Friday, August 23, 2019

Give and take (written by Clemens)

Here is a wonderful story written by our reader Clemens. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Lincoln lay quietly on his bed, one hand behind his head and the other clutching his phone.

I’ll be there in a sec, appeared on his screen. It was a great app, he thought as a half-smile came across his lips. It connected every man in the city who was too lazy to go out and find a hook-up. Lincoln had used it several times himself to get a blow job without so much as having to leave his bed. Having abs on this app got him what he wanted far faster than talking someone up in a bar.

Nice, typed Lincoln back.

The reply came promptly. You sure you want to do this? You know it hurts, right?

Lincoln chuckled to himself and rolled his eyes. Yeah, I know. I just really want to experience it and have it done to me at least once.

A laughing emoji popped up on his screen. As long as I get my blowjob.

Lincoln rolled his eyes. It was the hottest guy he had found and his only requirement was a blow job after Lincoln had his fill of ballbusting. From his pictures, the man was in his mid-thirties and lived in the US, but came originally from Salzburg, Lincoln‘s home city. According to his previous messages, he was visiting his parents and had drank enough at a festival to want to try out something new.

Lincoln scrolled up to the shirtless photo the man had sent. His pants began to tighten. The man had a chest chiseled from muscle and built from years of climbing mountains. His face had gone several days unshaved, but retained a well-groomed stubble. A prominent tattoo of a lion decorated his right shoulder and wrapped down to his elbow. Lincoln swiped to the next photo and shifted uncomfortably as his pants seemed to shrink two sizes.

Almost there. Where should I park?

Lincoln messaged him an answer and sat up, setting his phone on his bed and waiting several seconds before he stood. Moving towards the door, Lincoln grabbed his keys and stepped outside of his room. Checking his two roommates‘ rooms and finding them empty, he opened the apartment door and headed downstairs.

Lincoln‘s heart began to race. He had wanted to try this out for years, but had never found the courage to actively ask someone. The man, Owen, had been more than forthcoming and willing to indulge his fantasies, but still he harbored angst.

Standing alongside the street, Lincoln lit a cigarette and took a long drag, watching for cars coming to a halt. Checking his phone and finding no new messages, he stuffed it back into his pocket. As Lincoln brought the cigarette to his lips for the last drag, a car parked across from his building and a man matching the pictures stepped out. He wore a black sleeveless shirt that showcased his trained arms and tattoo and yellow basketball shorts that failed to reach his knees. In flip-flops he trotted towards Lincoln and stuck out his hand in greeting.

Dropping the cigarette to the ground, Lincoln took Owen’s hand and shook it firmly. “You ready, man?” asked Owen.

Sideward smile on Lincoln‘s face, he said, “Absolutely.”

Lincoln turned on his heel and led Owen up the few stairs to the door and, unlocking it, motioned for him to step inside the building. Owen offered him a nod of thanks and trotted forward. Lincoln closed the door behind them and started the trek up the several flights of stairs.

Reaching the apartment door, Lincoln unlocked it and Owen meandered inside. Taking his flip-flops off, Owen stood expectantly in the hallway.

Lincoln turned to face Owen and let out an awkward breath. “So, how do you want to do this?” asked Lincoln.

Owen shrugged. “I’m fairly curious about this fetish of yours. You understand that ballbusting is like,” Owen motioned toward his balls and mimicked a punch, “painful, right?”

Lincoln chuckled. “Yeah, I figured. I still wanna feel what it’s like though.”

Owen raised a brow and pretended to punch his own nuts three times. “You know this hurts, right?”

Lincoln put his hands in his pockets. “I’ve never been hit in the balls, so no. I don’t know if it hurts or not.”

Owen chuckled and shook his head. “Then you’re in for a not-so-good surprise.”

“I take it you’ve been hit in the nuts enough to know what it feels like?” asked Lincoln. He felt like an idiot for asking questions like that, but his curiosity won. He had always enjoyed stories and videos of men getting hit in the balls, but had never had the courage to ask about it. He supposed that Owen was here to bust his nuts anyway, so a few harmless questions couldn’t make the situation weirder.

Owen nodded. “Yeah, I’ve been hit in the gonads more times than I can count. It’s painful as fuck.” He grabbed his balls and cringed. “It hurts just thinking about it.” Owen looked Lincoln up and down with greedy eyes. Lincoln offered him a crooked grin. He knew what he looked like, and Lincoln was proud of his appearance. Relatively skinny, yet built from pure muscle. He had short-cropped brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Lincoln had had his fair pick of the ladies, but had found a rather profound interest in men the past few months. Mostly because he was too lazy to jack off and the guys he found on this app of his were more than willing to come to his apartment to take care of that for him. Women were a bit harder to convince. “You seem like you’re into sports,” continued Owen, “haven’t you ever taken one in the nuts from that?”

Lincoln shook his head. He had had his fair share of narrow misses, but had always managed to avoid direct or even indirect contact. He had witnessed his teammates in soccer take a multitude of ball-shattering hits, but Lincoln had always been the exception.

Owen chuckled. “Damn, you’re lucky to have avoided it this long.”

“That’s why I want to see what it feels like.”

“And you want to jump right into ballbusting?”

Lincoln shrugged. “I’ve always gotten horny seeing guys get hit in the nuts. Just wanted to try it out.”

Owen shook his head. “Alright, man, but I warned you.”

Lincoln grinned. “Give me all you got.”

“Where’s your room?”

Lincoln adjusted the bulging rod in his pants. It did not go unnoticed by Owen. “In there,” Lincoln said, pointing towards his room.

Owen gazed down towards Lincoln’s prized jewels. “Looks like you’re really excited for this. Glad I get to see a man take his first hit to the nuts.”

Owen entered Lincoln’s room. Closing the door, Lincoln turned to face him. He motioned towards Lincoln’s clothes. “Well, what are you waiting for? Strip down to your underwear.”

Lincoln removed his shirt, rubbing his well-toned abs with his forefingers and proceeded to pull down his jeans. He was left standing clothed in only his neon green compression shorts with his rod peeping out the right end. “Your turn,” said Lincoln.

Owen stripped to his underwear as well, revealing his muscled torso. A trail of hair led down into the confines of his tight boxer shorts. Lincoln held back an awe at the bulge Owen displayed. It looked like someone had stuffed two baseballs and a zucchini into a small area. Owen chuckled. “You’re lucky you didn’t want me to fuck you. That would have probably been more painful than getting your nuts crushed.”

Lincoln believed him.

Approaching Lincoln, Owen set his left hand on his shoulder and looked him in the eyes. “This is gunna hurt.” Gently, Owen reached into Lincoln’s compression shorts and positioned his dick so that it was pinned in place by his waistband. Precum leaked out and coated the hairs near his belly button. Lincoln stood still and waited to finally feel the pain he had been waiting to experience for years. Owen balled his right fist, left hand still clutching Lincoln’s shoulder, and, with precision second to none, rammed his fist into Lincoln’s nuts from below. A sharp pain shot through his stomach and forced him to keel over, nearly falling to his knees if it weren’t for Owen’s hand holding him steady. Owen kneaded his fist further into Lincoln’s balls, releasing for a moment, and then slamming it back upward. After a third round of this, Owen let him fall to the floor.

Lincoln clutched his balls and formed a ball on the floor. A pain he didn’t think possible spread through his abdomen and seemed to wrap around the two balls in his shorts. It crawled slowly up his stomach and gradually turned into a resting ache. But despite the pain, Lincoln sported a raging boner and was as turned on as he had ever been.

“How’s that feeling for ya?” asked Owen.

Lincoln gave him a thumbs up. “It’s awesome, actually,” he said truthfully, “horny as ever.”

Owen laughed and put his hands on his hips. “Well, then stand the fuck up. I think it’s time for a kick.”

Lincoln pulled himself to his feet and readjusted his rod.

“Hands behind your head and spread ‘em,” said Owen. Obliging him, he placed two hands behind his head and widened his stance. Owen looked him in the eyes. “This one’s really gunna hurt.”

Swallowing, Lincoln nodded.

Owen swung his leg back and forward into the bulge between Lincoln’s widened thighs. With Owen’s years of sports, climbing mountains and spending a countless number of hours in the gym, he knew how to kick. And he didn’t hold back. Lincoln was lifted from his stance and found himself in the air for a moment before his knees locked, vision went dark and he collapsed to the floor.

The pain from Owen’s first several punches was nothing in comparison to what he now felt rising in his stomach. He wanted to moan, but all that came out of his mouth was an inaudible groan. Lincoln clutched his groin and lay still, relishing the pain. It was awful, but everything he had wished for and more.

Lincoln’s dick twitched, precum wetting his abs and dripping to the floor. Above him, Owen stood chuckling with hands on his hips. “I told you it hurts.”

Gritting his teeth, Lincoln pushed himself to his knees and leaned his back against the wall, gripping his nuts all the while.

Owen tugged his boxer shorts down to the floor, massive, throbbing rod springing up and standing at attention. “Well, as long as you’re just sitting there, might as well give me that blowjob now. I can kick you in the nards a bit more as you suck.” He stepped towards Lincoln, gently taking the back of his head and lining it up with his dick. Lincoln opened his mouth and Owen shoved himself inside. One hand clutching his nuts and the other wrapped around Owen’s shaft, Lincoln gave the man his prize while enjoying his own aching gonads.


Erik said...

Love iT! Very hot!

Salty Humblebrag said...

Hot story. Long time lurker on your blog, but I've been enjoying it so much that I even decided to start my own. Keep up the great content!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!

I have sent your kind words to Clemens. :-))

@Salty Humblebrag:
I love your blog! Thanks for letting me know about it! :-))