Monday, January 3, 2022

Snapshot: Spider-man: "I'll Save You!"

 Snapshot: Spider-man: "I'll Save You!"

By: Jimmy


Spider-man rushes into the crowd, past the gawkers swooping towards the defencesless child standing before the alien that had invaded his city.

Scooping the boy up before the eye beams hit him, he flips out of the way feeling the child struggling on his shoulder. This has happened to Mile Morales before, kids and adults get scared.

Then he feels the little tyke bite his hand.

"Ow! Little brat!" he scoffs, indignant that the kid was not more thankful.

Spider-man plops him down on the pavement ready to go back into the fight but giving the kid a moment to thank him, or maybe appologize for the bite.

Instead the kid narrows his eyes, and fires his foot straight up nailing his nuts perfectly.



Spider-man moves to grab his junk, as pain floods his sensors as he gasps "Son of a---! I am never having kids."

The kid smirks once, as Spider-man grabs himself holding onto his balls; before he hightails it out of there.

Spider-man wants to drop to his knees, but he grits his teeth and starts to swing back into the action. He shakes his head giving the kid one more thought: 'Next time I put on this suit I have to make sure to wear a cup.'

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