Friday, March 20, 2020

The right one (Carson meets Leo and Danny)

Special thanks to Carson for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves sucking dick just as much as crushing nuts!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Danny and Leo (click for pictures)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality and permanent damage.

“So you are into giving blowjobs, huh?” Leo said with a grin.

Carson blushed. He was a cute young man, blond and blue-eyed, lanky and boyish, 19 years old but looking like 16. A geeky, shy and bashful guy, Carson had been lurking around at the skatepark for a few days, mostly unnoticed by the hot skaters that spent their days doing Ollies and Nollies, Kickflips and Heelflips, Frontside 180s and 360 Dolphins.

Those terms meant nothing to Carson. He wasn’t a skater. He was into servicing skaters.

After a few days at the skate park, somebody has skated up to him, whipped out his big, fat skater dick and asked him point blank: “Wanna suck it?” A few seconds later Carson was on his knees behind the half-pipe his lush lips wrapped around a juicy dick while the skater was playing a game on his phone.

Word spread pretty quickly, and soon Carson sucked dick every day, gulping down that sweet, salty skater sperm in healthy batches, swallowing more protein than an Olympic athlete.

The skaters liked Carson’s lips, his tongue and his throat. They loved the expression in his eyes when he looked up at them while tonguing their cocks. They loved the sounds he made when they fucked his face. They loved his thirsty slurping and his hungry swallowing.

And they loved the fact that their girlfriends didn’t suspect a thing. After all, who would have thought that the lanky, shy, polite geek boy was a dirty little cum-slut?

But he sure was, tried and true, a bonafide dick slut.

He looked up at Leo and bit his lower lip, his head crimson. “You’ve heard about it, huh?” Carson said meekly.

“Aw, look at him, he’s shy”, Danny chuckled, unbuttoning his jeans.

“Awwww”, Leo chimed in, doing the same.

The two guys were standing in front of Carson, their hard dicks out of their pants. Carson was eyeing the two fat boners, licking his lips, his eyes filled with lust.

Leo was a skater, 19 years old like Carson, tall and skinny, with curly black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing baggy pants and an oversized t-shirt that had a local band’s logo and last year’s tour dates on it. Leo sported a big, fat boner that pointed upward like a tentpole rising into the sky.

Danny was two years older than the other two. He was not as tall as Leo and more muscular than him, with short reddish-blond hair and green eyes. He was a struggling actor, and he looked like he had just been to a job interview for a day job, wearing dress pants, brand-new sneakers and a jacket. And it looked like after all the tension at the job interview Danny needed some relief: his dick was hard as steel and dripping with precum.

“You wanna suck these dicks?” Danny smiled.

A glance at Carson’s groin told him everything he needed to know: His pants were extremely tight in the crotch, party due to Carson’s massive erection, but mostly because Carson’s testicles were of the extralarge variety, a truly gigantic set of orbs that probably explained Carson’s 24/7 horniness. The bulge in Carson’s pants bordered on obscene, a triple whammy of ball, boner, ball, an outline that left nothing to the imagination.

Carson swallowed hard.

“I would give my right nut to suck them”, he whispered in a toneless voice, his dick twitching as a little wet patch appeared where the head was outlined in his pants.

Danny and Leo looked at each other.

“Okay, let’s take you up on that offer”, Leo said cheerfully.

Carson raised his eyebrows.

A moment later, Leo’s foot landed in Carson’s crotch, connecting squarely in the middle of the three pronounced bulges, ramming his nuts into his body and coaxing out another squirt of precum that made the wet patch grow bigger. Carson’s beautiful blue eyes widened and he let out a gasp that was drowned out by Leo’s and Danny’s laughter.

“Hey, you hit him in the dick”, Danny quipped. “He told you to go for his right nut.”

“Like this?” Leo asked cheerfully, kicking Carson in the nuts once again. And once again he made poor Carson’s fat package bounce, eliciting a hoarse, miserable groan.

“Like this!” Danny said with a laugh, bringing his foot up between Carson’s thighs. It was perfect kick, right on target. Carson’s right nut bore the brunt of the blow, with his dick and his left nut as collateral damage.

“Ughghghg”, Carson groaned, doubling over and clutching his crotch, his head on the ground, his ass in the air.

Leo and Danny burst out laughing.

They circled him, looking down at him as they jerked their fat cocks.

“Get up”, Danny said cheerfully.

“Yeah, get up and suck our dicks”, Leo chimed in.

Leo stopped and stood behind Carson. He looked at Danny, pointing at the big bulge between Carson’s thighs, just below his ass. It was obvious that it was one of Carson’s testicles which looked like it was trying to escape.

“Do you think that’s righty?” Leo grinned.

Danny shrugged his shoulders. Then he delivered a hard, well-placed kick that lifted Carson off the ground, screaming in agony.

Danny and Leo laughed and high-fived as Carson curled up in a little ball, moaning and groaning, clutching his aching nuts.

“Come on, this dick won’t suck itself”, Danny said with a grin, pointing at his fat erection.

Carson looked up, his face contorted in pain, his eyes filled with lust.

Ignoring the pain in his testicles, he crawled up to Danny and grabbed his fat boner, sticking his tongue out and licking it like a popsicle before wrapping his lips around it and sucking on it passionately.

“That’s it”, Danny smiled, looking down at the busy dicksucker. “That’s it, just like that.” He grabbed Carson’s head with both of his hands and started fucking his mouth. “That’s it. Don’t gag on it, don’t gag on it, just take it all the way down…”

Leo watched them, an amused expression on his face as he jerked his cock.

“God, his throat is good”, Danny moaned, throwing his head back as he increased the pace, thrusting his dick deep into Carson’s mouth and down his throat, making him retch and gag as Danny’s cock slipped past his tonsils. “You gotta try this.”

Leo looked at him expectantly, his dick dripping with precum.

“You gotta try this”, Danny moaned. “It’s absolutely fucking awesome!”

Leo waited patiently, his dick throbbing with anticipation.

Danny threw his head back, fucking Carson’s face hard. “You gotta try th---”

“Let me try it already”, Leo mumbled, shoving Danny away to get to Carson’s luscious lips and his velvety throat.

Danny’s dick slipped out of Carson’s mouth, spit and precum flying everywhere, and Carson gasped for breath. His mouth was instantly re-filled, though, when Leo rammed his massive boner down his throat.

“God, you’re right!” Leo exclaimed, his fingers digging into Carson’s hair, his dick buried inside Carson’s throat. “This is amazing!” Leo kept his dick buried balls-deep inside Carson’s mouth until Carson started flailing his arms. Then Leo pulled his dick out and started fucking his mouth.

His balls slapped against Carson’s chin as Leo reamed the young man’s mouth, keeping a close grip on his hair.

Danny and Leo took turns using Carson’s mouth, using it for their own pleasure. They had a great time, but Carson enjoyed himself as well. He had pulled his dick out of his pants and was jerking it frantically – until Danny and Leo tied his hands behind his back, preventing him from touching himself.

“You’re serving us, remember?” Leo had said with a smile before kicking Carson in the nuts as hard as he could.

Carson’s gargantuan nuts were a little bit bigger than usual because of the swelling due to the kicks, and they were filled to the brim with cum.

“You love this, don’t you?” Danny grinned, jerking Carson’s head back as he took over facefucking duties from Leo.

“Yeah”, Carson moaned.

Danny let out a laugh before spitting into Carson’s face, hitting him right in the left eye.

“Still wanna give your right nut for it?” Danny asked.

Carson let out a soft moan, his left eye plastered shut by Danny’s spit. “Oh yeah!”

Danny laughed and kicked Carson in the balls with all the force he could muster, making him howl in pain until his mouth was filled with Danny’s dick.

“Do him the favor”, Danny smiled at Leo. “Pop his nut for him.”

“My pleasure”, Leo chuckled, reaching between Carson’s thighs and grabbing Carson’s right testicle in a vise-like grip.

Carson let out a gurgling, gargling grunt as Leo squeezed his precious plum with all the force he could muster while Danny was fucking his face.

“Come on, pop it!” Danny moaned as he drove his dick in and out of Carson’s eager mouth while Leo was crushing his right testicle with his bare hands. “Pop it!”

Leo let out a laugh as he increased the pressure, squishing and squashing Carson’s nut, driving both of his thumbs deep into the tender core of his testicle as Danny fucked his face, making Carson gag and retch and groan and moan in a disturbing mix of pain and pleasure.

Carson’s dick was twitching and throbbing with excitement as he received the facefucking of his life while his huge right nut was swelling rapidly in Leo’s merciless hands.

“Pop it! Pop it!” Danny grunted as he fucked Carson’s face, making him gag and retch between grunts and groans of pain. “Damn, you gotta feel this!”

His hands tied his back and his face covered in spit, Carson gasped for breath as Danny and Leo switched places.

Now it was Leo’s turn at Carson’s mouth, and Danny reached between Carson’s thighs to have a look at his right nut. It was swollen and bruised and beet red.

“Looks like righty is a big, tough fucker”, Danny quipped. He turned his attention to Carson’s fat erection, playfully smacking it with the palm of his hand.

This sudden stimulation of his dick made Carson cum unexpectedly.

Leo moaned in pleasure as Carson’s throat tightened around his dick, and he increased the pace of his thrusts, mercilessly pounding Carson’s mouth while he was shooting his load.

“Oooooh!” Danny laughed as he watched Carson shoot several ropes of thick, white sperm. “Naughty boy!” He didn’t wait until Carson’s orgasm was finished, he just grabbed Carson’s right nut and squeezed it as hard as he could.

Carson was making all kinds of funny noises, screams and howls, squeals and moans, some of them caused by the testicular agony, some of them caused by the unexpected orgasm, all of them muffled by Leo’s cock.

Aroused by Carson’s squirming and writhing and the intense effects the noises he made had on his throat, Leo shot a huge batch of cum straight down Carson’s throat, injecting him with a healthy dose of skater spunk before pulling out and covering Carson’s face with the rest of his jizz.

“Holy fuck!” Danny laughed, twisting and kneading and crushing Carson’s right testicle with his strong hands.

Leo smacked Carson’s face with his fat dick, sending drips of spunk flying through the air.

Carson’s face was coated in a thick layer of gooey cum, his eyes glued shut, his mouth wide open, gasping and moaning and screaming in pain.

“My turn”, Danny grinned, getting up to insert his dick into the empty orifice that was dying to be filled again. He started fucking Carson’s face and winked at Leo. “You finish his nut.”

“Fuck yeah”, Leo chuckled. He grabbed Carson’s hips and pulled him up so he was standing bent over, his legs spread as he was getting his throat reamed by Danny.

Carson’s spent dick and his pendulous nuts were dangling between his thighs, his grotesquely swollen right testicle hanging far lower than his right one.

Then Leo drove his knee into Carson’s groin from behind.

“Oh shit!” Danny laughed as Carson gurgled, gagging on his dick, his body twitching and shaking, his throat tightening as the pain washed through his body. “This is getting better and better!”

A knee isn’t as precise as a few skillful fingers. If fingers are a pointed dagger, the knee is a weapon of mass destruction, blunt and brutal, unfocused and designed to do maximum damage regardless of the cost.

Carson learned this lesson the hard way when Leo slammed his knee into Carson’s groin again and again. It squashed both of his balls and his dick, flattening them like big, meaty pancakes while Carson’s mouth was fucked by Danny’s fat, hard dick.

Leo’s knee didn’t target Carson’s right nut specifically, but since it was bloated and swollen and much bigger than it’s twin it bore the brunt of the impact.

Deep inside, Carson knee that his nut was doomed. It was only a matter of time until it burst – but there was nothing he could do. His arms tied behind his back, his mouth filled with cock, he felt his nut weaken with every thrust of Leo’s knee.

After all the build-up, the destruction of Carson’s right nut was a rather modest affair. A downright anti-climax that coincided – quite ironically – with Danny’s spectacular, explosive climax inside Carson’s mouth.

“Fuck yeah!” Danny roared as he flooded Carson’s throat with his cum, pressing his head against his body, his dick wedged deep inside Carson as he filled him with his spunk.

Leo laughed, kneeing Carson’s nutsack again and again – completely oblivious to the fact that Carson’s nut had broken and burst into little meaty pieces that were now getting crushed into gonad gravy.

By the time that Danny’s orgasm subsided, there was nothing left of Carson’s huge nut. Nothing but testicle pulp, useless paste, liquid sack sauce.

“Damn! I think it’s gone!” Leo said with an laugh as he took a step back.

“Really?” Danny chuckled, pulling his dick out of Carson’s mouth.

Carson collapsed on the ground, whimpering and moaning, his face covered in spit and slime and spunk, the contents of his nutsack reduced by half.

Leo and Danny knelt down next to him, spreading his legs to examine his nutsack.

“Damn”, Leo grinned as he fingered Carson’s ball bag, feeling out the squishy remains of Carson’s dearly departed testicle. “It’s gone for good.”

There was a mix of curiosity and excitement, shock and arousal, and both Danny and Leo grew hard again.

Danny chuckled. “Knee vs. nut. Knee wins”, he dead-panned.

Danny and Leo laughed out loud.

“So what do you say”, Leo smiled, looking at Carson. “Was it worth it?”

Carson looked back at him, silently, his face a mask of pain, smeared with spit and cum, his eyes red, his skin pale and sweaty.

His eyes slowly wandered south until they rested on Leo’s dick.

It was hard again, just like Danny’s.

Leo let out an incredulous laugh. “You wanna go for round two, you horny bastard?”

Carson’s voice was almost inaudible but his shy, sexy smile told volumes. “I would give my left nut for it…”


Carson said...

Somehow I missed this when you posted! Thank you so much for writing my story!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Carson! I'm gald you enjoyed your story! :-))

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, it was very horny! when you will do the next part?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story. :-))