became tangled as well.

            “Christian,” Elijah whimpered calling to his younger brother for his assistance.  “I need your help!” His younger brother however seemed to have fallen asleep with his head phones on and could not hear Elijah’s feeble cries for help. Elijah began to swim with his one freed good arm that was not yet twisted in the pool cord to pull himself to the side of the pool. Elijah stumbled up the underwater stairs cursing his brother for falling asleep on him. Elijah reached the silver pole railing and sat down on the bottom rung with his legs straddling the base of the pole in-between his tired aching thighs. Elijah sighed, and layed back for a moment on the silver banister with half of his body still beneath the pool water. The metal bar felt hot from the direct sunlight against the spine of his back.  Elijah’s head rolled halfway off the bar as he closed his eyes for a moment in prayer. Elijah thanked GOD for allowing him not to have drowned in his own pool this day when he felt an unforgiving tug on the tight rope that was bound around his stomach, ankles, and thighs.

            Elijah’s eyes opened in alarm, as his eyes tried to readjust to the blinding sunlight once more.  It was then that he noticed that he must have pulled the rope too far for all the water racing line began to ravel around the spinners at the other end of the pool. Elijah’s heart began to beat fast as his small package that was tucked inside of his Speedo began to touch the warm square metal base of the pole. Elijah hollered to his brother once more with panic in his voice as his balls began to lose wiggle room in his Speedo, and the hard unforgiving metal pole closed in on his defenseless ballbag. Elijah gasped as his balls connected with the pole and it dug painfully into his sore balls.

Elijah groaned, trying to climb up and out of the pool but his struggles were worthless as the rope continued to tighten and yank until his balls were so smooshed that the line could not get any tighter and stayed tight and bowed.

Elijah’s balls were crushed completely and he groaned. Finally an idea came to him, and he splashed some pool water at Christian. Droplets of water landed on his brother’s feet and he looked up sleepily and confused.


“My nuts!” Elijah gasped, folding over trying to alleviate some of the pressure.

Christian took another second to understand what was happening to his older brother and tried not to laugh, as he pulled his sunglasses off and dove into the water reaching down to the knotted mess around his ankles and started to undo the mess.

A few agonizing moments later, Christian had Elijah freed who slumped against him groaning in pain.

“Want me to check things out?” Christian tried to ask carefully.

Elijah nodded, “My balls.”

Christian took that as a ‘Yes,’ and yanked down his brother’s Speedo peering inside.

Elijah’s balls looked bloated, and Christian grinned seeing that he was the bigger brother, despite the bloating and cockiness. Christian picked up both fat plumped up nuggets and rolled them around carefully in his brother’s scrotum searching for injuries. Finding none, Christian continued his exploration never having this opportunity before, and sank his thumbs into his brother’s balls.

“Christian!” Elijah gasped.

“I was just checking to see if everything is working okay. It seems to be in working order.” Christian grins and gives Elijah’s balls one more squeeze, until Elijah squeals in his grasp. Christian stands up from the pools edge his eyes never leaving his brother’s crumpled form.

“You’ll be all right now. When you are ready, let’s get back to training.”

Christian begins to walk over to his seat, picking up his sunglasses and putting them back on, before laying back down to sunbathe enjoying the sounds of low moans and groans coming from the pool as Elijah curls into a fetal position defeated by his younger brother.





Anonymous said...

good one

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you! I am happy that you enoyed the story!



Anonymous said...

Very hot story Jimmy! Thank you so much for your contributions. A question for you: since you have been the main contributor for the site for many months now, would you ever consider experimenting with the one on one or be our guest series? I bet you would come up with great material.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

So happy that you liked it!

Currently both Domminick and I are running the site for now until Alex is ready to return. I would consider it. I have so many stories planned, and in the works it might not be right away. For instance a story that someone asked for in August I am almost ready to put out. That does not mean I don't get to them, it just takes awhile. The Gino and Jayden Series has obviously been my bread and butter, and I have enjoyed working on it. I have some great things planned for them. I am constructing a huge event, which will be out in a few months time.

I like the idea, we have not had a one on one in the be our guest series. If you have an idea and want to share please send me an email or post on here. My email is



Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmy,

I didn't have any specific idea. I just wanted to see if you might have been willing to take on any of those series. I know the One on One series is very popular, and I had a story requested for October this past year in the Be Our Guest series.

Just wanted to see if you would consider taking over those series while Alex was away because they are so popular. Looking forward to your next new material!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Anonymous,

That's true, they are always very popular. I can see what I can come up with when I have the time Anonymous!

What's the story that you requested, I am curious to see what it is!

I'm not running things alone either, potentially Dominik might be interested in writing some one on one stories as well.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmy,

I have no doubt you got a few hot stories coming our way already! I'm looking forward to it. Oh, my be our guest story was for October 2021 (Dawson meets Kev). The basis was during a track and field event but could be used for a One on One if needed.

Either you or Dominik would be great! Thanks again for keeping the site going