Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Thoughts on my videos

Yesterday I posted a new poll asking you to tell me whether you think my BallbustingBoys.org Original Videos are a success or a failure.

There have been a few votes for "failure" (about 75% success, 25% failure so far), and our reader Jantra left a comment that gave me food for thought. When I started my reply I realized that it might be of general interest (and a little longer than my usual replies...) so I decided to create this post.

Here is Jantra's comment:
I wouldn't call it a failure by any means, and if the preview clips are anything to go by then the videos are quite good. I think it might be an issue of the new medium itself.

However, I (and possibly some of those people leaving one star ratings?) have always been here for only one thing- your stories. Good written porn, especially of the ballbusting sort, are hard to come by. And almost every story you've written has been enjoyable. Videos however... I just have no interest in them. And on the rare occasions I do want to watch ballbusting videos, I prefer a different sort- not playful like these.

Are these videos for sale anywhere else, by chance? I just feel like the reputation you've built is as a writer, and people who are most interested in clips like these would never think to look here. Perhaps if you put them up for sale other sites, you'd get more buyers?
First of all, Jantra, thanks for your feedback! I appreciate your honesty and your thoughtful wording. That's exactly the kind of constructive criticism I always hope for. Thank you very much!

You are right, this blog started in 2007 with nothing but stories. In 2009 I posted the first set of video links, and the video links posts have been a regular feature of this blog since 2014. In addition to that I started producing videos last year.

I don't think that the expanding scope of my blog means that you can't enjoy my stories. Put another way: If I stopped producing videos there would not necessarily be more or better stories. There would just be no videos, in other words: less content.

It's not a zero-sum-game.

Sometimes I think people (not you, Jantra, but those who leave one-star-ratings on posts without even reading them, just because--- well, just because!) don't really think things through. What are they trying to accomplish? Is their goal to stop me from producing videos? Why? If I did stop they'd win nothing, they'd just deprive other people of a little pleasure. There's nothing that they gain.

On the contrary: One could argue that producing the videos keeps me happy, inspires me, motivates me, and thus prevents me from shutting this blog down. So encouraging me (instead of taking potshots at the my videos) might be in the self-interest of everybody who enjoys this blog - even of those readers who don't enjoy the videos themselves. (Yeah, well, that might be too much to ask for but one can dream, right?)
Back to you, Jantra: Your suggestion of publishing the videos somewhere else is worth exploring. But I don't think publishing them somewhere else would necessarily mean I wouldn't promote them here. After all, I love them! They are my babies just like my stories! And I think they are just another medium for my vision (which, let's be honest, is pretty simple: Basically, it's just guys having fun busting each others' balls...).

Actually, I think this blog is the perfect podium for the videos. It's definitely better than a random fetish site where you find all kinds of weird content that you emphatically and passionately don't fancy mixed with the weird content that you actually do fancy, right? :-))

Thanky you very much, Jantra! I appreciate your feedback and I hope you will continue to enjoy my stories even if you don't enjoy my videos.:-))


Anonymous said...

Well my fav posts of this blog are all the ballbusting videos (not the originals, but the yt ones), mainly the squeeze vids (I hope you make a new post of it soon).
And in this blog all I'd love to see are ballbusting games!! That could be awesome!!!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! :-))

Anonymous said...

love it! especially when toby gets verbal

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! That's awesome! :-))

Anonymous said...

This has always seemed to be one of the more popular Male on Male based ballbusting sites right below Scaffies/Kramtoad, so it seems like a perfect place to post them.

I do agree with a comment someone made on your last post about the videos, how the low-ratings are likely due to the posts just being advertisements. And there's no surprise in people not wanting to pay for fetish content and then having those ads be posted. So I don't think it's about the quality of the videos.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you began making videos. It gives me a chance to financially compensate you for hours and hours of ball busting porn I've read of yours. My cock is always big and hard and leaking precum when I read your stories, and you've personally helped me get through (sexually) unfulfilling or boring times in real life. Your blog made me know that I'm not alone, and your stories have always been here for me whenever I had doubts about my sexual fantasies.

So, yeah, your blog reinforced my ball busting needs, and your constant and tireless work writing and delivering ball busting fantasies has been one of the highlights of my sexual life. I hope I'm not alone in thinking this, even if we (me and others) don't tell you often enough how much we appreciate your work. You're awesome, and your ball busting fetish is reaffirming in all the right ways.

Secondarily, I think Jantra is on to something when he posts that your stories are what brings us here and the videos have less interest. Yes, in the future, the videos may hit on just the right notes, but for now, videos are less fulfilling and less desirous than the ball busting stories.

One reason I like stories--which you will never be able to fix since each person has slightly different fantasies in ball busting--I think it's because the videos are harder to make "perfect" as opposed to the stories, where you can simply write a different character, outcome, or scene.

Sexually, it's easier to put ourselves into a story than it is a video. I think that's the most of it. Trust me, I WANT to like the videos more, it's just that when jerking off, it's easier to focus on a story and picture myself getting my tough nuts and hard cock busted. In some ways, the videos make it harder to focus on the fantasy, because there's nothing left to the imagination.

Perhaps the videos will be more attuned to my own desires in the future (guys who get hard when busted, guys who get off on creating real ball pain, etc.). For now, I'll happily take whatever I can get and simply say "Thank You" while remaining focused on what turns me on. There's no need for me (or others) to complain if your videos aren't perfect.

And I love that you said they weren't zero-sum game trade-offs, since I'll take your stories over the videos anytime, and I was worried that your new focus might mean less stories in the future. I'm glad the stories aren't going to stop, and if you ever feel like they aren't worth the time in the future, I'll happily suggest payment for stories (or for more personalized stories). Just don't stop. We love and appreciate your stories and my big cock will do whatever it takes to make sure you keep writing them!

Thanks for everything!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! Your words mean a lot to me! :-))