Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Video links: Comedy gems (20)

A hit in the dangly bits might be the funniest thing that screenwriters ever came up with. It might not get you any awards or critical acclaim - but it sure as hell gets you the laughs!

Here are some more of my favorite videos featuring nutshots from comedy TV shows, movies and web originals.

Let's start with a little clip that's nothing less than genius. Whoever thought of this deserves a an Oscar or something. Here's The NutShot Stuntman.

There's nothing funnier than seeing a menacing, creepy guy get reduced to a sobbing mess with a well-placed kick to the groin. In my mind it doesn't matter whether the kick is delivered by a woman or by a man - it's the man's reaction that counts. And the reaction in the next clip is just hilarious!

Here's a collection of movie nutshots. You might know some of them but I guarantee you there are some nice new finds hidden within.

Speaking of collections of movie nutshots: Here is's Top 10 Movie Crotch Shots. It doesn't get any more official than this...

And finally, from the makers of 100 Ways to Attack the Groin comes an exciting new movie: 101 Ways to Attack the Groin!

Reader's picks:

Our reader Toothpick has sent me the following links. Thank you so much, Toothpick!

The first clip is a remake of an American classic: The Longest Yard. It's called Mean Machines and just like the US original it has a double nutshot in it. What I love most about the clip are the hilarious comments by the match analysts: "Right in the crown jewels!" - "Right in the carrot and onions!" - "No nookie for Mr. Ratchet." - "No nookie for Mrs. Ratchet neither..."

Nutshots at 1:00 and 1:40

The next clip is a mixed bag: The music is very weird - but the baseball-to-nuts action is pretty good!

I love the next clip it's from the video game Red Redemption 2 and it features a pair of twin brothers asking a stranger to kick them in the nuts. Again, the dialogue is fantastic:

Man 1: Hit me in the manhood! Don't worry sir, mine are made of steel... real steel... [nutkick followed by a strangled groan]
Man 2: [laughs] They've come out his ears! My turn! [nutkick followed by a high-pitched whimper]
Man 3: Enough, gentlemen?

Of course the guys answer in a a hilarious soprano. Pure comedy gold!

Skip to 1:55

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