Tuesday, January 11, 2022

That's One Way To Win: Snapshot written by Jimmy


                                                                    By Jimmy


                                                               Art by the incredibly talented: dekagon321


                                   Please give their website on twitter a look! They are incredible!

"Yes!" shouts Francisco scooping the ball pleasantly out of the air again running past Gino and scoring another point for his team.

Gino grits his teeth in sharp anger, as his bofriend the grey eyed, dark tassled haired boy drops the ball just past the end zone. Francisco turns quick as lightening flashing Gino a toothy grin, while he may be blind his hearing and instincts are on point hence Gino's team never scoring during gym this period.

"You better score some kind of point," Francisco teases, his shoulder banging into Gino's side. "Opps, my bad. Can't see!" he laughs and his teamamtes join in.

Jayden stares in amazement while Francisco keeps catching the ball. "Your up bro!" Jayden shouts down the field getting into position.

Logan on the losing side with Gino says, "Okay we only got three minutes left, it's our last play. Gino I am passing the ball to you. We've got this!" he whispers. Logan ever the leader, chides himself on trying to play quarterback; clearly the blonde wrestling stud has founf something that he is not good at. The team agree's and they disban getting into position.

"Hike!" Logan shouts and looks for an opening, and tosses the ball perfectly towards Gino. The brown leather ball spirals in the air in a graceful arc towards Gino who waits with open arms, ready to finally end this gym period, but on a high note.

"Sun in your eyes?" Francisco says quietly coming behind him. 

"Whaaaat?" Gino says distractedly as Francisco reaches up and snatches the ball, his grey eyes reflecting a hint of amusement in their dullness.

"Too bad," and Francisco moves to run in the other direction, but Gino fed up tackles him to the ground, or attempts to. Francisco stumble and Gino lands on his back, but Francisco manages to stay on his feet, but barely. Francisco is about to take off again but Gino grabs onto something much more important than the football. Gino grabs Francisco's nutsack hard, smashing Francisco's balls against each other and closes his fist triumphantly.

"What's that, you were saying?" Gino purrs, rolling onto his belly and yanking Francisco down to the ground, the ball slipping from his grasp as the bell rings signaling the end of the period.

"That's cheating!" Jayden says rushing up to interviene.

Logan grabs him around the middle and adds, "I'll allow it."

Jayden tries in vain to get to Francisco as the boy gasps, and lets out a sad long groan as his chest hits the field.

"Fuuuck, my nuts!"

Gino chuckles.

"Guess I ended up wining after all?" he asks, a twinkle in his brown eyes as he comes up behind Francisco still squeezing his manly balls in one hand, as the other reaches up under his boyfriends gymshirt to grab a nipple, and give it a good pinch.

"Fuck you, you ass!" Francisco says, but then squeals as Gino gives a lazy twist of the wrist.

Smirking Gino holds the balls a few seconds more before he releases them and strives over to pick up the fallen football. 

"I stole it back, that's legal right?"

Logan laughs, "Absolutely."

Jayden stamps his foot onto Logan's heel making him yelp and release him. Jayden rushes up to Francisco bending down, "You alright?"

"Yeah, my potatoes might be mashed...but fuck was it worth it to kick their assess!"

Gino looks as if he might come at him again, but Logan puts a hand on his shoulder. "We got practice later, take it out on him then."

"You got it, captain."

Gino turns savoring one last look at his younger brother coddling his boyfriend before heading back to the school, he reaches one hand down and runs his fingers over his semi hard cock, 'Maybe I'll bang one out in the showers and paint the walls.' 

Tossing the ball over head Gino can still hear the faint sounds of groans behind him, and he inches to go back to grab his balls one last time.

"Later," Logan says knowingly.

"Yeah, until then."



Anonymous said...

great story been waiting for the chapter in the gino and jayden series I don't think I am the only one but this can hold us over for a little longer thank you for keeping up with this blog I know you are more busy now with doing that but when will be the next chapter in the gino and jayden series if you know

Anonymous said...

also that poll have been a on here a long time when is it going to close? just curious

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

I have a really cool Gino and Jayden story in the works and it should be out soon, best part... it has two parts.

This one was a request, and I can't wait to see how they react to it!

I'm going to be super transparent with you...I don't know how to end the poll. I want to, and put up the findings (also something that I don't know how to do yet). I also want to start a new poll! I'll figure it out....eventually. If anyone has expertise or advice into doing that I am all ears! I have plenty of techy friends...but then I would have to explain ball busting, lol. Anyways... I'll get there.

The Snapshots really help with my crazy schedule right now and I've been trying to be good on having one pop-up every Monday. I've got video's planned for all of January and I am working on Friday stories and pulling out blasts from the past when I miss deadlines.

I love our little blog, and with the help or Reg (best editor in the world and collaboration partner), and Dominik we are keeping the ship up and running.

Readership is up by almost 10, 000 hits in the last 30 days. Alex will be super into all of this when he returns!



Anonymous said...

why that is great to hear I get it thank you for what you and the others are doing

Anonymous said...

Uhmm shouldnt you credit the artist of this artwork? If I dont see him credited before the week ends, ill be messaging him to tell him about this. Its not ok to steal other people's work

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous One,

Of course, it's my pleasure to keep our little site going until Alex returns!

Dear Anonymous Two,

I don't know the artist, but I would love to give them credit for their work! I found the image on Instagram and it did not give a link to the artist. If you know of the artist please share so that I can see more of their work, give credit, and see if they are interested in collaborating in the future. Thank you!



Anonymous said...

Thats the artist's twitter account. Credit him

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Done, and done anonymous!

I am also contacting him asking for permission, and about collaboration!