Friday, August 9, 2019 Original Videos: Blue balls busted

Today (August 9th) is a special day: It’s Toby Springs’ birthday! Say hello to him on twitter or send him a birthday gift if you want to. What a wonderful day to release the final one of our Original Videos featuring Toby Springs and Fluffy! Hold on to your nuts – this is gonna hurt!

Blue balls busted
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 16 min
Price: $15.99
Quality Guarantee:
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When Toby finds out that Fluffy’s girlfriend locked his dick in a chastity cage, he instantly knows that it’s going to be a fun day! “You know that your girlfriend is more of a man than you are, right?” Toby laughs and starts trashing his bro’s tender, cum-filled testicles. Toby offers Fluffy to help him get out of the cage as he squeezes, punches and slaps his desperate bro’s precious package. When Toby reveals that he has a universal key to Fluffy’s cage, Fluffy thinks that his torment is finally over. But there’s a catch: The International Bro Code demands that Fluffy get a boner and shoot a load right after being freed. Fluffy agrees – but Toby wouldn’t be Toby if he didn’t bust his buddy’s balls to keep him from getting hard. Toby punches his bro’s balls and slaps them, kicks them and squeezes them, all the while mocking his bro and making fun of him. Will Fluffy be able to get a boner despite Toby’s cheerful interventions? Will he shoot a load? Or will he be locked up again without that sweet release? (That’s a rhetorical question. Do you really think Toby will allow his bro to get a boner?! LOL!)

My opinion:
There’s something incredibly sexy about the way that Toby and Fluffy interact in this video. Their chemistry is always amazing, but it really shines in this clip. You might notice that there are very few cuts in this clip (just two, in fact) which is great for this kind of straight-forward fetish clip because it means that there is a natural flow of the scene and the actors easily find their way through the plot. In fact, Fluffy and Toby almost make you forget that you are watching a video. It’s intimate and close, and absolutely fucking hot! The sexual frustration theme was a new idea that we wanted to explore after people asked for a more sexual vibe. You might not see an erection in this video – but you sure get some hot, sexual tension!


🔒 Back to the roots, bro! 🔒

We started our series of BallbustingBoys. Original Videos with Sacktapping 101 and You bet your balls, bro!, and it’s only fitting that we end it with a clip that has the same awesome bro vibes that those clips exude. Watching Toby bust Fluffy’s balls never gets old, but he is his very best when he makes fun of his (real-life) bro while cracking his nuts. Well done, bros!

🔒 CMNM 🔒

Many of our clips have a Clothed Male Naked Male theme (I know that some of you wish that we put a pair of pants on Fluffy – but I just LOVE seeing him naked!) but this one is special. Toby is fully at ease, dressed casually, having the time of his life, while Fluffy is bare naked, frustrated, nervous, annoyed and in pain. There’s a very real atmosphere of shame and humiliation - and it’s so fucking hot!

🔒 Collateral damage 🔒

In the first half of the clip, when Toby pretends to try and help Fluffy out of his cage, he comes up with very inventive ways to destroy it – only to hit Fluffy’s balls in the process, of course. He slams the cage with a book, tries squishing Fluffy’s cum-filled nuts through the cage – all to no avail. It’s hilarious!

🔒 Fluffy’s funny frustration 🔒

Fun fact: Fluffy’s domme had been keeping him in chastity for weeks before the shoot, and he had only been let out for his fetish video shootings. So it’s no surprise that his frustration and his hysteric jerking are so real. I bet he would have loved to shoot a load in this clip. Well, Toby certainly nipped that dream in the bud!

🔒 “Did you cum?” 🔒

My favorite line comes after Toby has been trying to “help” Fluffy get an erection and shoot a load by kicking his nuts from behind (!). Following a particularly hard kick that lands right on target, hitting poor Fluffy’s blue balls dead-on, Fluffy lets out an animalistic groan and Toby asks innocently: “Did you cum?” So funny!

🔒 The Bro Code 🔒

I wonder if there are any other arcane rules of the International Bro Code that one might want to explore. Any ideas?

🔒 Hands-on 🔒

Those of you who like ball squeezing will LOVE this video! It has some awesome squeezing scenes in it. Somehow I can’t get enough of seeing Toby manhandle his bro’s balls!

🔒 SPH 🔒

Fluffy has a beautiful pair of balls (they look even better when they are filled to the brim!) and a very nice dick. Why is Toby always picking on him and telling him he has a tiny dick? Oh, right, because it’s hot! LMFAO!

🔒 Jerk! 🔒

At one point in the video, Toby jerks Fluffy's dick for him, only to bust his balls some more. Let's say it's not exactly pure pleasure for poor Fluffy...

Bottom line:
Why don’t you just cum, bro?!


Blue balls busted
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 16 min
Price: $15.99
Quality Guarantee:
Get the clip now at!

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